Thursday, August 10, 2017

Democrats, Part II; Another WWII Bomb; Trump the Treat??; Human Smugglers Toss Cargo Overboard

"BBC" and "RT":  A WWII bomb was found at Japan's Fukushima nuclear site.  Not sure how well the Japanese scrutinized the area before building the nuclear facility, but apparently not well enough. If the unlikely had happened, the bomb detonating before the other problems hit the site, just think of possibilities.  
"France 24":  From Aug. 10, human smugglers tossed 180 Africans into the sea as they were headed for Yemen.  Five were known dead, 50 more are missing and just the day before, so reported, a similar event took place where 120 were tossed overboard, with 50 known dead and 22 still missing.

Yemen, according to the U.N. is the "...largest humanitarian crisis in the world..." and yet, people from Africa, mostly young males, want to go there.  The why behind it is simple, from Yemen they can get to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Iran, where cheap laborers are wanted.  What these young Africans don't know is that those who take jobs with muslim companies in muslim countries are mistreated, work long hours, have few breaks, living conditions are often horrible, only poor in some cases,  wages aren't always paid and if injured, which happens in labor type work, one is pretty much on his/her own.  In short, many are viewed as subhuman, slaves, etc.  Keep in mind, muslims from the middle-east nations are not fond of black Africans.  
Yesterday, I pointed out some---I'll be polite and call them flaws ---in those of the democrat party.  Today, let me finish with it, not that there isn't much more to say, but what I say will not change a mind, probably won't even give one pause to contemplate.

First, what exactly are the democrats saying when they demonize Trump's immigration policy of
(1) requiring those coming in to have a working knowledge of the English language, (2) to have job skills and (3) to follow U.S. immigration laws?  (Keep in mind, democrats like Ms. Jordan, Pres. Clinton and Pres. Obama said the same thing, look it up.)   They call it racism, but who is really acting as racist and is most offensive in doing so?
       A.  Democrats are saying, in reality, blacks, hispanics and Asians aren't smart enough to learn enough English to function in the U.S.  Not only is this moronic, it's racist and offensive but this is the view of the democrats given their argument, their opposition to Trump's proposal which mimics that of past democrat party leaders, something they conveniently overlook.
       B.  They are saying that Americans must learn to adapt and adopt the cultures (plural) of those coming in because they've not the ability to adapt and adopt (it's really they've not the will or desire to do so) to the dominant American culture.  This is not only unreasonable, it's idiotic but the democrats/liberals/progressives in America demand this be done.  They aren't asking, they are pushing it.

Looking at the above, why would anyone vote a person into high political office who holds these views?  

The democrats are those who perpetuate that which they purport to abhor, racism.  Divide people by race, ethnicity, gender, income, age, create as much animosity as possible, break down the nation's laws, morals, values, and tear the nation apart by playing on fears and nonsensical issues.  They are the most dangerous threat to America today, those like Schumer, Pelosi, Clinton, Sanders, Warren, Feinstein, Wasserman-Schultz, Waters, Cummings, Brown, De Blasio, Emmanuel, Bloomberg, those at MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and the indoctrination centers like Harvard, Duke, Middlebury, Cal-Berkeley, UCLA, Colorado, New Mexico, Yale, Colombia, Michigan, Texas...............  
          (I find it shameful and hilarious that the shit stream media outlets are blaming Trump for the tension with North Korea.  The little spoiled brat that runs that nothing nation has threatened the U.S., South Korea and Japan, has launched missiles on a regular basis and when Trump voices his displeasure at this bullshit from the North Korean fat-ass president, the American and European liberals blame Trump.  Also a joke, the number of warheads announced recently, the media acting as if they were all developed since Trump took office is nonsense.  U.S. intelligence knew of this in 2014, all under the watchful eye of OBAMA, useless turd of a man---or is that transgender?)

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