Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"CNN" Busted; Tremors and Earthquakes North of Iceland; Good Fishing; Chasing the (nearly so) Forgotten Dead

If you haven't heard, "One America News" has pretty much busted "CNN" and it's not been lost on others, "Russia Today" picked up the story as will others.  To make it quick, a supervising producer with "CNN", John Bonifield, was caught on camera/video chatting it up with an undercover journalist.  He admitted to a good many things, I'll give you but a few:
       1.  The hype about Trump's dealing with the Russians have no basis even though people are trying to dig stuff up; "no smoking gun" and "no real proof" according to Bonifield.
       2. The reason "CNN" keeps attacking Trump, tying him to the Russians, for ratings.  It seems Trump haters are so sick, so warped, that the baseless "CNN" attacks on Trump are what they want to believe, so they listen and hope while helping "CNN" in the ratings game.  It's about business, not journalism, integrity, honor, truth, facts.....just ratings/business/money.
       3. He noted that with all the leaks, if there was something of substance, it would seem likely it would already be out.  Conclusion, there probably isn't anything of substance to leak.
       4. This non-issue was so important to their ratings, that, according to the piece, "CNN" mentioned Russia over 15,000 times over the past few months.
       5.  Bonifield spoke of ethics being taught as a part of the curriculum for journalists, he laughed this off as if it ethics has no role in real world journalism--and, so it appears, he is right about this.
(Not just "CNN" but "MSNBC", "CBS", "NBC", "ABC", "Sydney Morning Herald", "BBC", "Russia Today", "NY Times", "Washington Post", "Dallas Morning News", "Denver Post"............)

With the story, it was reported that three "CNN" (yellow) journalists have resigned over their fake stories about Trump and the Russians.  It's also of interest that "CNN" employed two cheap tactics to defend itself.  The first, from what little I saw of it yesterday, "CNN" news hosts didn't have a heck-of-a-lot to say about it.  This is typical for people and businesses and governments and liberals/democrats without honor, integrity, high ethical standards, sound morals; ignore the truth about wrong doing and it'll go away.  The second tactic, diminish the role of the employee blabbing the truth about things.  "CNN" said Bonifield was just involved in medical reporting, or something like this and this is bullshit.  The guy is a supervising producer with 15 years at "CNN".  Does the company really expect anyone to be so stupid as to believe he was clueless as to what the CEO and other honchos want---other than the liberals who want to believe?
     (It would appear that along with "MSNBC", "CNN" helps to make media outlets who openly engage in yellow journalism look good.)
"Iceland Monitor":
         1. Over 40 small tremors were detected some 240k off the northern coast of Iceland, these accompanied by two 4.0 earthquakes.  It was reported that this activity was not unusual as two plates meet in the area.  Just me, given that there are a number of volcanos on Iceland, I'd be a bit concerned about a larger quake triggering these.  At this point, the smaller stuff may be reducing the build-up of energy, preventing a major quake.
          2.  Iceland's lake Pingvallatn is popular with fishermen as it has a large population of large brown trout.  Each year, so reported, "a number of trout over 20 pounds are caught in the lake..."  Pictured was a guy with his 26 pound fish, lake in the background.  To fish it, one needs to purchase a permit and these are priced based on the part of the lake one wishes to fish.  Areas where bigger fish are commonly caught cost a bit more.  Don't want a vacation where tourists are tripping over one another, want to fish a lake that isn't elbow to elbow, this may be an option; didn't look crowded.
"WA Today":  So reported, a team of researchers are off to a small atoll, Nikumaroro, in the Kiribati island group, to try, once again, to find the remains of pilot Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan.  This group will be taking four dogs to help locate human remains, hopefully those 80 years old IF they are there at all.  Millions of dollars have been spent trying to find these two and, personal opinion, it's time to stop looking, stop wasting money, stop chasing the forgotten dead, or nearly forgotten.

Yes, people can spend their money any way they wish, but is it possible to spend a few hundred thousand dollars on something that actually has a positive impact on things today?   Is the money spent on this expedition really going to give us earth shattering news even if successful, even if they find what they believe to be the remains of Earhart and Noonan?  No.  They'll write a book that few will buy, PBS may pick up the rights to the video and that'll be it.    

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Teacher--Porn Actress; Amazon Deforestation; $15 an Hour Cost Jobs & Earnings; Stalin-World's Most Outstanding Figure; Another Close Call

"France 24":  Brazil's Pres. Temer has been charged with corruption.  He replaced Brazil's former president who was impeached.

"Rio Times":  Impacting the entire planet, deforestation of the Amazon is increasing and some nations, Norway being one, is none to happy about it.  It seems Norway gives to a fund that is for the sole purpose of preserving the Amazon rainforest.  The current administration is blaming the former administration for this situation.

"OAN":  The U.S. has stopped all imports of Brazilian beef.  It seems they still haven't fixed the problems with meat inspectors taking bribes to look the other way.

Brazil seems to have a few problems other than the drug gangs and street thugs.
"Copenhagen Post":  A Danish woman went to Istanbul (city in Turkey for H.S. and college students) to take part in a gay pride parade.  She was picked up by police and Danish authorities aren't sure where she is or why she was picked up.  In Turkey, now that Erdogan has the powers of a dictator/Sultan, the game has changed a bit.  He is pushing Turkey toward becoming an Islamic state and as to homosexuals, well....  ---Authorities can pick anyone up, hold them for 10 days without reason.  In reality, they'll hold them as long as they wish, do with them as they wish, it's what happens in a totalitarian country.
I was listening to 820 AM yesterday, a show after Rush Limbaugh (thankfully, I didn't have to suffer through his often inane babble and arrogant B.S.), and a rather odd, questionable, a bit offensive topic came up.  The host said that the Houston (Texas) school district was going to or is considering injecting LGBTQI studies into the current history curriculum.  It was said that this is taking place in California now, not sure if it's state wide or just in some districts.

History encompasses many things and as time passes, I'm not sure these many things can be adequately addressed if nonsense topics are imposed on top of it all.   Focusing only on the human aspect of history (mother nature has a role in history but it's impact is largely, justifiably so, as it relates to people), does it really matter if an explore was gay or if a female pilot was bisexual or a resistance fighter was gay, lesbian, bisexual or transsexual?  If a public school district insists on polluting curriculum with such questionable subject matter, shouldn't LGBTQI studies be a part of the sociology curriculum?  Psychology curriculum?  It seems to be a huge stretch to put it into history.  It's a greater stretch to make it mandatory.  If the community if for it, so be it.  But I doubt, even in California that people, parents and students think this reasonable.  Perhaps the liberal approach to expressing feelings toward issues should be initiated.  A large group of parents and students should beat the shit out of the school board, superintendent and his/her staff and a few building supervisors.
"Cape Times":  At the prison where strippers were added as a part of the rehab program for inmates, 13 prison officials have been suspended for this questionable move.
"Japan Times":  Seattle (Washington) has a $15 an hour minimum wage, according to the piece. This has cost the city jobs and, according to a cited U. of Washington team's findings, it is costing low-income wage earners about $125 per month, as their hours are being cut.  ---Who, oh, who could have predicted this?   However, to be fair, economists at Liberal Tech & Indoctrination, or better known as UC-Berkeley, found the methodology used by the UW people unacceptable (as if their methodology may not have been a bit twisted, manipulated, flawed) and rejected their findings.  --Who, oh, who could have predicted this? ---Believe the finding as you wish, I'm going with U of W.
"Perth Now":
        1.  Yesterday, I noted that the recreational hoops player who pulled a gun on a game official after an argument over a call, may only get a slap on the wrist if anything, given Australia's liberal courts.  Well, I was right, this creep didn't get any jail time at all.  Ah.......

        2.  Los Angeles (California).  A kindergarten teacher was moonlighting as a porn "actress" and was fired from her job as a teacher, a job she claimed to love.  At first, I thought how hypocritical of the liberals of California to fire someone over such and was curious as to how anyone found out.  Well, a bit deeper into the piece, it was this teacher/actress who blew the whistle on herself by going on a "FOX" show and talking about it.  With this, it wasn't a public school for which she worked, but a church funded school.  She said they did their best to get her to quit the acting business but she loves sex as well as teaching AND she loved the money she made, $2,500 for her first job, paid on the spot (is the IRS paying attention) and it was for a "straight-sex" scene.  ----I've nothing to say.

        3.  Another near catastrophic airliner incident occurred over Australia (Sunday), when an AirAsia A330 aircraft began to shake violently.  Inflight video showed the people in the cabin being shaken about, almost reminded me of almost every "Star Trek" episode where Kirk, Spock and company were tossed about--all that technology but they never figured out to add seatbelts and harnesses--I digress.  There was also video of an engine and it was violently shaking.  After getting back on the ground safely, one who inspected the engine said that it could have easily been ripped from the wing, the plane and all on-board lost.  This is the third case this year in Australia where an aircraft had serious problems but all managed safe landings; a Saab 340 lost a propeller, an A330 had a six foot hole ripped in the engine housing and now this A330, another close call.
"Russia Today":  This is somewhat amusing.  A poll in Russia of 1,600 people put Joe Stalin at the top of the list for the world's most outstanding figure.  Vladimir Putin was tied for second with Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.  Of the top twenty, only three were not Russian, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Hummmm.  Joe Stalin, murderer of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of his own people, a psychopath, a sadomasochist, a liar with few equals their top pick.  Little wonder Putin is so well liked today.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Anti-Brutality Brutality; Bad Hoops Call=Gun Threat; Lt. Col. G. A. Custer; Pelosi Babbles; A-hole Pills Used in California?, NETFLIX--Poor Choice; Prison Program

It's been 141 years since Lt. Col. George A. Custer led his troops to the Little Big Horn (Greasy Grass) and annihilation.  (For h.s. and college students, this battle took place in Montana, east and south of Billings)  Custer, as usual, was reckless, didn't listen to others and his arrogance again plagued  his thought process.  In combination, he made some piss poor military decisions, little wonder as he finished last in his class at West Point.  The result, the combined losses for the U.S. cavalry was about 260, Custer and his entire regiment was wiped out.  Major Marcus Reno lost a few when he attacked the Indian encampment from the south.  He panicked, retreated to a bluff and it was there that Capt. Benteen saved him and his remaining troops.

Custer's devoted wife blamed everyone for her husbands defeat but Custer himself.  The Indians, from what I've read, said that if Reno had not retreated and Custer had attacked sooner than he did, the U.S. cavalry may have won the day.  However, the loss rests with the numerous bad calls make by Custer and the determination of an angry foe; Native Americans who were tired of being pushed around, lied to, cheated, mistreated.  In the end, their victory on that hot June day in 1776 led to their ultimate defeat.  
"BBC":  At a medium security prison in South African, facility personnel, as part of their rehabilitation program, brought in two strippers.  Photos of the stripper's "participation" in the rehab program quickly spread and top prison officials were unhappy with this aspect of prisoner rehab; citizens weren't too understanding either.
    (I did not find this story in the "Cape Town News", for what it's worth.)
"Russia Today":  London.  Anti-brutality protesters turn into rioters, setting fires to various properties and attacking police officers.  ---How can one claim to be opposed to something in which they actively engage?   Kind of like saying, "I'm against the use of alcoholic beverages, let's go the pub and down a few pints."
    (I did not find this story on the "BBC" news site.)
"WA Today":  Perth.  A guy is on trial for taking a gun after another man.  The guy charged, for his defense, is blaming his action on a racial slur.  Think that sounds stupid, let me put it in context.  A guy was playing in a recreation basketball game.  An official made a call that the guy took exception. The referee, so the charged man claims, told him to go back to his own country.  This was a racial slur and thus motivated him to go out to his car, grab his 9mm and go back in after the official.

This guy was ready to kill someone over a call in a rec center basketball game and thought it justified to do so because he was told to go back to his home nation.  It wasn't an NBA Championship on the line, as if that would be justification, it was just a rec center game.  ---Why he's in court and not already back in his home nation, I do not know.  What's sad, in liberal Australia, he may get off with nothing to a slap on the wrist, for his action.
Not to be outdone with crazy shit, the State of California has issued a travel ban to Texas for state government employees.  The why behind this wasn't given, but I assume it's over the law that Texas has passed concerning who must use which public restroom.  Now, college athletic programs in the State of California are worried about games scheduled to be played in Texas and recruitment of Texas h.s. talent by coaches employed by state colleges and universities; coaches are state employees, according to the piece.

I wonder if California legislators, judges and the governor, if city mayors, city managers, city council members, etc., take asshole pills.  I'm reasonably certain a good many of it's citizens do based on their behavior, their views, the people they keep electing as leaders at the local, state and federal level.

Folks, why is it that 7% of the population. i.e., the LGBTQI community, gets to demand that the other 93% conform to their wishes? Why is it that California and New York think the rest of the nation should do as they say?  Simple answer, political correctness run amok.  So very many Americans are afraid of being labeled a racist, a homophobe (silly term at best), an Islamophobe (just as silly a term), that they refuse to stand up for their beliefs.    My stance, and I've made it before, blacks are the most racist group in the U.S. with Hispanics close on their heels, Muslims should not be allowed into the U.S., they'll never assimilate as they don't want to assimilate AND if you have a vagina between your legs, use the women's public restroom, if it's a penis, use the men's facilities.  I don't give a damn how you feel on a particular day, female or male, if your anatomy is female, you know which facility to use, if male, again, you know.   Not that damned difficult---unless you are taking asshole pills OR you're an asshole by choice, which is most likely.
"CBS" had Nancy Pelosi on as a guest this morning.  She was bashing the proposed bill to replace the poorly drafted Affordable Car Act/Obamacare, saying thousands of people would die if this is passed. What an incredibly stupid thing to say, not sure Pelosi listens to what comes out of her mouth.  If she doesn't listen to herself, it's understandable.  She babbles, seems lost much of the time, makes crazy shit statements.....She, I think, is not only taking some weird pills (or drinks too much) but is an asshole by choice.
NETFLIX has an 18 minute "documentary" on the Battle of Midway.  It's a waste of 18 minutes, nothing but malarkey, trash, extremely poor (and staged) footage.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

U.S. Training & Arming New Future Foe; Fuel Tanker Explodes--Pakistan; Sen. Schumer -- Clairvoyant or Obstructionist or....

I've been saying for a while that the U.S. should not be involved in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and certainly shouldn't be in the business of nation building.  Pres. Trump has, in the past, noted that the U.S. isn't sure who the Syrian rebels are and caution must be exercised before giving them too much.
This morning, "OAN" ran a story that addressed the concerns I've had and that Pres. Trump has expressed.

A woman that has spend a fair amount of time in the region of conflict told a story about Syrian rebels and I believe her.  She said they went into a hospital, pulled a young boy out, I.V. still in his arm, and took him to one of their trucks; there is photographic evidence.  They proceeded to cut the boy's head off and laughed as they were doing so.  It seems they've been committing atrocities wherever they go and on a regular basis.  

To back up the story above, a U.S. Green Beret gave his view, and he was in the know, he was training these people.  He said they had no desire to fight ISIS as they've nothing against them.  He said they couldn't be counted on to do as instructed when it came to taking on the "enemy".  (As I've noted on a few occasions, no one really knows who the enemy is, a bad situation to put oneself.)  He also noted, made it crystal clear, that these rebels the U.S. is backing will be the next group the U.S. and "allies" (does the U.S. really have any at this point?) has to fight.  They'll be the next "al-Qaeda" according to him.  Keep in mind, they'll have U.S. weapons, U.S. training and they'll be even more formidable than al-Qaeda 1.0.

As to Afghanistan, the U.S. is not even close to victory nor will they ever.  It's a waste of money, lives and resources.  With this, Afghan officers continue to have their boy toys; pedophilia, rape, homosexuality all for the pleasure of Afghan officers.  Keep in mind, U.S. officers once complained to their superiors in D.C. about this and it was the U.S. officers who were fired, punished, even having careers damaged if not destroyed.  (Just met a woman who knew an officer who complained, was removed from the region and his career has been on hold ever since his truthfulness.  Do I believe her?  Yes.  I've heard way to many stories of a similar nature and I've read about this from sources outside the U.S.)
A truck carrying fuel overturned in Pakistan and people rushed to get whatever they could; loot, if you will.  So reported ("OAN"), some genius decided to light up a cigarette at the scene.  Some were killed, many injured and several other vehicles were totaled.  I wouldn't wish this, burning, on anyone.  But I have to be honest, given the situation they placed themselves in, given who they are, I'm struggling to feel for them and I don't like this, it's on me.
A mud slide in China has claimed several lives and many are missing.
N.Y. Senator Chuck Schumer (D) came out with a very critical attack on the new healthcare bill that is being proposed by the GOP.  Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (probably one of the few honest politicians there has ever been, a man of integrity, high ethics, solid values and morals) said of Schumer than his address claimed the Republican bill would kill people.  (Not sure who the comedian is, Chuck or his relative Amy Schumer.)  Mr. Huckabee also said of Schumer that he must be clairvoyant or that he hacked the thing as it wasn't released when Schumer gave his scathing attack.  I think Huckabee left out a couple of possibilities.  Schumer could be an obstructionist or he could simply be an incredible fool.   It could be that he is a thief (hacker), an obstructionist and an incredible fool---I'll go with this.  

Saturday, June 24, 2017

THINK as Temperatures Soar; Threats Against GOP Congressional Folks; Perform Gay Marriages or Find New Job; Tim Timbow--Class Act; Ferret & Human

On a U.S. media outlet yesterday, a story about a young black woman was aired.  It was a teaching moment about the danger of high temperatures, soaring heat and the video took this home.  This younger woman was wearing sandals and a strap broke, this somewhere in the area of the Southwest U.S., which is experiencing some dangerously high temperatures.   She took her sandals off, took off down the sidewalk for a short while and the end result, she suffered 2nd degree burns to the bottom of her feet.  As she is a waitress, she'll not be working for a while.

I admire her courage for letting her story be aired nationally, I question her judgment and common-sense.  The sidewalk was said to be about 170 degrees and a short while on this will cause damage to your feet.  How people don't know this is a bit of a head-scratcher, but it's a good warning and I'll share a few more:

       1.  If you want to cool yourself or your kids off with a garden hose and the hose has been out in the sun for a while, turn the water on but make sure the water isn't directed at any living thing for at least 30 seconds, then quickly check the water temperature.  Why?  Because the water that initially comes out will be hot enough to scald a pet or child, as one woman found out last year; believe it was her 2-year-old son who was burned pretty badly.
       2.  Do not take your pets out for a walk or a run when it's hot.  The pads will suffer burns, just as the human foot.  As to running, would you want to run in a fur coat when it's 90 degrees out?  It's even hotter for those lower to the ground.
       3.  Leave water out for the birds or you may find a few dead in your yard.
       4. NEVER leave a child or pet in the car as you "run" into the store for just a "second".  It's never a second and it doesn't take long for a car's inside temperature to become dangerous in just a short period of time.  (If it's over 75 outside.....shouldn't be leaving them in the vehicle alone anyway.)
       5.  Don't mow the lawn when it's hot, it'll wait.  If you must, take frequent breaks and drink a lot of water.  Wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on a neighbor if he/she is mowing when it's hot.
       6.  Cement gets hot, not the story of the waitress and asphalt gets even hotter.  Don't let your kids play on this stuff when it's hot; same with pets---I know, just covering the bases.
                    THINK as temperatures soar, it could save you a major headache, heartache.
"Russia Today" and "The Oslo Times":  Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has told a priest, and all priests, of The Church of Sweden to perform same-sex marriages or find something else to do.  Same-sex marriages have been legal in Sweden since 2009, according to the "Oslo" report, but priests can decline to officiate.  P.M. Lofven seems to think all, even priests, should think as he. 

Lofven compared the job of the priest to that of the midwife.  If one is a midwife and refuses to aid in an abortion, then that person should find new work as abortion is a part of being a midwife.  What Lofven seems to ignore is that one representing God, if one reads, understands and believes the Bible is the word of God, is that certain behavior is expected from those who represent Him and those deviating from those behaviors, those causing people to stumble, are frowned upon by God.  In short, the job description of a priest comes from God, that of a midwife comes from people, sometimes really stupid, foolish, ignorant, pompous people.
           (Do we finally know God's real name, could it be Stefan Lofven?  Wonder what the large muslim population in Sweden would say if Lofven told their religious leaders that they must perform homosexual marriages or find something else to do?   ----The job switch was his opinion, not a demand or new law.)
"OAN":  So reported, many Republican congressional folks are getting ugly, violent threats on a regular basis.  So, what does this tell us other than some out there among us are a bit unhinged?  It tells us that many of those who support the democrats don't care about democracy, which means they don't care about America.  As to the democrats who are sitting in Congress, I've yet to hear any strong statements condemning these ugly, violent threats against their Republican colleagues.  Tell you anything about them, Pelosi, Schumer, Cummings, Waters, Feinstein, Wasserman-Schultz, Durbin.....types??  Tells me a great deal about them.  They don't care about democracy or America either.
"Sunny Skyz News":
         1.  Dublin, Ireland.  A 70-year-old woman owned a four-bedroom home.  She learned of a young family struggling a bit and needed more room for their brood.  She allowed them to move into her home while she found a small flat for herself.  Great act of charity, hopefully, she did her homework before this action took place.
         2.  Tim Tebow, former NFL QB and All-American Nice Guy, (who was often the target of negative attacks by some folks of low character, morals, values, ethics, etc.) is now playing Class A professional baseball.  Before games, he is said to meet and greet fans, to no surprise.  A girl with Down Syndrome was there with a sign, she a big Tebow fan.  Long story short, Tebow went to the girl, giving her personal time before the game.  Tim showed once again the class act he is and puts on display in his daily life.   WAY-TO-BE, Mr. Tebow!
         3.  A ferret had just had a litter.  She tried dragging her owner's hand to the box where the young were nesting.  Cute video if you're interested.  (I've some concerns about the purpose the ferrets have where this guy is concerned,  he had others caged.)

Friday, June 23, 2017

Quick Hits: Venezuela Riots Continue, CNN--Another Excuse, New Georgia Rep Threatened, Saudi Arabia vs. Iran, North Korea the Real Victim, Illegal Kids Joining Gangs

Busy day today, so some quick news stories that may (or may not) be of interest:

Today, "CNN" ran another story bashing Trump and with it, another excuse as to why Hillary lost.  The panel of five or six actually blamed Team Obama as part of the reason why she lost.  It seems they knew of Russian hacking but did stopped short of telling anyone.  --Adults with the mentality of children run wild at CNN.  And I must add one observation.  On the panel was a woman, Selena Zito I believe, who was said to be with the New York Post, really needs to have someone show her a comb and/or brush and teach her how to use it.  I don't care what one looks like, what their body type is, but when representing your company on national television, appearance matters.

"OAN":  Georgia's new Congressional representative (Handle may be her name) received an envelope with a white powder in it.  Didn't take some liberal long to make her feel nervous.  Violence in one of the methods the liberals employ to intimidate, to get their message across loud and clear.
(Remember, it was the liberals who overthrew Russian leadership that brought in Communism; good 
'ol boys like Lenin, Stalin........ They used the same method.)

It was reported last night and again this morning (U.S. media outlet) that the poor little darlins that come into the U.S. from Latin American nations without adult supervision are joining street gangs, drug gangs in the U.S., MS 13 being but one of those gangs.  To liberals, do you still think it was a good idea to allow unaccompanied minors into the U.S.?  Did you see this reality as a possibility?

Venezuela is still experiencing riots, the people of this socialist nation aren't happy with food and fuel shortages, oppressive government actions, people being silenced with violence.  And Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others of the left PUSH for Socialism in America; what do they not get about the reality of socialism??????????

Saudi Arabia has told Turkey to close their military base in Qatar.  Turkey told S.A. to piss off.  It was also noted that a war could be in the near future between Iran and Saudi Arabia ("RT" story).  This would most likely lead to a U.S.--Russian altercation and the U.S. would lose and lose big.  (Think of supply lines, an aging U.S. Air Force and overpriced and under performing new U.S. aircraft, the past and current failure of U.S. military actions; Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria......... think about the poor leadership in the U.S., not knowing how to fight a war with victory the only acceptable end goal.)

And a sick but somewhat comedic piece for last:  North Korea is claiming it is the real victim in the death of Otto Warmbier, according to an "RT" piece.  They claim that Team Obama never requested that Otto Warmbier be released and immediately returned to the U.S.  (May be true, the Obamas, especially Michelle, wasn't fond of white folk.)   Warmbier is dead because of his treatment at the hands of sadistic North Korean guards, prisoners and prison officials.  He is dead because he made a few REALLY STUPID decisions.  ----North Korea could have handled this much better.  They should have never released him, as they knew what they'd done would be found out.  They should have either executed him or let him die there, bury him in a prison cemetery, announced a prisoner and that their policy not to release details as to how a prisoner dies.  Soon, their barbaric act goes away.  By releasing him, by allowing U.S. doctors to examine him, by letting the U.S. media get to the story first-hand, they created a problem for themselves.   Perhaps they simply don't care how it looked, perhaps it was an intended slap in the face.  

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Gingrich--Team Obama Incompetent?; Flint Terrorist Attack; 25 Years for Nothing; Late-term Abortions Taking Place; Otto Warmbier, My Last Words

"FOX":  Newt Gingrich was talking about the silly on-going attacks on Pres. Trump this morning and he pointed out something no one, especially the democrats, has addressed.  In regard to Russia's six-months of hacking in order to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, what does this say about Team Obama's security people, the NSA, FBI, CIA, etc.?  Were these people so incompetent that they missed months of such action on the part of the Russians?

 Let's face it, this entire thing was fabricated because the spoiled brats within the democrat party didn't like the outcome of the election.  Now, they've got a liberal investigating Trump, wasting money mind you, on things they've fabricated, things they accuse him of but without, to this point anyway, one shred of evidence, no facts and no hope of finding proof; grasping at straw in a tornado.  Way past time for them to grow-up and get on with the business of making America great again.  And, YES, this means working with Trump, it means compromise for both democrats and republicans.  (I've no respect for either group but they are what we have, unfortunately.)
"OAN":  A Texas couple spent the last 25 years--give or take--in prison for a crime they did not commit, the sexual assault of a 3-year-old girl.  The only evidence against them, the word of a doctor who recanted his testimony.  Crimes against children, especially young children, really get the emotion juices flowing and this can lead to really bad decisions on the part of adults; I'm just as guilty of it as most.  It is with such cases that people must put emotions aside and deal only with the EVIDENCE, the FACTS, the PROOF, before rendering a decision, a life destroying decision.  This couple can't get those years behind bars back and the $1.7 million the State of Texas has agreed to pay them isn't nearly enough.
Flint, Michigan.  A man went to the airport, dropped off a couple of bags in a restroom, came out, yelled in Arabic "God is Great" and proceeded to knife a cop (still in the hospital but his prognosis is good).  This morning, it was reported that the guy was from Canada.  Quickly, there will be more such actions in the U.S. and they will become more frequent.  Get used to it as the U.S. government will not do that which is necessary to reduce the number of such attacks, too late to end them.  
St. Louis, so reported this morning, an off duty cop was shot, three suspects were chased down, two were caught, both were but 17-years-old.  For MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid, I'd bet her a new dime that they are black punks, it wasn't noted by "OAN", but I'd make that bet.
"OAN":  A pro-life group did some homework regarding the performance of late-term abortions by a clinic in New Mexico.  They fabricated a story, 30 weeks along, husband had lost his job, they had kids and it was a bad time for a baby to come along, so...  The other, 33 weeks, the child to be born would have Down's Syndrome.  In both cases, no problem, the procedure was explained over the phone.  

Remember that Trump brought this barbaric practice up in a debate with Hellary...darn, I mean Hillary?  The media ripped him, Hillary blew it off, many people viewed Trump as a liar.  Well...
I should ask when will Trump get his apology from Hillary and the democrats and the media, but we all know the answer to that, so why bother asking the question.
      (NOTE:  It was reported that the State of New Mexico was looking into this matter, the good 'ol liberals who run the state are looking into this.  Want to bet a new dime on the outcome of this reported investigation?)
Yesterday, I listened to 820 AM on the car radio, this is the station that carries Limbaugh and other far right wing talk shows.  Not sure who the guy was, but he spent the entire show, well, at least the torturous time I listened, talking about Otto Warmbier, the spoiled college student who thought it a good idea to not just go to North Korea for a vacation but to try to steal a banner from a wall as well.  We all know the outcome, Warmbier's stupidity was his downfall.  Anyway, this talk show host was outraged at the way Warmbier met his death, a very emotional thing for most and his callers proved just how emotion it was for many.  The evil North Koreans brutalized an American kid and now he's dead.

I would agree with all of the outrage if it weren't for a couple of things the second being the one Americans tend to ignore or not THINK about at all:
       1.  Warmbier, as I've stated more than once, was largely to blame.  He knew the current climate of the Korean peninsula, he must have known the North Koreans have preached to their citizens about the evil Americans, it's taught in schools, on television, radio; been going on for decades.  He decided to visit North Korea, he decided to act like a mindless college punk and attempted to steal a banner from a wall.  He had to be aware that in such a state as North Korea, cameras are everywhere.  He had to know North Korea has a record of arresting Americans for nothing, stealing was a sure way to get arrested.
       2.  The host of the radio show and all of the callers that I listened to made the same mistake.  They saw this lads death through the eyes of American values, morals, sense of justice, etc.  North Korea does not share our value system, thus, the treatment of Warmbier needs to be viewed keeping their values, morals, sense of justice in mind.  You see, they do to their own people what they did Warmbier and he was also considered an enemy, a hated American.

As to Kim Dung-un, he is a reasonably well educated guy, he's young and, the key point, he was raised as the son of a dictator and he is now the dictator.  In short, he is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it and doing as he pleases.  He can be vicious, cruel, he can do things that are outlandish, dangerous for the world; he is a spoiled brat to be sure, but he is a product of his environment.  I'm not making excuses for him, just pointing out but a few things that has shaped his character, his mindset, his values, morals, sense of justice. 

At some point, as an adult, one would hope he'd see the folly in his behavior, he just hasn't that within his personal make-up.  Americans need to understand this in order to deal with him effectively---if such is possible.  (Do I think he needs to be taken out?  Yes, but the cost for such needs to be in the forefront before taking action.  Taking him out over Warmbier would be beyond stupid.  One caller said the U.S. should send in a couple of snipers and launch a missile.  This guy's moronic idea is probably shared by many.  Tell two snipers they are being sent on a suicide mission, if you could get them in at all, and launching a missile strike on a North Korean parade/celebration with Kim at the head table is crazy; WWIII sparked, nukes tossed about.....)

I don't wish to say anything more about Otto Warmbier.  This shouldn't have happened to him, but his poor decision-making did play a role in his own death and until the world comes up with a reasonable, good, workable idea as to how to deal with North Korea and Kim Dung-un, this stuff will continue.