Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Democrats Argues Against Democrats--Twits the Lot of Them; Get Over North Korea; Quake Hits China; Laura Ingram

A black congress woman, Barbara Jordan, democrat, argued that people coming to the U.S. should do so following the law, they should have a basic working knowledge of English and they should have employable skills.   Pres. Bill Clinton, democrat, said people coming to the U.S. should be able to speak English and have skills that would garner them a job and follow the U.S. immigration process.  Pres. Obama, democrat, argued that people moving to the U.S. from other nations should be able to speak some English, have needed skills and follow immigration laws.  ---See a trend?  And not one elected democrat cried foul about these people making these statements about immigration.

Pres. Trump, republican, has said people wishing to come into the U.S. should speak English, have job skills and should follow U.S. immigration laws/process.  Many elected democrats are now making all kinds of stupid, ludicrous, silly, moronic, idiotic statements as to how bad this is, as to the intent behind Trumps "requirements".   (Keep in mind, the U.S. is one of the easiest nations in which to migrate; try Mexico, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Ukraine......):

Some are calling it racists, always play the race card and get stupid, emotional people on this nonsense accusation.  Nothing racist about it, black people, Asian people, people from the Middle-east are all capable of learning to speak English.  No one has said, only white people who speak English can come into the U.S.

Some are saying this is an effort to make the U.S. white again.  It never has been white an what has white got to do with speaking English?  Some Swedes, Finish, Poles, Ukrainians, Czechs, etc., don't speak English and they'd not be able to come in under Trump's proposal; moronic to idiotic this claim.

The other twist, Trump wants to keep blacks and muslims out.  Has anyone ever heard him say he wanted to keep them out?   Don't go with his travel ban on those from some countries, that was about terrorism, an action by some coming from a particular region of the world, having a particular religion, NOT ALL, but SOME.   Trump's proposal does not specify keeping people from a specific geographic location or religion or color or ethnicity out, all it does is require people to follow the law, have a certain language level and have job skills.  This makes perfect sense, nothing racist about it, now a desire to make America white again, talk about idiotic, nothing at all that discriminates.

This entire bit is about democrats crying like a bunch of really spoiled, and somewhat stupid children, who haven't a clue as to what they want but know only what they think may be bad for them OR what they think may hurt the popular kid on the block.  I'm not a fan of the republicans, but the democrats are a detestable, pathetic group of adults who've no clue as to how to behave as responsible, reasonable, thoughtful people; beyond sad!  What's worse, those who generally vote democrat, the young and over 50% of adult women, are too fucking stupid to see what they are doing.

(At one time, John F. Kennedy was a god to the democrats of America.  He was a womanizer but he was a decent president.  Today's democrats would see him as an enemy, you'll note they never mention him as republicans do Reagan.  Kennedy's ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country, would run afoul of today's democrats, well liberals, progressives, socialists.  Keep in mind, it was the liberals, the young, in Russia, early 1900's that brought about the revolution and turned Russia into a communist state that eventually failed.  Keep in mind it was American liberals and progressives who supported Adolph Hitler in the mid to late 1930's, right up to his attack on Poland.  --FACTS!  Look it up.)  
North Korea isn't likely to do anything that China doesn't want them to do AND if the leadership in the U.S. would simply ignore the spoiled brat running that nothing nation, the tension would likely die down.  Should he do something stupid, don't do something even more stupid but make it clear to all North Korea AND ONLY North Korea would pay the price UNLESS some other nation did something equally stupid.  At that point, many on the planet should probably just kiss their ass goodbye.  In short, get over the North Korea, media hyped, sensationalized issue.
A quake hit the southern part of China, heard a dozen or so have been killed and there was a bit of damage.  Flooding, as noted within the past couple of days, has hit Russia and Vietnam and in the U.S., Houston is taking on a bunch of water.
Laura Ingram was discussing the perpetual war going on in the Middle-east, the U.S. foolishly involved, naturally so.  Her thing was, rightly so, that as China builds it's military, the U.S. (foolishly) wastes it's military on the Middle-east and Africa in wars not being won, can't be won but they are draining America dry.   I've said for a long time, the U.S. should not be involved in Middle-east battles or those in North Africa, let those people and the nations of the region deal with THEIR PROBLEMS -- and no more nation building, the U.S. only screws this up royally.   The U.S. can't win, nor do I think they've any intention of trying to win.  It's about a show, it's about spending money they don't have, it's about companies that supply the U.S. military, making money, some of it going to re-election campaigns for their lackeys in congress.  If smart, and they don't appear to be, U.S. leaders would get out asap, stay out until absolutely necessary to get in, say if Israel was attacked, and get in ONLY TO WIN asap; no rules of engagement, the only rule, win asap.    

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