Sunday, May 20, 2018

Couple attacks Cops; ISIS Leaving S. Damascus; 251 Arrested for Child Porn; Cougar attacks Cyclists; Wedding vs. Need; No Kidding!

"Rio Times":  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Police have arrested 251 people for child porn activities.  It was reported that over a million computer files were confiscated on 579 warrants issued in this sting.  Public Security Minister Raul Jungmann said that it was the largest operation on it's kind in Brazil and one of the largest in the world.

"Bangkok Post":
        1.  Thailand's Tourist Police raided 104 select locations and detained 36 foreigners and one Thai citizen on various charges.  Seems the foreigners were guilty of overstaying their visas or for illegal entry and other unspecified offenses.

Like Japan, Iceland, Denmark and a few other nations, the Thai government take their borders seriously and frown on people who enter or overstay their welcome.  The illegals are those who are to blame in these nations, but in the U.S.A. it's the government who is to blame for the "mistreatment" (giving them food, shelter, medical care, etc.) of illegals.   America, screwed up by political correctness and liberalism.

        2.  ISIS is said to be leaving it's last stronghold in southern Damascus.  The government feels this, once accomplished, will be a pretty much the end to the ISIS threat on the capital.

"BBC News":
        1.  A man in Hawaii was sitting on his deck/patio when he was struck on the shin by lava from the erupting volcano.  So reported, the injury was pretty severe as if there was some doubt, it's lava!  I don't know just how far a ball of lava can be hurled, but I'd bet most not over 1,000 meters.  That being said, if a lava flow was approaching your home, say 1,600 to 1,800 meters away, would you be stupid enough to sit on the deck/patio, watching it coming closer and closer?   Piss on this guy.

        2.  Washington state, USA.  Two cyclists, about 30 miles from Seattle, were attacked by a cougar.  The cat killed one guy and injured the other, the dead guy it dragged to it's den.  Using dogs, the big cat was tracked down and, of course, killed by wildlife officials.  

It was reported in this piece that there have been more cougar attacks in the western U.S. and Canada over the past 20 years than in the previous 80 years.   Folks, there are more people, they invade cougar country, destroy their habitat and kill or chase off their natural food supply, what do people think will happen???  Acting as if this were some big surprise or oddity is proving oneself to be a fool.

"Russia Today":
        1.  "RT" likes to take shots at Israel, the U.S.A .and the UK.  The latter two make these shots incredible easy.  (With Israel, they generally twist the facts a great deal to get the shot in.)  I wrote about the two toddlers that died in the UK because the courts sentenced them to death by denying them further medical treatment, even free stuff offered by the U.S.A. and Italy.

"RT" has run a piece about the homeless living very near where the royal wedding took place.  Homeless people, lacking adequate housing, food, opportunity.....but the UK has spent how many millions of dollars on the wedding between an ass and, based on what I've read, something of a whore?   I heard it was something like $43 million.   Kind of gives you a snap shot of what socialism is all about and that would be elitism.   Good move, UK.  Nice, accurate shot "RT".

        2.  So reported, a Swedish paper has warned that an invading Russia would become a "military nightmare."   NO KIDDING!!  Some journalist just astound me with their discerning abilities.  --Amazing!

"WA Today":  Two cops, a male and female, were working a routine stop location, checking for people who'd been drinking and behind the wheel.  The stopped a couple, the woman became extremely agitated and attacked the female cop.  The male cop went to her air and the man jumped him.  The two cops lost the battle, having a number of injuries, none life threatening.  The two crazy-ass citizens lost the war, they are looking a jail time over a simple stop that should have amounted to a "Thank you.  Drive safely".
         (The more I read from "WA Today", "Perth Now" and the "Brisbane Times", the more I'm convinced that Australia has MORE than it's fair share of crazy-ass people.  I don't ever want to got there.)

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Cuban 737 Crash; Texas School Shooting; Political Correctness, Karl Marx Would be Proud; Calling out North Korea

Seems there was a shooting at Santa Fe H.S. in Texas ("BBC", "Russia Today" & "Japan Times").  So reported in all, thus making me think they used the same source, one teacher was killed, nine students killed and 10 were wounded.  The shooter, a 17-year-old, was described as a "bullied loner" in the "JT" piece.

If school officials would crack down on bullies, some of this crap wouldn't happen.  If political figures would allow for mental health records to be released, as a tool, not as a weapon, some of this carp wouldn't happen.  Get ready for some more because neither is going to happen.

"Japan Times":  Pacific island nations, including Japan, are calling for concrete measures on the part of North Korea to denuclearize.  This isn't likely to happen.  They also called out North Korea for not adhering to sanctions imposed upon them.  Seems the Koreans are using the loophole, of sorts, to transfer cargos at sea.  Isn't this act as much the responsibility of the nation that allows their ships to transfer cargo to a North Korean ship??   It's all about the money.

"Russia Today" & "BBC":  A 373 crashed on takeoff from Havana, Cuba, killing over 100.  It was reported that three victims were taken to the hospital, one later died due to burns and trauma.  If the impact didn't get them, the fire would have.  A plane with a load of fuel on board makes for a big fire when it crashes.

The foolishness of political correctness stuck it's ugly head far above the clouds, Karl Marx would be proud.  Remember, Marx taught that if one, be it government or some movement, can control language (political correctness, stage one), then one can control thought (political correctness, stage two).  If one can control thought, one can control behavior (political correctness, stage three), and it's been working to perfection as people seem to be willing, foolish pawns in this game of control.  Let me give you a two examples I came across today:

"Cape Times":
        1.  A Univ. of Cape Town, South Africa, professor was discussing upcoming tests.  A muslim student asked him, in regard to the test that was from 5:00 to 7:00 pm, if it was okay for muslim students to break their fast --- this is Ramadan --- during that time.   The professor, with a bit of levity, said that he couldn't imagine that eating a five course meal with desert or just having a snack would disturb the many others taking the exam.  The student claimed this was insulting and the instructor had to apologize for his "inappropriate and disrespectful" remark.

No word was mentioned about how discourteous it would have been for some muslim to pig-out while others were taking a meaningful test.  No word about who should be the one assimilating into which culture.  It was all on the professor;  political correctness at play.

        2.  A Christian pastor, for the time being, has avoided jail time for a comment he made during a sermon, get this, back in 2014.  He stated that most pedophiles have a homosexual background.  This simple comment, perhaps with more than a bit of truth to it, has this guy facing 30 days in a South African jail, that's about six months in a U.S. jail.   Why?  Because some clown judge deemed his words hateful.  Forget the fact that, in part anyway, it's a factual comment (think Catholic priests for example).

The following has a touch of political correctness to it.

"Russia Today":  Turkey's foreign minister is calling on muslim nations to unite to keep nations from locating their embassies in Jerusalem.  And some nations, likely many, are wary of doing so as they don't want to offend the muslims.  WHY?  Do muslim nations have the right to tell other nations, sovereign nations, where they must place their embassies?  Do they have the power to do so? Well, with political correctness at play, the world seems to be rather insistent on kiss muslim ass, so they do have a certain amount of power.
    (I noted several times over the past year that Turkey, dictator Erdogan at the head of this beast, would be a threat to world stability.  It would seem I've been right up to this point.  Not just about this move but about a series of other moves, ties to Iran, bully tactics in Europe, threats toward Israel and Greece.  Make no mistake, Turkey is a danger to world stability.  Not talking about five years from now, I'm saying they are right now.  How and when they will act, no one knows.) 

Let's be honest.  If not for the greed of governments and businesses in Western nations, the U.S. getting the biggest booby prize for this, Russia and China, the muslim nations wouldn't have a tank, a jet fighter, a formidable warship and not much in the way of small arms.  Other than oil, these nations have produced precious little on their own, I mean short of violence.   It's Western companies that build factories, employ their people (Bangladesh for example), it's Western money that has rebuilt infrastructure after the bombs go off.  

Friday, May 18, 2018

Jihadists Claim 246 Victims; Six Months for Head Covering; Stricter Rules, Fewer Muslims; Paraguay Joins U.S. and Guatemala; Trump Did Not....; Good 'ol Alcohol

It was in a few media outlets about the globe, did U.S. Pres. Trump call all illegal immigrants "animals"?  The "New York Times" said he did as did other liberal media sources in the U.S.  Fact is, Trump did not call all illegals animals.  He was speaking about the MS-13 gang members when he called them "animals".  And I disagree with Trump, they are a lower form of life than any animal on the planet.  They kill, often for the thrill of it, rob, beat, torture, run drugs as they please, giving no thought about their vile behavior.  Almost never does an animal kill strictly for the sake of killing.  But this for anther time.  

The point to this is the liberal media's approach to advancing their agenda.  It would appear, and there is a huge pile of evidence to what I'm about to say, that the liberal media will lie, twist the truth, conveniently leave full statements out of a piece, ignore evidence, data, facts, proof if need be, so to make people believe what they say.  They know that their agenda is flawed, that it isn't good for a free nation and if they tell the truth, present the evidence, facts, data as it really is, people won't buy what they are selling.  Kind of makes them cowards as well as liars, doesn't it, hiding behind lies and falsehoods.

To defend the media outlets who ran with what they got from the U.S. liberal media, we all fall into that from time to time.  I try to be careful with what I present, try to verify, try to see if other outlets are presenting the same story, knowing they likely have a political agenda as well.  Sometimes I can only go with what I read.  
(Recently, in the Gaza violence, three media outlets from different nations gave the death total as 52, 55 and 58 and I've since read 60 from another source.  Same event, different "data".) 

"France 24": 
        1.  Paraguay is going to move it's embassy in Israel to Jerusalem at the end of this month.  Guatemala and the U.S., already have.  I don't think this will cause the stir that the move by the U.S. did, no one really cares what Paraguay does.  This is a sad comment, but it's true, Paraguay is not seen as a major player---but shouldn't their actions, beliefs, ideology, views, etc. be just as important as that of any other nation?

        2.  Paris.  Two muslim women have been detained for their suspected role in a deadly knife attack last weekend, no surprise to me.   It was noted in this article that jihadists have claimed 246 victims in France.    (Leaving it at that is a bit misleading, wouldn't you say?   The article noted that this number is since 2015, so 2016 and 2017 until today, 246 murdered in France by muslims.)  ---I'd say it's time to begin deporting muslims, shouldn't have let them in in the first place.  

"Russia Today":  Toulouse, France.  A French court sentenced a 37-year-old muslim woman to six months in jail, three months suspended, and with fines for refusing to remove her niqal, the full head covering but for the eyes and the wearing of this garb is illegal in France.

The story, a cop asked her to remove her niqal, she refused, he put her in the squad car.  She began to scream for help.  About 30 muslims came, got rough with the cops, warning shots were fired along with gas canisters.  The crowd then tore up some public and private property.  The woman then lied, despite photo evidence (typical muslim), saying she never had this head dress on at all.  

This is just another of numerous cases that again prove, we're talking verifiable action here, that the muslims refuse to assimilate into the culture of the nation to which they chose to move.  They want it their way and the liberal mindset is open to giving it to them; that will become a major regret.

I suggest, again, that the muslims, if they don't wish to assimilate, and they don't, they should slither back to whichever cesspool nation they left because they didn't like the lack of freedom, the oppressive government, the restrictive cultural norms.  
   (Reminds me of a run-in I had with a guy who moved his family from California to where I was teaching.  He said they made the move for their kids, as the California school system was horrible.  Then, when his kids weren't "getting" the "As" and "Bs" as they did in California but "Earning" the "Cs" and "Ds" in my class, he raised hell.  I remember one sentence he made verbatim, "Well, that's not the way we did it in California!"   I told him he should move back.  He nor the principal liked my statement of fact.)

"The Local--Denmark":  Stricter Danish rules will reduce the number of muslims being granted citizenship in Denmark.  The minister who leads the office has been tough on muslims as they've been a long source of trouble for the nation; too little, too late.  Too bad she was not on board years ago as she knew what they'd be like and she's been 100% right.   All of Europe, Australia and the U.S. knows but they've not the courage to begin deportation---and all will pay a heavy price for this error, some, like France has been paying for their error in judgement.

"Iceland Monitor":  This crime was the top story.  A man got on a bus, a bit intoxicated, went to the back of the bus and crashed.  As his stop came up, the bus driver went to the back of the bus to wake the guy up.  When he awoke, he became violent, attacked the driver, injuring the driver's arm.  The guy went to jail, the gift that often comes with too much good 'ol alcohol.
     (Wouldn't it be great that if such a story was the worst thing to happen in your nation or state or province on a given day?)

Thursday, May 17, 2018

30 Years--Sexual Assault; Ebola Fears in DR-Congo; Go Teachers!; Sinking Russia City; Cephalopods are Aliens??; Armageddon upon us??

"Bangkok Post": 
        1.  Portland, Oregon.  A federal jury has found Daniel Stephen Johnson, 40, guilty of multiple counts of sexual assault on orphaned children.  Seems Johnson ran an orphanage in Cambodia, thinking this would shield him from the law, it didn't.  He faces a minimum sentence of 30 years. Lucky for him that he was tried and sentenced in the U.S. and not Cambodia.

        2.  Along with other outlets, it seems that the volcanic eruption is getting a bit stronger in Hawaii.  Rocks, said to be the size of microwave ovens are being tossed about, raising the concern of a larger eruption.

        3.  With other others, the "Bangkok Post" ran a story about a California woman and her live-in who abused and tortured her 10 children.  They lived in very poor conditions, they were fired at by these two with a cross bow (scare tactic??), were splashed with scalding water......  The children will live with these scares, the physical and emotional for the rest of their lives.  As to the two "adults", take them out and execute them.

"Russia Today":  Berezniki, Russia.  This city was located above a potash mine during the Soviet years.   Like many decisions made during those times, it wasn't based on good information and now people are paying for it.   Beginning in 2006,  sinkholes began to open up and the city's 150,000 people began to worry, justifiably so.  Now they've huge holes taking down building, rail lines, threatening schools and hospitals.  So, things are being shut down and the results of poor decisions are being caught on video, worth a look if such is of interest to you.

In late April, teachers in several states began to tire of being the "whipping boys" and FINALLY stood up for themselves, recognizing their value to society and how they were being used.  They demanded more money for themselves and for their schools (the latter I have some disagreement) and they went on strikes, Colorado being but one state where teachers stood up for themselves.

State senator Bob Gardner (R), not caring for teachers with backbone, decided to put forth a law to punish them, put them in their place.  His idea was to ban teachers from striking and if they did, they could lose their jobs, be fined and even jailed.  All this for having the nerve to stand up for themselves.  (Perhaps Gardner should look of a job in China or Turkey, he'd fit right in with the power elite.)

His colleagues in the senate, even those of his own party, wouldn't back him and he killed his own bill.  When asked if he'd bring it up again, he, proving himself a fool, said it would depend on what takes place between now and next January.

Go TEACHERS!  Stand up for yourself, hang together and you have power.   WAY-TO-BE!

"Perth Now":  I found this one to be quiet amusing.  "Scientists", well a few in that community, are suggesting that cephalopods (octopus, squid, cuttlefish) are aliens.  Yep..........  Anyway, after a review of RNA and DNA, the piece went on to the Cambrian Explosion, a period where life diversified rapidly and dramatically on this little rock we call home.  So said, about 500 million years ago, organic material "rained down upon Earth..." and, well, it explains the existence of  the odd octopus and cuttlefish.   Amazing in that these people have nothing better to do with their time than to come up with material for another "Marvel Studios" movie.

"Cape Town News":  Cape Town, S.A., the Capricorn area. Officials went in and wiped out a bunch of sub-standard shacks.  This ticked the people off, so, rather than doing something constructive, they decided to torch businesses that they relied upon for goods and services, attack people who'd done nothing to them.   Brilliant move on the part of the thugs.

"Rio Times":  Brazil.  The next phase of military personnel patrolling the streets of Rio de Janeiro has begun.  The first phase, according to the piece, was more fact finding, analyzing the situation.  Now, more troops will come in, newer weapons, vests and vehicles will be employed to keep the people, well, the thugs/punks from misbehaving.  Often people bring their woes upon themselves.

"France 24" & "BBC News":  Democratic Republic of the Congo.  In this nation that is still having unrest internally, there has been a "new phase of Ebola..." outbreak.  It had been in remote areas, some 23 people dying from it, that were easily to isolate, keeping the virus from spreading.  Now, it's been reported that there is a known case in Mbandaka, a city of about 1 million people in the northwest.  What's more, it sits on the banks of the Congo river, a major transportation route.  To this point, 4000 doses of a new vaccine has arrived in the Congo, with more on the way;  4,000 doses for over a million potential victims.      
   (An African story?  No.  With a world of people who travel about a great deal, this, potentially speaking, has implications in all parts of the world.) 

About a week ago, there was an Op-Ed in "RT" about the actions of Trump and the Israelis bring about Armageddon, WW III, the end of Earth......     A day or so ago, "Perth Now" had some clown write a similar piece.

Let's accept a bit of reality.  It's not just two people or two nations who'll play a role, that is bear all the responsibility of a WW III, should or when it occurs.  Action or inaction by all the players, Russia, China, USA, EU, muslim nations, etc.,  will be a part of the progression to war.  ---Are we on the brink?  Who actually knows?  It does seem to be on the horizon but is this new?; think 1962.  ---While the political elite seem oblivious to what is happening and the possibility of a major war, most aren't foolish enough to want such an event and most aren't as stupid, as self-centered, as pompous as arrogant, as they sometimes appear. 

Will it happen?  I believe so as mankind can't go too very long without destroying that which they made.   With this, there is solid evidence to suggest that Earth, at some point and by some means, will undergo a drastic alteration.  Be it a large meteor striking the earth or a bunch of smaller ones, say football field size, or a super volcano eruptions, sparking earthquakes and small eruptions, be it a nuclear war brought on by some crazed political figure.  The Bible tells us that such will occur........  When will any of these events take place?  I haven't a clue.
     (Perhaps if it's a meteor shower, new alien lifeforms will come along and take over---this for the "scientists" studying the octopus, cuttlefish, squid.....)  

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Hypocrite or Right?; Not Recognized in Italy; Can't Wear That; NBA Playoffs

"The Local--Berlin":   A muslim woman teaching at a primary school was told she could not wear her head covering in the school.  Rather than assimilating/adapting, she sued and she lost.  Seems Germany passed a law that bans the wearing of overt religious symbols for state employees while on the job.  That being the verdict, she was told that she could wear it when teaching older students at a vocational school.  

"The Local--Italy":  A gay couple got married in another nation and returned to Italy to live as, what, man and man, wife and wife....?    They were told they were civil partners in Italy but were not in fact a married couple.  They took their beef to court and lost.   The top court in Italy said that the state will not recognize same-sex marriages performed abroad and that only civil partner status was possible.

"Russia Today":  Ireland's foreign minister has been called a hypocrite for not expelling Israel's ambassador over the Gaza fiasco but did kick out a Russia diplomat over the attempted murder of a former ex-spy and his daughter.  I think it's only Russia calling the F.M. a hypocrite and they fail to see the difference.  

The Palestinian terrorists brought the disaster on themselves, attacking Israeli troops with rocks, fire and anything else they could get their hands on.   It was self defense and nothing would have happened if the Palestinians could learn how to act like human beings.

The Russians brought the expulsion of their diplomat on themselves when they poisoned their former spy and his daughter is what amounted to attempted murder in a sovereign land.

Can't remember where I read it, but Seattle is, or has, levied a heavy tax against major businesses in their city to help pay for the homeless situation, food, shelter and the like.  Amazon and Starbucks are none to happy about this typically liberal move, robbing the rich to give to the poor but doing nothing of substance to actually help the poor improve their situation.

Like California and other liberal states and cities, they see no need to live within a budget, they see no reason to let working people keep more of what they make.  It's about the myth, the fa├žade of the "good of the whole", when the real objective is to keep them, the political elite, in power, in comfort.  It's kind of a magic trick or a clairvoyant or fortune teller, only the gullible believe it.

In the NBA playoffs, which up to this time I had no idea who'd made it nor how far along they were, seems to be nearing the end.  The semifinals are now under way, Houston, the top seed in the west, lost to the second seed Golden State in the first game of this series.  In the east, Cleveland, #4 seed, lost to the second seed Boston in game one of their series.  Who do I think will win it?  By my lack of knowing who was in it, it should be clear that I don't give a rat's ass; bunch of over-grown, spoiled brats playing a game.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Trouble in Gaza/Israel; India's Assault on Females; Bride's Family Questionable; Peace Corps

There was trouble in Gaza/Israel today with the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.  The trouble with the trouble is the press, questionable journalism.  Let me give you a few quick examples, keep in mind that which I found was at 6:00 pm CT, give or take a few minutes.

According to "Perth Now", 52 Palestinians, I'll call them terrorists as this is, in  part, what they are, were killed.  They tried to escalate their Gaza border violence while the cameras from countries near and far were rolling.  The Israelis weren't having any of this bullshit, so.......    Keep in mind, the Palestinians did nothing over the usual when Guatemala opened their embassy in Jerusalem a couple of weeks ago.  This was all about show and they got it.

"Japan Times" listed 55 Palestinians dead and also spoke of the violence.  This piece was a bit more balanced than the others noted here.

"Russia Today" ran a piece that listed the kills at 58 and 2,771 wounded.  As one would guess, the Russians took a cheap shot at the Israelis, calling this a "terrible massacre".  I guess they think that by describing a massacre as terrible it would garner more empathy for the Palestinians.  I've news for those on the "RT" staff, there has never been a warm and fuzzy massacre, all massacres are terrible, horrible, vile.  This actions leading to the deaths, be it 52, 55 or 58, was on the part of the Palestinians, they brought it on themselves, thus it wasn't a massacre, "RT", it was self defense.

"RT" also ran a story where Turkey's president/dictator Erdogan has accused Israel of genocide in the killing of the 58; he was just getting in on the act, makes him feel viable.   However, this was another misuse of a word to slant the truth.  I'm sure Erdogan knows what the word genocide means, after all, Turkey attempted this on the Armenians circa 1915.

Margot Kidder, the Lois Lane of the Superman movies has died at the age of 69.  She also acted with Richard Gere in "An Officer and a Gentleman", they did not like each other.  She had a good many personal issues, perhaps a combination of things led to them.  ("Japan Times" & "Perth Now")

"Perth Now":  Prince Harry of the UK may have gotten himself into a relationship that is doomed to fail.  Seems his soon to be wife, Meghan Markle has a bit of a past and her family seems to be a bit questionable.  She dated a porn actor for a while and then had more than a few male friends of questionable character.  Her dad, so reported, may not attend the wedding as he's been involved in some shady dealing with the paparazzi.  Her sister, painted as something of a brat/bitch, seems to be an attention seeker.  I can't imagine the Queen Mother finds all this amusing.   ---Sounds like it'll be quite the show.

"France 24": 
        1.  So reported, The Lancut medical journal did a study in India and found something more than a little disturbing.  It was said that 240,000 girls, newborn to age 5, die each year in India due to  neglect.  It seems that Indian parents prefer boys over girls and so they simply fail to give them the love, care, food, shelter, protection, medical care they deserve.   Combine this with the 1,000 or so brides killed each year and the reported 40,000 rapes per year (keep in mind "reported", the number is likely between 75,000 and 90,000, no one knows).  ----And American women are bitching about what exactly???   Where is Hillary Clinton, the self avowed champion of women in all of this???

        2.  France has rewritten is rape laws, trying to decide age of consent and what constitutes rape and what is necessary to prove a rape has occurred.  In the end, the law does not protect children and it's completely absurd.  Read it if you wish.  My tolerance for such foolishness has been wearing a bit thin as of late.

Just a quick note.  I did a quick check on violence against Peace Corps volunteers.  Want to take a guess as to which countries are most dangerous for female volunteers when it comes to sexual assaults?   ---Muslim nations, Jordan on the leader board in all categories.

Peace Corps should be shut down, it's outlived it's purpose, it's a great vacation, but can be hazardous to one's health.  While I enjoyed my experience, it's not for everyone and as young adult Americans seem to be so very immature today, it's a bad idea to send them overseas where they have to rely on themselves a great deal.