Tuesday, June 20, 2017

F-35 Fighter; Heat Wave; Carrie Fisher; London Attack; U.S. HUGE Mistake--They Just Can't Seem To Learn

On "One America News", it was noted this morning that an Air Force base in Arizona will begin flying F-35 fighters again, this after being grounded for 11 days (another grounding of this piece of crap, go figure).  I've said this before, it's a great plane on paper, it just doesn't do as it's designed reliably so and it's way too expensive at between $80 and $85 million per unit; bad deal for pilots, bad deal for America.
"Russia Today":  Lockheed Martin is close to signing a multi-billion dollar deal to build 440 F-35s for 11 different nations, including the U.S.  Is it really a good idea to sell one of your newest warplanes, keeping in mind that the versions sent abroad will not have all the same gadgets as those sold to the U.S. military, to other nations?   I ask this because I've seen photos of China's newest warbird and Iran's newest.  Both look a lot like the F-35 and are said to have much of the same capability and China's, from what I can find, actually works as designed.  The article also noted the "brain" of the F-35 has been plagued with giving false positive readings a majority of the time; I didn't go into it much, too frustrating, the stupidity of it all on the part of the U.S.

I do have one question in regard to the above.  How is selling this bird to foreign nations, or to the U.S., beneficial to anyone but Lockheed Martin and to the politicians who Lockheed obviously supports/pays off?  
The China-based tour agency that Otto Warmbier used to go to North Korea has decided it's too risky to send Americans to North Korea on tours, so they've decided to stop doing so.  Bit late I think, but in the end, Warmbier is dead because he didn't THINK before he acted.  Knowing the climate between the U.S. and North Korea, the tension on the peninsula, he thought it a good idea to go.  Knowing the North Koreans hate Americans, knowing they've security cameras everywhere, knowing they look for any reason to arrest an American, he thought it a good idea to attempt to steal a sign out of a building.  --- THINK, people!
    (I've heard some on various news outlets that it is suspected that Warmbier may have been brutalized by some while in the North Korean prison.  YA THINK!  That's not exactly going out on a limb; kind of a silly-ass question/thought.)
May have been on "CBS", perhaps "OAN", but it was reported that Carrie Fisher had cocaine and heroin in her system when she died.  Not exactly a surprise to me, nor should it have surprised anyone.  ----At this point, does it matter?
"OAN":  It was reported that since 2003, 180,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed due to the on going fighting in the nation.  Sounds like a lot, but for a 14 year war, this is nothing.  That figure is but three or so bombing runs in WWII.
High ranking military officers are dancing about after an F-18 Hornet shot down a Syrian fighter-bomber, as it's pissed the Russians off and it should piss them off.  What's more, when is the U.S. going to learn from it's previous errors in the region?  -----Regime change and nation building has failed in Libya and in Iraq and it's bitten the U.S. on the ass, but U.S. leadership just can't seem to learn.  The result in Syria, FUBAR sums it up nicely.  ("CBS", perhaps "OAN")

The U.S. wants Assad gone, none of their damned business, but they want him gone.  Syrian is supported by the Russians and both are fighting ISIS, the primary target of the U.S.---or are they?  The U.S. supports Syrian rebels trying to overthrow Assad and they battle ISIS.  The Kurds are supported by the U.S. but hated by Turkey, a non-trustworthy "ally" of the U.S.  The Kurds are battling ISIS and Turkey and Turkey's soft support of ISIS has come up on occasion.  The U.S. is battling ISIS and they are pushing for Assad to be gone and.........SEE THE PROBLEM?
In the latest London attack, the one near the mosque, it has been reported that it was an anti-muslim assault.  The media made it sound like another muslim terrorist assault on people in general.  Point to this, what I said yesterday was based on that media presentation, YET, I stand by my assertion that if you want to end the problems with muslims, send them packing.  That doesn't mean to kill, attack, maim, just deport them.  As to the story that one perp laughed after being arrested, I stand by my position of executing the bastard on the spot.  There seemed to be no doubt as to guilt and, if the report of his laughter was true, can't really trust the media at all, he had no remorse, pop, and problem solved and message sent.
The great Southwest of the U.S. is said to experience a heat wave over the next several days, perhaps as high as 120.  Stay inside, keep cool, drink water periodically throughout the day, check on neighbors, especially the elderly and those with younger children --- and if you take your young children or pets with you someplace, or if you're to drop them off, CHECK TO MAKE SURE YOU DIDN'T LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR.  Daycare businesses, if you take a group of kids someplace, make certain you do a complete vehicle check a when you get to the location and when you return to the home facility.

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