Friday, August 11, 2017

2,000-Year-Old Workshop; Tim Tebow Homers Twice; Cobra Anyone?; Maersk Oil Dumps Chemicals; China Opens Military Base; Plano, Carrolton, Bedford; Eric Clapton

I'm going to start and end with good and/or interesting stories.  Why?  Because people tend to remember those items on a list at the beginning and at the end more so than in the middle.  Kids need to keep this in mind when, if, they study for a test; move stuff about.  

"Iceland Monitor":  Guitarist Eric Clapton caught a salmon that went 25 pounds and was 105 centimeters in length while fishing in Iceland, something he's done regularly since 2009.  Last year, Clapton one that was 109 cm in length.  If you aren't sure who Eric Clapton is, ask your grandparents or someone in their mid-60's to 70-ish, they should know; great guitarist.
"Japan Times":
         1.  A team of Israeli archaeologists found what is believed to be a 2,000-year-old workshop that made stone vessels for holding water, wine, etc.  Found two months ago, the site is but 3 kilometers from Cana, the town where Jesus is said to have turned water into wine for a wedding party, his first recorded miracle.  The piece is worth looking up.

         2.  The Libyan navy has told foreign ships to stay clear of search and rescue zones for migrants in trouble at sea.  This lends itself to a good many discussions, how to they value human life, how do they view the migrants, is it a good way to dissuade others from making the attempt, what kind of navy can Libya have at this point that makes them confident enough to threaten European nations......????
"Copenhagen Post":  Maersk Oil has been reported to police over environmental law infractions.  Seems the oil giant has been dumping dangerous red chemicals used in drilling operations into the sea.  Never ceases to amaze and anger me that those with so much are willing to pollute the world, harm people and ecosystems so they can get so much more.  Pathetic people they must be.  ---What will happen, a fine if found guilty, nothing more.  Start putting CEO's in prison, confiscating all their assets to be used to fund environmental clean-up and establish "safe zones" and this crap would stop in a hurry.  Won't happen but it should!
"Rio Times":  Over 59 million Brazilians (39.3% of the population) are in debt.  High unemployment is the major factor for this troubling financial news.  Wonder how many in the U.S. are in debt?
"Perth Now":  Margaret Court, former tennis great, has pissed off many in the tennis world.  She said that tennis was "full of lesbians" and opposes same-sex marriage.  You can see why this generated so much ire, she dared to ignore political correctness and speak her mind.  If one doesn't agree with her, fine, but she has the right to voice her opinion and this isn't easy for folks in a politically correct world.  WAY-TO-BE, Ms. Court for having the courage to say what's on your mind.
"Cape Times":  On Women's Day, there were 11 emergency calls for domestic violence against women and children.  I think those of Cape Town aren't understanding what Women's Day is about.
Your spouse, be you male or female, and your children aren't your personal punching bag, no matter how pissed off or drunk you may be; knock it off!
"Russia Today":  China opened it's first military on the African continent, in the small nation of Djibouti.  This base is near a U.S. military facility and may serve to deter Eritrea from aggression over a mountain and small island that are disputed.

China is building it's military rather than spending/wasting defense money on foolish wars that it has no business being involved in, unlike the U.S.  The U.S. wastes it's military resources in actions all over the place with no hope to win, no desire to win, no possibility of winning.  The U.S. hasn't really won a war since WWII because they either don't know how to win a war, don't want to win a war, or are afraid to do what is necessary to win a war.  If you aren't winning, you're losing.  Right now, China is winning and the U.S. is losing (long term).  With the world getting hotter, it would be advisable for the U.S. to withdraw from the foolish engagements and prepare for something a bit more important, more challenging, greater in scale.
"Bangkok Post":  Police raided a Bangkok restaurant which served exotic dishes prepared from protected animals, seven people being arrested in the sting.  Rat snake, a protected animal, Cobra, not protected but illegal to keep caged for any purpose, Yellow Headed Temple turtles and soft-shelled turtles, both protected, and such were on the menu.  This may not just be a fine and shutting down of the restaurant, but jail time as well.  Good for Thailand if they put some in prison for such.
Three curious stories, all from Texas, about cops acting in a rather odd way, taking public criticism and then rationalizing their actions with pathetically weak explanations; damned near useless!
     1. Carrolton:  A Navy vet was riding his bike, went though an intersection on a green light.  A vehicle ran a red light, smashing into this guy and the vehicle kept going, hit and run.  The police know who the guy is who (1) ran the red light, (2) hit and run, a big no-no, and (3) was likely speeding or on a distraction device.  The victim was damned near killed, has undergone a few operations and the perpetrator has yet to be charged--AGAIN, they know who he is.  Why? you may ask.  The Carrolton police had the audacity to tell the public that the detective on the case is on vacation, that's it.   ARE YOU F_ _KING KIDDING ME!  ----I would not be surprised at all if the perpetrator wasn't a man of means, money, position.   This is shameful.
     2.  Bedford.  A 14-year-old girl went missing.  Police did not issue an Amber Alert as they weren't sure of the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.  Isn't this why the Amber Alert law was passed?   Anyway, her body was found a couple of days later by a landfill employee and they had to wait for the coroner to reach the conclusion that she was murdered.  How many 14-year-old girls spend their time playing in a landfill?
     3.  Plano.  A punk, 20-21 years of age, 5'7" tall or so, 150 pounds, give or take, wears black shoes with a white NIKE logo on them has been breaking into homes and cars in one neighborhood.  This punk has been arrested before for applying his trade and there are excellent photos of him taken by those impacted by his illegal activities, his name, by the way is Cameron.   With all this information, he's not been taken in by the police because, so one was told who had a bike stolen, that they didn't catch him. -- Just a suggestion to the Plano PD, if you were to haul him in, have a bit of a chat, you may scare him off a bit or even get him to tell you about his partner, too smart to be caught on camera.  You see, this Cameron punk was special ed when a student.  (All the info above, provide by citizens and the police still have not gone after him, as of yesterday anyway.)
"Sunny Skyz News":  Former NFL QB, Tim Tebow, a Christian and all-around good guy, is now playing single "A" baseball.  His team, the St. Lucie Mets were visiting the Charlotte Stone Crabs and as Tebow was in the on-deck circle, a 9-year-old boy with autism, big fan of Tebow, was waving and calling to him.  Tebow left the on-deck circle, went up to the fence, shook the boy's hand, and went back to the business of baseball.  At that at-bat, Tebow hit a three run homer, not his first homer of the day.

After the game, the boy and his mom were met by Tebow and there was a photo session, it appeared other kids with disabilities were about as well.  Both boy and mom cried a bit at this big man's kindness ---- his second homer of the day.  WAY-TO-BE, Mr. Tebow, class act all the way.

     (Team management hit a homer when they signed Tim Tebow to play.  I was one who did not think Tebow would make it in the NFL as a QB, tight end or linebacker perhaps, with some work, but not a QB.  I've never questioned his character, his kind heart, his leadership....don't know how anyone can at this point.)

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