Monday, October 23, 2017

Release of John F. Kennedy Files; Sweden to use Troops in Cities; Mugabe -- WHO Flap; Televangelists; Collge Football Ranking

I've long been one to criticize televangelists or prosperity television preachers as they are getting worse AND they misrepresent Christianity.  The latest, Creflo Dollar telling his flock that he wants a $65 million jet, after all, televangelist Mike Murdock, one of the biggest and most shameless creep among this group of human trash, has two jets.   Ken Copeland and his wife (Gloria) have but one jet, as far as I know, and a house that rivals some Follywood giants.  Robert Tilton has been running his scam for longer than most of them and the likes of Todd Coontz, James Payne, Henry Fernandez, Bennie Hinn, Rod Parsley are just a few of the other parasites that live off the backs of gullible, foolish, desperate people.

It's not just the jets they flaunt, they live in million dollar plus homes in private communities.  Joyce Meyer was so bold as to build her own private community of such homes for her family members.  They vacation in plush resorts, rubbing elbows with the powerful, wealthy, famous folks of the world.  And they do not work a day, their entire income is based on their promise that if you give them your hard earned money, god will reward you financially or help heal an deadly illness.  You'll note I did not capitalize the word god, for they've no belief in God and their god is money and they covet YOUR money.

If it's so bad, why does Congress and/or the Dept. of Justice not go after these scam artists?  Good question and I've asked it several times of those who are supposed to represent me in Congress.  Sadly, my question has never been answered and my concern over this group of thieves never addressed.  Even the IRS won't go after them and this is even more puzzling.

If you want to see how one scam works, Robert Tilton's,  John Oliver (HBO) has a YouTube video as to the process Tilton uses.  It's so unbelievable that it's laughable, but it certainly isn't funny if it's one you know getting scammed.

I strong urge everyone to write their representatives in Congress to come down on these vile people, shut the door on these scam artists----but is Congress not running a scam of it's own to get your money?
"RT" and "France 24":  It seems that Pres. Trump is open to releasing classified files of John F. Kennedy, including those on his assassination.  Fact is, these files should have never been classified in the first place and who knows about the editing that may be done, but I'm certain that there will be argument over their release, if it happens, and that the media will have something new to occupy their time, ignoring stories that need coverage, like why and where are U.S. troops going to go in Africa?
"Cape Times" and "France 24":  The World Health Organization's (WHO) director decided it would be a good idea to make Zimbabwe's dictator Robert Mugabe a good will ambassador for WHO.  I felt this a really stupid idea, Mugabe being a racist, murderer, thief, thug....and, so it seems, others agree with me.  There was a "global" outcry and now the WHO director is said to be reconsidering.  One source said Mugabe had already been removed from consideration.
"OAN":  I've been telling folks of the problems Sweden is having with the huge number of muslims they've allowed to come into their nation.  These people have taken over parts of many cities and they are so dangerous, they're called "no-go zones" by police.  Muslim thugs roam in gangs, beating, robbing, molesting, raping, murdering....doing pretty much as they please and most live off the backs of the Swedish people, pretty much the norm for them in every nation they "invade".   It's now to the point that Swedish officials are said to be sending in military troops in an attempt to restore order, safety; fools.

If Swedes wants to reclaim their nation, mass deportation of muslims is the only thing that will work. If they aren't ready to do this, if they aren't clever enough to see this as the best option, the only sure option, then Sweden will become an Islamic state.  Not my opinion, this is a fact.  They'll out vote the Swedish people and they'll run the nation at some point.  Turkey's Erdogan -- and I've written about this a few times -- has already told Turks living in other European nations to have as many children as possible so to eventually be able to out vote their host nation natives; conquer without firing a shot (robbing, raping, molesting, street violence, etc. along the way is fine, even desired; instill fear).
College Football (FBS) Ranking:

1.  Alabama seems to be the class of the field.
2.  Georgia, they were challenged by Notre Dame early.
3.  Penn State.  Their trashing of Michigan lifted them in my view.  Will they go undefeated is
     another question.
3.  Texas Christian (TCU).  I see them as being even with Penn State.
5.  Wisconsin.  Very good defensively, their offense is okay but could use something to keep
     opponents guessing a bit more.

6.  Notre Dame.  A one point loss to Georgia, the destruction of Southern Cal and Michigan State....
7.  Clemson
8.  Ohio State
9.  Miami. They keep winning but do so unimpressively.
10. North Carolina State.

11.  South Florida.  They've been taking care of business to this point.
12.  Central Florida.  Taking care of business.  Are they or South Florida as good as some of the
       teams to follow?  Maybe, maybe not.  It's a matter of opinion.  What is known is that these two
       have not lost and they've a few decent victories.
13.  Washington.  Their six point loss at Arizona State isn't looking so bad after ASU went to Utah
       and thumped them pretty good.
14. Oklahoma.  Lost to Iowa State at home, struggled with Texas in Dallas, struggled with Kansas
      State in their last three outings.  Not the direction a good team should be taking at this time of
      the season.
15.  Oklahoma State.  Trashed by TCU in Stillwater and they were made to look vulnerable by Texas.

16.  Virginia Tech. I may have this team a tad too low. 
17.  Michigan State, poor showing vs. Indiana but the Hoosiers, if this can be said, is a good
       3-4 team.
18,  LSU.  As they sport the same record as Troy State, perhaps Troy should be here.
19.  Auburn.  No offense, they may well drop.
20.  Washington State.  The Cougars did rebound after getting hammered by California but it was
        Colorado, not a great feat.

21.  Memphis, with but one loss to Central Florida, beat UCLA
22.  Iowa State.  Bet no one, certainly not me, would have thought this at the beginning of the
       season.  Victories over Oklahoma and Texas Tech, both on the road.  Their losses, to Iowa in OT
       and Iowa gave Penn State all they wanted before dropping 21-19.  Texas beat the Cyclones 17-7
       and Texas gave USC, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State all they wanted.  Point, the losses aren't
       looking bad and they've two notable victories.  Will they stay here?  Not likely.
23.  Troy State, two losses but a victory over LSU.
24.  As there are a number of teams that are with two defeats, some with really ugly losses, some
       with unimpressive victories but victories never-the-less, so, I'm going with a tie just for grins:
       Southern California, Stanford, Texas A and M, Ohio U., Army, Boise State, Northern Illinois,
       Appalachian State, West Virginia.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Former U.S. Presidents Show Support; More U.S. Troops to Africa; Black Candidate Left Off; College Football Results

Former U.S presidents Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, George Bush (I), George Bush (II) and Bill Clinton all took time out of their busy lives to pose for a photo.  This meeting of some of the worst presidents in U.S. history and certainly some of the most crooked, was to show support for the people impacted by the disasters that have befallen America, specifically hurricanes and fires.  All of these people have a bunch of money, Clinton in control of billions, how much of it did they part with to put their money where their mouth is?   All of them in the bottom 10 presidents in U.S. history, add Grant, Jackson, Harding, Lyndon B. Johnson and --your personal choice--and you've got it.   (Story from "OAN")
As I'm not a fan of today's democrat party---and to be fair, not a fan of today's republican party, I didn't pay a heck-of-a-lot of attention to this "OAN" piece, as to where, but I did catch the what.  In some race for governor, there were three men running to get the nod from the democrats to be their candidate.  Two were white, one was a black man.  When some of the DNC flyers came out touting their people, the black man was conveniently left off.  The rationale by the DNC, some union didn't support this black man.

So, what the DNC is telling the people, if a union doesn't support a candidate in their party, the DNC will not support that individual either.  They are telling the people who generally support democrat candidates, or those undecided independents who are looking for someone to support, that if a union doesn't support someone, that someone is unqualified to become governor or senator or house member.  And the democrats want people to believe they are the part of inclusion, fairness, justice for all---nothing but BULL SHIT!
"OAN":  Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) made a statement that more U.S. troops will be heading to Africa.  Graham, like many Americans, doesn't seem to realize that Africa is a rather large continent and has over 50 nations.  That being said, just where in Africa can Americans expect their loved ones to be sent to be maimed and killed and tax dollars wasted on un-winnable wars/conflicts?  Just what is the African Union doing to help it's member nations in these endeavors?

At some point, or so one would hope, those in D.C. would pull their heads out of their butts long enough to figure out these efforts, sending a handful of troops to an area, is more than futile, it's stupid, it's a waste of resources.   Perpetual war just keeps those in the military industrial complex rolling in money, YOUR money, tax payers of America.  And if they roll in money, you can be sure many in elected positions are getting their desired share of the pie.
College Football Results:

Alabama crushed Tennessee, 45-7 and the Volunteers went another game without a TD generated by the offense.  Their lone TD, a pick-6, was followed by a Tennessee player flipping off the crowd with both hands; silly, angry little boy in a big body.  When you're getting your ass kicked, such a move is really a bad idea.  Not that many on the Tennessee coaching staff will be around next year, but had I been the boy's coach, he'd not be on the team today.

Notre Dame (6-1) embarrassed USC, 49-14.  With but a one point loss to Georgia, the Irish now have a legitimate shot at a playoff spot.  USC, a team with unrealized potential.

Michigan, used to close games, didn't have one when they visited Penn State, losing 42-13.  Penn State gets a big boost, the Wolverines slide out of sight.

TCU (7-0) trashed cellar-dweller Kansas 43-0, as expected.  No help.

Oklahoma edged a Kansas State team that finds ways to lose, 42-35.

High scoring Oklahoma State was held to 13 by Texas and won only because of a poor decision by the Longhorn's young QB; he'll learn and he has talent.  Final, 13-10

Arizona and California had a defensive struggle, 45-44 Arizona victory and this wasn't an OT game.

Arizona State may have found themselves, beating Washington last week and smacking Utah around this week in Salt Lake City, 30-10.  Mid-season, not the time to be finding yourself, but better late....

Miami won another close one, this time over Syracuse, 27-19; late TD lifted the Hurricanes.

South Florida stayed undefeated with an unexpected tough Tulane team, 34-28 victory.

Central Florida over Navy 31-21, staying unbeaten.

Michigan State 17, Indiana 9, the Hoosiers one of the better teams with a losing record.

West Virginia struggled with hapless Baylor but left Waco with a 38-36 win.

Auburn (6-2) smashed once tough Arkansas 52-20.

Army moved to 6-2 by beating Temple 31-28.

Iowa State 31, host Texas Tech 13.  TCU may have it's hands full with this Cyclone team.

Ohio (6-2) over Kent St. 48-3,  Troy (5-2) 34, Georgia State 10,  Boise State (5-2) by 10 over Wyoming, 24-14, San Diego State heading in the wrong direction, fell to 6-2 when Fresno State (5-2) beat them soundly 27-3.

Washington State, 7-1, crushed last week, took it out on Colorado, not exactly a great feat, 28-0,
Appalachian State (5-2) over Costal Carolina 37-29,  Northern Illinois (5-2) 48, Bowling Green 17, Virginia Tech smashed North Carolina 59-7, moving their record to 6-1.

Still unbeaten Wisconsin hammered Maryland 38-13, North Texas was destroyed by Florida International and Western Michigan edged cross state rival Eastern Michigan.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Billionaire Wants Trump Impeached; WHO Appoints Dictator Mugabe; Interesting Film, Sure Oscar Winner; 60 mph

Saw a piece on "CBS" this morning about a new film/movie to be released, "Loving Vincent" (Van Gogh).  So reported, it took four years of work to get the 90 film ready, hundreds of artists (hand) painting over 64,000 frames, tying these in with computer work and live actors (then painting them into Van Gogh's work.  The trailer is out, just watched it, and it could be entertaining, it will be great for those who familiarize themselves with Van Gogh's work before hand.  This, from what little I know about it, what little I've seen, is a sure Oscar winner and likely deserves to win at least one.  It's new, fresh, smart, well done.......
Tom Steyer, a U.S. billionaire, founder of Farallon Capital investment and NextGen American environmental political action committee, wants Pres. Donald Trump removed from office and he's willing to pay for it; shades of Larry Flint of "Hustler" magazine shame.  Steyer stated Trump
" a clear and present danger, who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons..." and he wants Congress to act.  He, Steyer, is going to fund the effort demanding elected officials impeach Trump.  (Apparently, you can watch some of his concerns voiced in a video on YouTube, I'll not bother.)
      "Russia Today"

What do we really have here?

1.  We have a billionaire who doesn't like an elected official, the president in this case, and because he doesn't like the elected official, that official should be removed.

2.  A billionaire buying the system, a system his group controls but perhaps don't yet own all the players, like Trump.

3.  I'd like to see Seyer's degree in psychology, preferably a Ph.D., but an M.A. would suffice.  I'd also like to see his sit-downs with Trump and final evaluation of Trump that allows him to determine Trump to be "a clear and present danger" and unstable.

4.  This worm, Steyer, is involved in capital investment, indicating to me that he's a greedy, backstabbing scum-bag.  Ad this with his political action committee, obviously ultra-liberal and I see Steyer as one of the lowest forms of life on the planet.  Reinforcing this view, Steyer holds a similar view of Trump as does the prom producer Larry Flint; good company, the two.

Will Steyer, Flint and a few others, yet unnamed in the press, like George Soros, going to win?  For enough money, they could.  Many of those in Congress are pretty much scum-bags themselves.
   (Remember, he'll have to buy Senators, they don't come cheap, but can be had, right McConnell, Hatch, McCain, Schumer, Feinstein, McCaskill...........  Charges of impeachment initiate in the Senate.)
The World Health Organization or WHO, has named 93-year-old Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe as a good will ambassador.  The director of WHO thinks Mugabe an asset, many others don't agree, most seeing him as an ass, a dictator, a brute, self-centered jerk, incompetent leader, thief, murderer, thug, racist.....the decision called "sickening" by a few human rights groups, not but one, but a few.
     "Russia Today"

If Mugabe is viewed as a plus by the WHO, perhaps those who run the WHO should be removed from their positions.  No informed person over the age of 40 doesn't know who and what Mugabe is nor what he's done and none of it is good!
We've a little thing called "Next Door" in our area.  This is where people can talk about safety issues, ask questions about getting work done, tell of lost and found pets, ask about an event, etc.  In this neighborhood, we had a guy running around in a black mustang, hitting 60+ mph on our residential streets with a 30 mph limit, which is too high in my opinion as the streets are narrow.  Anyway, I felt the call to point out this over-aged child using the streets as his raceway, his car as a toy and his attitude, a couple I know said he seemed unstable and he intimidated (twice) an 80-year-old woman who dared yell at him to slow down.  Immediately, almost a dozen others responded, they'd seen and experienced this asshole and wanted him stopped.

It was a few days after my post that a woman, age 60, wrote that she and her husband owned two black mustangs and that the police were following them and she wasn't happy, felt put out, inconvenienced and intimidated.  She noted they were good drivers, didn't speed and didn't care for this police action.

I know how she felt.  Some years back, the local police were looking for someone in a truck like mine and I had cops follow me on three occasions.  As I had done nothing wrong and the cops stayed within the parameters of statute, I didn't care.  A bit concerned?  Sure, but didn't care.

So, to this woman and people like her, who sees anything that inconveniences or irritates them as wrong and unjust, who doesn't understand the overall situation, who fails to understand that society in general has rights, that an inconvenience or irritant may actually save lives in the end, I pose the following questions:

1.  Would it be better if police didn't do anything, just wait until some clown T-bones another vehicle,
      injuring or even killing some, causing property damage, lost wages, hurting families....?

2.  Would these folks who feel their being inconvenienced or irritated more important that if a
      speeder hit a child, or a drug dealer were selling to kids?

3.  Perhaps they'd rather see someone's beloved pet get run over rather than they being "harassed" by
     police just doing their job, protecting those of the community and their property?

4.  At airports, some don't like the idea of some being singled out based on their appearance (this not done in the U.S., liberals won't stand for it and they run the show) to be checked by security.  It's inconvenient, irritating but, if one were a thinking reasonable person, would this action on the part of security be understandable, IF it was known that people like them were committing major crimes?
  (Yes, the TSA people and Custom's officials often do think acting like an asshole is a part of their job description and this is unfortunate; poor training, piss poor attitudes by the agents as individuals._

Sometimes, a bit of personal inconvenience, irritation may save a bunch of people from a violent act, or just one or two from such.  Isn't that inconvenience, irritation worth it?  Society does have rights.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Can't Win Playing Only Defense; Russian Uranium Deal a Big Deal; Remove of Cross--Attack on Christianity; Feinstein Challenger an Ultra-Liberal Nut.

Both "FOX" and "OAN" ran pieces on the increased threats by ISIS, something I think most knew was going to happen.  In listening to the reports, it sounded as if the solution for the West, be it the UK, Germany, France, the U.S.A......was to go on defense.  Perhaps they've some offensive plans in place, but I could not reach that conclusion based on what was said.  One UK official stated that "the terrorist will adapt to new methods and we must respond."  Adding security people to the areas where concerts, festivals and sporting events was one step authorities plan to take in their losing battle to stop terrorist attacks.  Keeping bomb-making material out of the hands of terrorist was another step.  Just how one goes about this is unknown to all on the planet.

I've noted a study done in the U.K. about Muslim views on terrorism; 10% are terrorists, a full 20% understand and support terrorists (of this percentage, I'm assuming the first figure is a part, so only 10% more are empathetic), 50% said they'd not report a known planned terrorist attack (out of fear, loyalty, empathy, apathy) and of the 50% remaining, it's likely half of them are lying.

In 2015, the number of Muslims on the planet numbered about 1.8 billion or the 7 billion plus people polluting the earth.  There numbers are rapidly growing because they 1) tend to have larger families, just over 7 children per family unit, and 2) a large percentage are just now reaching reproductive age.
(In a way, they're like pigs.  A sow's average litter is 10.8 with 9.9 born alive.)  it's predicted that by 2060, Muslims/Islam will be the largest religion on the planet, which will have about 8.2+ billion people.  (Remember, I've noted a few times that Sir Isaac Newton predicted the end of times to be 2060--don't hold your breath, no one knows.)

If the study done in the UK holds true across the board today, how many Muslim terrorists, talking whole numbers, are in the world and/or your community?  How many potential Muslim terrorists are out there?  How many are empathetic to their cause?  Simple math gives you the answer and feel free to subtract 700 million for being too young, too old, perhaps with disabilities need to be considered.  Fact is, if the percentage holds true, there is a large army of terrorists and potential terrorists out there and a huge number who are empathetic, fearful, apathetic, or simply loyal to others of their religion.  

You can't win a game playing only defense.  (Well, you could, but this would be highly unlikely, ties a slight possibility.) At some point, you've got to go on the attack and we all know this.  So, why have those in the West not done what is clearly necessary, i.e., offensive measures both at home and abroad, to combat the Muslim terrorists as if, and it is, a full scale war?   Political correctness, if I could apply one term.  The West doesn't want to look like the bad buy, like "racists", bigoted....and this is getting people in the streets of Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Spain, the U.S.A, Australia, UK, Denmark, Austria maimed, killed and for Muslim sport, robbed and raped.

The West, and I think it too late and those in power too cowardly, had better come up with an aggressive offensive game plan, mass deportation, limited visitation, restricted access to universities to muslim students, not jail time but death sentences for those found guilty of terrorist activities, planning, financial support, shipping of needed materials, etc.   Mosques that are suspected of empathic behavior should be closed and leaders jailed then deported.  ----NOT GOING TO HAPPEN and people of Western nations are going to pay and pay dearly.
I wasn't shocked by this next piece, not even mildly surprised.  The Hillary deal with the Russians that sent about 20% of all U.S. uranium to Russia as a huge windfall for the Clintons.  This was illegal, 100% illegal, and it seems clear that the U.S. Dept. of Justice, under Team Obama, knew what was taking place, large sums of money going into the hands of the Clintons, Bill and Hillary, and not only condoned it, but told people to not talk about it or face prison time and huge fines.  Eric Holder, this Mueller clown investigating Trump, and I'm certain the Obama's benefited as well. 
      (This would be an instance where former V.P. Joe Biden should say, "This is a big fucking
        deal"--a statement laughed off  by the leftist media, wouldn't gotten Trump crucified.)

If the leftist media wants a Russian story, this is the one that they should be researching, telling the American people about, pushing for prosecution.  Won't happen, but in a just society, in a true nation of laws, in a nation with impartial journalism, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder and others would be in prison for life at this point-in-time.   ---The U.S.A. just pretends to be a nation of justice, a nation of laws that apply to all equally; fa├žade comes to mind.
In Maryland, good 'ol liberal Maryland, a cross has stood for years at a memorial for fallen WWI soldiers and a judge has ordered it taken down.  This, as this judge would have you believe, is not about separation of state and religion (Constitution says no such thing, it says the government can't establish a religion), it's about an attack on Christianity.  Good 'ol liberal Maryland.

Folks, rather than removing crosses and symbols that remind us of morals, values, integrity--Christianity if you will --- those things that made America great, I suggest Americans cling to the cross and all that goes with it.  Kick God out and you think you've problems now!
In California, Sen. Diane Feinstein is being challenged by another "democrat" for her seat in Congress.  This guy, Hispanic, De Leon may be his last name, is so far in left field that he's not even in the park.  He actually believes that Feinstein, who hates much of the Bill of Rights, is too moderate.  He thinks that it's time for the U.S. government to follow the political ideology, the policies of California and that California SHOULD NOT be following that of the federal government. ---I just noted that California is a rogue state, suggested people think South Carolina, 1861. I suggest, hell, I know, it's time for the federal government to go on the offensive with California, arrest, jail, sell off assets of those seeking to break away from the U.S.  California is a state, with certain rights as a state.  This state is leading the way for other states to do the same and, so I suggest, it's getting out of hand.  It's time to crush this not so passive-aggressive behavior.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

College Football Weekend; Federal Judge Stupidity; 277 Arrested in Prostitution Sting

According to a "OAN" report, a Federal judge has approved the abortion wanted by an illegal and unaccompanied minor (under 18).  The girl known as Jane Doe got knocked up, no surprise, got into the U.S. and wanted the U.S. government/tax payers to pay for it and do so without the consent of her parents; they will not even be notified---DONE!

This moronic decision by an imbecile sitting on the bench, has opened up a huge door for illegals and it's going to cost the American people a lot of money, lot of money!  I have to ask, will the parents of this illegal minor now sue the U.S. for not notifying them?  Something has got to be done about the fools in black robes who have way too much power and way too little accountability for their actions; this is insane.
"OAN":  A prostitution ring has been busted, 277 arrested and now they are looking into human trafficking and sex slave charges.  Even with this bust, there will always be more people engaged in similar endeavors.  After the 18th amendment was passed, booze still flowed, it's been said that if one wanted the best, go to the White House or to affluent neighborhoods.  How long has the drug war been going on?  How close is the U.S. government to winning it?  If guns are declared illegal, think that'll stop their existence?  Prostitution and all that goes with it is everywhere and, like marijuana, it may be better to legalize it.  Where there is a demand, there will be people ready on the supply end, simple economics.    -------Perhaps, and this is just for thought, people, regardless of nation, should consider working on the morality, honor, integrity, values....of the masses and those who run the nation.  Perhaps seeking to find and re-awaken their "soul" may be the best way to combat some of the evils that seem so common place.
After writing yesterday's stuff, a couple of other thoughts stuck.  While they mean nothing, it's something to add to the pot:

1.  In the Follywood fallout over Harvey Weinstein's sexual misconduct, I'm not buying the outcry from the actresses.  Put yourself into that industry and you're going to experience such and I'm certain that most women in the performing arts are aghast at such as many are now claiming.   I saw a video of an interview with Jane Fonda, one of the power female players in Follywood at one time.  She said, perhaps not verbatim but close, "I was known as the best fuck in Hollywood."  Said it as if she were proud, as if this was the norm for women in the business.
    (Personally, I think Jane Fonda is being a bit humble and restrictive, she was likely the best fuck
      in Hanoi, Vietnam and perhaps New York City.)

2.  I was thinking, what do ultra-liberal white males see when they look into the mirror?  Do they see an ugly beast of some sort?  A black man?  A gay guy or perhaps a lesbian?  Maybe a bisexual or transsexual?  Perhaps they see a feminist or a black female.  I wondered about this as they've such a distain for straight white males, they must visualize themselves as something other.
      (I'd like to point out that a majority of those serving in the U.S. armed forces at this time are white
       males and that a majority of those fighting fires in the U.S. are white males and a majority of
       cops in the U.S. are white males---something to think about when casting disparaging remarks
       their way.)
College Football Weekend:
Oklahoma State is at Texas and if the Cowboys have any hope of a major bowl game or outside shot at a playoff spot, they've got to win out.  Texas may get a bowl but this isn't much of an accomplishment as over 60 teams get bowl bids; damned silly.

Akron is at Toledo, Zips are better than they usually are, Rockets not as good as usual.

Northwestern plays host to Iowa, they'll not enjoy their visitors much.

Louisville at Florida State.  A pre-season favorite, now this game means little.

Iowa State at Texas Tech.  Tech is favored but Iowa State is surprising folks, ask Oklahoma.  Looking for another upset.

Syracuse travels to Miami and they are on a high (can they refocus??) and they've an extra day off.  I'm pulling for the Orangemen, but...

Central Florida at Navy.  UCF still undefeated, Navy coming off a tough loss to a good team.

Arizona State travels north to take on Utah.   ASU held Washington to 7, Utah should have won at USC, but should have, would, have.... Pulling for the Utes.

Michigan travels to Penn State and the Lions get a Michigan team that seems to struggle every week but still finds a way to win.  Both teams a ranked a bit too high by the 'experts' at this point.  

USC, coming off a tight victory, takes on non-conference rival Notre Dame in South Bend; one of the "games of the week";  Irish at home.

Kansas is at TCU--Laugher of the week.  This is over by half time IF TCU wants it to be.  Wouldn't it be great if Kansas were to win; shocker of the decade to this point but it won't happen.

Arizona at California, the Bears crushed WSU, Wildcats found they can run the ball.  Hate Cal but...

Wyoming goes to Boise State, the Cowboys lose.

Colorado visits  Washington State.  Will WSC still be licking their wounds or will getting the behinds whipped tick them off?  If ticked off, the Buffaloes are in big trouble.

Northern Illinois is at Bowling Green and, while not as good as they have been in recent years, they should still come away with a "W"

Samford is at Wofford and this should be one of the better college football games of the weekend.

Youngstown State visits N. Iowa in another good match-up.

Liberty is at Monmoth

Townson travels to New Hampshire

E. Washington is at Southern Utah in what should be a decent game, both teams pretty good.

Weber State is at Cal Poly, a team well below their usual talent level.

The Citadel takes a road trip to Chattanooga

James Madison, top ranked in the division, is at  William and Mary.

Montana State invades N. Colorado

Alcorn State is at Grambling State

Missouri State hosts South Dakota State

Central Arkansas is at Northwestern State

       Division II:
Pittsburgh State (KS), a school that once had--decades ago--more former players in the NFL than did Kansas and Kansas State combined, is at Emporia State.

Lindenwood travels to N.W. Missouri State, a team that over the past few years has been to their division as North Dakota State is the FCS.

Colorado Mesa trips though the mountains to take on Adams State.

N.M. Highlands does the same when they take on Western State, the Mountaineers once an NAIA Div. I powerhouse (think 70's).  Neither team is very good this year, so.....

Wayne State (MI) take on Michigan Tech on the road.

Walsh is at Hillsdale.  Hillsdale, like Western State, was at one time a feared team.

Angelo St. travels a bit north to take on Texas A&M-Commerce.

Midwestern State will be an unkind host to W. Texas A&M

W. Oregon is at Humbolt St.

Wayne St (NE) is at Winona State.  This Wayne St. once had a running back that set all kinds of division records, too bad someone like him isn't on the team for this game.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Slaughter Ignored; Boy Scouts; Other Stuff: Amur Leopard, Jimmy Kimmel, Lawyer Solution, ISIS Defeated, Follywood and Sexual Harassment.....

"BBC":  In the mid 1960s, Indonesia was having internal problems, leftist/communists insurgents wanted to take over the nation.  At one point, between 1965-1966, the Indonesian army and Muslim militia went on a killing spree after a coup attempt.  If one wasn't clearly with them, one's fate was in doubt, 500,000 people were slaughtered.  What makes this story interesting is that those in Washington, D.C. knew all about this carnage and didn't acknowledge it, didn't condemn it, didn't act in any way to it but to do nothing.  And this leads to some interesting, albeit not so important points, depending upon one's perspective:

1.  Lyndon B. Johnson, the worst president in U.S. history, was sitting in the White House, a true
     liberal, far left guy.
2.  The U.S. had military equipment, personnel in the area, Vietnam, Thailand, P.I.  They weren't
     being used very effectively, as the loss in Vietnam would prove.
3.  Why did the U.S. not respond?
     A. Already losing in Vietnam and the politicians couldn't afford to lose two wars in the same
          location at the same time.
     B. As the insurgents were leftist/communists, and these were the evil people, no reason to care.
         However, worth noting, the communists in Russia were leftist, the democrats in the U.S. today
         are leftist as was Johnson, he was a bit too early and the tone of the day, communism being
         evil, was against him.
4.  Today, the U.S.A. seems to have moved to leftist ideology, socialism/communism/progressivism
     all viewed as good, republics/democracy/freedom evil.  The ANTIFA group is a fascist group and
     is protected by the democrats, leftists in America, socialism is catching fire and I give you Bernie
     Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton,, have all claimed socialism,
     progressivism, defended fascist actions on the part of their supporters; the death of the once proud
     and powerful of America in the works; a cancer hidden in the body.
As most know, the Boy Scouts of America, or what there is left of it, has decided to allow girls to join their group.  It's been said that it's up to each troop to decide but I think we all know how that will go.  With this and the homosexual issue this organization had to deal with a few years back, the Boy Scouts are still under attack by the leftist press.  WHY?

For years now, white males have been targets of ridicule, be they characters in television shows, advertisements, sports figures, historic figures.........White males are the cowards, the rapists, murderers, half-wits, hysterical fools, first to be killed, short, the white male in America is the new American nigger.  I've been saying this for several years, stand by this observation and if one has any ability to evaluate and analyze, they'd see it as well.  The Boy Scouts of America, is viewed as a predominantly white male organization and this organization has a long history of success, honor, achievement and this has to be destroyed by the leftist who hate white males.
   (If you watch any cops and robbers shows, even though most take place in major cities, one would think, based on these shows, that blacks, Hispanics, Asians, muslims and women almost never commit a crime, are almost never nasty, vile people, are almost never killed/murdered.  This is what the leftists in the industry want people to think, deny reality and people will, over time, begin to believe it.)
Other Stuff:

1.  Jimmy Kimmel has said very little about his take on the Harvey Weinstein story but he's big on chastising the conservatives about health care, guns, etc.  Why?  In part, because it was Kimmel's sexist, abusive show toward women that gave him his start.  Selective truth at play I would suggest.

2.  ISIS has been defeated in Raqqa, Syria, their claimed capital city.  If they video is not selective and un-edited, I've a couple of questions.  Who would want it, as it's all but destroyed?  Who, what group of fools, is going to pay for the rebuilding of the city?   Keep an eye out on this one, it'll be done quietly by the fools.  ---And don't be a fool, ISIS is not finished and they'll soon prove it as they have to act to keep recruitment up.

3.  The "Siberian Times" ran a really good photo of an Amur leopard, the most endangered big cat on the planet.  With only 80, give or take, still remaining in the wild, such a pic is rare.

4.  A lawyer has come up with a solution to combat the opioid epidemic perpetrated on the American people by the U.S. Congress, unscrupulous doctors, pharmacists and drug manufacturers; don't forget the role of the people who overdose themselves as a major contributor to the problem.  Anyway, the lawyer's solution if for him to sue the cash cow, i.e., the drug companies, and put their money into his pocket --- that'll teach them.  Want a real solution?   Imprison or execute those who knowingly took part in the rise of this problem.  China would and they don't have very many of these kinds of problems.

5.  A federal judge in Hawaii has blocked Trump's third attempt to keep Americans safe by restricting certain groups of people from freely coming to the U.S.  I've news for this judge, what Trump is doing is 100% legal, 100% Constitutional.  Perhaps this judge should be removed, as he clearly does not know, understand or give a damn about the law, and find a job he's good at, like working in a poo briquette manufacturing plant in Africa.

6.  I'm tired of all the Follywood actresses that are coming out of the woodwork claiming sexual harassment, reminds me too much of when it was popular for them to claim lesbian status, remember? --- Here's the deal, women who'll strip for a part at the drop of a hat get little empathy from me when it comes to sexual harassment.  In Follywood, this has long been part of the (ultra-liberal) culture, not an admirable part, but a part.  It was said that Tony Curtis had in his contract that he could sleep with his leading lady (probably anyone he wished in reality).  It was said that Elvis Presley slept with all but three of his leading ladies, Joan Blackman and Mary Tyler Moore being two of them.  It was said that Shirley Temple was savaged by pedophiles that sat in power positions in the studios.  So, sexual harassment in a legitimate work place, go after the perps, crush this behavior.  In Follywood, I find it difficult to believe the actresses find it offensive, even more difficult to give a damn.  After all, they've put up with it, kept quiet about it, took money and fame over personal integrity and honor and they've been doing it since the film industry kicked off.
     (Let's not forget politics, Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton.  Don't forget the U.S. military.  Both places where sexual harassment has no place but it prevalent.  Might add the sports world as well.)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Opioid Epidemic--Who is to Blame?

Now that the media has milked the Las Vegas shooting for all it's worth and they don't dare talk about the needless, useless, costly wars in which the U.S. is engaged, they have to have something else to focus on, something else that has no end, the drug war, specifically the use of prescribed opioids.

So reported on "OAN" last night, over 33,000 deaths occurred in the U.S. due to overdoses of opium based drugs, pain killers if you wish.  (Once you O.D. and die, your worries in this world are over; so they work.)   The costs, monetary and emotional, are enormous in rehab, lost wages, insurance, court costs in some cases, medical care, emergency response at times, and why are we seeing this over use of prescribed painkillers wreck havoc?  Congress.

A while back, a few Republicans drafted a bill which pretty much opened the flood gates for the over prescription of pain medications, tying the hands of the DEA to investigate pharmacies and doctors who over prescribed such.  Without asking who push for this bill to be written (pharmaceutical lobbyists would be my guess) and not reading the content of the bill, it was passed unanimously according to the report.  It's important to note that Sen. Mc Caskill (D-MO) said that this kind of thing happens a lot, bills being passed without the contents of the bill being know/not read by those in Congress (ObamaCare, pass it and then we'll find out what's in it--Pelosi.  And it has been found to be a huge screw-up)

The primary reasons for the development of this opioid epidemic are 1) we've an unscrupulous bunch of doctors and pharmacies out there, 2) pharmaceutical companies who care only about the bottom line, not giving a rat's ass about the people that get hooked (I'm certain they'll produce more drugs to combat the addiction),  3) people who demand this stuff because they have a pain that often goes along with any medical procedure or muscle injury, or any twinge of pain and 4) people in Congress who respond best to money and who do not take their job seriously enough to READ the bills they are passing, bills that negatively impact Americans and America.


       1.  Auto crashes killed 37,000+ last year and who knows how many were injured.  The cost of such in the billions of dollars; emergency services, judicial process, medical expenses, lost wages, lost production, insurance rates for everyone goes up......  Murders by guns, thousands fewer than both the prescription drugs and car crashes and the cost much less.

       2.  Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) cracked me up when he was complaining about Pres. Trump's pick to lead the battle against the drug war, a guy with his hand in the writing of the bill that allowed it to happen.  Schumer said that putting him in charge was like putting a wolf in charge of the hen house.  Not a direct quote but damned close.  The humor, a city slicker trying to use farm life analogies to get his point across.  Just to help this twit out, it's a fox in the hen house, a wolf protecting the sheep.  

       3.  Sen O. Hatch (R-UT) seemed to know all about what this bill was about but defended it.  Makes me want to ask if he took a bushel basket of money from some drug manufacturer.