Monday, July 17, 2017

33 Deaths with Clinton Link; German City's Festival Ruined by Migrants; Britian to go with F-35 Purchase; Federer Wins Another

"One America News" ran a story this morning of Haitian political figure who was found dead, and I only caught a part of it.  So, I went to try to confirm the report and did so easily, the "Miami Herald", "Jamaica Observer" and others ran the story, a story that was mysteriously absent from the U.S. shit stream media, at least I didn't hear about it.  A former Haitian government official, Klaus Eberwein, was to testify before the Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Committee.  He was to expose all that he knew as to the extent of the  corruption within the Clinton Foundation and it's involvement in Haiti.  Just before he was to testify, he was found dead of, according to officials, a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.     Before this unexpected suicide, Mr. Eberwein was said to be feeling good, upbeat but he did warn family and acknowledged to others that his life was in danger.

Mr. Eberwein's is the 33rd death with a Clinton link, all very mysterious, suicides without any apparent forewarning, heart attacks, accidents, robberies that were botched (Seth Rich the most recent of these).   All 33 had stuff on the Clintons, many of the 33 were about to testify and, well, we know what happens to people who have stuff on the Clintons and are willing to tell the world.  They experience unexpected deaths, well, unexpected in the sense they, or at least most of them, didn't see it coming.  After 33 such deaths, all tied to the Clintons, one would think a full and honest investigation is in order, but that isn't the way it works with the DNC, the Clintons---nor the US government, apparently.

Does anyone else find it strange that the U.S. shit stream media doesn't report on this and the other recent mysterious deaths surrounding the Clintons?  This story is now three days old and I heard about it only this morning.  And while "OAN" was briefly running it, "CNN" ran a story about Trump and Macron's handshake, "FOX" didn't air anything about it that I know.  WHY???  This, so it seems to me, is a major story, given all the other mysterious deaths tied to the Clintons.        

(Remember, Bill Clinton controlled $5 billion dollars that was allocated to help the people of Haiti after the devastating earthquake of several years ago.  Little has been done, and what has been done has cost overruns, the construction was shoddy with substandard materials, and the rest of the money is unaccounted for to this point.   How much of the $5 billion spend on the reconstruction in Haiti has not been reported to my knowledge.)
Schorndorf, Germany.  The people of this German town was to have a fun filled town fair, it didn't work out so well now that the asylum seekers and illegals are about.  It turned violent, sexual assaults were numerous, visitors and officers were attacked, cars destroyed, buildings vandalized, the fun ruined.   It was reported that about a thousand of these parasites, the vermin, plagued the people just trying to have a good time.  Gangs of teens and young men, 30 to 50, roamed the streets causing problems, destruction of private and public property.  Three Afghans thugs (human trash) were arrested for sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl and one Iraqi thug was arrested in another incident.  ---When will those of western governments, of western society wake-up to what I've been saying?  Get rid of this human trash, they are never going to be good citizens, a good investment a good idea.  "Russia Today" report.
      ("Get rid" does not mean kill, it means to send them packing.  If they refuse, harsher measures may be needed, but step by step, if they don't go, European cultures are dead.  I think it too late, they're dead now but one must try if one hopes to survive.)
In another "RT" report, it seems the Brits are going to go ahead and by the costly and highly flawed
F-35 fighter-bomber.  I've long called it an expensive piece of garbage that puts the lives of pilots at risk (thus reducing offensive and defensive capability), and this article points out some specific problems as identified by so called aviation experts:

1.  Oxygen system doesn't seem to work well, this may be a bit disconcerting to pilots.
2.  The on-board computer system is vulnerable to cyberattack, sounds like this may be a problem.
3.  It's subject to over-heating and when it does get hot, the weapon's bay doors must be opened to
     cool the missiles.  Again, sounds like a bit of an issue, but just my opinion.  I'm sure the pilots are
     good with it and, if not, they dare not complain to the media or to Congress.
4.  It has "terrific" problems flying at high speed at low altitudes.  Note "problems"--plural, not
5.  "maneuverability appalling bad"---This doesn't sound good, but, hey......

So why is this expensive piece of garbage being forced up those in the military who must fly them and maintain them?  Because clowns in the Pentagon, clowns in Congress, clowns on Downing Street made the decision, likely because of some kickbacks or "contributions", to go with them and they're pride is too fragile to back off (again, kickbacks, "contributions" may be a factor).    ---Reminds me of when the F-20 Tigershark went up against the F-16 years ago.  The F-20 was superior in every aspect and the Pentagon went with the F-16 Falcon.  Why?  So I read, the main reason was that the people who build the Tigershark did not consult the egotistical assholes who make the decisions in the Pentagon about the aircraft.  They knew what a good fighter was, went with it and the assholes couldn't stand it; sound like I'm making this up?  I'm not; truth is stranger than fiction in some cases, this being but one.  ---Side note, the Tigershark, designed so many years ago, would out perform the F-35 in the air.  On paper, no, but in reality, in the air, yes.    
Roger Federer won his 8th Wimbledon title for men, a record.  His age gave him another record.  The victory itself upped his already record of most Gran Slam titles for men (singles) to 19.  A few years back, I thought Federer would be competitive but not able to win a Grand Slam, too old.  Since my time of doubt, he's won two such events, my apologies to Mr. Federer --- as if he knows or cares.  Anyway, a huge WAY-TO-BE to him.  And, as always, Mr. Federer put class and sportsmanship on display before and after.   Job well done!

(Tennis side note.  Kim Clijsters was playing in an exhibition with some other women and a fat guy was heckling them, yelling at her how to play the game.  She dragged him out of the stands, put a way too small white shirt on this fat-ass and told him to show how it's done.  He couldn't but, apparently so, all involved took it in good humor.  I was always a Clijsters fan, she was tough, played well, strong, good and always put good sportsmanship -- sportswomanship, wouldn't want a feminist to get upset -- on display.  A way-to-be to Ms. Clijsters as well, just for taking the clown down in a light-hearted fashion; not lost her touch.)  


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