Friday, March 16, 2018

Hillary Clinton -- Pathetic Shell; Plastic Bottles Used to Make Shoes; Dedicated Doctor; I Rest My Case.

"Sunny Skyz News: 
        1.  Glasgow, Scotland.  Heavy snows have made getting around a bit difficult as of late in Scotland.  Doctor Lindsey Chisholm was to perform an operation but realized that the roads were not passable via auto.  So, she analyzed the situation, donned the appropriate attire, knew the route she'd take, knew of places she could seek refuge should something unanticipated happen, and struck out for the hospital on foot. 

She did exactly what I tell people all the time, THINK before you act.  She walked the 8 miles in just under three hours, surprised everyone by showing up, even the patient, and she did her job; successful surgery.    WAY-TO-BE!

         2.  Adidas in 2016, partnered with a group called Parley for the Oceans.  They do work that promotes a clean environment, protects wildlife and tries to stop plastic pollution.  Making this short, the CEO of Adidas, Kasper Rorsted, announced that in 2017, Adidas made one million (1,000,000) shoes from recycled plastics picked up along coastal areas.  He noted that it takes about 11 plastic bottles to make one shoe, so it's but a drop in the bucket.  BUT, with enough drops, the bucket may eventually fill.  
    (NOTE:  Plastic bottles are not standardized as to size, so the figure given to make a single shoe doesn't really tell an accurate story, ......well, accurate perhaps but not precise.)
"BBC":  Hillary Clinton is/was just in India pushing her book that looks at why she lost to Trump in the 2016 presidential election.  Up to this point, she has blamed the DNC for running out of money, blamed people on her team, blamed a lying press, blamed the Russians......and now, the newest people to be blamed, White women and Whites in general (pretty sure Hillary is lily white but, apparently, wants to be sista-ov-da-hood).

In her inane rant, she stated that White women did not vote for her because they feared their husbands, cowed to the wishes of their Trump supporting, racist, misogynist husbands.   She went on to say, it was Whites who do not want Blacks to have freedom voted against her.  

Hillary is but a pathetic shell of the vile bitch she used to be.  It's almost as if she's reverted back to her childhood, acting like a spoiled, little brat who didn't get her way on the playground.  Perhaps it could be the brain injury she sustained while in England in October of 2017, when she damaged her toe in a fall. --That was a cheap shot, sorry.  (She fell in India, injuring her right wrist.   --The old pudgy gal isn't what she used to be, none of us are; pics of Hillary were not flattering.)
NCAA hoops.  I was certain that Oklahoma basketball players, both men and women, got invited to the dance due to morons comprising the selection committees OR that someone associated with OU, likely alumni, paid someone off.  The men entered the tournament as a 10 seed with an 18-13 record and the women, with a lower seed, with a 16-14 record.

Forget the fact that neither team deserved an invite, with their records, the men should have been seeded no higher than 14.  With this gift of a 10 seed, they were put up against, what appeared to be a hand selected, Rhode Island team with a 7 seed; undeserved.  They, while having a good season, not so impressive as to be that high, perhaps they should have been a 10 seed, maybe 11.   Anyway, OU lost to this over seeded RI team, and I rest my case, they didn't belong.  (South Dakota State should have been a 10 seed, Middle Tennessee State, not at the dance, should maybe have been a 10-11 seed.)

What will happen to the OU women's team, or has happened, I don't know, is likely an early exit as well, money poorly spent getting the two squads into the NCAA tournament---or maybe the folks on the committee really are morons.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

United Airlines Screws the Pooch AGAIN!; Plastic Particles in Bottled Water; "Toys R Us" Closing All Stores; House Member Blasts Writer; Farrakhan with Eight Black Congressional Fans

"FOX":  Telling piece.  It seems that eight black members of the U.S. Congress, all quick to point out racism, even when it isn't so, are buddies with the anti-Semitic, White hating Louis Farrakhan, an American muslim.  His group makes the KKK look like a bunch of do-gooders and these people, people who represent the people, love this piece of pig shit Farrakhan.  He's been heard saying White people should be killed, no one says anything about it.  He's called the Jews Satanic, no one says a thing about it.   How is it that when a White Congressional person was seen with a David Duke, they were a racist.  But with these eight, including Green and Waters, they can hang with Farrakhan and nothing is said.   SEEMS A BIT RACIST TO ME!
You'll love this piece from "Japan Times".  Yesterday, I wrote about the little dog that was killed while on a United Airlines flight from Houston to New York.  Well, United has screwed the pooch again.  

Kara Swindle, her two children and their 10-year-old German shepherd boarded a United flight from Portland, Oregon and was headed to Kansas City, Missouri.  When they arrived, they went to get their beloved dog.  Rather than their German shepherd, they were give a Great Dane by United, a dog that was supposed to be headed for Japan.  So, where was their shepherd?  Yep!  On it's way to Japan.
"The Local--Denmark":  Denmark was the happiest country on the planet, but it's lost it's top spot to last year's runner-up Finland and Norway beat them out for second place.  The top 10:

1.  Finland                6.  The Netherlands
2.  Norway               7.  Canada
3.  Denmark             8.  New Zealand
4.  Iceland                9.  Sweden
5.  Switzerland       10.  Australia  (how this could possibly be true is beyond me)

Fun piece to read.
        1.  Orb Media lead a research project testing bottled water.  All major brands were tested, 250 bottles from nine different countries, and the tests showed that most contained plastic particles, 10 per litre.   Professor Sherri Mason called this concerning but not catastrophic.  ---It was a good piece, you may wish to read it before putting your money down for bottled water.

        2.  "Toys R Us" is set to close all 855 stores in the U.S. in the coming months.  This means
33,000 people, give or take, will be out of a job.  With this, the toy retail giant will be closing all it's stores in the U.K. in the next six weeks, 3,000, give or take, out of work.
("Sydney Morning Herald" reported that "Toys R Us" is shutting down in Australia as well, 2,700 jobs lost.)

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers took a N.Y. Times contributor to task over her selfish and callous comments about Down's Syndrome kids.  The writer said that she'd have an abortion if she knew her unborn child had Down's Syndrome, pretty much, any child not perfect should be killed.  Representative McMorris Rodgers has a 10-year-old son with Down's and she loves her son, sees him as a plus in her life, not a burden or embarrassment.   -----If Steven Hawking's parents had had the ability to detect the disease with which he was afflicted, what would have the world of science lost if they'd chosen abortion?  

"Russia Today":  Gina Haspel, Trump's choice to lead the CIA, is under attack from the democrats, to no surprise.  I ask you this, if she had been picked by Obama to lead the CIA and the Republicans attacked her, what do you think you'd be hearing?  ----I think we'd be hearing democrats cry SEXISM and MISOGYNISTS BASTARDS at the top of their lungs.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

PhD Steven Hawking dead at age 76; United Airlines, Needless Dog Death; Porn Star Seeking Bigger Payout; Selection Committees Morons or OU has deep Pockets

Porn star, what does she call herself, Stormy Daniels??, ah, I couldn't possibly care less, continues to press her desire to tell her story.  This is likely a move by the liberal/shitstream media, to try to embarrass Trump, which is a lost cause.  Trump's morals and values are warped, twisted and skewed, and nothing he does seems wrong to him.   Being an elite, he, so I believe, actually thinks he's entitled to do as he damned well pleases and no one should say a word about it.

Anyway, Stormy, has said she'd return the $130,000 she was given in order to tell her story, which, so hinted, may have photos and video.  Her sleazy lawyer has stated she's no other interest other than telling her story.  (When speaking of lawyers, is it necessary to say "sleazy"?  Is that  not implied when speaking of  lawyers?)   This, of course, is a crock of shit.  Stormy and her lawyer will make 20 times the amount -- perhaps even more -- given to her to shut her mouth.  Let me rephrase that, keep quiet; figure it out for yourself.
     (The "Sydney Morning Herald" has called Trump America's first porn President.  Apparently, those of this liberal/shitstream media outlet, wasn't aware of Clinton, LBJ and a few others.)

"Perth Now":  Professor Steven Hawking is dead at the age of 76.  He made some controversial statements, believe some things that others would take exception with, but in all, he made the world THINK about issues.  Stricken with a crippling disease, he pushed on, may he rest in God's peace, even if he didn't believe in God (not sure if he did or didn't).

"Perth Now", "Japan Times", "Russia Today":  A woman with kids in tow, boarded a United Airliner for a flight from Houston to New York.  With this young family was a 10-month-old dog, believed to be a pug.  A flight attendant told the woman she had to put the dog in the overhead bin and that the dog would be fine.  After a brief discussion and after being ordered to do it or get off the plane, it was done.

The dog barked and whined and whimpered for a while and then it went silent.  Upon landing, the woman got the dog out of the overhead and found it dead.  You see, there is no ventilation in those bins and, according to a United Airline official, NEVER is an animal to be placed in the overhead for this very reason.

A dog was needlessly killed by the stupidity of an asshole attendant and United officials said they'd talk with this person about it.  A dog is dead, a family is distraught, kids got to see their dead pup and they're going to talk to this idiot.  Are you putting me on!??   How about firing this creep and charging him/her with animal cruelty.  
    (NOTE:  From "Perth Now", it was said that in the U.S. in 2017, 24 animals died while being transported by major U.S. air carriers.  Of the 24 dead animals, 17 died while on board a United flight.   Just a word of advice, don't fly United with a pet.  And if an attendant tells you to put your young child in an overhead, you may want to get off the aircraft; assholes!)

"Siberian Times":  Remote Russia.  A female tiger found that snatching guard dogs from villagers was an easy way to feed herself and her two cubs.  Villagers started to keep their kids home from school as they were afraid that the tigress would find them even easier prey.  Officials, wisely so, decided they'd better capture this big cat and her cubs before villagers decided to do a little hunting of their own and kill the protected animals.  ---So to the article, the capture of mom and cubs was a success and they've been successfully removed from the area.
(And some kids think their getting to school to be rough.  Well, in parts of Chicago, they probably do have more reason to worry than kids in rural Russia have with big cats.)

Rex Tillerson, a great guy, an extremely qualified guy, according to Donald Trump when he was selected to become U.S. Sec. of State, is out of a job.  Why?  According to early reports, he wasn't told, so I've no clue but it being just another Trump whimsical move.  The problem, foreign diplomats never have a chance to develop a relationship, an understanding of where the U.S. stands on anything.  With Trump, one never knows and this is problematic for the U.S. and for nations the U.S. must deal with to maintain world stability, if possible at this point.

What I do know is that he, Tillerson, suggested talking with the North Koreans and his boss, Trump, criticized him openly and nastily.  Then,  Trump comes up with a meeting with North Korean dictator and claims the whole thing to be his, Trump's, idea.  In short, is seems Tillerson upstaged the spoiled, egocentric Trump and this did not sit will with the pompous-ass.

Trump is what happens to a nation when the political animals prove themselves to be destructive, incompetent, untrustworthy, viewed with disgust by the people and seen as having NO INTEGRITY. And Trump, he's proving himself to be a clown who has no focus, ideas but without plans or process, a bit unstable and a lot clueless.  

I remember what a former Polish student once said to me, "'ve horrible choices for president..." referring to the 2016 election.  I replied, as I recall, "now you're just being polite".  And she and I were both right.  Trump, not even in my top five, is all that I see him as being.  What's worse, the others, as I've noted, would have been far worse presidents than Trump is proving to be. 

In short, the Republicans and Democrats and Libertarians and Green Party gave us human, cat, pig and monkey excrement to chose the end, shit is shit.  

Some vile individual, or perhaps individuals, have dropped off boxes at the front door of some people in Austin, Texas.  They do this at night and when the box is picked up or opened, it explodes.  Two have been killed, a man in his 30's and a 17-year-old boy.  A 75-year-old woman is in critical condition and another person was injured.   Commonality, they all live in the same neighborhood, three victims were black, the other Hispanic.  Could this be a racist thing?  You bet.  Could it be a black carrying out crimes against other blacks, certainly not unheard of?  Yes.  Whichever it is, I hope they catch this coward and take their life if convicted in a fair trial in a court of law (if such exists in the U.S. today).

This past Sunday evening and night, there was not one thing on television worth watching and this with over 50 channels from which to chose.  Nothing of interest, intellectually challenging, historical, funny, entertaining and if a program did fit into one of these, it'd been aired 100 times or more in the past two months or so and most of it over 20 years old.

Then came Monday night.  Anything different?  NO!  Tonight, i.e., Tuesday, anything different?  NO.   If people accept crap, that's exactly what they'll get, be it in politicians or in entertainment.

I think NCAA Div. I basketball tournament selection committees are morons OR, especially when it comes to the Univ. of Oklahoma, some schools must have deep pockets.   I've bitched about the OU men's team with an 18-13 record, proof that they can't beat the better teams.  Well, the OU women's team is worse.  They've a 16-14 record and why did they get in?, because they played tough teams.  So what?  They LOST!  All this proves is that they've NO SHOT at winning the tournament and had no business, no logical reason for being selected.    ---Which is it, are they morons or does OU have deep pockets (two average teams, both get in).

Monday, March 12, 2018

"Free Boobs"; Right-Wing Goup Silenced by UK; Myanmar vs. Rohingya and World Liberals; Microplastics litter UK Rivers/Streams; Kathmandu Plane Crash Kills ???

"BBC", "Bangkok Post", "Russia Today":  A passenger plane with 71 people on board crashed at Kathmandu's (Nepal) airport, the exact known number of dead doesn't seem to be known. Reports have 49 and 50 dead, but no mention of the other 21 to 22 people.  Looking at the photos of the crash, I'd say that most of the "unknown" are dead as well.
   (The "BBC" called it a crash landing, which can be said for most crashed aircraft, and some pilots actual call every landing a controlled crash.  In this case, I'd leave off the landing part, the plane was pretty much destroyed.)
Just for the record, St. Mary's and Middle Tennessee State got screwed by the NCAA basketball tournament selection committee.  As to Oklahoma, they must have paid someone off, an 18-13 record and got a 10 seed.  Ridiculous! Ludicrous!  But likely financially beneficial for a few folks on the committee.
        1.  Microplastics litter river and stream beds throughout the UK.  The worry, these tiny particles of plastic will eventually end up in the food chain.  While rivers can, if given the chance, cleanse themselves, in the end, the plastics end up in the ocean where the obvious happens.

While the Al Gores of the world want to make money off something that they've yet to prove, man's use of fossil fuels are the primary cause of climate change, which is total nonsense, plastics ARE a real problem, a provable problem.  But to take on the plastic industry, not even Gore is fool enough to try this on his own.

        2.  Derryck John, a 17-year-old black (go figure) punk, has been sentenced to 10 and a half years on 12 counts.  He was found guilty of six acid attacks, robbery and an assortment of other things, all because he's too lazy to go to school, learn, do honest work.   He stole two mopeds, tried to get another four, by spraying acid into the faces of the owners, permanently disfiguring them.  Why he didn't get life without parole, well, good 'ol liberalism at play in the U.K.

"Japan Times":  This is a new one, not surprising but new.  Three people, a 16-year-old girl, an 18-year-old boy and a 23-year-old asshole, decided they wanted to boost traffic on their "YouTube" account.  So, the girl held up a sign, "FREE BOOBS", and allowed some 20 men and women to feel her up, while the two boys/punks filmed it.   Like so many up-tight folks, the Japanese have little room for such nonsense, found it to be an indecent act and have charged the trio of jerks.

I've said this a dozen times, if one wants to run nude, I could not care less, go for it.  I've read that naturists are less stressed than others, so.......  BUT, there is a place for such and a popular square, like Hachiko, in a major city, like Tokyo, may not be the wisest of places to exercise nudity or offers to check out, for free, a 16-year-old girl's tits.  Wanna do it, the age of consent is 16, all players are on board, fine.  But come on people, THINK!

"France 24":  France is having problems on one of it's Indian Ocean territorial islands, Mayotta, which is a part of the Comoros archipelago off the SE coast of Africa.   Seems that turmoil has erupted on the island since African migrants, all uninvited, have invaded the French holding.  Fights at schools and on the streets of communities are common-place and crime is out of control.  --Now who would have thought that trash people, who come in uninvited, would ever become a problem anywhere, especially as they are there seeking all the freebees they can get???  Wow!  I'm shocked.

"Russia Today":  A right-wing group, Generation Identity, has been banned from the UK and a few have been put into detention centers.  Seems when they go to exercise their freedom of speech, the very reasonable folks of ANTIFA, the fascist ultra-left group, shows up and causes fights to break out.   The politically ultra-liberal Brits, rather than punish the violent people, go after those exercising freedom of speech, which has never been a "given" right in the U.K.    ----Muslims preach hatred, violence and political takeover in the UK and that is fine.  Blacks spew hatred towards the Whites and this is fine.  ANTIFA folks attack with clubs, fists, likely a knife or two, but officials in the UK strike to silence the right-wing people who are just speaking their minds.   Hummmm...............
   (Am I buying this report, given the UK and Russia are biting one another over the murder of the ex-spy's death?   YES!  UK has been silencing the conservative voice for some time.)

"Bangkok Post":
        1.  The U.N. representative in Myanmar is saying loudly that Myanmar's treatment of the Rohingya muslims "...bears hallmark of genocide."  First, this isn't new.  Second, not yet proven, just a word tossed about to shock the gullible.  Third, the Rohingya muslims brought an awful lot of anger upon themselves, no matter where they've gone, not even Bangladesh, a muslim nation wants this group of garbage.
        2.  Amnesty (I'm assuming International, but this was not used) is saying that Myanmar is building a military base where a Rohingya village once stood.  And their point??????   As the property is inside Myanmar's borders and the village is no longer inhabited, how is it anyone's business what the Myanmar government does with this vacated property???  

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Bernie Sanders Taking the Proven Path; College Hoops; Woman Burns Cat to Death; China Digresses; Other Stuff: Men's Day--Poland, Death to Dealers, NRA Error

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, was in Lubbock, Texas touting socialism.  He calls himself a democratic socialist, but there is no such thing.  The two are contradictory, kind of like business ethics, military intelligence.  Sanders cut his political teeth in Russia when a young man and he's more a communist than a socialist, but most Americans, especially young Americans haven't a clue as to difference.  (Just as they can't grasp the nonsense in "democratic socialist")

I have to give it to Sanders, he learned his lessons well, i.e., lessons from Marx and Lenin and Mao Tse-tung (or Zedong).  Go after the young adults.  They are emotion clowns, driven by the views of Utopian promises that are falsehoods at best and, at there worst, are the views solely of the individual spouting off about Utopia; Utopia only lives in the mind of the individual and no two are alike.

At some point, the youth will give Sanders, or some other clown like Sanders, the power he or she wants and with this, they give up freedom.  You see, Sanders, nothing but a socialist, more likely a communist, does not believe in individual rights, be it freedom of speech, press, religion, ownership of firearms, protection from illegal searches and seizures............   The individual means nothing, it's all about society and how it serves to maintain the elite class, the ruling class.  Think not?  Study Lenin, Stalin, Mao, hell, take a look at North Korea's Kim Jong-un, look at the reality as to what life was like for the masses under these people.  As to rules, regulations and laws, they apply only to the masses, not to the elite/ruling class.

In the end, how'd work out for the masses, the working and middle-class people in communist Russia or fascist Italy or National Socialists of Germany?  How's it working out for the people of North Korea today?   As to China, they realized via Russia's failure, that people are competitive and require hope for themselves, hope to move up the ladder, to prosper, but keep reading.

"Bangkok Post" and other global outlets:  China's parliament has granted President Xi Jinping the option of staying in power for as long as he likes, "indefinitely" the term used.   In one move, from president to dictator for life, if he so choses, and no one dare say a thing in opposition.  China, for all it's progress in their economic form, still clings to Mao's communistic ways politically speaking.

"Cape Times":  Two stories from the Cape Town area.   1) A woman was caught setting a cat on fire but 100 meters from an animal shelter, it burned to death.  When asked why she'd do such an vile thing, she said because the cat was interrupting her sleep.   ---I know exactly how this woman should die.     2)  Caught on video, a group of teenage boys caught a stray dog out and stoned it to death, laughing about it.  ---I know exactly how these punks should die.

Just a couple more quick notes as to the upcoming NCAA hoops tournament.  I watched the last 8 minutes of the UMBC vs. Vermont game and saw one of the most stupid players ever to play college ball.  He was a guard, wearing #2, for Vermont and appeared to be the shortest player on the court.  Vermont had the lead with about two minutes left but then this idiot took over.  He got his hands on the ball, which, in the end proved to be fatal to Vermont's NCAA tournament hopes, dribbled into trouble and attempted to shoot over two pretty tall UMBC players, the ball being swatted away.  Not long after, he got the ball again, dribbled into trouble, tried to shoot over the big guys, had the ball swatted away.  Learning nothing from his previous two attempts to out-jump, out-muscle the big guys, the got the ball again.  And again, he dribbled into the key, tried to shoot over the big guys and had the ball swatted away.  Vermont ended up losing, thanks to this guy being the 6th player on the court for UMBC and to a Vermont coach who, apparently so, didn't have a clue.

The second note, I caught but a brief moment of two HBCU schools battling it out for their conference's automatic NCAA bid to the dance.  NEITHER TEAM had a winning record, but due to the stupidity of the NCAA set-up, one will go and will quickly end up losing.   MERIT, people, MERIT is all that should be used to determine who is in, who stays home.   Merit, a foreign concept in America today.


Turkey's president/dictator Erdogan is crying about NATO nations not being his allies, because they've refused to help him murder Kurds in Syria.  (Russia Today)

Brazil is not very happy with the " U.S. steel, aluminum tax", thinking it will hurt them.  I think Brazil has many issues, domestic issues, that are far more important than a U.S. tax on these two metals.  ("Rio Times")

March 10th is "Men's Day" in Poland.  This would never happen in America, the fascist feminist and liberal shitstream media wouldn't stand for it.

Trump made a half-hearted, so I think, comment about giving some thought to the death penalty for drug dealers.  It seems to have worked in China and the P.I. in reducing the drug problem.  I'm for it, Obama was against it, even gave some a get-out-of-jail card (and he sold a bit when younger) and others are sure what they think about it.  

The National Rifle Association or NRA really screwed up when they immediately challenged Florida's law to deny people under the age of 18 the right to purchase a gun.  I'm all for this, I've stated why on more than two occasions.   Why the NRA is no more responsible for the Florida shooting than I am because of my view supporting the second amendment, something has to be done and this is a good step.  

Friday, March 9, 2018

Erdogan Cracks Down; Trump's Arrogance His Weakness; Duterte In Need--Says U.N.; Drug Comp. Exec. Gets 7 Years in Prison; Cape Town Water: Silly Comments

Martin Shkreli, 34, the smart-ass drug company executive (Turing Pharmaceuticals), who increased the price of a life-saving drug 5,000% per unit/pill, has been sentenced to seven years in prison for security fraud.  You may remember this clown, acting like a fool before a Congressional hearing, running at the mouth, in general, proving himself to be a complete asshole.   Too bad he didn't get the 15 years the prosecution was seeking.   (a couple of outlets)

Cape Town area residents are using but 13 gallons of water per day, so claimed the article, and hotels are making it clear that showers are to last but 90 seconds, don't flush if it's yellow and no water from the taps for washing up.  While "Day Zero" isn't imminent, the city/area is still in a bad way when it comes to water availability.  ("Cape Town News")

Courts in Turkey have sentenced 25 journalists to prison terms for up to seven and a half years.  Their "crime", all nailed on terror charges.  In short, and the article made this clear, they were folks who supported the opposition to Erdogan in the coup attempt a year or so ago, thus they were viewed as terrorists.  Getting cross ways with Erdogan is an unhealthy thing to do even if you're in the right.  ("France 24")

The U.N.'s human rights honcho thinks Philippine Pres. Duterte is in need of a psychiatric evaluation.  Seems some woman was sent by the U.N. to the P.I. to investigate Duterte's war on drug actions, in which over 4,000 have been killed without due process.  Duterte had some rather undiplomatic things to say, some word choices that express concisely his feelings but are not politically correct, and this ticked off the U.N. folks.  I'll side with Duterte a bit on this, to the U.N., piss off!  (story in a couple of outlets)

I applaud Pres. Donald Trump for agreeing to a sit-down with North Korean dictator Kim Jung-un, talking beats killing anyway.  This will make it look as if Trump took the step to prevent hostile actions, was the voice of reason.  It also has, for the time being, silenced his critics about his tough stance against N. Korea.  Dung-un agreeing to talk is a huge step, although he's likely up to something, still, it looks to favor Trump.

The above being said, Trump has made some of his team look silly, look foolish, look as if they don't know what is going on.   Trump is also quick to foolishly send out a tweet when a team member says something he doesn't like.  Sarah Huckabee Sanders recently took a hit by Trump and she has been great.  These constant attack tweets, public critical comments about his team members is destroying moral and it's palpable; Trump's a fool.

Trump's arrogance is his greatest weakness.  Trump all too often allows his arrogance run his mouth off before engaging his brain and this makes him look the fool.  He, at times, too many times, doesn't seem to grasp the situation he's in, this isn't a "reality" television show that he hosts, he is the President of the United States.  This requires a bit of class, silence when pertinent, diplomatic most of the time, but never let the pompous-ass aspect of one's personality rear it's ugly head.  Trump doesn't get the latter, and, again, allows arrogance to run his mouth, not his brain too much of the time.

With the above and his unwillingness to put an end to the sanctuary city bullshit with arrests of public officials and his foolish continued involvement in wars we'll never win, Trump is beginning to become an embarrassment to the U.S.  (And I still maintain he was the best of the four choices, the others being Johnson, Stein and Clinton; a pathetic choice it was for America and the world.)

Heard a Boston College basketball player being interviewed after B.C. pulled a minor upset.  He said, paraphrasing, "Nobody wants to play us, they are afraid to play us."......B.C. lost their next game by almost 20 as I recall. ---I've news for this foolish hoopster, no team is afraid to play Boston College.

Trae Young, Oklahoma's one-man team with four side-kicks, went on the air after losing to in-state rival Oklahoma State.  The loss put OU's season mark at something like 18-13 and they've lost nine of their last 11 games, or something very close.   Anyway, Young stated that he felt OU should be in the NCAA tournament based on their resume and how tough their schedule was over the year.  Let's look at it:
       1.  They are, as noted, something like 18-13, NOT EXACTLY championship numbers.
       2.  Just because you play quality opponents, it doesn't mean shit if you lose. --- Let me give you a
            personal example.  When in high school, we had in our conference a guy who ran a 4:13.9
            mile at State and a few weeks after the state meet ran a 4:11.1.   Every time I stepped onto the
            track with this guy, the only thing I saw after the gun went off was the back of his head, as it
            got smaller and smaller in the distance.   So, because I ran against this guy, should I have been
            invited to the State Track and Field championships?   Based on Trae's statement, that would
            be a "YES".  Fortunately for me, those who ran the state's athletics didn't see it that way.
            They felt you had to quality on merit of some sort AND back to OU's situation, 18-13
            shouldn't cut it.  BUT, as I've noted a couple of times, with the NCAA tournament, it isn't
            about a team earning or deserving, it's about money, how well does a team travel, i.e., put
            butts in the seats, sell advertising??  That's all that matters to these people.
        3.  So, losing to good teams is not a resume builder.
        4.  From what I've heard, no team which has lost 8 of it's last 10 games has ever been invited to
             the tournament.  Why, for get about the money for an instant, should OU be an exception?


Thursday, March 8, 2018

Trump, Sessions, Republicans Have No Courage; UK Double Agent Murder; Ban the Knives; Deserving Teams Will Be Left Out

Vienna, Austria:  A man went on a stabbing spree, first injuring a family of three and then going after
London, England:  From January 2017 to January 2018, the city of London experienced "14,521
         knife crime offenses", a 23% increase from the previous year.  Some of these "knife crimes"
         included machete attacks, especially when gangs get into it, most of them black or immigrant
Perm, Russia:  Two punks, ages 16 and 17, took knives to school in mid-January and cut up a teacher
         and 13 fellow students.  They wanted recognition for carrying out a Columbine-style attack but
         with knives.
Paris, France:  Guy went on a stabbing spree, reason unknown.
Germany:  A 70-year-old man, apparently having too much to drink, stabbed three muslim
         refugees/immigrants outside a church.  He, apparently, fed up with all the B.S. their kind have
         brought to his nation.

Better get with the democrats/liberals/progressives/socialists in America and ban knives and machetes before this trend finds it's way to America.  

---Folks, it isn't the "tool" that drives in the nail or turns the nut or cuts the pipe.   The tool is but something PEOPLE use to get the job done.  It isn't the knife or machete or gun that kills people but these are just "tools" PEOPLE use to get the job done.  Want to go after something, go after the people most likely to misuse the tool; young (emotional) people, mentally disturbed people, people with a record of violence, be it fighting, domestic violence, trouble at school, run-ins with the police, etc.
       (The above cases from "BBC" and "Russia Today")

"BBC", "Russia Today" and U.S. media:  Making the news, largely due to Russian bashing by the West at this point, has been the "attack" on an ex-Russian double agent and his daughter as they sat in a park.  Let's not forget that a cop is also in a bad way due to this "attack".  It is believed, according to British law enforcement, that some sort of nerve agent was used.  

Two questions seem to be in the forefront, why? and by whom?  The latter is simple, the Russian government ordered the hit on this guy, his daughter and the cop just got in the way, collateral damage, if you will.  When one gets into the game the agent was playing, others often get hurt.

As to why?  This guy hasn't, or at least so reported, been engaged in the spy game for a while, thus he isn't, or most think, that he's not a viable target, as he has nothing to offer the Brits and is no threat to the Russians.   Not that simple.  The Russians, in my opinion, are sending a message to all, "We've a long memory and we will not tolerate getting stabbed in the back by anyone."   Putin, who grew up in the KGB, has a long memory and he's no one to piss off.  As one former Polish student told me, paraphrasing, "Put nothing past Putin.  He's capable of anything."  ---And this hit makes this message loud and clear.  

"Russia Today":  Turkey is looking to establish a cooperative venture with Iraq in an offensive against the Iraqi Kurds.  And, as usual, the U.S. will keep it's back turned on the Kurds, the only group in that region, other than Israel, which actually fought to eradicate ISIS trash.

Pres. Trump, USAG Sessions and the Republicans of Congress, all people who've sworn an oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution, have no courage.  (The democrats of Congress, well, they are, for the most part, little more than human trash, so I don't expect much from them that supports the U.S. Constitution, freedom or leans towards fiscal responsibility....)

Trump  simply makes idle threats about withholding dollars from California and sanctuary cities.  Sessions was in California taking about a lawsuit he's filed against the state, where NOTHING of significance will happen if anything at all.  As to the Republicans in Congress, they sit on their hands, thumps up their ass, and talk but have take NO ACTION against the illegal acts of governors and city mayors and city councilpersons and top cops and churches, where they protect illegal aliens, thus making themselves guilty of a federal crime; read the laws on such.  ---They are guilty of violating federal law, thus should be arrested, tried and sent to prison if found guilty.  As to Caliphony's Gov. Brown, he slapped the U.S. government/federal law in the face, an admission of guilty, has dared the feds to come after him and his human trash cronies and to what end.  More Trump threats, no action.
A cowardly USAG Sessions who only plays a political game   ---And a Republican Congress which does nothing about anything; gutless wonders the lot of them.

Just for grins, I've been listening to the "experts"  talk about the up coming NCAA hoops tournaments.  Personally, I think most are fools as they seem unable to come up with reasonable explanations as to why this team or that team should be in the tournament.

Some argue Notre Dame should get in because some hot-shot is back in the line-up?  So?  It's a team game and in team games, it's about the success or failure as a team, individuals shouldn't be the primary consideration.  (The real consideration, Notre Dame has a large following, a name and this means money.)  Other teams are getting support for similar reasons.

One team that most think will get invited, the Univ of Oklahoma, is 18-13 on the season, just lost to Oklahoma State by 11 in Big 12 tournament play.  The "experts", argue that the Sooners should get in based on their early season success.  Fine, but shouldn't it be about the entire season? AND if a team is losing, and losing a lot, near the end of the season, does this not prove to the "experts" that this team should not be invited?  But they could get on a run, some argue.  Yes, and I could poop gold but I wouldn't count on it.

I believe it was South Dakota State that won their conference tournament over South Dakota, a team with an impressive record.  BYU and St. Mary's both have impressive records, both beat Gonzaga in Spokane, but it's likely only one of them will make it to the NCAA dance.  As to Gonzaga, the #6 team in the U.S. and a team that crushed Ohio State in Columbus, is being touted as a fifth seed, perhaps a 4th seed.  ---You've got to be f_ _king kidding me!   Even though not nearly as good as last year's team, they are still better than most teams in the nation, and look at the other top teams, look at their records; all certainly vulnerable.  There are other teams which have earned, deserve a spot in the tournament but will be ignored in favor of mediocre teams like Oklahoma, an above average Ohio State, Texas, Kentucky...............

This is all about money.  "Named" schools/teams generate dollars and it's about dollars, NOT what has been earned on the court, NOT what a team deserves for putting together a really good season, regardless of conference, but all about money.

YES!  The same is true on the women's side of things, the named teams will get in and teams with really good records, teams which took care of business, will be left out.  With the women, it's almost certain, barring unforeseen circumstances, that the national champion will be one of the following:  Univ. of Connecticut, Mississippi State, Baylor,  Louisville, Notre Dame, Oregon or South Carolina (Stanford is playing well, but...).   So, what does it matter if "no name" schools with impressive won-loss records get into the tournament?  They have as much chance against those teams noted as do "name" schools with mediocre records.