Monday, September 25, 2017

Russians Arrest Canibal Couple; U.S. Declared War--N.K.; Church Shooter; Kurds Set to Vote; NFL Nonsense

"Perth Now":  (1)  So reported, 50,000 people have evacuated the Mt. Agung area of Bali as the volcano continues to look as if an eruption is imminent.   There have been and still are some highly dangerous volcanoes in Indonesia, this but one of them.   (2) Celebrity chef Pete Evans took some photos of his nude wife, Nicole Robinson, with one of their horses.  It's clear Ms. Robinson is a nudist, no tan lines, and this is fine.  Why the controversy, I do not know.   (3) Miley Cyrus, now 24, has posed nude while in a jail setting for some hot-shot photographer.  With her record of nudism, who is surprised at this?  What's more, why would anyone care?  If she's comfortable doing so, good for her (I assure you, she's got nothing that other women don't have; no big deal).    
"France 24":  The Kurds are moving ahead with their referendum vote for an independent state and this move is raising tension with non-Kurds in the region.  I think it interesting that the people, muslims, who strongly oppose a Kurdish state, has the opposite view of a Palestinian state.  We all know the reason for their feelings on both; muslims don't think others see the hypocrisy in this, the hatred they hold for all, especially the Jews, other than muslims of their kind--interesting.
    (other outlets ran story)
"Russia Today":  A couple has been arrested in the murder of some 30 people and, so unofficial reports are saying, they engaged in cannibalism.  It was reported that canning jars were filled with what was believed to be human remains, ready for consumption at a later date.  ---As shocking and disgusting as this is, if indeed factual, Russia isn't the only nation to have had it's share of cannibals.
Several outlets:  (1) North Korea has accused the U.S.A. of declaring war and this gives them justification to shoot down U.S. aircraft outside their air space.  It no longer seems that the U.S. and the world are dealing with spoiled little children running North Korea, but with lunatics running this insignificant nation.    (2) Emanuel Kidega Samson, originally from Khartoum, Sudan, took a weapon to a church in Tennessee and killed one woman and wounded seven others.  I did not find the race of those he targeted (he's black) nor what his religious persuasion may be (he, so reported, once attended the Christian church where he started shooting).
While on a trip to the store, I heard Rush Limbaugh ranting about the NFL players and owners, a silly issue inflamed by a damned near useless U.S. media and picked up by the media of other nations, so to laugh at the stupidity plaguing America.  Just some quick points to make it simple:

1.  Limbaugh said yesterday was the first time in 40 years that he'd intentionally not watched an NFL football game.  I say good for him, he's joined me, I've not watched one this year nor will I; my silly protest against a bunch of ungrateful children who are over paid and idolized and take a lot but give little back, especially the black players who comprise what, about 70% of the players in the league?  NOTE, I did not say no black players give back, but many of them don't, some whites, albeit of the very few in the league, don't either.

2.  When I told a lady I know I refused to watch the NFL this year, she said, "You're only hurting yourself."  ---HOW, pray tell, is my not watching an NFL football game hurting me?  If anything, it gives me 12 to 21 hours a week to do other things that may benefit me (a workout, an additional walk, meeting up with a neighbor.....).   I have not felt deprived by not watching spoiled, over-grown children play a little boy's game.  Yes, I like a good football game, but I can get it from college games, still but a little boy's game.

3.  Limbaugh said that he felt the players in the NFL were the best and brightest.  Seriously, he said this and this is but another indication that Limbaugh doesn't know much.  Most of those in the NFL went to college but a good many of them came out without a degree, many of them didn't attend the classes they were said to attend and many didn't take their own tests.  I've written about this before, so I'm not going to give it again.  I knew people who had to deal with college athletes and I got the scoop.

4.  These players who are protesting, do they even know what it's about other than a few black thugs, like Michael Brown (Missouri), Trayvon Martin (Florida) Freddie Gray (Baltimore) got themselves killed because of their own behavior.  As I've noted, these people are idolized by many, paid way too much for what they do, many are without social skills, lack common courtesy, are given free passes for indiscretions, etc. and they want to kneel in protest as the U.S. anthem is being played. Most of the players in the NFL have not served the U.S. in anyway, shape or form and they want to bitch about thugs getting taken out?   Personally, I think every one of the bastards, literally in some cases, who kneel should be sent to Africa, their roots, see how is goes for them.  They'd be crying like little children, which is appropriate for many based on their behavior both on and off the field.  

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Russia Lt. Gen. Killed; Russia Ticked at Poland; Plane Panel Hits Car; Heart Attack Before Exam; LGBT Activist Killed; Merkel Won, Germay, Europe Loses

"Japan Times":
         1.  Osaka, Japan.  A 4kg (8.8lbs) fell off a KLM 777 airliner shortly after takeoff.  The plane had 321 passengers aboard and was at about 2,400 meters when the composite panel fell and hit a car below with two women in it, no one was injured.  How does one explain to an insurance claims adjuster that you were driving along when an access panel from a Boeing 777 smashed into your car?  Picture the look on the face of your insurance agent/adjuster if told such a story.  ("BBC" ran this story as well.) 
         2.  Myanmar has reported that it's military has found a mass grave with 28 Hindu bodies in it and they are saying that Rohingya muslims are the villains.  While the Myanmar military people are far from reliable, it would not be the first time Rohingya muslims carried out an attack, then cry about how they are mistreated.
         3.  We've heard about the minor earthquake in North Korea, so reported by South Korea.  Well, China is suggesting it wasn't a quake but an explosion.  Take your pick as to who you believe.  In this case, I'm going with the Chinese.  
"BBC":  So reported, Angela Merkel has won her bid for re-election and, so I believe, based on the evidence to this point-in-time, Germany and Europe are the big losers.  Merkel is a liberal idiot, convinced her approach is correct even when the evidence proving her wrong explodes in face of the German/European people, literally at times.
"WA Today":  Earlier this month, a 16-year-old girl was about to take an exam at school when a boy asked her if she'd like to go to a dance with him.  Her response, "...and I collapsed", she had a heart attack.  Not sure if this lad's request was exciting or if the exam was going to be a tough one OR a combination of the two OR she was simply going to have one; physical ailment.  ---She's fine, not sure how the exam went or the dance, if she was able to attend.  I do wish her luck.
"The Oslo Times":  It seems on Sept. 18, according to this piece, there was an LGBTQI rally in Georgia (U.S.A.) and a cop shooting took place.  Seems that LGBTQI activist Scout (born Scott) Schultz was killed by police when he pulled a knife on them, refused to drop it, began to approach the officers while telling them to "shoot me!"  Apparently, one complied and Scout was killed.  Now his/her/its mother is pissed at the police, crying to all why they felt the need to use deadly force and not some non-lethal force/weapon.  That's a fair question and as she is asking a fair question, I've a few questions, all that I see a being fair, for her:
      1.  Were you, mom, there to see what the police were facing?
      2.  Are you, mom, aware of how police are trained when confronted by a seemingly crazed and armed assailant?
      3.  Did your kid not tell them to shoot?  Does this not tell you of his/her/its mindset?
      4.  Why was your adult kid a member of a group that used him but didn't give a rat's ass about his well-being?  Where were these people when he went off, challenging police?  
      5.  Why did you, mom, not do a better job of raising your kid?  If he/she/it had problems, as claim, why did you not push for professional long-term help?
      6.  Seems real easy to point the finger at others but not so pleasant when one has to look inward, isn't it, mom?
"Russia Today":
         1.  A Russian Lt. General was killed during an ISIS shelling, so reported.  While possibly true, I don't know of too many Lt. Generals who go that close to the front lines, the places were one is in harm's way.  U.S. officers of such rank sure as hell don't do such things, perhaps with Russian officers it's different.

         2.  In an op-ed, the writer is bitching about the monuments to Soviet soldiers being taken down by Poland, claims this is makes them, the soldiers, "twice the victim".  Perhaps he has a point, but I'd like to point out that the Polish people, then, have been the victim multiple times:
    A.  When the Germans were destroying 90% of Warsaw, the Soviet army was sitting across the Wiswa (Vistula) River and offered no aid at all.
    B.  As the Russians pushed the Germans back, their soldiers raped, murdered, looted and burned as they pleased.
    C.  It was, according to the Poles I've spoken with, Polish money that built the monuments to the Soviet soldiers, money that could have gone to better use; Palace of Culture in Warsaw, built with Polish money to honor the USSR.
    D. When the Poles got their solidarity movement going, Russians/Soviet troops came down hard, killing many (saw a vivid documentary about some of this in the early 1990's while in Poland).
    E.  Because the Poles defied the USSR/Russians/Moscow, consumer goods were held back.  One person told me they had money, everyone had a job, but there was nothing to buy; lines to buy bread and other basic food items were very long, shoes tough to get.......
     F.  Polish kids were forced to learn Russian in school.  (I think all kids should be exposed to other languages, but to be forced into one, NO!)

Anyone in Russia still want to talk about post WWII and who the victims were?  And I'm not talking about the thousands of German women and girls who were raped, gang raped and over 5,000 were known to have committed suicide due to the barbaric treatment of Russian/Soviet soldiers.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Bali Volcano; $700 Million To Syria; Iran's New Ballistic Missile Tested; Angela Merkel; Fishermen Unhappy; Foiled Terrorist Plot; Utah over Arizona

South Florida crushed Temple on Thursday night and Utah edged Arizona last night, two for two and so far, so good.  Things will change today, I'm certain.
"Cape Town News:  Hundreds of fishermen and family members showed up at the Dept. of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries office to protest new fishing quotas, fishing methods and areas.  Big offshore commercial folks can't go after rock lobster in their usual fishing areas, but small-time fishermen can harvest rock lobsters near shore; "far" and "near" had no figures/distance reported.  Only ring nets will be allowed in some areas as they are said to be better for the environment, something commercial fishermen have never cared much about.

Folks, the world's fish populations are way down due to over fishing and the waste of so many fish.  Kill off the fish, you kill off their predators and the scavengers also go (and don't forget about killing off the coral reefs and the impact such has on the planet).  The bottom-line for some businesses, while important, pales in comparison to the cost the world will face with the increased depletion of the world's fish population, the increased pollution of the world's oceans and seas.  Personally, I think a three year moratorium on fishing globally wouldn't be a bad idea.  I can live without a visit to "Red Lobster" or "Gorton's" fish fillets for three or four years.  
"Bangkok Post":  (1)  Khon Kaen, a marijuana bust took B7 million off the streets.  Khon Kaen is, well, let me say was a really good looking city back in the early 1970's.  Does this taint the image for me?  No.  Times change, such happens everywhere.   (2) Thailand's women's volleyball team swept the North Korean women and secured their place in the world tournament to be held in Japan next year.  No word as of yet as to how Kim Jong-un reacted.  Will be bomb Thailand into oblivion or will he send the women of his team to some labor camp?  
"Perth Now":  Bali's Mt. Agung is having more tremors and there is fear that a large eruption may be in the near future.  Not many flights going to Bali now, wise move.
"France 24":  President Macron is getting ripped again by his people.  This time, thousands of protesters across France are marching, angry over the new labor laws he's signed into law.  Workers feel their rights are being taken away and with an unemployment rate that hovers around 10%, they feel a bit uneasy.   ---I'd suggest that those in France who have a job be thankful and a few concessions on their part isn't all that horrible.  Besides, if people stop working who's going to support the migrants and asylum seekers?  If not happy with the freebees they get, they may get violent, behead a priest, run a truck through a crowd of people,  shoot up a football stadium.....
"Russia Today":  Iran has tested a new, long-range ballistic missile capable of carrying several warheads that allows for multiple targets to be hit at once.  Most of the nuclear armed nations have such missiles, not sure how many of them actually work, but even if it's 30%, should a nuclear war break out, it's game over for most everyone and everything in the northern hemisphere.
"Copenhagen Post": A man and a woman have been arrested for attempting to assist in terrorist acts in other nations.  It was said that they are "...of an ethnic background other than Danish."  What cowards!  Just say it, they were muslims and this would be to no surprise to anyone.
"OAN":  On the tickertape portion of the news, it was reported that the U.S. State Dept. is set to give Syria $700 million to be used to support the needs of those Syrians impacted by the on-going war.  Like the people will see even 20% of this, American tax payer's money.

Those is D.C. who come up with this incredibly stupid stuff are well educated, have a high level of intellect but they are not very intelligent and are completely void of common-sense, so it would seem.   Much of this money will go into the pockets of Syria's elite, including Pres. Assad, a guy the U.S. doesn't want in office.  It will go to fund military operations that will focus on the U.S., Israel and the Kurds, the only muslim group really going after ISIS.   (Common-sense is not a popular concept among liberal college professors, largely because they don't have any, can't grasp the idea of it at all, can't explain how it works, thus it doesn't exist.)
Most media outlets are predicting Angela Merkel will win re-election, less than 24 hours from now, and she'll then continue her ultra-liberal plan to destroy what is left of the once proud nation of Germany.  Little Istanbul, a real place by the way, may as well become the capital, the seat of power.  Hell, it may be that now.  

Friday, September 22, 2017

Bill Gates; Healthcare; 36% Support; Trump, Crafty or Fool? Question for World

As I've long tired of the B.S. about North Korea, I don't think Kim Jong-un is going to do anything China doesn't want him to do.  If he does, I've a question for China and the world, is North Korea, which produces nothing of consequence, and the nation's piss-ant leader, Kim Jong-un, worth the destruction, or near destruction of the world?   If someone were to take this spoiled brat out, would the Chinese and Russians view this as reason to take the world to nuclear war, MAD?   I don't think so.  Ignore fat-boy, cut off his money, oil, food, etc., and he'll either fall into line OR someone within his own power structure will take him out.  Simple as that.  These silly exchanges of dialogue between Trump and Kim are a waste of time and a bit childish.
"OAN" noted that 36% of Republicans think Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are doing an okay job.  I suggest that there are no two more useless people in Congress than Ryan and McConnell.  Oh, many are their equal, Pelosi, Schumer, Durbin, Cummings, Waters, Cornyn, Cruz, Hatch, Wyman....but none more useless.   Not sure where they found 36% that still think they're doing a good job, perhaps Colorado, California, Washington....all smoking a bit too much weed.
Trump is pushing of those on the Republican side of the aisle to support the healthcare bill Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is pushing.  If I were in the Senate, regardless of which party I was with, Republican, democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Green, Constitutional, Communist, Socialist, I'd vote against it.  Why?   The Republicans bitched about ObamaCare for seven years, promised to repeal it and replace it with something better.  Typical of the Republicans, they did neither.  With seven years to come up with a really good plan, they had nothing ready to go once they controlled the White House and Congress, NOTHING!   They are now, with Trump's backing, throwing out a piece of shit on a garbage can lid, and telling the American people it's quality steak on fine china.  WHEN, people, has Lindsey Graham ever come up with anything that made sense for the nation as a whole???  
Along with his involvement in those things above, Trump is cozying up to Erdogan of Turkey along with some other highly questionable foreign leaders.   I wonder if Trump is just really crafty or a fool?
Chris Wallace is going to play host to Bill Gates for a show.  Gates have, so Wallace noted, given some $40 billion to 100 different nations, helping their poor, saving countless lives.   Gates is unhappy that Trump is thinking of cutting foreign aid to many of the nations he and Melinda have donated; I'd argue foolishly and wastefully so.  Let me simplify:

1.  I think it's great the Gates feel the call to try to help by handing out a great deal of money, spreading it out to reach many.   However, who oversees these dollars?  What guarantee is there that it goes to the people in need AND NOT into the pockets of despots, business and military leaders?

2.  Wouldn't it be better to concentrate on say 10 to 20 nations?  The reason for this question, by spreading it out, are they really making a major impact in the lives of the common people?   They must know much of what they give will never reach the common folk.  With the numbers, each nation is getting less than $500 million each.  As those in power will take their share, it doesn't leave much for charitable action.  Gates, as smart as he is, is being very foolish and gullible in this.

3.  Gates can do with his money whatever he/she will.  BUT Gates does not speak for me when it comes to foreign aid and I'd bet he doesn't speak for a majority of Americans at this point in time.  I've been for shutting off the flow of U.S. dollars, in the name of foreign aid, for several decades.  The reason, I've already noted, most of those dollars end up in the bank accounts of despots, business and military leaders who don't give a damn about their own people.

4.  Are his actions really doing long-term good OR will it all backfire on the people they wished to help somewhere down the road?   Sometimes, saving people who can't save themselves is only prolonging the inevitable, increasing the severity of a disaster of a later time.    

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Madoff Victims; College Football; Dog to the Rescue; Maria Angry; Darned Christians

Yesterday, I used Bernie Madoff in an example and, oddly enough, a story related to Bernie was on "OAN" this morning.  It seems the company which was to distribute money back to the people, the victims, Madoff ripped off, has received $40 million, but they have yet to pay out a single penny to his victims.  They've said they'd get around to in by the end of this year.   Isn't that sweet?  And how much in interest have they earned on the money they've been holding on to in some fashion???
Hurricane Maria is really angry, taking all electrical power away from the people of Puerto Rico, leveling towns, dropping 24 inches of rain--give or take--on many areas.  I've heard the Bahamas are next.  Good luck to them.  ("OAN")
"Sunny Skyz":
         1.  Frida the rescue worker who has been working in the city of Oaxaca, has found 52 people as of the report (Sept. 20), 12 of them in dire need of medical attention.  This city was severely damaged by the 8.1 quake that hit off Mexico's southwestern coast a week or so ago.  Frida works long hours in very difficult conditions, but keeps up the pace.  Oh, Frida is a dog.  (If someone calls you a dog, view it as a compliment.)

         2.  Tyler Opdyke, 18, was doing some work in his town of Elk Grove, when he came upon a wallet, credit cards and $1,500 inside.  He took it to the door of the man who lost it, the man's wife, Melissa Vang,  refused to answer to door as he was a stranger.  Via a security camera, she discovered what was up, found the teen and gave him a reward for his honesty.

She did the wise thing in not opening the door to a stranger.  She did the right thing by rewarding this young man for his honesty.

As to Tyler Opdyke, he is a Christian and this was the right thing to do.  His beliefs are unpopular, he lives in California, but he stayed true to his upbringing even though he could have used the money.  Darned Christians and their twisted beliefs on how to live life, how to be socially responsible, how to treat other people, even those you don't know. --- Ah!!  

I once left my wallet in a parking garage at the U. of Arkansas and a young man found it, hunted me down and gave it back, my credit cards, a whole $40, etc.   He refused a reward, so I asked him if I could send a letter to his parents, they did a good job.  In the thank you letter, I sent a check for $200, felt he could use it.  ----One person told me how nice it was of me which was bullshit.  This college student did a nice thing, the right thing, all I did was reward him accordingly, as this is what I should have done.   Never take a pat on the back for doing what you're supposed to do, the right thing.  He didn't want it, I didn't want it, the pat on the back.   WAY-TO-BE to Tyler Opdyke and to the nameless guy who attended the U. of Arkansas those many years ago, you did what you're supposed to do, most don't anymore.

After this week, most will have a good idea as to who the stronger, consistent teams are and the pretenders as well.

Thursday:  Temple is at South Florida and this should be a decent game, more on the line for SFU.
Friday:  Utah visits Arizona and this could be a really good game, both in must win situations.
    TCU vs. Oklahoma State.  Should be a good game, OSU must win convincingly as they must impress the pollsters, TCU must win to earn credibility.
     Mississippi State is hosted by Georgia.  MSU comes off a big win, they've got to prove it wasn't a fluke.  Georgia, a win would go a long way.
     Washington is at Colorado and the Buffaloes will find that the Huskies are head and shoulders above the level of competition they seem to like to schedule early.  CU gets thumped.
      Auburn is at Missouri and they'll crush their hosts.
      Duke and North Carolina should be a good game.
      San Diego St. is at Air Force and the Falcons don't have the talent to beat the Aztec.
      Notre Dame is at Michigan State, Irish should take this one.
      Utah State and San Jose State could have a good game, both teams are poor, so equally matched.
      Cincinnati is at Navy and this could be a decent game.
      Penn State travels to Iowa, should win handily as the Hawkeyes seem to be down a few steps.
      Oklahoma should romp over host Baylor, karma, if you believe is such, catching up with the Bears.  The school's response to rape and sexual assault sickened many, the administration and coaches protecting the players involved.
      Ohio is at E. Michigan, if you're in the neighborhood and want to catch a college football game.
      N. Carolina State is at Florida State and FSU has a lot of ground to make up after being thumped in their season opener with Alabama.
      UNLV visits Ohio State and this game should be over by the end of the first half. Games like this will not help Ohio State in any way other than a cheap victory.
      Hawaii is at Wyoming, not a national headliner, but if in the area, catch some college football.
      Kent St. is at Louisville.  Louisville, like Ohio St., should win handily, but it won't help them regain ground lost.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

34-Year-Old Weds 14-Year-Old; WWI Sub Found; Sessions Begs Sanctuary Cities; Quake Hits Mexico; Hurricane

       1.  USAG Jeff Sessions was in the Northwest begging those who run sanctuary cites to comply with U.S. law.  He addressed some citizens as to the rationale for local leaders to comply, they seemed to be laughing at him.  I hope this is the last time I'll say this (likely won't be but...), if the cowardly assholes who run the federal government will not do their job and arrest those in clear violation of federal law, then they need to resign.  Hopefully, the new crew will arrest the sorry bastards who run Portland, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, San Francisco, Berkeley, Davis, L.A., Chicago, NYC, California state officials.......and send them to prison, no doubt as to their guilt.  Those who order city and state employees to ignore federal law, federal immigration laws, ARE SUBJECT TO ARREST. Not that damned hard!!  Stop crying about it and do your job, Sessions, Trump.
       ( IF you refuse to pay the IRS due taxes, do you really think the agency would come to you, beg you to give them the money?   IF you were housing a person known to have committed a felony, as have these sanctuary city assholes, do you think the police would beg you to turn them over, no harm, no foul?   IF you were to rip multiple millions of dollars off from unsuspecting people, do you think the government would simply beg you to return it and play nice in the future?  ---Might want to think Bernie Madoff before answering.  HAS any law enforcement agency begged you, at any time, to follow the law?)

       2.  All over the news, U.S., Europe, Japan, doesn't matter, a 7.1 earthquake, so reported, has hit central Mexico and they know of over 245 dead, many kids at a school, and more bodies will be found.  I took a group of high school students to Mexico in the early summer of '86, the results of the '85 quake could still be seen about the city.

       3.  Hurricane, what, Maria, is slamming Puerto Rico, Dominica and other places.  They claimed there is no place for the people to go as airports are closed and sea travel would be a really poor idea.  This isn't entirely true.  All had several days notice and could have come to the mainland, so I really have little empathy and no sympathy for those who could have afforded the trip.
"WA Today":  Last year, a 34-year-old Rohingya muslim man from Myanmar married a 14-year old girl.  Both this man and the girl's mother was told that the marriage would be illegal, despite the "dowry" the man gave to the girl's mom, a $1480 gold necklace.  (I've read about girl's as young as 8 being sold as brides for a few goats and under $50 in Afghanistan, Pakistan.  Tell you anything about their mindset?)  Now on trial, he said he felt he was rescuing the girl, from what wasn't made clear.  He faces five years if convicted, mom, an accomplice, isn't facing charges (it's Australia, another liberal nation), and the Imam who performed the ceremony in a mosque was facing two-months but this isn't going to happen.  Should the guy serve time, he may but it will not be five years, he is set to be deported back to Myanmar and then what?  Will he be in the news again as a poor, innocent, salt-of-the-earth Rohingya being persecuted by the evil empire of Myanmar?   Keep in mind, I said the "news", nothing to do with the reality of what he obviously is, what the Rohingya are about.
"Copenhagen Post":  Off the coast of Belgium, in the North Sea, divers found a WWI German submarine, described as being well preserved.  This boat is 27m in length (guessing about 90ft), had a crew of 27, could dive to 50m (over 150ft) and carried 50 torpedoes.  It's resting in 30m of water (100ft) and would be difficult to raise if not impossible according to one source.  The plan is to send down another team of divers in hope to find the subs identity so that the crew's family can be tracked down and notified.  After that, it becomes a war grave and it's location will be protected so it will remain that way.  ----Isn't it interesting that people today view WWI and WWII wrecks as such but are more than excited to raid Egyptian tombs, Mongol burial sites, excavate the four corners area of the U.S. for American Indian artifacts/remains.......   One is viewed as science the other grave robbing.  I guess it has to do with opinion and the passage of time.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Trump and U.N.; Death and Funerals; Violence Okay With 19%

Pres. Trump is to visit the U.N. and he'll likely put on a good show.  Truth is, he knows the U.N. is a waste of money and has said so on many occasions in various forms.  This morning on "OAN", it was reported that U.N. staff has almost doubled in 10 years and they've cut their budget by $500 million, chicken feed really.  With this garbled message and looking back at the U.N.'s successes over the last 30 years, it's clear the U.N. is a very expensive, do-nothing organization that takes great pleasure in ripping the U.S. while taking it's money.  And, yes, they love to rip on Israel as well.
I think it was on "FOX", but they ran a figure that should be surprising but isn't.  It was noted that 19% of American college students, most of whom having the maturity of 14-year-old brats, think violence, something they often denounce, is an acceptable way to silence speakers with whom they disagree.  Sadly, it seems clear that college professors, over-grown brats as well, and college administrators feel the same way; weak minds think alike. (Not a cheap shot, it's a factual statement.)
My half-sister died at 74 and I just got back from her services.  People, some I'd not spoken to or seen in 10 to 12 years, mostly by choice, showed up to "pay their respects" and we all had nice chats, catching up in 5 minutes to 3 hours with one another's life.  I find the approach to death, funerals and the social interaction pretty much the same when it comes to Americans and likely other Western nations as well.  Anyway, just a few quick observations on death and funerals, beginning with the latter, funerals:

1.  Before the service, people who've not seen each other in years, greet one another, often with lies.  My sister walked up to three cousins and I heard her tell the oldest of the three how good he looked.  The guy can't get out of a car without help, has to have a walker to get anywhere on his own, is bald and was way under weight.  At some point, people, we no longer look good, the aging process takes care of that, the vibrancy of youth all but gone.  Nothing wrong with this, not complaining, it's just the way things are, age takes it's toll.

2.  The service is much the same in Christian funeral services, or at least those I've attended.  The pastor/priest/minister talk of understandable grief and go to the celebration of the life of the loved one lost.  They try to temper the mood, dealing with what is and what it should be.  In short, the service is for the living, not the dead and it's a difficult task given the range of emotions are as numerous as are the number of people present.

3.  Sometimes an appropriate response to those grieving most is but a pat on the back or a hand on the shoulder.  They've heard all the words, so a look of empathy and the touch is often enough and more effective.

Death:  In the past five years, my younger brother died, a guy I'd known for 50 years died, a former student's dad died, a former student's mother died, my half-sister and a former colleague have died.  What about each of them, what can be said?  I've a few words and they may be similar to what each of us feel. 

I tend to be a bit more callous about human death than most.  As a Christian, albeit not a very good Christian, I take into account that we each "owe" God a life; the wages of sin is death and we are all going to die.  Jesus died for our sins, we owe Him that life in order to gain eternity with Him. ---Not something you want to point out to people after someone dies.  (When my dogs have died, those deaths bothered me.)   I'm not afraid of death, how I get there is another issue, but a rare few get to make the decision as to how and when we die.  Let me explain using those I know a bit about.

1.  My half-sister had a series of heart attacks, three while she was in the hospital.  She died twice before the end.  They'd found her liver and kidneys were not functioning well and she had a tumor in the lower abdomen.  When she came around after her fifth attack, her daughter, so she told me, asked her if she wanted to go home to heaven, she needed a sign like the blink of her eyes or sticking out her tongue.  She did and when asked if she was sure, she simply smiled.  So told to me, she died two minutes after being taken off life support systems.  She, in a way, chose the approximate time of her death, not many of us get to do this.  She also took the burden off her family in making the decision.  Not a bad way do go.

2.  The father of the former student is the most complex.  First, this guy was one of the finest people you could possibly know, this making things tough.  He'd had a bout with cancer and won the battle but cancer has a way of coming back with a vengeance.  He waited until the entire family was gathered, he went into a room and put a gun to his head.  ----Why?  Altruistic suicide.  He didn't want to be a burden to his family, the financial and emotional costs being what they are, and he didn't want to be with but one family member when he took his life, saving any individual from dealing with it alone.  Some call suicide cowardly and a sin.  I call this notion bullshit.  This man was no coward and what he did showed compassion and mercy, all directed toward his family.  He chose how and when he was going to die, rare when it comes to death, and he did it as an act of love for family.  Just the type of man he was.

3.  The guy I'd known for 50 years, he was getting into is Vette, they found him halfway in and halfway out, massive heart attack.  Painful but quick.  We don't get to chose this method and certainly don't get to chose the time, but if one must go, this may be the most humane way.

4.  My younger brother died a week after the guy I'd known for 50 years, only his death, while imminent was ugly.  He had both bacteria and fungus lung infections and the doctors really couldn't get a handle on it.  With each bout, his body grew weaker and less able to fight back.  In the end, he was hooked up to machines and I was the one who told his wife to have life support shut down.  He had no choice, but this was his wish, we'd talked about such years before, no machines.  Can one have a dignified death?  I think maybe, but what he went through, what he was experiencing wasn't dignified, and the timing of his death wasn't his call, the how was a known.

5.  The colleague and mother of another student died pretty much the same way, long bouts with an illness.  They put up the good fight but, in the end, they lost as will we all.  Both were really good people, highly respected, greatly missed.

In the above, they all paid the life they owed, again, don't phrase it this way when at a funeral, poor taste.  However, I think there is hope, so I believe, for a reunion.  There is a poem for those who lose pets, "The Rainbow Bridge".  I think this poem applies to humans as well ---- but it's your choice if you want access to that bridge.