Sunday, June 17, 2018

Box Cutter Attack; Poland--Jagiellonian Univ, New Courses in English; Cape Town Chaos; Human Rights Being Violated?

"Japan Times":
       1.  Japan is tiring of people overstaying their visas/welcome and is coming up with an new program to help keep better track of those who do so.

       2.  Nigeria.  In the northeast part of this backward and barbaric nation, a suicide bomber killed at least twenty and injured 48.   How one gets an exact number of injured but an unknown number of killed seems odd, perhaps some were buried in debris.  

"Krakow Post":  Krakow, Poland.  Jagiellonian University, so reported, will be adding 13 new programs, eight of which will be taught in English.  This university is the oldest in Poland, established in 1364 by King Casmir III The Great, and it's one of the oldest universities in the world.  

When I was in Poland, I took a class at the school, visited it's museum was in awe of it's history and beauty.  IF you want a great experience, I suggest you attempt to enroll in a class or two at Jagiellonian U.  Krakow is a great city and regardless of which way you travel while in country, you'll find natural beauty, historical sites, cultural enrichment, good food, relaxation..... has is all. Poland is a wonderful place in which to live and study, so, if you're so inclined to study abroad, check into a year in Poland.  

"Cape Town News":
        1.  Shia and Sunni muslims do not get along and tension has been brewing in South Africa, at least in the Cape Town area.   Seems the tension is reaching an all time high, just waiting for the explosion now, I suppose.

        2.  When visiting western South Africa, you may want to check the credentials of doctors before you allow one to work on you in the case of emergency.  Seems six unlicensed doctors have been arrested in the area.  

        3.  This kind of shows just how weak --- or perhaps just how racist the South African government has become.  Blacks are "invading" lands and putting up shacks that are of less quality than a backyard playhouse for children (in the U.S.), and calling the land theirs.  Want to guess which race of people is getting screwed most by this action?????   (Hint.  I've written about it several times.)

"BBC News":  A group called Diversity House, wanted to establish some 'safe space' for LGBT and ethnic-minority soccer fans while in Russia.  In St. Petersburg, the owner of a building they thought they had, told the Diversity House folks to clear their people out and then had the electricity to the building shut off. 

Needless to say, those who run the Diversity House are crying foul, claiming that this violates the human rights of the LGBT and ethnic-minority folks.  But is this really the case?   You see, these groups cry for tolerance and equal rights and equality overall, but only when it benefits them.  When it doesn't, they demand special consideration and treatment, claiming they deserve such special consideration and treatment but they've never said why.  

When people demand equality, women, the LGBTQI folks, ethnic-minorities, all else, speaking of special treatment, like scholarships, social programs, etc., should be off the table.  BUT, try to take their special treatment packages away from them in the name of equality and they'll raise hell about their human rights.   I ask, what about the human rights of those not protected by bullshit laws?    

"Russia Today":  In southeastern France, a muslim woman shouted "Allahu Akbar" and proceeded to take a box cutter to a 60-year-old's chest and then sliced up a female clerk, neither have life-threatening injuries.  The French are looking into this woman's background to see if she's any link to terrorists.  --- I'd think maybe so.
   (Just a question.  How many instances do any of you know about where a Christian shouted "Praise God" and then proceeded to slice up people they don't know?  Or run a truck though a bunch of people?  Or strap a bomb to themselves and blow things up?  Or take a gun to a concert of young people and shoot the hell out of all they see?   ---I can't think of a single case and I go to many media outlets about the globe looking for the odd, weird, violent and sometimes the fun and good stuff.)

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Protest, Topless Hoops (video in "RT", not here); World Record Falls Way Short; Python Eats 54-Year-Old Woman; Man vs. Bear; No More Tourists Wanted

"Bangkok Post":  Makassar, Indonesia. A 54-year-old woman was tending her vegetable garden but didn't return home.  Villagers, about 100, went out to look for her.  They found her sandals and her machete and, a short while later, about 30 meters away (93 feet or so, guessing) a "swollen" python of about 7 meters (22' 9" give or take).  They killed the snake, cut it open and found her intact body inside.

It wasn't said how big the woman was but attacks on humans as food prey is considered rare.  Last year in March, a farmer was killed by one of these rather large snakes.

"Iceland Monitor": 
        1.  Iceland tied powerhouse Argentina, 1 all, in their opening match at the World Cup, this even made the news in the "Bangkok Post".

        2.  An ice pack is rapidly descending upon Iceland's NW coast.  This is not unheard of but certainly isn't the norm.

"Japan Times":
        1.  An older driver lost control over their car and crashed into a sidewalk and store front, 14 people were injured.  Apparently, the people of Japan have experienced this enough and there is a call to stop the elderly from driving altogether.

Interesting, but can one paint all elderly drivers--or all young drivers, with the same brush and call it a reasonable law?  Should it not be based on skills via tests, tickets and number of accidents?  

        2.  I'll just give you the first paragraph before commenting.  "California officials bucked a recent court ruling Friday and offered reassurance to concerned coffee drinkers that their fix won't give them cancer."

Needless to say, I see an incredible amount of arrogance in this statement to go along with the inherent stupidity of those "California officials" making the offer of reassurance.   Are those of this group doctors, oncologists, chemists, biologist....?   What background do they have to give such an assurance?   With this, how did this ridiculous warning to coffee drinkers come about in the first place?  California "officials" threw it out there, warning the people of California of the risk but with  no solid evidence and no proof to suggest coffee caused cancer, and the stupid people of California bought it.  They passed a law to add warning labels to coffee in 1986 according to the piece because the people felt the need to have "officials" protect them from manufactured threats.  How pathetic!
"Russia Today":
        1.  A month or so ago, I wrote about an "RT" piece that talked about a group wanting to set a world record for largest (sex) orgy.  Well, the attempt, held at the Green Door Sex Club in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) failed miserably.  Tokyo held the record at about 500 participants, this one had 375 people show up, I.Ds. in hand.   (I.D. required for a sex orgy in Nevada but not to vote in state or federal elections.  You figure it out.)

        2.  A Swiss teacher showed up in class wearing a niqab, a full head covering worn by muslim women.  She read from the Koran and said her antics was to teach tolerance.  Her students were not amused nor were a good many parents, apparently.  On a side note, Denmark is said to be considering a complete ban on the garb, niqab, and a "heafty" fine will be a part of the punishment for violation of the law.

        3.  This just proves how damned crazy people get over soccer.  Forget the thugs from the U.K. or Brazil or Argentina or Colombia or Germany or Italy, there is now a bill in Russia that will consider making it illegal, i.e., a crime to "insult" the Russian national soccer team.  This is a "you've got to be putting me on?" law, but apparently, it's really being considered.   Exactly who will determine what constitutes an insult, the article didn't say.
        4.  I don't know what Instagram is, not familiar with Twitter or any of the other social media bullshit, but this was mildly interesting in this day of desired equality.  Apparently, Instagram does not allow the female nipple to be shown on it's site/stuff.   This ticked off a couple of females, one a professional hoops player, the other a large, big breasted woman--I guess she was anyway, and they played a game of topless hoops, skins vs. shirts, and posted the video.  Not sure as to what will happen but they did stand up for equality.   (The video on "RT" does show the full, very full breasts of the one)
"Siberian Times":  A man went fishing in his boat.  While not clearly explained, it seems a brown bear got into the boat with him, likely near shore and snatched the guy's catch.  The guy, wisely, decided to flee the scene and the bear went after him.  The guy launched rocks at the bear, briefly driving the bear off.  Then the bear launched a new attack, probably a bit pissed at getting pelted by rocks, and the guy retreated, wearing hip boots and full gear, into a very cold, fast moving river.  The guy's body was found downstream.  Video can be seen as many witnessed the attack but none went to help.  

"BBC News":  The new Thai king has taken control of the crown assets, believed to be in the neighborhood of $30 billion.  There was nothing in the "Bangkok Post" about this that I saw.  Comes as no surprise as those of the "BP" don't want to go to jail or suffer some other fate.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Illegals/Migrants a World Problem; FBI and DOJ Looking Like Criminals--Appropriately So; Killed Son, Watched 'Footy';

As if the U.S. government doesn't have enough problems with it's image both at home and abroad, "FOX" and other television media outlets jumped all over the lasted report out about James Comey, the FBI and the Dept. of Justice (DOJ).  The report, I'm sure, is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to corruption within the DOJ, regardless of which sub-group we're talking about.

As most have already heard all about this, I'll leave it at this, nothing is going to happen to Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama, they're above U.S. law, shamefully so.  As to James Comey, he may get slapped on the wrist but it'll amount to nothing compared with his breach of duty.  To the world, the U.S. government looks to be just as corrupt as any on earth, and as those in the U.S. government continue to thumb their noses at the law, waste that to which is entrusted to them, continue in greedy practices, act as if they are royalty rather than public employees, I'd argue that the world has an accurate view of the U.S. government.
    (All of this crap is costing the U.S. taxpayers a bundle, more waste, and no one is going to pay the price they should pay---but it's a show they like to put on for the appearance of propriety.)

"WA Today":  A 67-year-old retiree had a 23-year-old son who was an "arsehole", dad's word.  He beat his dad and brothers, threatened to sic some biker buddies on them, took whatever he wished, whenever he wished......   One day, after a beating, dad had had enough.  He took a couple of knives from a shed and stabbed his son the "arsehole" five times, killing him.

He'd prepped for the killing, dug a hole in the backyard in which to dispose of the body, bad idea.  Somewhere between the killing and the burying, dad took in a 'Footy'--soccer match I'm guessing, as he didn't want to miss it.  ---I came from a dysfunctional family, but DAMN!

"France 24":  Japan, due to it's low birth rate, something I wrote about a few weeks back ("Japan Times" article), the government is thinking about opening up slots for foreign workers.  It wasn't made clear as to qualifications but I'd bet they are pretty specific as to what they're looking for as far as skills and as to character of those applying to work in Japan---as it should be.

Illegal kids in the U.S., boys, ages 10-17, was the subject of debate on a segment of last night's news ("CBS"--local station, I no longer watch "CBS" national programing of any sort). Caught a bit of an exchange between a liberal "journalist" and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  The "journalist" was very excited, angry, agitated when he asked Ms. Sanders, paraphrasing, "As a mother, don't you have any empathy for these kids...."  It was clear Ms. Sanders was pissed, having addressed this crap question dozens of times before, but she kept her cool and addressed the question, clearly and precisely, something most liberals can't grasp as their minds are clouded with twisted thought and they've no ability to think critically.

Let me clear it up for the liberals and, if I could, I'd get this to Ms. Sanders.  These illegal boys and their parents are playing the liberals as fools, which is appropriate.  What the wetbacks are doing is passive-aggressive and the liberals don't get this.  The wetbacks know that liberals will not see what is actually taking place and they'll be allowed  to stay in the U.S.A.  This, in turn, keeps the divide among people of the U.S. greater than ever, this too plays into the hands of the liberals seeking office.  How?  Because they know simple minded people, people who have no ability to think critically, will support the illegals, who'll then vote, legally or not, for liberals who give them all they need.  The brain when guided solely by emotions is a dangerous thing.

One of California's resident idiots, HoR Nancy Pelosi called what is taking place at the U.S. border barbaric and said, "this is not America".  -----First, Pelosi, it is America, but clowns like Pelosi wants it to become a cesspool.  Second, illegal activity, Pelosi, is not America, for if it were, if the rule of law had been ignored say fifty years ago, the U.S. would already be the cesspool you wish it to become.

Related to the above, French President Macron is (was) to meet with Italy's new premier Conte today and the priority topic, the migrant issue both nations face.  It was reported ("The Local--Italy") that the two had a rather heated exchange over this issue.  Seems a boat with hundreds of migrants was turned back by Italy, a nation already overflowing with illegals and broke because of them.  This pissed the French and others in the EU off to no end.  How dare a nation pull it's collective head out and start doing what is right for it's people, not a bunch of passive-aggressive assholes looking for a parasitic lifestyle.

And, related to the paragraph above, another article suggested that the migrant issue is a 'symbol of the EU's failure.'  -----Do you see what's happening here, what's being said?   It's not the fault of the failed nations that these parasitic people are fleeing, not the fault of the people themselves, but the fault of the EU and, as I'm sure the Nancy Pelosi types of the world would suggest, the fault of America. What a crock of shit!    One has to have a very twisted thought process to reach the conclusion that it's the fault of successful nations and people that cesspool nations and parasitic people exist.  At some point, adults have to accept responsibility for their own actions, their own lives, their own nation.  ---Well, perhaps not, given the liberal's tend to be doing the thinking for the world at this point; clueless arseholes, the lot of them.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

I.Q. Dropping--Norweigian Study; "Unprecendented" Security at World Cup; MSNBC's Rachael Maddow Loses It; 13-year-old boy gang raped at school

Yesterday's stuff was better than today's stories but here goes.......

       1.  Cape Town, South Africa.  A 13-year-old boy went to school as usual, but once there, the unusual occurred.  Five school bullies raped this lad, no reason for it.  Now, they've two new classifications to go along with "bullies".  They can now be called homosexuals and sex offenders, but in South Africa these days, none of these labels have much stigma attached.  ("Cape Times")

       2.  Iceland.  The big crime of the day, a driver was speeding the wrong way up a one-way street in the nation's capital.  Wouldn't it be a great day if a story similar to this was the big crime of the day in the nation, state, province, city....where you live?    ("Iceland Monitor")

        3.  The World Cup begins soon in Russia.  President/dictator Vladimir Putin has vowed, so reported, "unprecedented" security for the games.   He made this same vow a few years ago when the Winter Olympics was held in Crimea.  I stated in my blog that something was up, 40,000 troops for security at an Olympic games?????   And what happened?   Troops there, Russia takes Crimea and the world remained dead silent about it, did nothing.    ("BBC News")

A couple of things related to this event.  First, few people will overstay their welcome after the games are over.  That is, people from cesspool nations will not disappear into Russia as they did in Australia this past year during an athletic competition OR as they will in 2026 when the U.S.A., Canada and Mexico will jointly host the World Cup.  Second, watch carefully what Putin does, put nothing past him, and I assure you, something is up.  To the extent of Crimea?  Not likely, but Putin may well have something up his sleeve.  

        4.  South Africa.  A video was released and it drew outrage from around the world, so reported.  Two blacks---can't call them men or adults or human---caught a baby seal, beat it, stabbed it, killed it and thought it funny and entertaining.   They face criminal charges, but criminal charges are for people, humans who violate the law.  These two are some subspecies of the lowest form of life and should be immediately executed, personal opinion.  Why?  Because they will or already have done the same thing to some human.    ("Cape Times")

        5.  A team of Norweigian scientists have concluded a study on the fluctuation of I.Q levels and their conclusion, if you buy it and I do, doesn't bode well for the human race.  Taking data from a researcher from New Zealand, it was found that I.Q. levels rose post WWII, peaking in 1975.  From that time one, scores dropped, about 3 points per decade.  The scores of 1991 were 5 points lower than in 1975, for a variety of suspected reasons.  Sedimentary lifestyle of the young, more technology and games, less time spent in schools on languages and mathematics.........  ("Russia Today")

The test sample was substantial, 730,000 I.Q. scores were on file due to military testing, so it's likely that this study has some validity.  Questions are what to do about it and what, if any, long-term impact will a declining I.Q. have on the world.  (I suspect there is going to be an impact and not for the betterment of mankind----or any other kind of life.) 

        6.  It seems MSNBC's Rachael Maddow, or as I prefer, Madcow, as this is how she often comes across, had a meltdown of sorts over the Trump--Jung un summit in Singapore.  She, so reported, went on an 18 minute rant as to how it was Russia's Vladimir Putin who "controlled" Trump's every move while dealing with Kim Jong.   With this, she went on a 3 minute rant about the Russian--North Korean border, as if no one but her knew these two nations share a border.    ("Russia Today")

If you recall, Rachael Maddow threw a hissy fit when Trump beat Hillary in the Presidential election in 2016; rage, tears, anger, disbelief.....typical liberal behavior over a defeat.  

I've a question for liberals.  Do any of you know about maps?    I ask because Hillary Clinton, a former U.S. Senator, Sec. of State, first lady, and presidential candidate, didn't know North and South Korea shared a border, she made this clear in a statement.   Maddow seemed a bit surprised that Russia and North Korea shared borderland.   A Texas congresswoman didn't know there was but one Vietnam, she thought, and stated so, that the two Vietnams, North and South, lived side by side in peace.   Then, my favorite, though not a question of political geography, was the congressman who thought the island of Guam would capsize if too many people were on it, blamed his stupidity on medication, likely cocaine or heroine.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sacred (American) Indian Ground--B.S.; Ms. Iraq & Ms. Israel; Teacher Sacked--Foolishness; Faroe Islands; FBI Agent Charged; Small Town Museum; How Sweet; Sissyfication of UK

Ten interesting Other Stuff stories:

        1.  A Russian teacher, female, was fired because she had the audacity to wear a swimsuit while swimming.  She posted some photos on Instagram and this got her canned.  This is foolishness regardless of where it was and all know it and, in Russia, many have come to her defense.  Perhaps the school officials would have been happier if she'd been nude?   If it were a male teacher in a swimsuit while swimming, would he have been sacked?  I doubt it.  ("BBC" and "Russia Today")

        2.  In 2017, Ms. Iraq took a selfie with Ms. Israel and posted it with a caption that ticked folks in Iraq off.  It was something to like "Peace and love, Ms. Iraq and Ms. Israel".  This was seen by some in Iraq as an endorsement of Israel and a betrayal of Palestinian Arabs and she, Ms. Iraq, has been getting death threats.  It was said that Iraq and Israel have no diplomatic relations.   --Individual people can get along, even groups of people can get along, but when political/government agitators are involved, we have this, we have wars and people are foolish enough to follow these agitators.  (Yet, the U.S.A. claims both are allies.  Not sure that U.S. officials know what a true ally to be.)

If the Iraqis are so damned concerned about the Palestinians, why do they not invited them into Iraq, give them a piece of land and let it become their own nation of Palestine?  ("BBC") 

         3.  The "BBC" has an excellent piece on the Faroe Islands, excellent photos, good narrative, worth a look to be sure.  --Wouldn't mind living there myself, getting away from all the nonsense in the world.

         4.  The FBI agent that was dancing, possibly with a bit too much to drink, and had his weapon fall to the floor and discharging as he retrieved it, has been charged with second degree assault, as a bar customer was hit in the leg.  If found to be drunk, he could face other charges as well.

I'm no fan of the FBI, given the crap that's been going on lately, but this is a bit of an over-reaction.  Careless, foolish, irresponsible, sure, but to be charged with a crime is a bit much.  As to blood-alcohol levels, he was in a bar, people drink at bars.  As to the guy hit, he wasn't severely injured and he chose to be in a bar where people drink and do foolish things--and dance poorly.

Should he be fired?  I'd not disagree with such a move.  Better, put him at a desk and take his weapon away from him for five years.  After that time, perhaps he'd THINK before doing something so foolish, so stupid.

        5.  A female journalist who claims to be Muslim-American and Bangladeshi-American, is taking some heat from Hindus for a piece she wrote.  The piece, I don't give a rat's ass about it, but I take exception to her claim to be "Muslim-American" or "Bangladeshi-American".  Once you place a hyphen in there, XXX-American, you are not an American.  By your action you've proven to be "XXX" first, this before being anything else, and hide behind "American", obtaining the freedom, benefits, etc.  ("BBC")

        6.  I went to the Sand Creek massacre site in eastern Colorado (about 23 miles east of Eads, Colorado, just off 96), finishing the places of conflict between the plains Indians and U.S. Cavalry that I wanted to visit (Beecher's Island, Washita and Little Big Horn or Greasy Grass battlefield the others).   It was pretty much as I had envisioned, the bluffs, the stream bed, the escape route, but I took offense to the stance presented by the U.S. Park Service, calling this "sacred ground" for the (American) Indians.  There is nothing sacred about it, just another site where an unfortunate event took place years ago (Nov. 29, 1864), that should have never happened.

So why does the U.S. Park Service call it sacred and forbids people, well, all but the Indians at certain times, from walking the dry streambed?  Simple, political correctness, the Indians know how to play that game as do other groups who call themselves Americans but claim to be something other, something more, in order to obtain special favor for time to time.  (I'm 3/16 Indian, Cherokee and Choctaw, which means crap, but it may give some liberal something to deal with that I don't see or claim.)  

Let me pose a question.  IF the U.S. Park Service, or the U.S. government is so damned concerned about sacred ground of the (American) Indian, how is it that they've not removed all whites, blacks, hispanics, muslims, etc., from the Black Hills of South Dakota?  This was a sacred area to them.  And the same question applies to Devil's Tower in Wyoming.  Beecher's Island??   ---It's politically correct bullshit, makes some people, those who can't think, actually believe the U.S. government actually gives a damn.

        7.  Some school in Oxford (UK) has told the boys "We're British", which, so the article leads us, means that shorts aren't worn.  So, if it's hot and the boys are to wear skirts as do the girls; the sissyfication of the british male; all knew this was coming.  Coming to the U.S. real soon, the "Boy Skirts of America" but a tiny step.   ("Russia Today")

        8.  While driving through a 200 mile stretch of Texas, we saw a total of 26 cops, police, sheriff but most Highway Patrol.  Not just visible, but active, good many stops.  Some would complain about this but I don't.  This is what they get paid to do, keep people from putting others and themselves in harms way by speeding, with careless driving.....   Cops should never apologize for doing their job, so long as they do it in a professional manner, which often becomes questionable today.  They should apologize only if they fail to do their job --or do it in an unprofessional manner.

        9.  The "BBC" has just over 21,000 employees according to this piece (RT) and just over 1,770 of them are of the LGBT community.  This being said, they've installed gender neutral restrooms where possible in their buildings.  How sweet.  Wonder what is going to happen when the first rape or beating occurs?

       10.  I've always enjoyed visiting small town museums, Leadville, CO, Telluride, CO,  Nevada, MO,  Silverton, CO, Ft. Hays, KS,  Woodville, MS..........   If you're driving along I-70 in Colorado and you've time to kill (three hours at least), stop in Strasburg, maybe 30 miles or so outside of Denver (driving I-70 and I-25 is one of the most dangerous things you'll do in your life; insanity best describes the traffic, the drivers--avoid if possible).   Go to this small town's museum and you'll be in for a great surprise; excellent stuff, great volunteers, good time.  

Monday, June 4, 2018

California Travel Ban on Oklahoma; Guatemala Volcano, High Casualty Count; Russia Want's Gold; Great Ending to Robbery; Florida State vs. Washington in Championship

"WA Today":  A 30-year-old punk (not a man, not an adult) went to a convenience store and robbed it, telling the clerk he was armed.  The next day, this punk was taken to the local police station, with the stolen cash, by a family member.  It wasn't said who this family member was but WAY-TO-BE!

This is how family members should treat one of their own when they drift down the wrong path, or take to it like a fish to water.  Let that family punk know that there are rules, laws, values, norms and to cross them will be met with action they'll not like.  Protecting and defending your kids or siblings or parents when they do wrong is not helping them, it only allows them to take the next step down the wrong road.

"BBC":  Guatemala has had a volcano erupt and the early count of casualties is high, 25 known dead, so reported, and hundreds injured.  It was listed as coming in about 15 minutes ago as of this writing, so information is going to change.

"Russia Today":  Russia is moving to become the second largest gold producer in the world.  No need to say more, something is up and they are reacting to it OR they are looking to cause something to happen and want to get a leg up.

California has a ban on state funded travel to eight states now, they've added Oklahoma to the list.  The other states that California thinks have not right to disagree with their liberal bullshit policies/laws are, so reported, Texas, Kansas, South Dakota, North Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama and Mississippi.

This ban means that travel that is paid for by the state, i.e. tax dollars, is a no-go for events held in the evil states listed.  The hope was to persuade the officials of those states to bend to the will of California, their own citizens be damned.  And, with a few individuals, it's working if one is to believe the report which was produced out of California.

 There are exceptions to the rule, like in regard to college athletics, especially football and basketball travel, too much money is on the line for the universities involved.  Kind of puts their hypocrisy on display doesn't it.  (I could easily point out more examples of California hypocrisy but so can you.)

This bullshit from California happens because of the gutless wonders in the federal government.  If the feds would go in and arrest mayors, city attorneys, sheriffs the governor and Lt. governor for violation of federal laws and removed federal judges who reside in California from the bench on ethics and abuse of power charges, this crap would be happening.

Recently, I noted that America would fall from within, much like Rome did all those centuries ago.  California is but one reason why I can make such a statement without worry of error.  They think they run the show or should and that the rest of the nation should bow to their demands.  This doesn't work if a nation wants to remain whole OR, given California's desire for a totalitarian socialist state, wants to hold on to individual freedom.    

Personally, I think Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and South Dakota should get together and ban all Californians from entering their state; stop them at state lines, at airports, at bus terminals.  This would make the beginning of a nice barrier, a fence if you will, to protect much of the nation from California vermin, California sickness.

Florida State's women's softball team reached it's first national championship series and they'll face the Washington Huskies.  UW took down defending champions Oklahoma twice and took down top seed Oregon to get to the championship.  They use pitching and a solid defense with key hitting to frustrate and defeat opponents.  FSU has a couple of good pitchers and a team of good hitters to pound on opponents.  FSU was the number five seed going in and UW was the sixth seed.  This is but one reason I feel the NCAA football playoff should be a minimum of eight teams. ----Should be really good, family entertainment.

Going to take a short break from this, perhaps 10 days, to get away from the world of ugly news.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

U.S. to to Pay Bill; Italy's Populist Gov't; Vigilantees vs. Cattle Rustlers; Paramedic Killed; Other Stuff: "Go to Hell"; Cow to be Executed?; Teacher Feds Puppy; Blame Game

Let's get the OTHER STUFF out of the way:

        1.  A middle-school teacher in Idaho held an after school science class session.  He fed a sick, supposedly dying puppy to a snapping turtle.  Many in the community want this guy fired and he has his fans as well, wanting him to stay on at the school.  The state may prosecute him for animal cruelty and the turtle was euthanized by Idaho officials as it was deemed an invasive species and there was not permit for the animal to be there.

Personal opinion, the teacher showed piss poor judgement and should be fired.  The state killing the turtle was a bit much, could have been given to a university or zoo.  To prosecute this case makes no sense as it would be costly and the fine he'd pay wouldn't cover court costs and jail-time is also expensive. ---Foolish decisions all around this case (BBC)

        2.  Pres. Duterte of the Philippines has had another run-in with a U.N. official.  To be brief, Duterte simply told the U.N. to "Go to hell".  Don't always agree with Duterte, even find him a bit iffy, but I admire his willingness and courage to say exactly what is on his mind.  (RT)

        3.  A pregnant cow crossed from Bulgaria into Serbia, fleeing from wolves is thought to be why.  The farmer went to get his cow, which was well taken care of by a farmer in Serbia.  When he tried to get the cow home, he was stopped at the border.  The cow, according to the piece, had entered Serbia illegally and did not have the appropriate paperwork, so they may have to "execute" the cow.

This level of stupidity isn't unusual in some parts of the world.  When I lived in Poland, we went by an area (Northeast) where Poland shared a border with a Russian section of land.  We were told that from time to time a cow would wander across the border and it became a major issue, often times a bit heated.   While I agree that borders are important and that security is a must, but, DAMN, pull your head-out-of-your-ass from time to time.  ---It's a cow, not a spy or terrorist and if it's from a farm in the area, so any issue with disease could quickly be resolved.  Give the cow back!  Dumbasses.

        4.  Roseanne Barr is said to be considering fighting "CBS" over her firing and she is now, in part, blaming Michele Obama for getting her fired.  Valerie Jarrett, the "victim" of Barr's oh-so offensive comment (it was NOTHING!), is, get this, now blaming U.S. Pres. Donald Trump for Barr's comment.   ---Ms. Jarrett, I don't think you look like an ape or chimp or monkey, but you've a brain that is somewhat less functional than that of an ape or chimp or monkey.  Trumps' fault?  HOW SO?  Did he tell Barr to write it?  Damn!  (Perth Now)

"The Local--Italy":  After the election, the Italian people have elected it's first government that is " entirely by populists."  This apparently is something that concerns the EU as one of the major issues on the table was that of immigration.  This group had on it's platform an anti-immigration stance and the Italian people, after years of this crap have, apparently, had enough of these illegals bullying them, draining public coffers, living off them.

Matteo Salvini, with a hardline anti-immigration stance, is the new Interior Minister and he is making the EU powers a bit nervous.  Italy may soon be joining Poland and Hungary in denying immigrants a free hand in their nations, and this puts pressure on Germany, France, the U.K and the liberal Scandinavian states.  ---I've long sided with Poland and Hungary, they've got it right to this point.

"BBC News":  This story is a continuation of one I wrote about a few weeks ago.  In northern Nigeria (state of Zamfara), Muslim nomad cattlemen and settled Christian farmers have been at each other.  The muslims allow their cattle to feed on crops, the farmers don't like it, bullets fly.

This piece is about vigilantes vs. cattle rustlers.  Seems in the most recent altercation, 23 people were killed.  But is this all it's about?  Not according to the piece, as I give you this short paragraph from the piece:  "Some analysts say that tit is a conflict between Muslim nomads and Christian farmers in this region.  However, it is more complex than that, involving criminals and politicians, our correspondent says."

There seems to be no doubt that it is the cattlemen who trespass and destroy farmer's crops.  It seems likely that the rustlers are either other muslims, who can hide the stolen cows among their own OR by criminals, perhaps gangs and they are well armed.   Do the politicians take sides in this?  Come on, it's Africa!    In this case, it's likely the politicians favor the muslims, criminals may be paying off the politicians to keep the cops/military out of it.  ---In the end, is there much difference between a criminal and a politician---anywhere on the planet?  

"FOX":  This was somewhat aggravating.  I listened in on a debate about who is going to pay for North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un's trip to Singapore for his meeting with Pres. Trump.  It seems the U.S. TAXPAYERS will be paying the bill and it's not going to be cheap.   It was said that the North Koreans claim that the U.S. may even have to pay airfare for Kim and his crew as North Korea can't afford it.   Get the picture?

Some on the panel were discussing cheaper hotels, some said the cost is 20 times that of what the chosen hotel actually charges and one clown said whatever it costs the U.S., it's worth it.  To all this, I ask if any of these television geniuses have the ability to think at all?  

North Korea has a large standing military, this requires money.  Kim sent a few people to where, the PI or Indonesia to murder a half-brother (airfare and hotel was required here).  Kim's nation launched numerous missiles, each costing quite a bit of money.   They have the money, they are simply playing the U.S. government as fools, an accurate assessment, I'd say.  As to the panel, perhaps they should find something to do that is more in line with their limited mental abilities.

"Russia Today":  A 21-year-old Palestinian female paramedic was killed while, so reported, trying to help the injured in one of the many conflicts between thuggish Palestinians and Israeli troops protecting their border.  With all the chaos surrounding such a scene, Palestinians, including the woman's parents, are stating factually that this she was actually singled out by an Israeli sniper and murdered for doing her job.  

How can anyone make such a stupid statement?  How can anyone believe such a stupid statement?  Again, a chaotic scene, people running about, screaming, smoke and dust in the air and they claim to know, not an accusation, that it was an Israeli sniper.  

It comes as no surprise that "RT" would run the story viewed primarily from the Palestinian's side of things, but, and this was briefly, very briefly, it was noted that the shot could have been from a Hamas member, hoping to use her killing to add fuel to the fire?   Put nothing past a terrorist group, or a muslim.  I've had dealings with muslims, most dishonest people ever.  They'll know you know the truth about something and, even so, will lie to your face about it.