Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Affirmative Action Chipped a Bit; Former Afghan Pres. Karzai; Japan Doesn't Want MV-22 Flying Overhead; "Meet the Press"; Turdbird of Computers, DELL

I caught a segment of "Meet the Press" and "NBC" show that at one time was okay but now just liberal trash.  The host, a white guy, at one point was talking about white--black issues and stated that whites have never tried to understand blacks and this was the problem, the gist of his statement.  I wondered if this liberal fool host ever considered a relationship, be it between two people, two nations, two races, two ethnic groups, to be a two-way street.   I wondered if he was capable of understanding the onus of understanding does not rest with one player but both players in the relationship; the liberal mind is a terrible thing.
I've heard a few pieces on a couple of U.S. outlets about Affirmative Action being chipped away, FINALLY.   This move has received some help when Asia-American students with outstanding grades, test scores, class standing and extra-curricular activities started losing out to black and hispanic applicants for some of the more highly regarded colleges and universities.  When it was just whites getting fucked, no one dare say anything, but now........

I've long stated, accurately so, that affirmative action laws were in violation of the U.S. Constitution.  However, in a effort to appease those who wanted a free pass, those who felt their existence, not achievement, should be enough to get them special consideration won out.  Political correctness over the law, an attempt to legislate equality not by demanding one group raise their standards, attitude, alter their behavior, but by granting them favor based solely on their race.   In doing so, they, the powers that be, shit on other groups, not caring about how it impacted them, not caring about the Constitution (all equal under the law), not caring about right and wrong.

I guess after 40+ years of this crap, some are figuring it out that is was bullshit from the beginning.  Those is D.C. are terribly slow and with political correctness run amok and liberal bullshit infecting the brain of many, it's tough to see how America will remain a free republic much longer, 50 years tops.  I'm one of the lucky ones, I'll be dead before it totally collapses into socialism, to a totalitarian government.  --I've no faith in the American people being strong enough or smart enough to hold their elected leaders accountable, hold their powers in check.  I've no faith in the leaders of America holding onto that which made America great, just self-centered, pompous-asses bent on holding onto their lofty positions while not doing their job.
"The Oslo Times":  Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai took some cheap shots at the U.S. in an interview for the "Times".  He claimed they weren't there to help the people of Afghanistan but there for other interests (part of it so companies manufacturing war materials can make money at the cost of lives, limbs, tax dollars).  If he were to be honest, he wasn't there, as president, for the people of Afghanistan, he was there to line his own pockets, and he did.  This classless, lying, scumbag of a man, lined his pockets with not just money stolen from his own people but with U.S. dollars thanks to the foolish U.S. leadership, elected and military leadership.  It's a shame trash like Karzai benefits from U.S. involvement then runs.  It's a shame U.S. leaders aren't honorable enough to pull all U.S. troops out of a region of the world that's never going to change for the better; third world crap nations.  (All about money for a few and to get big donations, to hell with lives, lost limbs, wasted materials and tax dollars)
"Japan Times":  The Japanese are again calling for the MV-22 Osprey to NOT BE FLYING over Japanese cities and towns.  The U.S. Marine Corps has said there is no need to worry about this flying piece of shit, an aircraft that has seen a few groundings.   The U.S. Dept. of Defense was considering grounding the entire fleet of Ospreys'--again--but decided to leave the decision to the Marine Corps.

Again, this aircraft should never have been purchased.  It's great on paper, but to date, the thing has been a flying crap shoot, will you make it or not in this flying coffin.  It was too expensive to buy, it's high in maintenance costs, it's PROVEN to be unreliable.  BUT, like the F-35, those in Congress and those at the Pentagon will never admit they screwed up.  So, they put the security of the nation and the lives of aircrews at risk---damned silly!
Many years ago, some company decided to sell pet rocks.  Only a fool would by a pet rock you'd think, but, with good marketing, many people proved themselves to be foolish.  Soon thereafter, some company, maybe the same company, thought that there were even more fools to be fleeced, and they came up with packaging poop for people to buy.  Let it dry, probably heat treat it to kill whatever, spray it with a shiny substance, put some glass eyes on it, etc.,  and fools actually bought little piles of shit.   Never thought I'd be so foolish but I now have the turdbird of computers, a DELL.  The old Dell was fine, but my wife bought me a new one to replace the one that died after 10 years and this new one is a piece of shit.  I've long said, more isn't always better, it's sometimes just more, and when the "more" doesn't work for the benefit of the person, it's just more shit with which to deal.  

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