Monday, January 15, 2018

Your World and Welcome to it: 1,000 Charged; Illegal Threatens Passengers; VA Hospital Errors; Knife Attack at School; Gabbard Blames Leadership; Penis Museum; MORE...

Just some quick stories from about the globe, your world and welcome to it.

"BBC" and "The Local-Denmark":  Danish police are looking to charge about 1,000 people for the distribution of a sexual explicit video involving two 15-year-old foolish children.  Police warn people to not share such videos as you can, and so it seems, will be charged.  Parents, warn your kids about foolish decisions.  Kid, I know this is difficult for some of you, is for most kids and most all who were kids at times, but THINK before you act.
"Japan Times":  
        1.  A suicide blast in a Baghdad market has claimed many victims/casualties.  Those responsible, an ISIS offshoot.  Not bad for a J.V. team and a group that's all but been wiped out.

        2.  In the P.I., a bit south of Manila, 9,000 people have been evacuated due to a volcano that is having a "gentle" eruption, lava flowing but that's it at this time.  Authorities are concerned that a violent eruption could take place.
"Iceland Monitor":
        1.  Reykjavik Health Authority found a slight contamination in the drinking water in some areas of the city.  "It's a very small level of water pollution but above the recommended level so we thought it right to warn the public", this from an official with the city.  ---In the U.S., say like Flint, Michigan and literally dozens of other U.S. cities, officials knowingly allow polluted water to flow into homes to be consumed by the public and then lying their asses off when its discovered.

        2.  This is really weird.  Iceland has an unusual attraction, "The Icelandic Phallologicial Museum".  Yep.  It's a museum all about the penis, animals and human, many on display so reported. To be honest, I'm at a loss. --- But, I'm sure there are many, like Bill Maher, a man fascinated, based on what little I've heard him say on his show, with male genitalia, particularly, using his favorite word, the dick.  Once Maher discovers this museum is out there, he'll be a frequent visitor to Iceland.
"FOX":  Convicted felon, pardoned by Obama, Chelsea Manning, once Bradly Manning (sex change paid for he/she/it by the American tax payer), wants to run for the U.S. Senate as a democrat; seems appropriate and certainly not a surprise.  He/she/it, already has a video out, a bit psychotic, but it's out there.   --- I wonder if the democrats would consider pushing traitor and Hollywood's best fuck, she actually made this claim, Jane Fonda for a Senate or House seat?
"FOX" and "OAN":  An illegal, deported five times already, got on a bus, threatened to kill the people.  As Illinois is a sanctuary state (this being illegal but elites don't go after elites), I'm surprised this son-of-a-whore is in jail.  Justice would be this now six-time loser to be shot, but he'll be released, deported and some police department will have to do it all over again.  I just hope some cop or civilian doesn't get killed by this illegal asshole in the process.
"Russia Today":  Two punks took knives to a school and attacked a bunch of kids who'd done nothing to them.  Oh, they did claim someone, online, insulted them, thus justifying this attack.  In the end, 14 kids were wounded and traumatized and one teacher was cut up.
"FOX":  Good 'ol liberal Canada, a nation very critical of U.S. immigration policy under Trump, will NOT, so reported, have an open door policy (as they apparently want for the U.S.), and they will NOT be handing out money and goodies to illegals just because they get into Canada.  Hypocrites.
HoR Gabbard (D-HI), is pissed about someone scaring the crap out of the Hawaiian people with an attack warning.  Why the State of Hawaii had such a poor process in place is of question, but she want's Trump to sit with North Korean dictator/president Kim Dung-Un and have a chat, no preconditions.   She noted all this was due to failed leadership, of which Gabbard, one of the few democrats for whom I have some, not much, but some respect.   ---Let me point out to Gabbard, it was DEMOCRAT Bill Clinton who gave money and food to the North Koreans in his tenure as U.S. President.  It was DEMOCRAT Barack Hussein Obama who all but a blowjob to Kim during his tenure as U.S. President.  So, in the past 25 years, 16 of those years the U.S. had DEMOCRATS in the White House and so it is DEMOCRATS who've earned most of the blame and shame.
   (Forgive Gabbard.  Being a democrat has damaged her brain a bit; selective memory/history.)
Two VA hospital screw-ups to bring to mind that the U.S. government, those in the White House and in Congress and within the V.A. itself said they'd fix.
        1.  "Japan Times":  A U.S. Army vet went to a VA hospital in Connecticut in 2013 for a surgical procedure.  He'd been having constant abdominal pain and finally went to have x-rays taken to see what the problem may be.  They found that some VA doctor has left a scalpel in him during the 2013 operation.  He, Glenford Turner is suing the VA, good luck with that.

        2.  A U.S. military vet wen to a VA hospital for some stomach pains, had blood work done.  After a while, he was handed some information on drug addiction and sent home.  A few days later, he went to a real doctor and got the correct treatment.  It was found that the VA mixed u up his blood work with that of another person,. the one with the drug problem.  ("OAN")
(My advice to the VA, the White House, Congress, is to have the VA hire doctors who actually went to viable medical schools and actually give a damn about their patients and nurses who actually went though viable nursing schools and actually give a damn about their patients.  With this, fire all the GS 13-15 folks who don't give a rat's ass about anyone or anything but their bonus money.  ----BEST IDEA.  Do away with VA altogether, allow vets to go to real hospitals with real doctors and nurses and bill the U.S. government.  This damned story goes on and on and no and never gets fixed)
It's now out that Sen Dick Durbin (D), a prove liar, is the one who accused Pres. Trump of using "shithole nations" to describe cesspool nations.  Two others who were in the same room, one a Sen. Perdue, both say no such word was used.   Imagine that, a proven liar, like Dick Durbin, tell an lie!

This goes along with the overall democratic strategy for 2018 mid-term elections.  Present NO policies, come up with NO ideas to improve things, have NO budget in place, talk about NO issues of importance, just bash Trump and run quality people, like convicted felon Chelsea Manning, for public office.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Talk is Cheap; Martin Luther King, Jr., Known but Not Understood Today; Through the Ice; Bangkok Raid Busts High Ranking Officials; Teens Set Man on Fire as a "Punk".

"Siberian Times":  Apparently, in Siberia during the winter, trucks use frozen rivers, like the Lena, the 11th longest in the world, as a roadway.  This is all well and good and works for the most part.  When it doesn't work, as noted in the article, things go horribly wrong.  Two truck, one hauling oil, fell through the ice.  The drivers and passengers all got out without injury, but the oil is leaking and there is really no way to stop it at this point.  In short, the environment, animals and fish will pay the price for a human error in judgement, which is usually the case.
"Bangkok Post":  A raid on a high end Bangkok massage parlor has become a problem for some high-ranking folks.  Better to give a short paragraph from the "Post":

"There were also reports that officers found a list of 'special guests' who received discounted services.  Among them were said to be high-ranking officials from the Royal Thai Police and the Revenue Department."

With those inside, 113 women and girls were taken into custody, some apparently under age and most of the "working" women from Myanmar.  As to the officials on the list, I'd say they are royally screwed.

(I remember when the DNC held it's convention in Denver and they had to import more prostitutes to serve the attendees/delegates.  --I'm sure the same is true when the RNC goes to a city.  I remember when the U.S security folks were using U.S. tax dollars to get hookers in Columbia.  You may recall, Italy has a president/PM, who liked the girls and it eventually cost him his leadership position.  Point is, "high-ranking" people are just like the rest of us, some good, some not so good and all, like the rest of us, make poor decisions at some point-in-time; humans!)
"Sunny Skyz News":  Thailand.  A dog, perhaps a golden retriever mix, injured it's eye and went to a vet's office on it's own.  Nice pic of the dog, eye patch in place, posing with an office employee.  Reminds me a bit of the full-grown bull elephant which wandered into a compound with two head wounds, via the guns of poachers.   This animal, not know for passive behavior, waited for the vet to arrive, six hours, did nothing as it was being treated, stayed a while to heal and then left as calmly as it came in.  It's often that those who don't understand isn't the animals, it's we humans, the one species on earth that causes most of the world's problems.  Given the situation today, we've not yet figured this out and we have the nerve to attach "stupid" or "dumb" to animals when talking about them.
"The Local-Italy":  Zevio, Italy, near Verona.  --Two little punks, one 13 the other 17, was known to harass a 64-year-old homeless man who found shelter in an old car.  They've now been accused of setting the car on fire, which resulted in this guy, who'd not done a thing to these punks or to anyone else so it seems, was burned to death.

In Italy, foolishly so, if a punk under the age of 14 commits a crime, this from the article, they cannot be charged with a crime.  Wasn't said what could be done, so.....  Anyway, the 13-year-old punk, playing the law, told officials that they threw burning paper towels into the vehicle where he was sleeping and said, "we only wanted to punk him." (Thank goodness they had no intention of killing him and didn't THINK that setting the car on fire as he slept may become a problem for the older chap.)  

So the piece indicated, the homeless guy was well liked in the community and the people knew of the two punks harassing the guy.  How can it be said that he was liked, when not one damned person went to the cops, to the parents of the two punks or, just suggesting, beat the shit out of the two punks to send a message of "how do you like it?"   What a waste!
Before the New England--Tennessee NFL playoff game, I confess, I listened to a bit of the pre-game show.  Part of the conversation was about some with the Tennessee organization running at the mouth about how New England hadn't played them and didn't know how physical they were, what they, the Patriots, were in for.  One guy on the panel agreed, but noted that Tennessee didn't know the Patriots either.  I've no idea what happened in the game, but I did flip to check the score, mid-way in the 4th quarter, 35-7, New England .

Point, talk is cheap and often comes back to bite one on the ass, makes one look foolish.  All this childish trash talk in the NFL detracts from the game, is a bit irritating.   (I don't know about this season as I've not watched a game and will not watch a game.)  Too bad, young adults, like the players, and older adults, like the coaches, can't show the public that they are indeed adults.
Everyone knows that Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday is coming up tomorrow.   But like many holidays, many people, it seems that while people know of Martin Luther King, Jr., the understanding of what he was about seems to be in short supply.

My old man, one of the most stupid and vile people ever to pollute the planet, hated King and didn't have a reason why but that he was black.  FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover hated King and wanted him gone, and he got his wish in 1968.  Many people failed to understand what King was about, so let me help, ever so briefly, what the greatest civil rights activist in U.S. history was about.

        1. He stood for the U.S. Constitution and felt it actually applied to everyone.  Too bad some
            in Congress and federal judges and people of the DNC and RNC don't see it this way.
        2. He stood for peace, something the punks at Evergreen College and Cal-Berkeley and
            elsewhere don't seem to understand.  
        3. He never wanted to see any group, be it Black or Hispanic or Asian or White or
           homosexual or Republicans or Democrats or Christians or Muslims or Hindus
           or.......discriminated against.  Those in advertisement today, those in Hollywood today,
           those in sports today, those in D.C. today, those of the DNC today, those across college
           and university campuses in the U.S. today miss this aspect of Martin Luther King Jr's
           belief entirely.
       4. He believed in God.  We all know God isn't wanted on college/university campuses nor by
           by the liberals in Congress or sitting on federal benches today.  King would be laughed at
           by today's leadership.

Yes, people know of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Do they understand what he was about?  I don't think most have a clue and what's more, they don't want to understand.

(Do I believe King to be the greatest civil rights activist in U.S. history?  Yes!  That's why I said it.  Forget Stanton or Anthony or Tubman or Douglas or Garrison or Malcom or any of the Hispanic activist, King set the standard and it's not been broken/matched.)

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Trump's "shithole nations" Remark; Aid Funds to Bypass U.N.; Would You Jump of a Cliff IF...?; Other Stuff: Former KKK Leader Dies, Rowing Record, Beautiful Pictures, Zuma Out

"Christianity Today" (Jan./Feb. 2018):  Under Team Trump, the U.S. will not rely on the U.N. to get aid money to Christians and other groups persecuted by ISIS.  Instead, that money/materials will be distributed by USAID, making it a little more certain that the aid gets to the right people.
  (Again, if U.S. leaders had any sense, they'd get out of the U.N. all together, saving maybe $50 billion each year.  Give the scum 30 days to get out or get arrested, jailed at hard labor.)
"CBS":  Remember hearing a parent, perhaps one of your parents, ask their kid, "Would you jump off a cliff if your friends did it?", after having done something really stupid, as most kids will do from time to time?   Well, the answer to this age old question is "YES" for many kids, and some are older, albeit immature kids, some college age.

On a piece last night, it seems there is a new online game, taking a big bite out of a laundry detergent pod, the young folks even put their stupidity on the internet, via video.  Some have become quite ill, a few, so said, have died.  Why?  IT's POISONOUS!  Really not that hard to figure out, say so on the box, it's soap......  Yet, we've teenagers and some, as noted, even older taking part in this childish stupidity.

Some groups are saying the manufacturers haven't done enough to protect kids from their product.  I disagree.  Companies have made packaging as safe as they can, they've warning labels, they run television commercials that warn parents to keep these pods away from children as it's poisonous.  At some point, parents have to be responsible for what they bring into the house, monitor it, put it in a place where young kids can't get to it; be parents, be adults.

As to the older kids, the teens, late teens, the college aged half-wits, if they want to kill themselves over a silly challenge so to be seen on the internet (proving to the world just how stupid they are), let them die.  This would likely be their only real contribution to the world, taking themselves out of the gene pool.
By now, all know that Trump is reported (didn't hear it myself, but it's pretty much worldwide) to have asked in a meeting, paraphrasing, "Why does the U.S. take in so many people from shithole nations?  Why not more from countries like Norway?"

Personally, I find this a good question.  I call them cesspool nations but it amounts to the same thing. Trump isn't calling the all the people anything, but the nation in general.  Mexico, corrupt from top to bottom, drug cartels seem to run the show wherever they chose to run the show.  Most of the Central American nations are among the most violent on the planet, do the research for yourself.  African nations, damned near all of them, are lead by corrupt, inept, racist assholes.  The leaders don't give a rat's ass about the people who serve them.  (Yes, the people who exist to serve them.---U.S. and other nations headed in that direction also, wait until the democrats in the U.S. regain Congress and the White House, you'll begin to understand what socialism is all about and it isn't about individual rights.)   Trump does not see the wisdom to bring in the people from such nations as they are a product of their environment.  ---See the picture?  Can you understand, can you grasp the likely what ifs?  

I've said this before, all this bullshit about the U.S. founded on immigrants as justifying allowing in anyone, even illegally, is beyond stupid.  Times have changed.  The U.S. does not need more unskilled workers who've no desire to adapt, assimilate.  (And the U.S. certainly doesn't need to import criminals, terrorists and parasites, the nation has more than enough.)  This leaves out most from the continent of Africa, from Central America and most Mexicans who want to come.   It makes sense to bring in people from the Norways of the world, skilled, highly educated, people who would assimilate.

In the "BBC", there is an article in which it was said that Trump was asked if he is a racist?  This entire question based on his supposed remark about "shithole nations".   I can answer that.  He's no more so than anyone else, say like Oprah Winfrey, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jr., Louis Farrahkan (or how ever this pig-shit guy's name is spelled), Donna Brazil, those of LULAC and the NAACP and Black Panthers and the KKK, the black students at Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington, or those on HBCU campuses or.................  THINK about this.

"Iceland Monitor":  There are 25 photos of Iceland's highlands and they are well worth the time to look up; beautiful.

Iran's nuke deal made under Team Obama was a one-sided affair, where the U.S. and it's "allies" were tossed under the bus, screwed up the ass, by Obama and Iran.  Now, Trump is trying to rectify this bad deal and the Iranians are having none of it, and why should they.  What's problematic, is that the EU power nations and Russia are opposed to new sanctions and a new, reasonable deal being drawn.  Why do you suppose that to be the case?   (all over the news globally)

"Japan Times":  It's estimated that by 2040, a full 40% of Japanese households will be headed by single adults.  The reason, the marriage rate continues to drop while the divorce rate continues to rise.
The trick, with N. Korea and Iran having nukes and the world's population pushing the 8 billion mark, is for the world to still exist in a functioning fashion by 2040.

"BBC News":  1)  Four Brits have broken the world record for rowing across the Atlantic, under 30 days.  They went from the Canary Islands to Antigua for charity; I'd just donate a couple of bucks.
2)  South Africa has new leadership in the ANC, Zuma is out.  That's good, he was a racist, hated whites, stole from whites, abused whites (no one in America or Europe had any reports on this), the nation's crime rate was way up, as was political corruption and he didn't have the skills to run a nation as any nation deserves to be run.    3)  Remember the film "Mississippi Burning"?  It was not only really well done, it was based on actual events.  Three civil rights activists, two white males and a black man, were murdered as they were trying to pass through Neshoba County, Mississippi in 1964.  (The film and this piece leaves out the fact that a woman was also killed separately, as she was trying to deliver sandwiches to activists/marchers)  Anyway, Edgar Ray Killen, a KKK leader and Baptist pastor, was convicted of this in 2005 and was sentenced to 60 years/life in reality.  Killen has died in prison at the age of 92; no loss the world.  The article is really pretty good and it may be worth having your kids read it.  (Reported on some U.S. media outlets as well.)

Friday, January 12, 2018

Nancy Pelosi GET HELP!; Prisoner Attacks Guards; CT Water Fix; Japan Getting Tough on Refugees, Job Seekers

"France 24":  Christian Ganezarski, a German national who converted to Islam, is in prison for his role in terrorist attacks.  The French have him for an attack synagogue that killed 21 people, on the Tunisian island of Djerba.  Upon his release, he faces extradition to the U.S. for his role in planning the 9/11 attacks.  Anyway, he attacked four guards with a blade, causing an uproar in the prison.

His sentence was but 18 years for mass murder, typical of what liberal thinking people/judges in nations like France believe just punishment.  For the record, the four French guards he attacked, surrendered, bought his coffee and donuts, kissed his ass.  (Okay, I made the last part up, but it sounds about right.)
"Cape Times":  Officials, have approved the tapping of three underground aquifers so to keep the taps running in the homes and businesses.  It's expected that once on line, which could be "in a matter of weeks", between 50,000 and 100,000 litres a day could be flowing.

While this is all well and good, at some point the people of the Cape Town area are going to have to come to the realization that things aren't as they once were, that water isn't a guarantee.  As to aquifers, they dry up also.   It's a good move but is it but a temporary "fix" to the problem?  I'd bet so.
"Japan Times":  The Justice Ministry is getting tough on refugees and has "ditched" automatic work permits.  The crackdown focused on unskilled labor (sound familiar to the situation in your nation?), most of them coming from other Asian nations, Cambodia, Thailand, P.I., Laos.......  As to those who are already in Japan, some could face deportation based on an agreement made in conference from 1951.
Nancy Pelosi, and I've said this several times, really needs to get help, psychiatric help.  This isn't a cut or cheap put-down, something is seriously wrong with her.  First she doesn't speak with conviction or authority as one would expect from a political party hotshot, she babbles so badly that she's difficult to understand.  As to her thought process, it's clear she's mental issues.

Just recently, she told the world that Trump's tax plan, one I don't care for, would be the end of the world for the U.S.  We've low unemployment, the stock market is solid for now and many companies are giving employees, so reported, bonuses of $1,000 to $2,000 dollars.  Doesn't sound like the world is coming to an end. 

SO, Nancy Pelosi goes to the podium and tells the people of America that these bonuses are "crumbs".  Just a ploy by the Republicans.  Two points:  1) Most Americans, working and middle-class folks, can't afford to spend a $1,000 on a family/friend Friday night dinner at some plush San Francisco restaurant.  It may seem like "crumbs" to her, but to people who have bills, kids in school, it's important.  2) The democrats toss crumbs out regularly, welfare, subsidized housing and childcare so to keep the have-nots dependent upon the government.  Sounds like elitist like Pelosi are a bit out of touch with reality; Pelosi is out of touch for other reasons as well.

With the above verbal screw-up, she was pissed about a bunch of "white men" trying to solve the DACA issue.  Issues:  1) Had she been there, would the pigmentation have changed?  2) As a white male, I find her divisive words, which is common with democrats, both offensive and racist.  However, as a white male, I'm just one of the new American niggers and no one cares if I find it offensive and racist.  Right, Nancy?    

Takes a lot of nerve for someone like her to bash Trump for what he says UNLESS she has issues as I suggest, I believe.  Keep in mind, I pointed out Sen. John McCain's mental health issues well before it was announced that he had brain cancer which would cause issues.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

8-Year-old Raped, Murdered; Belize Bans Offshore Drilling; Democrats Say Russians Threat to Democracy; Priests left off Sex Offender Roll

"Krakow Post":
        1.  So reported, there are "several thousand" known "sexual predators" in Poland, including 56 priests.  That being said, the official roll has only 800 names on it, the others, including the 56 priests, were granted waivers via the avenues available to them thanks to Minister of Justice Ziobro, who created the registry of sex offenders.  Naturally, he defended his "creation", one that allows, so it would seem, most offenders to keep their names off the roll.  This sounds like something a liberal in the U.S., U.K. or Australia would come up with, design an incredibly stupid policy and then defend it as sound, reasonable, just.

        2.  The government of Poland has upgraded seven towns to "city" status.  Jozefow Nad Wisla and Lagow are really good looking places and all are worthy of a visit.  Visit Poland on your next vacation, you'll not be sorry.  (Unless, of course, you do something really stupid or act without first THINKING, and then maybe you'll be sorry, just as you would anyplace else on the planet.)
"Rio Times":  Brazil's inflation rate in 2017 was but 2.95%, the lowest since 1998.  This is a good sign, now if they could rid themselves of corrupt government officials, including their President and reduce the very high number of crimes.
"Sunny Skyz News": 
        1.  So reported, humpback whales have returned to the waters off New York City, the first time in a century, give or take.  (Read yesterday's piece about the humpback and marine biologist, good animal to have in your costal waters.)

        2.  Belize is reported to have banned all oil operations in it's ocean waters.  The very large reef off the Belize coast is home to an incredible number of marine animals and is a huge tourist draw.  It was said that tourism because of this reef brings in $182 to $231 million per year, with about 190,000 people making a living due to these visitors.

One Belize official said the law represented a "great day for Belize", I'd say it represents a great day for the planet.  The world's oceans are being depleted of fish, reefs are being destroyed, waters polluted with oil and plastics (something I've written about several times) and the end result will not be good for the planet, including humans.  If true, WAY-TO-BE Belize.

         3.  A restaurant owner in Japan offers "free" meals to folks who can't afford to eat.  The catch, the "free" meal will cost you 50 minutes of work in the restaurant.  I guess this allows people to eat and still hold their head up.

Many in the world, including the U.S., seem to be content with taking welfare dollars, free phones, subsidized housing, free or subsidized childcare and healthcare, while thinking these things are owed them simply because they exist.  This was a huge mistake on the part of governments that designed such freeloader/parasitic programs.  It's past the time to tell perfectly healthy people who refuse to work that they WILL get a job or they'll have their freebees reduced or eliminated.  By working, even at minimum wage, they'll be subsidized but ONLY so long as they are employed.  If no private sector jobs is available, they work cleaning streams, roadways, school yards, public parks and building to get their money.  Monthly and/or random drug tests are mandatory, refuse, the freeloaders/parasites get nothing. ---If you are able to work and choose not to work, you'll not be getting public funds.
"Russia Today":  Pretty common, "RT" has a story out that is political in nature, taking a shot at U.S. politicians, which is so very easy to do today.  The piece is about U.S. Senate democrats loudly blaming Russia for a variety of infractions and have called the Russians a threat to American democracy.

All nations do what they can to spy on all other nations, to influence elections, sway the masses one way or the other on political matters.  Right now the U.S. is fanning the flames of discontent in Iran and the U.S. has spied on Brazil, Germany and a host of other nations. Russia does the same as does Australia, Japan, China, Germany, the U.K............

I take exception to the U.S. Senate democrats saying Russia is the greatest threat to American democracy.  It's not the Russians nor the Chinese nor North Korea, it's the democrats, the liberals and progressives in America that are the greatest threat to American democracy today.  They are divisive, hateful, racist, ignorant to just plain stupid, wasteful, inept, incompetent, foolish, they ignore the U.S. Constitution, using it only when it serves their purpose and, yes, even willing to murder--think Seth Rich--to get their way.  Think of the DNC and how they stabbed the socialist Bernie Sanders in the back as he ran against Hillary.  Sound like they give a rat's ass about American democracy?  Doesn't to me.
"BBC":  Kasur City, Pakistan.  An 8-year-old girl was taken by a man (caught on video leading her away, she was not seen alive again) and she was raped and murdered.   According to the article, this is not an isolated case in this city and the people seem to be fed up with it.  People gathered in the streets and went after the police for not catching this creep.  It would seem that the police have shown little interest in tracking down those who rob, rape and murder, little interest in doing their job.  Anyway, rocks were thrown, cops fired back with what could have been rubber bullets; got a bit ugly and I don't blame the people.
(This is not just a muslim thing, although it seems to be quite prevalent in Islamic nations, in India, gang rapes are still common, in the U.S. pedophiles are a threat, same in the EU nations, and in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, young girls are still at risk of being sexually abused by locals and tourists alike, and Catholic priests....  IT MUST STOP!)  

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Marine Biologist Saved by Humpback; Catherine Deneuve & Others Speak Out; Boeing Sets Industry Record; Wish to Die; Liberal System Endangers Public

        1.  Nan Hauser, a marine biologist, was in the water, doing her work when a humpback whale, perhaps 50,000 pounds (22,700 kilos) swam up to her, "put" her on it's head.  When she slid off, nestled her with a pectoral fin, kept her close.  Very odd behavior out of a whale, a seemingly protective behavior.  And that's what it was.  A tiger shark was in the area and Hauser wasn't aware of it until after the whale went into it's odd behavior, protecting her from the shark.   She noted it was probably the first recorded time that a whale has been known to protect a human.  --Video with story.      (She noted that other species of animals have rescued those not of their species, gorillas has done so, dogs have such a record, some time ago, I heard of a bear which protected a human from another bear and it's been said dolphins have helped drowning humans or protected against sharks.)

        2.  French actress Catherine Deneuve (more than 100 films to her credit) has teamed up with 100 other French women to denounce the rash of sexual harassment charges being brought forth, most often without evidence and certainly not proof.  The letter they've written and signed warns of "a new puritanism", something they do not wish to see.

This group recognizes that rape is a crime but that trying to seduce someone, even if done so clumsily, IS NOT a crime.  They, apparently so, see that women have the right and power to say "NO" and they do not believe a kiss on the cheek or a pat on the leg is sexual harassment.
( I have to wonder why the view of these women isn't hear, aired?  --I think I know.)

Others who signed the letter:
       Catherine Millet, writer and magazine editor
       Brigitte Lahaie, talk show hostess
       Elisabeth Levy, conservative journalist
       Christine Boisson, actress
       The others are mostly professional women, be it in the media, academia, entertainment, arts, etc., are not household names but are well schools, high achievers.
"Japan Times":
        1.  Boeing Aircraft Corp., has announced it delivered 763 jetliners in 2017, an industry record.  Airbus is said to deliver it's final report on January 18, 2018 as to their deliveries, which is expected to break the 700 mark, even with delays due to problems with the Pratt & Whitney engines they use.

As to money, Boeing stock went up 2.8% as of Tuesday, and the company has said it has booked 912 "net new aircraft orders" worth $134.8 billion.

        2.  California is experiencing rain, which has led to mudslides, 13 were reported as dead in the story.  As the fires burned off that which holds things in it's place, mudslides are common with the coming of rain.
"WA Today":
        1.  A 93-year-old woman, suffering pain and dementia, lives in a nursing home and her family, wishing to honor her long-time wish, to die if she were to ever "lose her mind", wants to have euthanasia approved.  This woman, but 13 and living in Poland at the outbreak of WWII, led a life of trial, struggle and modest success.  She fled to Russia, fled Russia when they signed an agreement with Germany and went to Iran.  From there it was to India, then to Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) and then to what is now Zimbabwe and at last to Australia.

I find it difficult to understand why/how a nation like Australia or the U.S. or U.K., all liberal and all with liberal abortion laws, would deny such a person her right to die with dignity, die by choice to rid herself of pain, a life not worth living in her mind, or what's left of it.  I've long been a supporter of euthanasia, even took the side of then, mercy killing, when in the 8th grade; kids looked at me as if I were a vampire, teacher was a bit unnerved by my position as well.  ( I was one of two in the class who supported mercy killing of humans.)  

We put our beloved pets down, hopefully as pain free as possible, when their life is nearing it's end due to illness or poor quality of life or... and we do so out of compassion for the most part (for some people, as sick as I find it to be, they do it out of the inconvenience such a pet imposes upon them)WHY THEN, do we not have the same compassion of our human loved ones who suffer from devastating illnesses without hope of improvement, from a quality of life they find unacceptable?  Humans are a strange lot.

        2.  Mitchell William Donald Walsh has a long, long record of driving mishaps, even had his license suspended for 10 years in 2003 when he killed a girl while driving drunk, she on her bicycle having fun, the last fun she'd have.  He has a habit of speeding, reckless driving,  driving under the influence or while intoxicated (alcohol, 0.67, as was the case when he killed the girl) and now he's been arrested again while driving with an "illicit" drug in his system.

Thanks to the very liberal courts/laws/judges in Australia, this clown will likely not spend much time in jail for his latest indiscretion.  The laws and judges of this liberal nation will put the public at risk, U.S. is exactly the same.  I've a solution, take him and those like him.  As multiple convictions prove his unwillingness to comply to laws, social norms, common sense, take him 50 miles off the western Australian coast in a helicopter and drop him off from about 2,000 feet and forget about this asshole Mitchell Walsh.
Other Stuff:

I watched a television preacher/evangelist/beggar this morning for about 10 minutes, couldn't bear to watch it longer than that without puking.   This asshole, lying piece of human excrement, said that God--not sure as to which god he's referencing--has told him four things, none of which made sense, all pretty much lies.  THEN, from these four things, he deduced that God wanted people to send him $333.33, a figure he'd never asked the television audience to send him before.  And, yes, he had a biblical explanation for this amount.
Folks, if you send a penny to one of these television preachers/evangelists/beggars, you've lost our penny.  If you send $1,000 or $333.33 you're a fool, perhaps, in the literal sense, a damned fool.  You've better odds of winning the Mega Lottery than you have in reaping wealth based on the words of a television preacher/evangelist/beggar.
Went to the memorial service last night, my wife's friend, but I knew her, liked her.  She was from Zimbabwe, came to the U.S. for a better life, found it, became a U.S. citizen.  ---Her body is being flown back to Zimbabwe for burial.  While this is fine with me and it makes sense, I have to wonder if she was ever fully committed to being an AMERICAN? ---You see, if I were to leave a cesspool nation, like Zimbabwe is today, and I became a citizen of another nation by my choice, I'd want to be buried in that nation, the nation I chose, not the nation that I was born in due to a biological act, by accident, a nation I fled because it was a cesspool.

(I know a woman who came to America from Lebanon with her husband.  She, on more than one occasion, told me what a broken nation Lebanon was--and is.  She said she is more of an American than many Americans she knows because she chose this nation as her home and she loves it and will never return to Lebanon.  Hard to argue give the bullshit coming from the liberal left in America, people who obviously hate America, hate the U.S. Constitution, hate everything about America, but want to stay here and ruin it for those who love this nation, once the greatest nation of the planet, now a fractured, divided mess, thanks to the liberals/progressive: Sanders, Clintons, Pelosi, Schumer, Michael Moore, the liberal press, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Maxine Waters, the racist Hispanic and black organizations--and, NO, I do not support the KKK or like groups either--the liberal court justices who are little more than political pawns/puppets/assholes.)

How many Hispanics, Africans, people from muslim nations come to America NOT with a desire to become an American or a love for the nation BUT only for self-serving purposes, to shit on America whenever possible?  How many?  Look at the nightly news, especially the liberal outlets, "ABC", "NBC", "CBS", "CNN", "MSNBC",  etc., you'll get an idea as to just how many.  

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Two More U.S. Military Mishaps on Okinawa; Under 25 Crowd Banned from Pub; Google Sued; P.M.'s Son Causes Problems for Dad; Don't Buy Dell Computer

"Japan Times" and Others: 
        1.  James Damore, an engineer with "Google", didn't like some of the policies and corporate environment he found with the company and decided to point these issues out publicly.  Company officers, not caring to be fairly criticized publicly, fired Damore on August 7, 2017.  Demore has now filed a lawsuit against "Google", claiming reverse discrimination (according to "JT"), he's a white male, making him a member of the new American nigger.

Folks, there is no such thing as reverse discrimination, it's simply discrimination.  Right now, white males are the group most discriminated against in America.  Look at television commercials as see how white males are depicted.  Show me a cop and robber show where 98% of the time, the perpetrator isn't a white male.  You can't!  U.S. universities have scholarships specifically available for blacks, hispanics, women and I'd bet for muslims at this point, but NONE specifically for white males.  You're a white male, middle-class or working class, you are a new American nigger; right there with you.

        2.  Okinawa.  Two more U.S. military aircraft, a UH-1 and AH-1, both choppers, had to make emergency landings, i.e., controlled crashes on the island.  These happened just days apart and, adding these to the others that have taken place over the past few months, officials aren't happy, don't blame them.  What's more, the bad guys are watching.  It comes across as a readiness deficiency.  If aircraft are in such poor shape, what does that say about the readiness of all other aspects of the U.S. military in Japan?  In the world?
''WA Today":  
        1.  The Windsor Hotel, very nice looking building, has a pub that is popular with folks.  A group of punks, calling themselves "Tommy and his crew", decided it would be their hang out and they'd behave as punks/thugs, street trash, which is what they are.  Management tried to reason with them, but they cared not.  So, management banned all people under the age of 25 from entering the pub.  This pissed the "Tommy and his crew" (sounds like a homosexual gang, doesn't it?) and many other young people, those 18 and up to the 25 mark.  These kids proved themselves incapable of thought, they were inconvenience and so they took it out on the Windsor.  They went to "Facebook" and bashed the place, dropping the hotel's rating.  Fact is, it was the behavior of young people, young punks, that got all young people banned.  Want to go after someone, pull-your-head-out-of-your-ass and go after "Tommy and his crew" and other like punks/thugs.

        2.  A 52-year-old woman was driving an SUV on what appeared to be a well maintained road, has a slight curve and she missed it.  She ran into a chain-linked fence and the upper horizontal support bar impaled a 16-year-old passenger.  The lad is in stable condition but still iffy.

Cops, according to the piece, have no idea how this could have happened, good road, no bad weather, didn't note intoxication.  Perhaps she was on the phone or texting.  When driving, pay attention or bad things will happen, at some point, bad things will happen;  THINK before you act, THINK about what you are doing, THINK about the consequences should you not THINK and have an incident.
"Cape Town News":  It is reported that Cape Town's city council is rife with cover-ups, which means corruption or ineptness/incompetence, and intimidation.   What a surprise.
"Iceland Monitor":  Winds of 72 meters per second have been reported in the northern part of the country, officials issues an Orange Alert, which means parents accompany their kids to school, and internal flights have been cancelled and international flights delayed.  Sounds bad, but worse weather is on the way, so reported.
Alabama beat Georgia in OT, 26-23 and, no, I did not watch the second half, well, but for the first few minutes of the third quarter.  In these few minutes, there were three blatant "mistakes" made by officials, all favoring Bama.  A few million people saw these penalties and all but the officials on the field knew they were called incorrectly.  Too bad.  I didn't care who won the game, but I always want to see a game called fairly and this one wasn't.  (Note to Big 12 teams, Oklahoma, Okla. State, etc., did you see how defenses are suppose to play???  Did you see how the defense can help win a game???) 
"France 24":  Yair Netanyahu, the 26-yar-old son of Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is in some hot water.  So reported, a video from 2015 has emerged and it shows Yair outside a strip club talking about strippers and prostitutes and political deals included one over an energy source/drilling rights.  It was noted in the piece that the video clearly shows an intoxicated Yair Netanyahu.

Yair claims it's clear he was only joking, but how many of you have ever heard a drunk say things that shouldn't have been said?   THINK before you act.  Getting drunk in public, especially if you're a public figure or related to a public figure, doesn't show a great amount of THOUGHT.
Let me say again, I advise against buying a DELL computer.  My relatively new "Inspiron 24, 3000 Series, is a piece of junk, trash, garbage and I actually paid for this junk, trash, garbage, almost  $700.
I always laughed at people who, years ago, bought "turd birds"--this a real product--but buying one of those not nearly the waste of money that buying this Dell computer has proven to be; never again.