Saturday, November 18, 2017

Russia's New Old Bomber; Germany's Battle Tank; Hookers Cheaper Than Hush Money; U. S. Ignores Child Sexual Abuse

Again, I must comment on the taxpayer dollars used by those in the U.S. Congress to pay off women that they've sexually harassed, abused, etc.  First, this is a misuse of federal funds and SECOND, if they are going to use tax dollars for their sexual misconduct, it would likely be much cheaper if those in Congress just stashed some tax dollars aside for them to hire a hooker.
   (As to the push to make it mandatory for those on the Hill to undergo sexual harassment training, I have to ask, just how stupid are these people?  Most have degrees, many have law degrees, most are getting up their in age and they don't know what constitutes sexual harassment?   Again, just how stupid are these people in Congress??)
It's been reported that renewed scrutiny of Bill Clinton's sexual exploits while President of the U.S. may be in the works.  (I'd suggest his sexual behavior as Governor of Arkansas might be in order as well.)  Sadly, pathetically, this would be a complete waste of time.  Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton are untouchable.  None of them will see prison time, which they justly deserve, so investigations are pointless and costly.  (WA Today)
The U.S. government/military continues to look the other way, even sweep under-the-table, child abuse in all forms, including sexual abuse, in Afghanistan.  U.S. officers who've complained to their superiors have been reassigned, so to send a message to others to keep their mouths shut.  The story which is again pointing out the already known, notes the hypocrisy on the part of the U.S., rightly so.  The U.S. condemns other nations for human rights violations, child exploitation, playing the high moral card, but when it comes to Afghan children, U.S. authorities remain not just silent, but they protect the acts of child abuse on the part of Afghan officers/men.  --I'm just so proud!
Other Stuff:

Germany's main battle tanks are in sad shape.  So reported, half of them are not in condition to go into battle; poor maintenance.  IF this is true, then it must also be true that tank crews are not trained well enough to go into combat (difficult to train if the equipment doesn't function -- Germany has spent too much on social programs, too little on defense, hoping the U.S. will continue to protect them) and it's likely they've too few crews at this point to man all the tanks, even if they were working.

Russia developed a long-range supersonic bomber, the TU 160 I believe, and had a few ready in 1992.  We all know that this was a dark period for Russia.  They were broke, U.S. Pres. Bill Clinton even gave Russia $4,000,000,000 dollars for---considering it's Bill Clinton we're talking about, who knows what.  Anyway, this very fast bomber with a range of 18,000k, is being revised.  They are keeping the airframe, thus no added cost there, the engines are about the same, so little added cost in this, and they are updating the electronics, weapons systems.  In short, they've a fine plane and it's not costing them  a huge amount of money per unit.  ----What a novel idea.  Think the F-15, the B-52.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  It was reported that a man on his lunch break was arrested for having the audacity to talk to a woman.  I wonder, Senator Al Franken, what Saudi authorities would have done to this man if he'd have had his picture taken while grasping a sleeping woman's breasts??

It seems an Argentine submarine with 44 on board is missing; I wish them well but it doesn't look good.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Accusations, Moore--Franken, the Difference; Trump acting like a Dictator; U.S. paying Palestinian Murderers; Bringing home the sheep; Rare Find in Guatemala

First, some good news stories to start the day:

"Sunny Skyz":  Devon, England.  A young Border collie, in the late puppy stage, was/is in training to help work the sheep on the family farm.  One morning, Rosalyn Edwards was in the kitchen getting her chores done, while her husband and son were out with the animals, doing their work.  Seems the guys left the gate open to a pen where nine sheep were located.  The young dog, Rocky, decided to put his training into use and herded the nine sheep from their pen into the house and to the kitchen.  Rosalyn said the dog looked to be very proud of his accomplishment but needed a bit more training.
"Good News Network":  Guatemala.  A 23-year-old forest guard was having his lunch when he spotted a black and gold salamander, one that had not been seen in 42 years and thought to be extinct. He took snapshots of the little amphibian, sent them to the amphibian coordinator, a guy who'd made some 30 trips into the jungle looking for this tiny critter, Jackson's climbing salamander, but without success;  ---good things come to those who wait.
"Sunny Skyz":  China.  A 250 acre solar power plant has been built in the shape of a giant panda.  The photo taken from high above showed the detail in planning that went into this practical work of art. WAY-TO-BE!
All know about the Arizona judge, Moore, who is running for a seat in the U.S. Senate and the accusations leveled against him.  His accusers slithered from under the wood pile just as the election was coming up seems odd but hardly unexpected in today's sleazy world of politics.  The fact that these accusers said his indiscretions took place 30+ years ago is a bit odd as well.  More odd, people believe them without evidence, facts, proof.  They simply believe them because they are women, and Moore has already been convicted, no arrest, no rights read, no trial, just presumed guilty.
     (If I and say four or five other guys were to accuse say, Sen. Elizabeth Warren or Nancy Pelosi, of sexual harassment 35 years ago, what do you suppose the press would say?   Nothing would be said, we all know it; double standard.)

Sen. Al Franken, a guy I warned people about before he was foolishly elected to the U.S. Senate, now has accusations against him, for a series of  indiscretions that took place not 30+ years ago, but in 2006.  There is, from what's been said so far, a difference between those who have accused Moore and the woman who has accused Al Franken.  The woman who has accused Franken has provided photographic evidence---key word "evidence". 
   (Franken, so reported, took a great deal of money from Harvey Weinstein for his run for the Senate, damned Weinstein for his sexual misconduct, feigning he didn't know.  It was said Franken made a big deal of giving the same amount of money he took from Weinstein to women's organizations.)  
The U.S. continues to give the Palestinian Authority millions of dollars, some of which the terrorist group uses to pay family members of Palestinians who murder Israelis and Christians AND pay the murderers themselves as they are in prison.  Apparently, some congressional people saying this is a bad thing, to which I say NO SHIT!  They say it needs to come to a stop, again NO SHIT!  It's been going on for over a decade, to which I say/ask, Just how FUCKING STUPID, clueless, useless are those assholes in Congress, be the Senators or House members, male or female, regardless of race or ethnicity, political persuasion, religious beliefs, etc.

I've been saying this for decades.  If Americans want real change, Americans have got to vote every incumbent out of office. ---- Every damned one of them out of office.
Now that the criminal organization known as the Obama administration is out of office, some long overdue investigations are said to be in the beginning stages.  One is an FBI probe into the Clintons and all the illegal stuff surrounding their money laundering foundation, the uranium deal, etc.  Hillary, quick to establish the rules, is saying Trump is acting like a dictator in this, going after political opponents once gaining power.  Couple of points:

1.  NO!  Going after criminals is what the FBI is supposed to do and the President has every right, in fact, has the duty to suggest they go after those suspected of criminal activities, regardless of their status, power, wealth, influence.

2.  When Clinton became president, Hillary had one of her friends, likely a lesbian, put in charge of the IRS.  When the women Bill sexually harassed, assaulted, raped, leveled accusations, some with evidence to support their claim, she, Hillary, had the IRS immediately harass them with audits, this to go along with other threats/misuse of power.  ---Hillary knows exactly how a dictator behaves.
   (Democrats love to use the IRS to harass people, remember Lois Lerner with Team/Gang Obama?  Why Lerner hasn't been arrested for lying to Congress I do not know.  I remind you, baseball players were facing 20 years in prison for lying to congress over the use of HGH.  Political figures who've lied their asses off, James Clapper, Lerner, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Obama, Mueller,  Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Rahm Emanuel--whatever, John Kirby, et al, and not one has faced prison time.  And I assure you, their lies were about issues a hell-of-a-lot more important than baseball.)

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Turkey--Gay Film Festival Banned; S. Africa and Ireland miffed over Rugby choice; Suggested Christmas Present

"Bangkok Post":  1) Singapore has suspended trade relations with North Korea.  Should every nation do the same, Kim and company may behave a bit better.    2) Phuket police failed to report 1,700 crimes committed by foreigners to immigration as required.  Bribery is the primary reason for this large number of crimes being kept in-house.  Spent almost two years in Thailand, no surprise in this.   3)  Indonesian stock leads the other nations in Southeast Asia.
"BBC":  As written, "Turkish officials have banned a festival of German-language gay films due to be held in the capital of Ankara, saying it could incite hatred or  be targeted by terror attacks."  ---It would seem Turkey's government isn't too thrilled about this gay film fest.

Seems the organizers of the event, Pink Life QueerFest Four, is saying this ban is depriving them of their constitutional rights.  Perhaps they should consider that some people in that part of the world would see it as their religious duty to kill those who engage is such activities; wouldn't be a first.

A gay fest in most muslim nations would not go over very well and this is a smart move on the part of the government.  I don't know what the Turkish constitution says about such, but the government, any government has not only the right but the duty to act to protect all citizens.  Such an event may well draw terrorist (some likely from the Turkish government) and others could become victims, businesses could be damaged.
"Sydney Morning Herald":  It seems South Africa and Ireland are a bit miffed that France was awarded the 2023 Rugby World Cup, as they played host to it as recently as 2006.  Something amiss? Personally, I could not possibly care less.
Christmas is upon us, not even past Thanksgiving yet.  How do we know, corporate America, the retail section, tells us so, it even having a pre-black Friday.  If you don't buy a Lexus, you're cheating yourself and peers will envy you.  Gotta buy your wife, girlfriend or mistress a diamond from Kay in order to prove you love her---or him or "It" in todays world.  You have to buy the kids the latest electronic gadget or it'll prove you don't love them (just what kids today need, more distractions that help them in no way).  For in-laws, that over-priced box of meats, cheeses, crackers, filled with flavor and fat, but convenient and a way to say "We're thinking about you" without actually having to think about them.

We want, we'd like, we give, we get and feign happiness and sometimes we take it back for something else.  Blood pressure goes up, people will get in fights at stores, run people over in parking lots, and road rage is the rage during the season, lots of hand gestures to be seen.  Depression increases as do suicides.  People hustle to prepare for the day, worry about what is and isn't getting done.  Some gripe about employers and their silly demand for work to get done and work computers are often misused for shopping.  Some will go out and do a bit of charity work, getting that little chore out of the way for the year.

For the past 25 years or so, when asked what I want for Christmas, I, and I'm not joking, this is what I actually wanted, tell people that I want peace.  Nothing more, just peace.  Lately, I've been feeling this an unreasonable request, not because of the seemingly impossibility but because it's not my birthday.  Oh, it's likely not the exact day of the birth of Jesus either, but it's the day His birth has been celebrated for a long, long time.  That being said, as it is His birthday we celebrate, I have to ask, what would Jesus want for His birthday?    I've no idea what He'd say, but I would suggest  PEACE  as the gift with which to start, to "open first".  

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Polish Independence Day; Iran vs. Saudi Arabia; Zimbabe Army Coup; Cops Kill Tourist; College Football Weekend

"France 24":
        1.  In Zimbabwe, the army staged a "coup" that stripped president Mugabe of some power; not much of a coup.  Mugabe took a once prosperous nation and turned it into a trash heap.  Rhodesia, prior to becoming Zimbabwe, had one of, if not the strongest economies in all of Africa.  The racist Mugabe kicked out and even had some who made it so, killed.  Under his guidance, Zimbabwe became a failed nation, a welfare baby.

        2.  France has won their bid to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup.  I'm reasonably certain that the terrorists are pleased, bring the victims to them, and are in the planning stages as well.
"Rio Times":
        1.  Petrobras reported back in October, that oil and gas production is up 2.8%.  I have to wonder if their increase in output can be tied to the billions of dollars Obama simply gave Brazil for their oil and gas exploration/production, so that the U.S. could buy it from them?    Remember that FUBAR move by Obama, one of but dozens???

        2.  Two cops killed a Spanish tourist  and have now been arrested.  It seems tourists are targeted by both the criminals and the cops--kind of difficult to distinguish between the two when it comes to Brazil.  As I wrote a month or so ago, if you're looking to go on vacation, Brazil may not be the wisest of choices.
"Russia Today":
         1.  Poland celebrated it's Independence Day on Saturday, so reported.  It seems that an estimated 60,000 far-right nationalist made their position very clear as to where they want the nation to head.  Popular signs:  "We want God",  "No to Islam" (I understand this one and stand with the Polish view),  "Europe will be white or uninhabited"  (Disagree with this one a bit in one respect and it'll never happen, so this group is in for disappointment or an uninhabited Europe.)

        2.  Iran and Saudi Arabia are doing a bit of saber rattling and the question was raised, what happens if the two do go to war?  Oil goes up to $300 a barrel, thus putting an energy shortage on many, Russia will back Iran and the U.S., given it's habit of choosing to side with losers, will back Saudi Arabia; Iran wins and wins big.  ---If this unlikely all out war should take place, could it lead to a world war?  Sure, depends on how things go.  
College Football Weekend:

Wednesday:  Western Michigan is at Northern Illinois and this could be a decent game.  Given the results of many of last week's "should be a decent game", let's hope it's a decent game.

Saturday (not much in the way of key match-ups):

Mercer is at Alabama, UL-Monroe invades Auburn and The Citadel is at Clemson.  All warm-up games for the big three listed here.  ---Not going to select picks here, I think they are obvious.

In what may be a good game, SMU is at Memphis and the same is true when Fresno State goes to Laramie to play Wyoming (believe both teams at 7-3).

Michigan is at Wisconsin and this is the Badgers second chance to impress the pollsters.  They thumped Iowa last week, they need to do the same with Michigan this week.  Michigan, if they beat Wisconsin, they look at a better paying bowl.

UMass is at BYU and the Cougars are suffering one of their worst seasons in decades.  Kentucky has won a few games this year and they take this success to Georgia, badly stung last week by Auburn.

Army and North Texas, a game most will over look, but I think Army is sitting on an 8-2 record and North Texas on a 7-3 season.  Major impact on the college football season?  No.  But it could be a close game, fun to watch.

FIU is at Florida Atlantic in another game that is underestimated;  Arizona heads north to Oregon;  UAB and Florida are playing because they have to finish out the season;  Iowa State has to regroup and beat Baylor or their "success" of this season is LOST;  UCLA is "at" USC in what should be a blow-out for the Trojans;  Nevada gets clobbered at San Diego State;  Delaware State, scheduled as a patsy, travels to Florida State, but a shell of the team they were expected to be.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Digital Pill Approved; Trump Asia's Visit; Hazing Death; Water Woes Continue; People Cry Do Nothing; Accusation Will Sink Candidate

"Japan Times":  This just out article about a digital pill, is well worth the read.  I'll provide you with the basics, beginning with the first two paragraphs of the article.

"Washington.  U.S. regulators have approved the first digital pill with an embedded sensor to track if patients are taking their medications properly....

The medicine is a version of Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.'s established drug Abilify for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression, containing a tracking device developed by Proteus Digital Health."

The sensor is about the size of a grain of salt, so stated, it has no battery and is activated by "stomach juices".  It sends a message to a patch the patient wears and it can be tracked on a smart phone once ingested.
Trump's visit to Asia was attacked by the leftist, hell, fascist U.S. media numerous times, most of it without substance.  My quick take away:

1.  Unlike Obama, Trump did not apologize for the existence of the United States but explained it's position on North Korea and trade as he sees it.  The leftist media applauded Obama's apologies, blasted Trump for actually trying to clear things up, make things better, as he sees it, for the U.S.

2.  Trump was blasted for not chastising P.I. President Duterte for approving the removal of over 4,000 drug dealers; had them shot down.
     A.  The Philippines is a sovereign nation and they get to handle internal problems their way.
     B.  Duterte inherited a huge drug problem, complete with violence and corruption of government
           officials (Mexico should pay attention, but I think their president is on the take).  When facing
           a drastic situation, drastic measures are sometimes needed.  Duterte acted, the people were
           in support of him (haven't read anything as of late to say otherwise) and it's been working.
           1.  As to due process, no trials for the drug pushing vermin, sometimes guilt is clear, no doubt
                to anyone.  WHY waste time and money on trials for such people;  Boston Marathon
                bomber, the Ft. Hood shooter who still awaits trial as far as I know, the creep that killed
                those in the South Carolina church.............?

3.  Trump went to bat for the three UCLA basketball players, acting as President and babysitter for these punks.  I assure you, if I were in Trump's shoes, I'd ask Pres. Xi to throw the book at them.  Why?  Because they acted like the 'ugly America', embarrassed America.

4.  For once, a U.S. president has spoken with the Vietnamese on the crap they still endure due to the needless and foolish Vietnam war, some of what the U.S. left behind is still killing and maiming Vietnamese; areas where agent orange was used, unexploded ordinances......  Yes, it's been addressed before, but not by a U.S. president face to face; shows leadership, strength, moral responsibility.
By now, most have heard of the frat boys at Penn State University who are in hot water over a hazing death.  This childish crap goes on year after year and the frat boys just don't seem to get it.  They aren't children anymore, endangering people can get you in trouble and, even if death or severe injury doesn't occur, supplying alcoholic beverages to the under-aged is a criminal act.  ---For whatever reason, frat boys and sorority girls seem to be less mature than their independent counterparts.  Yes, I think I know the reason, but I also think most people know the reason as well.
A short while ago, I wrote about a North Korean trying to defect across the DMZ and it was reported that he was shot and killed.  Now, out of the "BBC", it seems he got better, he's now in critical condition with five bullet wounds.  Which is more amazing, the human body or the media that reports without first finding the facts????
"Cape Times":  Not long ago, this media outlet reported that Cape Town, S.A.'s water supply was down to 37.8%, with only 27.8% being usable water.  In this short period of time, the available water has dropped another one percent, 36.8% and 26.8% respectively.  The article noted that Cape Town's main water source, the Gamka Dam, is completely dry, dead fish and cracked mud is all that remains.
Roy Moore is not going to be Alabama's next U.S. Senator as accusation will sink his bid.  This one seems wholly politically motivated, much like that when Clarence Thomas was up for the Supreme Court.  The liberals don't like a person, they go after him.  In this case, with the sexual assault accusations, even though decades ago, will destroy Moore; no proof, no facts, no evidence, no trial, just accusation so to destroy a person.   I must note, it was on "OAN" that it was reported that one woman was offered $1,000 to tell the press she was sexually assaulted by Moore, i.e., a fabricated assault.  Then, nothing more was ever said about this disturbing report;  a bit odd, I think.
In Dallas, rapid transit riders are crying for police to be at platforms and on trains as the punks/thugs are having their way.  In an incident caught on camera, a black guy, so reported, told a group of black punks/thugs who were hanging at a train stop, likely looking to rob someone, to stop smoking marijuana.  They jumped this guy, kicked the shit out of him and----AND NOT ONE PERSON CAME TO HIS AID but for a lone black woman who was quickly pushed away.  Dozens of people, on the train, on the platform, could have stepped in, but none did.  AND they have the audacity to cry for help.  Help yourselves, carry a weapon, shoot the punks/thugs/human trash.  They'll get the message if the PEOPLE stand up to them.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) Throws Hissy Fit; Earthquake, 7.3, Hits Iran--Iraq Border, Hundreds Known Dead; Long Forgetten Shark; Football Ranking

I strongly urge you to look this one up, comes compete with video.  Star Parker, a well-informed, soft-spoken, pro-life, Christian Black woman, was testifying before a U.S. House committee.  She knew her stuff, was well aware of what it means to be a Black woman in the U.S. today, and what Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP and other forms of social welfare are all about.  Anyway, this highly intelligent Black woman's comments, nothing being said that would be offensive to anyone, sent
HoR Steve Cohen (D-TN) into a hissy fit.  A Republican Representative from Texas went to the defense of Ms. Parker, the chairman of the committee felt it wise to call the meeting to a close.

Cohen is but one of many ultra-liberal clowns in the U.S. Congress, he's been calling for Trump's impeachment from almost day one.  Now, he, an older, lily-white asshole, who thinks ranting nonsense, no facts backing his words, will get his point across, seems to think he knows more about what it means to be a black woman in the U.S. than does a black woman.

I think Cohen's biggest issue, other than being an asshole, is that he didn't like getting schooled by a black woman.  I've a word of advice for Cohen, if he doesn't want to look like a fool, doesn't want to look like an ignoramus, doesn't want to look like a racist jerk, perhaps he should consider keeping his mouth shut.
A shark, thought to be long, long, extinct, has been found off the coast of Portugal.  It's about two meters (6' 6") in length, said to have 300 teeth, give or take, thin bodied.......Now, if people would just leave it alone to let it live it's life.----Good luck with that one.
An earthquake (7.3) hit along the Iran--Iraq border and has killed at least 396, so reported.  No numbers of injured and, as always, the numbers are bound to change as survivors are sought.

Personally, I could not possibly care less, these people are the enemy of the west of the free world.  Does this make me a bad person?  Perhaps.  A poor Christian?  Never claimed to be a good one.  It is an honest statement, not one based on political correctness or fear or whatever considerations others take into account.
A North Korean soldier tried to defect and was shot and killed.  His mistake, he tried to cross the DMZ, one of the most heavily patrolled borders on the planet.  It seems that he wasn't fond of living in North Korea and the desire for freedom was worth the risk.  He both lost and won.  (Perhaps it was just an assisted suicide on his part.  Tired of living without while the fat-cats pig out, tired of being oppressed but having no other way out.)

I wonder why the North Korean people haven't yet figured out that their government is one of, if not the most oppressive on the planet?  They must know, people try to defect but I know of no news story where one tried to sneak into North Korea to seek asylum.  Perhaps fear, justifiably so, keeps them cheering dictator Kim Jong-un (Dung-un, a more accurate name for this...this creature).  
College Football Ranking:

1.  Alabama, 10-0, rough go of it with Mississippi State
2.  Miami, 9-0, very impressive victory, finally.  Routed Notre Dame
3.  Clemson at 8-1
4.  Wisconsin at 10-0
5.  Georgia, 9-1.  Yes, blasted by Auburn but still, losing to Auburn not as bad as losing to some.

6.  Auburn, 8-2.  Both loses to good teams, both loses could have gone Auburn's way, very close.
7.  Oklahoma, 9-1.  Still, no defense and the teams above them have the defensive teams to slow the 
     Sooner's powerful offense.  
8.  Central Florida, 9-0.  They are 9th in the power rankings, yet disrespected by the two major polls
     and by the BCS or whatever it is now.  
9.  Penn State, 8-2.  Like Auburn, both losses were close, but not to teams as good.
10.  Notre Dame at 8-2.  Their blow-out loss to Miami, combined with Georgia's blow-out loss to 
     Auburn, really hurt the Irish.  I see no way they can climb back into the playoff picture even with 
     a rash of unforeseen outcomes.

11.  Southern California (USC), 9-2.  
12.  Memphis, 8-1
13.  Ohio State, 8-2.  They are getting way too much respect.  Two blow-out losses, one of them
     on their home field and at least one narrow victory, one they should have lost.
14.  TCU. 8-2.  Can't lose badly on national television, especially to a team with no defense.
15.  Oklahoma State at 8-2.  Someone really needs to tell Oklahoma coaches that defense and special
     teams are a part of football; Cowboys nor Sooners seem to be aware of this.

16.  Washington State, 9-2.  Pretty inconsistent in play but they do win most of the time.
17.  Michigan, unimpressive but at 8-2
18.  Washington at 8-2
19.  South Florida at 8-1
20.  Mississippi State at 7-3

21.  LSU
22.  Boise State, they beat San Diego State, gave Washington State a run for their money 47-44
23.  San Diego State beat Stanford and have a better record
24.  Stanford
25.  West Virginia

Others:  Ohio, Toledo, Troy, Army, Marshall, Houston, Wyoming, Northern Illinois, Arizona, Northwestern, all having pretty good seasons. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Selective Memory on Display; Left Overs but Good; College Football

I'd give a quick rundown on the news, but it's usually negative and slanted and, well, I'm tire of it.  So, only a couple of quick pieces, one with a football connection, the rest, the mess in the FBS, thus my 12 team playoff system seems more reasonable now than ever before.
I caught the beginning of Bill Maher's show and he provided me with a perfect example of what I've been talking about when it comes to liberals (Dr. Thomas Sowell has address this as well), selective memory.  In his monologue, Maher was bragging about how NO democrat/liberal has come out in defense of other democrats/liberals, such as Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and others accused of sexual misconduct, be it harassment, assault, rape.

Really!!??  Over the years, Matt Damon, Russell Crowe and others protected Weinstein, even went to media outlets to get the story buried.  Hillary Clinton and the DNC destroyed women who claimed, with proof supporting their claim in cases, that Bill Clinton sexually harassed, assaulted or raped them.  The liberals covered for HoR Anthony Weiner as long as they could, but he was so blatantly stupid about it, photos over social media, they were forced to give him up.  Maher, once again, proves himself to be nothing but a fool, liar and liberal clown
(NOTE:  He had Donna Brazil on this show.  That woman has the mouth of a two-bit, street walking prostitute; perhaps this was her hobby or side business.  How do I know how they sound, I worked in the middle of downtown Dallas, got an ear full at times.  She's a real credit to her gender and race.)
"Sunny Skyz News":  TCU (Texas Christian Univ.) donates all the left over food after every football game to the Union Gospel Mission which serves the homeless.  A few years back, TCU had a run of trouble, football players being involved with drugs, pushing drugs, attacks on women and other problematic behavior.  These things quickly made the news, these things stayed in the news, milked for all they were worth by media outlets. 

I'm glad to see a good story about a school and something related to football.  Such doesn't always make the news and it certainly doesn't have staying power with media outlets; not sensational enough.  To TCU,  WAY-TO-BE!  It's good food and to toss it, as so many do, is a waste and Americans waste way too much food as it is.
Several FBS games had the promise of being great, most fizzled.  Kind of like the trailers promoting the next great film, the best part of the movie being the build-up to a dud, this was how this weekend games played out.

Alabama beat a decent Mississippi State team but it wasn't easy, 31-24.

In what should have been a great game, Georgia, much like Atlanta did to Sherman's army, crumbled before Auburn, 40-17.  Does this eliminate Georgia?  No, as they still have opportunities.  Does it make argument for a 12 team playoff?  I think so, and I think Auburn would agree, as would others.

Miami, a team I've criticized for not being impressive, was very impressive against a good Notre Dame team, crushing the Irish, 41-8.  This was a case of the hares beating the tortoises to the point of attack a majority of the time.  This Irish, never in the game.

Wisconsin needed to thump Iowa, a team that embarrassed Ohio State the week before.  I didn't see it happening, but the Badgers took care of business in a convincing way, 38-14; big boost for them.

Oklahoma took out TCU fairly easily, 38-20.

USC was 14 better than Colorado, 38-24:  Georgia Tech ruined Virginia Tech's shot at a high paying bowl game, 28-23;  Wyoming 28, A.F.A. 14, moving the Cowboys to 7-3;  Washington State 33, Utah 25;  Ohio State crushed Michigan State 48-3 in another highly anticipated game that fizzled.

Florida State was said to be a top 3 team at the beginning of the season, their latest loss, to Clemson 31-14;  we all know favored Toledo was blown-out by Ohio, both teams now at 8-2;  average  Minnesota crushed once proud Nebraska 55-21;  Boise State 55, Colorado State 52, shades of a Big 12 game;  Fresno State (7-3) handed Hawaii another loss, 31-21;  Arizona smacked Oregon State about, 49-28;  North Texas improved to 7-3 with a 45-10 thrashing of hapless UTEP.

Michigan, another team that would support a 12 team playoff this year, downed Maryland 35-10;
Missouri 50, Tennessee 17;  SMU fell to Navy 43-40, Army moved to 8-2 with a 21-16 victory over Duke and another team that would support an expanded playoff, Central Florida, at 9-0, had an easy go with UConn, winning 49-24.  

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Public Transportation Stations Closed; North Korean Man Pleads for Wife and Child; Dogs Now Allowed; Just Because of a Shark; Washington and Pac 12 Eliminated

"BBC":  A North Koran man is pleading with Chinese President XI to not send his wife and 4-year-old son back to North Korea.  They made it into China, they were caught by immigration officials and are in a detention center on the docket to be returned to lovely North Korea.  This man claims that if returned, they'd be sent to prison or executed; one and the same where North Korea is concerned, isn't it?  Imprisoning an 4-year-old, or executing the lad, sounds about right for North Korean officials.
Listened to Dr. Mike (think this his first name, I really don't care) Savage, his show, "The Savage Nation", follows Rush Limbaugh on the radio.  Anyway, he was blasting Pres. Trump about his visit to the east Asian nations, Japan, S. Korea, China, Vietnam, P.I.   Savage's take, Trump should have made them meet him in Hawaii, "on neutral ground" ---Savage's words---so to show them who was important, who had the power.

Savage, one who often loses his cool, shouts down, rants and raves at anyone who disagrees with him, is wrong in his assessment.  The leaders and other people of the world are tired of American arrogance and Trump, one of the most arrogance people on the planet, understood this.  Trump went to them, not to beg, not to apologize for the existence of America as did Obama, but to tell them to their face that he'll not let others take advantage of America any longer.  He went to them to tell them they should put their nations first just as he has.  He went to them to tell them he wants to work together in a partnership where all win.  This was lost on Dr. Savage.  Another thing lost on Savage, apparently, is that Hawaii would not be "neutral" ground, it's a U.S. state, something that someone with a Ph. D. should probably know.  (I have to wonder where Savage got his Ph.D., Ralph's University and Hardware Store?  I think it's been said by him that his degree is from some well-known university, UC-Berkeley perhaps; whatever, they should give him his money back; guy's borderline --- if not over-the-line, psychopath)
"Iceland Monitor":  The government of Iceland has passed a new regulation that allows for dogs to enter restaurants and cafes, if the establishment complies with public health codes and wants to allow dogs to join their owners inside.  One of the first establishments to allow dogs in, "the ever popular Grai Kotturinn coffee and breakfast joint.  The name means "the grey cat" but, as of now, only dogs are allowed.   ---Iceland, the only civilized nation of the planet at this point.
"Rio Times":
        1.  Nov. 7, 2017.  Brazilian armed forces surrounded Rio's Sao Goncalo neighborhood.  Guess the police couldn't handle it and people grew tired of the nonsense from the people of the area.
        2.  Nov. 10, 2017.  Sao Paul has had problems with criminal activity as well as Rio and the city has shut down 22 public transportation stations due to violence and vandalism.  Congrats to the trouble-makers, the criminals, they negatively impacted over 30,000 passengers of the system.
"WA Today":  On Rottnest, an annual triathlon was scheduled but officials turned it into a biathlon, simply because a 2 meter shark (6' 6") was cruising the waters.
Oregon destroyed the slim hopes the Washington Huskies had of making the FBS playoffs with a 30-22 victory over the Huskies.  Not only were the Huskies hopes dashed, but the Pac 12 now has no shot as sending a team to the playoffs as Washington was their last hope.