Saturday, July 21, 2018

Space Exploration; Painting Recovered, Trashed Italian Beaches

Not much in the news that isn't repeats of yesterday's news.  Iran is still threatening to stop the flow of all oil out of the middle-east if they aren't allowed to sell.  Cut them off from everything and they'll come around.   Trump is now anti-American according to the "CNN's" Chris Cuomo---and I'm sure Trump is at fault for earthquakes, the Hawaiian volcano, the Thai cave boys being trapped in the first place, the heatwave blasting Japan, the fires in California, Colorado, Utah.....for Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, Bill Maher, Jimmy Fallon and others being half-wits, liars and fools.

"The Local-Italy":
        1.  Up to 2,000 tons of micro-plastics are estimated to be polluting the beaches of Italy.  Since the beginning of this year, reports outside the U.S. have started to open the eyes of people to this hazardous problem.  At some point, everyone will catch on, but as to solutions, I've not heard of too many. (There was the company that made athletic shoes from recycled plastics.)

        2.  Italian police have recovered two stolen painting, one by Rubens the other by Renoir.

"The Hindu":
        1.  A team of climbers found the wreckage of an AN-12 that crashed in 1968.  The remains of the aircraft and a soldier was found at over 18,000 feet and they believe that other bodies and wreckage will be found in an area of about 2.5sq km.  

        2.  Yesterday, I wrote about a group who wants to count the cats in Washington, D.C.  Now, "The Hindu" has run this story and their piece added a cute bit of information I'm sure you'll find funny, I did.   Not only is this group willing to spend $1.5 million and at least one researcher wasn't sure how cats came about, this piece added that "scholars" are blaming cats for the killing of birds and small mammals in D.C.  ---I feel so blessed that there are people out there with Ph. Ds, to tell me cats will kill birds and rodents.  Who would have guessed!!!
   (More proof of just how stupid and foolish and wasteful liberals have become--and they don't see it.)

"BBC News":  Tom Jones, an entertainer from the 60's and 70's has said he intends to return to the stage.  I hope he means as a custodian.

Two stories out about space exploration, one from "WA Today" the other from "Russia Today".

Researchers in Western Australia had their telescopes pointed at Titan, Saturn's largest moon.  It seems due to "cloud cover" about this sphere, there is little known about it.  It seems that they did get some good shots and hope to find, well, something out of interest.  The last time they were able to get such clear shots was in 2002.  We all know how invaluable this has been to the betterment of mankind.

"RT" reports that NASA is about to launch a very expensive piece of equipment that will enter the sun's, what, atmosphere?   I'm sure this will be a very valuable bit of information as well.  Let me guess, it gets hotter the closer it gets to the sun and at some point, the vessel will burn up.

Folks, I'm not opposed to space exploration but only if other problems are being dealt with here on this planet.  Right now, the world has a good many issues, some, thanks to U.S. democrats/liberals/fascist/socialists, have the world edging toward conflict and this, so I believe, is a hell-of-a-lot more important than Titan or "discovering" the sun is hot.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Good News Stories: Cops, Teacher, Bartender; Counting Cats; War Rather Than Talk; Children = Witches; Mother Nature can be a Hillary

It's Friday, it's time for some good news stories (all from Sunny Skyz News):

        1.  From a social media site, Dawn Wilt was in a Memphis (didn't give the state, most may assume Tennessee, but there are others) restaurant called "Huey's".  A homeless man, not sure how this was known, came in, went to the bartender, Beck his name, and said he was hungry and had but $2.  Without missing a beat, Beck asked what he wanted, burger with fries or onion rings, asked what the guy wanted to drink, he chose water as it was a hot day.  Wilt said Beck gave the guy food to go as well, all worth a lot more than $2.  I agree. --- Beck put on a display of kindness, generosity, compassion, common sense and his humanity.  There is no price tag one can put on this.  Thanks to Wilt for sharing, a big WAY-TO-BE to Beck for showing people what it means to be human.
        2.  Tukwila, Washington.  Two un-named police officers were on foot patrol in Cascade View Park, when they noticed a young boy, maybe 8-10, running with some friends, his sock bloody.  He'd cut his foot and the officers stopped and applied first aid.  When asked about his shoes, he said the only pair he had was too small for him, so one officer went out, bought him a pair that fit and brought back popsicles for the group of lads.  WAY-TO-BE, officers!
    (Side note:  The boy looked to be Asian or Hispanic, couldn't really tell, and the cop kneeling down tying his new shoes, a White guy.  Oh, those darned White cops........)

        3.  A Chicago school teacher was on a Southwest flight to Florida and the guy sitting next to her struck up a conversation.  He asked what she did, she went into the good of teaching and he then asked of the job's greatest challenge.  She noted how difficult it was to see kids without proper school supplies, no books at home, etc.   At the end of the flight, the guy gave her $500 for her students.  A guy sitting behind her, apologizing for listening in, gave her a $20 for her students and a guy across the aisle gave her another $10.    All four get a WAY-TO-BE.

"BBC News":  In a special piece, a story about Nigeria and how children, one as young as three, have been accused of being witches.  To get them to confess, they are "kidnapped", taken to an isolated area, tied up and hot machetes and kicks and blows are used to get the kids to talk.  One kid said that he and his sisters eventually threw their parents under the bus as well.

Some of these kids are locked away, for their protection as much as anything, so it was written and some are toss out, living on the streets, fending for themselves, sometimes getting food stuff and other items out of garbage heaps in order to survive.

Much more to it, but it would appear that this piece only reaffirms my long held view that much of Africa is still inhabited by people who've no ability to move beyond superstition and ancient beliefs; savages is appropriate.   Even those in cities like Cape Town are little more than savages in suits, some with a decent education.

"Russia Today":
          1.  I liked this one, the stupidity of the liberal mind put on display, the foolishness of other liberals willing to pay for it.  

There is a group of "activists" who want to count all the cats, yes, felines, in Washington, D.C., both domestic and feral.  The cost of this "scientific" research is an estimated $1.5 million.  The purpose is best described by "researcher" John Boone with, "We're investigating--scientifically--the underlying dynamics of this system.  We're not just counting the number of cats but trying to understand how they got there."  (Isn't that cute, "...the underlying dynamics of this system." --makes this twit sound so smart.)

Boone is, obviously, an idiot.  Did his mommy and daddy not have "the talk" with him.  The cats are there because 1) people buy them, 2) people buy them and don't take care of them and 3) cats mate and have little cats, called kittens, Mr. Boone.

Another activist behind this waste of money said that they wanted to know how best to help the cats.  To this silly woman, I suggest they spend the $1.5 million trying to help the homeless, wounded vets, food pantries...animal shelters perhaps; moron.

        2.  I'm make this one quick, Sen. Rand Paul has accurately noted, and I'm putting this in my words, that the liberals, democrats would rather have a war with Russia (one nobody wins, personal opinion) than to talk with the Russians to work things out peacefully.   They are in this mindset because their hatred of Pres. Trump is so great that there is no room for logic, diplomacy, etc.  This is really sick on the part of the liberals/democrats/socialists/fascists of the American left.

"Japan Times":   A heatwave is blasting Japan, and lives have been lost. I'd add that Texas and other U.S. states have some hot temperatures to deal with as does Italy.  Fires have blasted the U.S. and Russia, burning thousands of acres.  Tornadoes ripped Iowa.  Flooding has  been a problem in several nations.  In short, Mother Nature can be a Hillary Clinton at times.  

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg Holocaust Flap; 103-Year Old Fends Off Attackers; Building Collapsed, Kills Three; WW II Bomb Found in Iceland; Unwanted Swimmer

Most of the media sites I visited today had a piece about Mark Zuckerberg, "Facebook" and the holocaust.  It seems that some holocaust denies have been posting on "Facebook" and this has pissed off some folks.  They are ticked that Zuckerberg allows such on his money-making machine and want him to have his people delete any post that denies the holocaust.  Zuckerberg says they've a right to express their opinion and I agree with Zuckerberg, a guy I've no respect for and likely never will.

Freedom of speech should be protected by everyone, governments, universities, individuals, everyone, every entity.   This allows people to share ideas, thoughts on issues, beliefs and allows for dialogue.  It's an avenue to work things out.  We don't have to agree but it does allow us to converse rather than let things fester and explode into something no one wants.

Freedom of speech has nothing to do with whether you or I agree with one another or with other groups we may find offensive or just plain wrong.  Freedom of speech allows for the foolish, the stupid, the ignorant to sound off, and to ban their voice, as some want Zuckerberg to do with the holocaust deniers, could lead to some group denying your right to freedom of speech, happens all the time.

So, let those with whom you disagree have their say.  Point out the flaws of their position, but don't deny them their right to say foolish, stupid, ignorant things, say like the democrats, liberals, fascists, socialists do as a group OR as individuals do, such as Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow, Dick Durbin, Meryl Streep, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and the like.

"Bangkok Post":  Swimming just off Phuket beach, a very popular spot with tourists and locals alike, a 2-3 meter crocodile was spotted swimming in the surf (video).  This has authorities concerned as the animal is large enough to do some serious damage if it decides to attack an unsuspecting swimmer.  Once caught, so it was said, the animal will be moved to an isolated area and released.

"The Local--Berlin":
        1.  A couple of female punks thought robbing a 103-year-old woman living alone would be an easy target.  They conned their way in, something that seems to be common with punks in Berlin today, and started inching closer to this scrappy 'ol gal.  She took her walking stick and chased the trash out of her flat.

Preying on the elderly is not only despicable and cowardly, but it can also be dangerous.  This woman survived WWII, she's likely had to fight much of her life to survive.

        2.  A group of school kids from Munich travelled to Berlin.  About 10pm while at a popular tourist spot, a Berlin teen gang of 15 attacked them, no reason for it, some with bottles and at least one with a knife.  Police have arrested 10 of the thugs; shoot them, send a message.

"The Hindu":
        1.  Near Deli, Greater Noida.  A building under construction collapsed, killing three, injuring three and there is an unknown number suspected to be trapped in the rubble.  Dogs have been brought in to help in the rescue effort and five people associated with the fallen structure have either been arrested or detained.

        2.  Hyderabal, Golconda Fort.  This heritage site is, or was, a popular tourist area, now, "A rancid smell pervades the entire 13sq km of the fort area."  Seems this place has a long history of honor, glory, mystery, intrigue and now it's a garbage dump and the sewer lines have been clogged for a while, spilling out that mess; disease causing waste.  The fort's moat is used by locals as their dump, amazing how trashy people can be.  Amazing how little they grasp when something like this is slapping them in the face every day.   Amazing how people can turn an asset into a liability and not think a thing about it.

"Iceland Monitor":  
        1.  A WWII bomb was found near Mosfellsbaer Golf Club just outside Reykjavik, something one doesn't associate with Iceland.  Anyway, it caused quite the stir, shutting down the roads and waiting for the disposal team to arrive.  The bomb was active and it was set off, life resumes and a story is to be told--or perhaps found in this case.

        2.  Wednesday, July 18, was Icelandic Sheepdog Day.  Beautiful dog.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Omega-3 Suppliments Questioned; High Blood Pressure, Brain Damage; Record Number of Muslims Running for Public Office in U.S.A.; Hand Shake, a Violent Crime?

"Rio Times":  Paraly, Brazil.  French artist, Cederic Vacheria, 33, was found murdered, shot in the head at his home.  Suspicion as to why, he was gay, practiced an Afro-American religion found to be odd, and he was a quiet, odd chap.   It was noted that there has been an increase in murders in this once quiet town, as it is in many Brazilian cities.

"BBC News":  Cochrane researchers ran trials on over 100,000 people and have found taking omega-3 supplements to be of little benefit.  They do recommend people eat fresh, oily fish, such as salmon, tuna and mackerel, twice a week to get enough "good" fats.

The lead author for this Cochrane study, Dr. Lee Hooper of the Univ. of East Anglia, noted that he is confident in their finding.  Let me point out that researchers, "experts", have flip-flopped on the benefits and dangers of coffee, chocolate, salt, eggs......  

Let me add, eat what you enjoy in moderation, exercise regularly, take supplements if you wish, exercise the brain by reading, doing games (even on-line games are good), don't let things stress you out, have an annual physical and you'll be fine.

"Japan Times":  This lengthy piece is about the impact of high blood pressure on the brain, so I'll give you the gist of it by quoting the second paragraph:   "Autopsies on nearly 1,300 older people, including about 640 clergy members, found more signs of damage and one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease in the brains of those with higher blood pressure than among those with pressure closer to normal, researchers report."

It was said that high blood pressure late in life may harm the brain but it was also noted that this is but a preliminary study and not to jump to conclusions.   Decent read if you have time, find it interesting.

"Perth Now":
        1.  A while back (I remember reading about it), a 24-year-old guy was with two friends in his car and he was driving carelessly, screwing around in a 2,500 pound weapon at high speed.  He wrecked the car, left his two injured friends and he was found wandering the roads, not really seeking help.

One of his friends died, a 21-year-old woman and this punk plead guilty to careless driving, which could have been three years in jail and a $36,000 fine.  But, he pleaded that his live-in female friend is pregnant and that he has a job, so the court decided a $2,500 fine was just penalty for killing a woman due to his poor decisions.   The woman's family strongly disagreed with the court's ruling as do I.

        2.  This is a good one.  A woman met with a real-estate agent at some show and he shook her hand as they parted.  Months later, she claimed he squeezed her hand so hard when he shook it that she suffered "severe pain for several months" but did not seek medical care.  She filed a complaint that his hand shake was a violent crime which caused bodily injury.

The court dismissed her case, citing that what she told the court and what she told the police at the time didn't exactly mesh well.  She also suggested that the police may have lied in their report, noting something about her mental stability.  ---Takes all kinds.

"Cape Times":  The Wynberg Boy's Junior School in Cape Town was on lockdown after a bomb threat.  With the threat was the demand that money, undisclosed in the article, be deposited at a given address, which is a bit odd and amateurish.  A sweep of the building found no explosive device.

"Russia Today":  A record number of muslims in America, 90, decided to run for statewide and nationwide office in 2018, a record number since 9/11.  After the primaries, 50 are still left in contention for public office and nine of them, if they all win, could end up in the U.S. Congress.

The article makes no reference to what has happened in Europe where muslims begin to have high numbers of people, voters, people in office, but people did leave comments, none good.  People who have to live with the intolerant, demanding, pushy, muslims point out the problems they bring upon the people who take them in, I would add foolishly take them in.  They will not assimilate, they are in your nation, regardless of your nation, to push Islam up your nose and you'd damned well better like it.  The proof to substantiate this is global, coming to a neighborhood near you soon, decade or so, and this is soon.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Washing Machine Danger; Las Vegas Car Chase; 11-Year-Old's Nightmare; Charges Could Be Coming; Trump -- Putin Fallout; Lava Bomb

"Brisbane Times":  Colorado, USA.  A couple have three young kids, one three, another four and an even younger one. They get up about 15 minutes before the parents.  The couple purchased a new washing machine.  The 3-year-old girl climbed inside it and the 4-year-old boy pushed some buttons. Want to take a stab at what happened next?  

The boy came screaming into the bedroom of the parents, they rushed down to find their daughter in water, spinning about.  They'd not bothered to familiarize themselves with the machine and it took a minute to figure it out, likely seeming like a long time.  The kid got out, she's fine but shaken.

In this piece, it was reported that a Japanese boy was killed when he played in a washing machine and in Arkansas, USA, another kid escaped death while playing in one.

Here's a bit of advice for parents of young kids:
       1.  Don't have so many children close together, they tend to get one another in trouble.
       2.  You're up in the morning before them and you're in bed after them.
       3.  Lock up the washroom, make the oven and refrigerator child-proof and keep detergents in
            a safe place, away from young, inquisitive children.

You can't protect your kids from everything, do the best you can and usually, they'll make it with but a few bumps, bruises, cuts, perhaps a broken limb or two, and some life-lessons.  ---Good that this couple shared their "near miss", took courage.  Good that "Brisbane Times" published it.  

"Russia Today":  Las Vegas, Nevada.  Two punks, Fidel Miranda and Rene Nunez, decided to murder a guy, take a vehicle and go on a high speed chase with a cop.  The video cam shows, at one point, the cop firing through his cruiser's windshield, a department no-no in all but the worst of cases. Shooting through one's own windshield is a bad idea any way that you look at it.

In the end, the punk's car crashed, Miranda was killed, no loss at all, and Nunez was wounded and faces murder charges along with a host of other charges.  ---The names, are these Scandinavian?  German?  Russian?  Wonder if they were here legally or not?  Don't suppose it matters much to the guy they murdered but it should matter to the rest of America.

"Iceland Monitor":  The Icelandic whaling company, Hvalur, that had one of it's ship bring in what is believed to be a blue whale may be in big trouble.  There is a law protecting blue whales, there should be a law banning whaling altogether as there is no reason for this act.

"The Hindu":  Chennei, India.  An 11-year-old girl was complaining about stomach pain from time to time and her mom noticed red marks about her neck from time to time.  Suspecting something amiss, mom went to the All Woman Police Station, and an investigation took place.  Seems that the building lift operator, a piece of trash named Ravi, would take the girl to parts of the building that were out-of-the-way, where some of his trash buddies would rape this little girl.  The report said that up to 15 scumbags took part in the torture and rape.  Note, they threatened her with a knife to keep quiet, drugged the girl to make her passive...some really sick bastards if even half of this is true.  Execution by hanging, if guilty, is too easy for them.
     (Such has become common-place in much of India and someone has got to get Duterte tough on this crap.)

"BBC News":
        1.  A runway model in Miami, Florida, had some in the audience all kinds of uneasy.  Seems she brought her infant daughter with her and breast fed the girl while on the runway.  Folks, this is what the breast was designed to do, feed children.  It's not a sex organ, guys, it's a gland that produces nourishment for children, dogs, cats, bears, deer, rabbits, squirrels, horses, elephants, rhinos, cows, goats, etc., all do the same thing.  Grow-up, get over it.

        2.  This was in "Japan Times" as well, a so called lava bomb ripped through the top of a volcano tour boat in Hawaii and 23 people were injured, burns for the most part.  Swim with sharks, you'll get bitten at some point.  Raise bees, you'll be stung from time to time.  Fish and you'll likely end up with a hook in a finger or hand at some point.  Play around volcanos and you may well end up with a burn at some point.
U.S. Pres. Donald Trump is taking a beating by people in the U.S. and some abroad are taking shots as well, after his meeting with Russia's Vladimir Putin.  He had the audacity to question U.S. national security leaders about their findings on Russian involvement in the 2016 election.  HOW COULD HE NOT QUESTION IT?  

We know the FBI and Dept. of Justice have lied their asses off about Hillary, Bill, Loretta Lynch, Obama, Eric Holder,  Benghazi, "Fast and Furious" (giving weapons to drug cartels), the election in general, etc.  These people have lied as have their subordinates.   Then we have James Clapper, a national security leader under Obama, lied his ass off every time he went before Congress.  We all know the DNC rigged it's own convention to favor Hillary "the Bitch" Clinton.  Every shit stream media outlet in America publishes, as truth, as fact, lies, half-truths, false or doctored data.   Again, HOW COULD any thinking person NOT QUESTION what comes out of any U.S. agency at this point?  I don't believe a word that comes from any U.S. agency or any person who works for the U.S. government at this point, all are proven liars.  I repeat all are PROVEN liars and all know this to be true. 

Does anyone trust Putin?  I hope not.  But is his word any worse than the word of Federal employees at this point? ----- Not in my opinion!  

Monday, July 16, 2018

Wyoming Cowboys--Easy Target for Liberals; Trump is Right; Crocodiles Slaughtered; China Clamps Down on Muslims

Novak Djokovic won the men's singles championship at Wimbledon, this was pretty much a certainty before the match was played.  Kevin Anderson had played 11 hours and, with actually looking, around 150 games of high level tennis in his previous two  matches.  The guy was worn out, had little left but showed up and did his best.   After the loss, Anderson put something more on display, class, grace, sportsmanship.  WAY-TO-BE!

"BBC News":
        1.  Indonesia.  A man was out gathering some vegetables when he screamed out for help.  Too late, something had killed him.  Villagers assumed it was a crocodile from a local sanctuary, so, being the calm, cool-headed people they are, they attacked the sanctuary, tearing up the office and then butchering all 292 crocodiles.  Police said they couldn't stop them (didn't try is what they likely meant) but they may file charges against some.  Crocs are protected, so fines and jail time could be coming for one or two.

        2.  Scotland.  A 3-year-old boy has undergone a second surgery after being bitten by an adder.  Reptile and amphibian "expert" Angie Julian noted that people in Scotland are likely to encounter only two kinds of snakes, a non-venomous grass snake and the adder.  Take the advice from the "expert", if you come across a snake, leave it alone.  Why it takes an "expert" to give out this advice leads me to question the ability of some to THINK before acting.

        3.  French football fans and likely a large number of punks who were out to raise hell, destroy property and maybe hurt someone, had water cannons turned on them by police.  Same crap happens in the U.S. and elsewhere over some silly game.    Would have make a greater statement had they turned machineguns on them; would reduce the likelihood of such happening in the future.

"Japan Times":
        1.  Out of Oslo, Norway, a committee of "experts" have said that as the planet warms up, 1.1 billion people struggle to keep cool and are at risk from heat related health issues.  The world has, according to this piece, 7.6 billion, so this is a high percentage of folks, most of them in Africa, South and Central America and South/Southeast Asia.

        2.  Linxia City, China.  Boys under 16 are no longer allowed to go to classes or prayers at local mosques.  In Xinjiang, another area in western China with a Muslim majority, mosques are required to fly the national flag, loud speakers that were used to call people to prayer have been removed, boys under 16 aren't allowed in and minor infractions of the law can get one sent to a "re-education camp."  The reason for this, there was a move toward separation, something muslims want wherever they go, and China isn't big on tolerating religious extremism, and muslims are all about extremism.  For those who think not, they've had their head up their ass years.

U.S. outlet, "OAN" or "FOX" a few days ago, the University of Wyoming's mascot, the Cowboy has come under attack for being racist and sexist.  Any thinking person knows these aren't the reasons, it's because Wyoming is a conservative state, it's a state with little political clout and it's an easy target for the liberals.

The claim of racism is nonsense as the American west was full of black and Hispanic cowboys.  Oh, some American Indians may be raising hell again for no reason, and, as part American Indian myself, I can openly say I'm tire of their whining like spoiled children and tired of their playing the card.  As to sexism, what about the Oklahoma State Cowboys or New Mexico State using Pistol Pete as a mascot or the South Florida Bulls?  What can be made of the Oregon State BEAVERS, ladies?  Grow the hell up, people!!!

"Russia Today":  A U.S. Pres. Trump tweet:  "Our relationship with Russia has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity and now, the Rigged Witch Hunt!"

Trump is right.  The liberal press has pounded away with falsehoods, distorted information, assumption, speculation and ignores the fact that every nation with the ability to spy on other nations do so.  And every American should be insulted by the left and the shit stream media ragging on Russia, thinking you're too stupid to remember that it was Team Obama, Hillary "the bitch" Clinton leading the way, who hit the "RE-SET BUTTON" with Russia, FS Lavrov to be specific.  ---It was Clinton who made a very generous deal for herself with the Russian by selling off U.S. uranium.   The entire Russia issue has been largely fabricated by the liberals, democrats, socialists, fascists, communists in America.  The Russians aren't your enemy America, it's the democrats, socialists, fascists, liberals.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

2,148 School Girls Pregnant; "Go Home" Deemed Racist; Student Protesters Attacked; Southside Fools; Tanzania's Iron fisted Ruler; Civilian Deaths Up.

Congratulations to Angelique Kerber for her 6-3, 6-3 victory over Serena Williams at Wimbledon.  She played a great match and, despite the excuses made for Williams by Chris Evert and others, simply outplayed Williams.  Kerber was gracious in victory and Williams kept her loss in proper perspective.

"Cape Town News":  There were 2,148 Western Cape school girls to get pregnant in 2017, some being quite young, in grades four and five.  As bad as this sounds, and, make no mistake, this is bad, it's an improvement over 2015, where 2,880 girls got pregnant and in 2016, which saw only 2,412 school girl pregnancies.
   (In a related but poorly written article, it was said over 42,200 school girls got pregnant in South Africa in a three year period, almost 200 in grades 3, 4 and 5.)

Likely a good number of reasons for this, a poor man's recreation is procreation, some assaults, some manipulated, some of it may be cultural, black women are to have kids and, like many kids, they want to show people how grown-up they are, which leads to foolish behavior with dire consequences.

It doesn't matter in which nation you live, THINK before you act.  It could make your life a heck-of-a-lot easier and, in cases, save a child from a live of poverty and a society of bearing the burden of your actions.

"France 24":  Nicaragua.  President Daniel Ortega is one of many current world leaders who plays the game of power with a heavy hand.  Since  April of 2018, 270 people have been killed in clashes with cops when they've openly opposed the government.  After two months of protests against the Ortega government by students at the National Autonomous University, authorities/Ortega had enough and sent in the trained apes.    -----Students, about 200, fled to the Jesus of Divine Mercy church for refuge but it didn't stop the cops.  They opened fire on the church, killing two and wounding dozens, so reported.  One protester said, "They wanted to kill us all."  No.  If they had wanted to kill all of them, they'd all be dead.   (Video available at "France 24")

"Russia Today":  India.  At a private college, a guy came in to teach students what to do in a disaster.  At one point, he was teaching students how to escape from the upper floors of a building.  He had a 19-year-old female student on a ledge on the second floor, looked to be about 20 feet or so off the ground.  He encouraged her to jump into a make-shift net held by a dozen or so classmates.  To note, there was a rope was available for her to climb down but the jump was just another avenue of escape. Anyway, she wouldn't jump, so he pushed her and she fell awkwardly.  She struck her head about 12 feet down and she was killed.  

Turns out, this guy isn't the "expert" he claimed to be, most aren't, but said he'd done this many times.  He can be facing murder charges.  To be sure, based on video evidence, he belongs in jail for a good many years for taking a life, denying society the potential of this young woman.

"The Local--Italy:
        1.  Malta and Italy are in disagreement over 450 migrants who've forced they way into Europe.  At this point, Malta and France, jumping in to help, have agreed to take 50 parasites each.

        2.  Italy's high court has determined that if one tells a migrant to "go home", it is racism.  Typical foolish decision by liberals, by judges who can't think.  It could be that Italian citizens are fed up with parasites from Africa and the middle-east coming in, draining public coffers, raping, robbing, etc.  It isn't about race or ethnicity, it's about behavior and attitude of the people/parasites who are coming in uninvited.

"BBC News":
        1.  Tanzania.  Pres. John Magufuli is apparently one who governs with an iron fist.  Since taking command, he has:
A.  Come down hard on political opposition leaders and the media; see it his way or else. 
B.  He is big on prison reform, something that perhaps the U.S. and others should observe and take note.  He believes prisoners are free labor, should work long, hard hours and if they don't "kick" them, his word.  He also believes they should raise their own food and visits by female friends/wives are out.  
C.  As to girls who get pregnant while in school, they should be banned from going to school.

        2.  Chicago, U.S.A.  A cop killed a black thug on the Southside of Chicago and about 150 people flooded the streets, damaged both public and private property, injured three cops and called the cops "murderers".  This kind of proves their stupidity and racism.  Just a quick question for these 150 morons, how many blacks are killed on Chicago's south side each month and who, by race, is doing the killing???   What, exactly, has Mayor Emanuel (whatever) or Chicago's other democratic leaders, be they white or black or male or female or ......, done to alleviate the violence???  

        3Civilian deaths are at a record high in Afghanistan for the first six months of 2018, with
1,692 being killed.  Militant attacks and suicide bombers are credited with responsibility for the increase in deaths.  The U.N. reported that another 3,430 have been injured in the attacks.  ---If they want to continue to kill one another, I don't care.