Sunday, February 18, 2018

Christian Church Stooting; $10,000 Fine for Croc Killing; Shooter Safety Tip for Kids; Determined Cow Gains Freedom; Italy's Upcoming Election

"Sunny Skyz News":  A man in Mississippi decided he'd do an experiment, how can kids, students in a school, take a step toward protecting themselves from a shooter.  His basic position, what do most kids carry?  Backpacks.  What's in backpacks, government issued textbooks.

Using a couple of different weapons, handgun (.45), assault rife, he set up a dummy, put the backpack on the dummy and fired three rounds from the various weapons at a close distance, like a shooter would in a classroom or hallway.  One round was stopped by the first of five books (books were actual textbooks, varied in thickness, two not very thick at all), the rifle round penetrated the first two books, entered the third but did not exit.

While this may not seem like much, it's better than nothing, could be the difference between life and death IF the kids are taught to use what they have as a defensive means.  (How many rounds will a shirt or blouse stop?)   A WAY-TO-BE to this chap, actually trying to help reduce the risk in an active school shooter situation, rather than crying about it.   Attempt to FIX the problem, plenty of time to find blame and cry about it later.  (VIDEO)
"Sydney Morning Herald":  Queensland.  A man was fined $10,000 but no recorded conviction, for killing a protected crocodile that measured 5.2 meters (about 17ft).  He could have been hit with a fine in excess of $28,350 but the judge went liberal.  He claimed the animal was taking his cattle and it may well have been.  However, crocs, after a large meal, can go a long, long time without eating again, so I question just how many cows this guy had lost OR was the killing of the croc a spur of the moment, act of foolishness; many of us have been there, done that in some way.
"BBC News":  Republic of Dageston, the city of Kizlyar (near Georgia), predominantly muslim population.  A shooter went to a Christian church and killed five and wounded five others, including two police officers.  The perp was also killed.  No reason given, not even said the guy was muslim but it's a good bet he was; pre-lent events, can't let those Christians celebrate their religious events but don't dare do the same to muslims.
"Sunny Skyz News":  Nysa, Poland.  A cow was shipped off to be slaughtered but she didn't go quietly.  When she got to the facility, she broke through a metal gate, so reported, and ran.  A guy went after her and when they tangled, he came away with a broken arm, she continued on with her escape.  She swam to an island and several attempts were made to catch her, get her on a boat, but she thwarted each.  Anytime someone went to the island to do battle with this feisty bovine, she'd attack, fend them off.   Finally, the cow's owner decided to have cops shoot her. 

It was at this point when a politician stepped into the fray.  He made it clear that he was not a vegetarian, not even a tree hugger, but he admired the courage and fight the cow put on display, a desire to live and a never quit attitude.  He said he'd buy the cow and she would be allowed to live her life out on the island, not fearing a premature death at the hands of anyone.  I like this,
WAY-TO-BE! to the cow and the politician.  
"The Local--Italy":  A right-wing coalition group leads polls in Italy's upcoming election.  Compristed of the centre-right Forza Lialia, with 16.8%, the anti-immigration Northern League, with 13.2% and the far-right Fratelli d'Italia, with 4.7%.  While not a parliamentary majority, they are still way ahead of their two closest competitors, the populist Five Star Movement, with 27.8% and the left-wing coalition, led by the current ruling Democratic Party, comes in third with a 27.4%.

If no group reaches a majority, which could be decided by the large number of undecided voters, then Pres. Sergio Mattarello can decide to keep the current government in place.
      (I do know that many Italians are unhappy with the current government, the left-wing folks and the seemingly open-door policy of allowing thousands of parasites -- migrants-- to flock into Italy to live off the work of the Italian people.   I understand the anger of the Italian people in this matter.)  

Friday, February 16, 2018

Final Note On Florida School Shooting; Nobel Winner now Complicit in Genocide; Sick Ritual on Young Girls; Russian Tampering B.S.; Federer #1; 400 "Quakes" Hit Iceland; Military Takeover

A day or so ago, I put out a list of things to consider to help reduce shooting, especially at schools.  I've another suggestion to add to the list.  IF a kid has a history of trouble in school and in his/her neighborhood, fights, getting suspended, burglaries, etc., that kid, when he/she turns 18, would not be allowed to purchase a gun until the age of 25.  Then, he/she would have to have a complete mental checkup by a licensed mental health professional.

Some will say, I'm denying this person their second amendment right, and these folks would be correct.  You see, with rights comes responsibility.  When one proves they are irresponsible, anti-social, violent, they lose some of their rights; prisons are full of such people.  

And one final note, it wasn't the gun/guns that killed the 17 and wounded 14 or whatever it was, it was this Cruz punk and he should be put to death immediately upon conviction.  With this final note, parents and others are looking to blame someone.  Look first to the punk Cruz and then to the FBI and local police.  They knew about this punk, had info from several sources and they fucked up, didn't do their jobs (all too common with the FBI these days), and some should lose their job over this one; 17 dead and 14 wounded reasons for firing some of these lazy, useless people.  ---Don't be blaming Trump, blame Cruz, blame those who get paid to protect America and it's citizens and failed miserably in the execution of their duties.
"France 24": 
        1.  This article shows that some folks just refuse to live in the 20th century, let alone the 21st century with the rest of us.  The piece is about a rather sick ritual that young girls must endure in the remote southern regions of Malawi.  When a girl reaches puberty, she is forced to have sex with a "hyena", that is, a man of the village chosen by the girl's family.  While illegal according to national law, this forced rape still goes on, girls still suffer.

        2.  Roger Federer is going to be the oldest man to become the ATF's number one singles player.  I wrote Federer off three, maybe four years ago, felt he was getting too old.  I felt he would be competitive for a couple more years then fade away or simply retire.  BOY was I wrong, on top the tennis world again.  ---While this means nothing, my apologies to Mr. Federer, always a class act.  And with this, WAY-TO-BE!
"WA Today":  A U.N. investigator has accused Aung San Suu, Nobel laureate and de facto leader of Myanmar, of "complicity" in the atrocities committed by Myanmar's military against Rohingya muslims.  This one time hero, champion for democratic rights in Myanmar, now finds herself with a placard about her neck with the word "genocide" on it.  She's not been charged, tried or found guilty in a court of law, but she's been convicted by the U.N.
    (And I note again, the Rohingya muslims have a lot of blood on their hands in Thailand, Malaysia
     and in Myanmar.  Not the innocent people the U.N. and pro-muslim media paints them to be.)
"Iceland Monitor":   Over 400 earthquakes, really just minor tremors, hit Grimsey Island in the span of 12 hours.  Three of those quakes were over 3.0 and these happened within 30 minutes of one another, I guess a bit unusual.  Iceland has over a thousand of such quakes a year, so saying Iceland has an earth tremor is like saying it snowed in Yellowstone N.P. in January; no big deal.
"BBC News":  
        1.  Growing gang violence in Rio de Janeiro has prompted the Brazilian government to put an army general in charge of overseeing security within that state.  The cops in Rio not all that honorable and I'd question the military to an extent.  I've said this before over the past year, if you're looking to vacation in South America, I'd suggest you not look to Brazil, especially the Rio de Janeiro area.

        2.  A 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked the Mexican state of Oaxaca.  This early report gave no details as to damage, injuries, etc., which is good journalism; this event happened, we've no accurate details at this time.   It was reported that some in Mexico City felt some shaking.
Now on to Russia's supposed tampering with the last U.S. election.  This is a waste of time and tax dollars.  The Russians indicted are never going to face any real penalties and this entire thing is a ruse, a smoke screen by the democrats to cover the illegal activity perpetrated by the Clinton gang, Obama, Comey, the DNC and others in the FBI and likely CIA who violated the law and should be jailed if found guilty.  To the "IF found guilty" part, they wouldn't be found guilty and, with this, Trump was never going to be impeached because of the false charges leveled against him by the democrats.  WASTE OF TIME AND TAX DOLLARS!

As to Mueller,he is a fool, a chump, a DNC pawn and this silly-ass game needs to come to an end.  The people who run the U.S. government need to grow-the-hell-up, do their job and stop playing money draining games that lead to nothing; bunch of assholes! 

---Folks, again, most power-player nations do this type of stuff, meddling in the elections of other nations, there is nothing new here, just another federal government waste of time and tax dollars.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Another School Shooting; Other Stuff: Identifies Killers Before Dying, Turkey's Erdogan, Day Zero pushed back, S. Africa's Zuma Out, Brazi drops interest rate

Given there has been another school shooting in the U.S., and this will dominate the news and watercooler discussion, I'll be short.  I would suggest that people be careful about what is being reported.  Before yesterday was over, many bits of information was proved false, and more questionable "journalism" after the fact is raising some questions, some of it out of "CNN", go figure.  SO, on to Other Stuff, then a touch related to the shooting:

From the "Cape Town News", rains have allowed for authorities to push "Day Zero" (shutting off water) back to June 4th.  The outlet also ran a story about flash floods killing nine people in the area.
With the good comes the bad.  Not always true but it is in this instance.

South African President Zuma is out, he's resigned, so reported in a few media outlets including the
"Cape Town News".  Zuma was and is a dirtbag.  He was anti-white, i.e., a racist and wanted to take more away from the white population that what has already been taken.  He was corrupt and not very good at running the nation, so no great loss.

Brazil has dropped it's interest rate to it's lowest in history, 6.75%, according to the "Rio Times".  Sounds a bit high to me, but I don't live in Brazil, so I'd think businesses are happy....for now.

"Rio Times":  Carnival left a gift behind, a reported 486 tons of garbage that was collected and dumped and/or burned.

In California, the bloodied body of a 19-year-old woman was found on a road by a motorist.  She was clinging to life and, just before she died, was able to tell authorities who did this to her.  They were people she knew and was comfortable enough to get into a car with them.  The guy was still in his teens, so reported, and the woman, the guy's girlfriend, was said to be 25.
Yesterday, I wrote about some of the more vile people of the past 88 years or so.  I left one off this list because I've been quite outspoken about him before, Turkey's Pres. Erdogan.  He, like Stalin, will go after opposition figures (Russia's Putin is good at this as well).  In today's world, keeping Erdogan's goals of being the Sultan, as some have described him, of a great Ottoman Empire, he must be a bit more covert in his actions.  As to motivation, most of it is about him being great but he does have a desire to be the one muslim leader to actually conquer Europe.  His methodology will involve passive aggressive behavior (over populating Europe with muslims, he's already stated this, it's on record), by employing a Hitler ploy, seek concessions by the west in exchange for "peace", and it will work.  And he's not afraid to use military force, and this will become clear in the not too distant future if conditions remain the same.  He's far more dangerous than North Korea's Kim Dung-un.
As to the Florida H.S. shooting,  as to many reports with iffy information flooded the airwaves that I simply turned the telly off.  Most media outlets, regardless of the nation you search, has run this story and the political aspect of the shooting is being hammered, Russians, Japanese, French, Brits, Aussies.......

We can talk about it, cry about it, listen to the liberals advance their political goals, using the blood of those killed, 17 was the last number I heard.  And, yes, the liberals in America will use the tears of the parents and friends of the dead.

I think it wise that every home, given the breakdown of morals, maturity, common-sense in America, have a firearm for personal and property protection.  That being said, I think it past the time, just ask the families of those needlessly killed, that steps, some unpopular, be taken to help reduce the number of attacks and the number of casualties when an attack occurs, and, as I've said numerous times, there will be other such attacks/shootings.

So, rather than crying about the deaths, I submit for discussion the following to reduce the number and severity of such attacks.  I prefer to try to fix the problem rather than to seek someone to blame, which will be prevalent over the next several days.

1.  No person under the age of 15 shall be allowed to use a weapon, period.
2.  Persons from 15 to 18 must have an adult with them when they use a weapon and that person
     must have completed a gun safety course.
3.  All people who have a weapon must take a gun safety course and carry proof if they carry the
4.  This one is going to be even more unpopular, make it illegal for kids under 18 to buy or play
     video games that promote violence, and there are many such video "games", which I maintain
     helps to desensitize young people to violence, hell, these games makes killing seem "cool"; I find
     these games to be really sick and the production of them completely irresponsible, but just
     personal opinion.
5.  Go after the street gangs with a zeal never before seen. Make being in a gang--let me go with
6.  Another very unpopular view, and keep in mind, I support gun ownership, assault weapons would
     be illegal in the hands of citizens not affiliated with the military or a police unit; police dept.,
     FBI, ATF, Border Patrol, DEA, U.S. Marshalls......
7.  Semi-automatic handguns can not be purchased by anyone under the age of 30 if not associated
      with a law enforcement agency.
8.  Schools need to teach social behavior, civics, critical thinking, self-control classes.
9.  Those with mental issues, a history of violence would not be allowed to own a weapon until
     cleared by a professional in the mental health field.
10.  IF a student under the age of 18 is found with a gun on a public school campus, speaking only of
      grade school, middle school and high school, private or public, the weapon is confiscated, the
      parents fined.  Not a huge fine, but an "attention getter" fine, say $250 or so.  The child is
      suspended for three to five days, counseling to be a part of that suspension.
11.  If a student, speaking of grade school, middle school, high school, is 18 or over takes a
      weapon to school they pay the fine, their weapon is confiscated and they are expelled.  Yes,
      expelled for the rest of the year. (Too harsh?  How harsh is it that 14 to 20 parents must be told
      their child was killed in a school shooting?)
12.  If a non-student who is not state authorized to carry a weapon on school grounds, is caught on a
       public school campus (grade, middle, high school) with a weapon, the weapon is confiscated
       the fine can be, not necessarily so, but can be up to $1,000, situational here (could be an honest
13.  Like misusing a car to the point to where your license is suspended, if one misuses a firearm,
       poaching, random shots in celebration, felony menacing, you lose your second amendment right
       to a gun for a specified amount of time, severity of the infraction the deciding factor.  The
       firearm, confiscated and sold (as I believe cars should be for those who continually abuse their
       driving privilege).

Nothing but discussion points but it's not political bullshit, these are attempted fixes to a problem that is way out of control; we've no time for political bullshit in this matter.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

U.S. Destroys Russian T-72; United Flight 1175 Loses Engine Covering; Going Sleeveless Undermines Credibility; Kim, Hitler, Stalin, Mao & Pol Pot

Just watercooler stuff:

"BBC":  Seems a former Canadian P.M., Kim Campbell, doesn't feel women should go sleeveless when reporting the news when on television.  She stated that it, "...undermines their credibility and gravitas."    She went on to say that when one, referring to women, wears more, they look smarter.

This didn't sit well with many readers, many being angry.  For myself, I could not possibly care what a news team wears on the air.  It's about the accuracy of the news and how it's presented, NOT what attire is on display.  As to what people deem as appropriate, when Michelle Obama wore shorts on Air Force One, when she went sleeveless, she was criticized.  I, NOT a fan of the Obamas, defended her, she should, and did, wear what she damned well pleased; go nude for all I care. (Yes, this applies to the likes of Nancy Pelosi,  Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Rosie O'Donald, Oprah Winfrey, Lindsey Graham as well, but I'd prefer it -- and be quite grateful -- if they didn't.)

What it comes down to is not the skin color or religion or political affiliation or sexual orientation or occupation or ethnicity or nationality or what one wears or ones physical appearance or...., it's about the content of one's character, M L King should come to mind.  I find it all too often that people of low character, little integrity, people who are inept and incompetent, etc., often hide behind suits and pant suits and jewelry and........
"France 24":  Pres. Macron has said that France will strike in Syria if it can be proven that chemical weapons are being used.  Good that he wants proof before taking action.  Too bad he wants France involved in a war that doesn't really concern them, much like Russia and the U.S.
"Russia Today":  A unit of U.S. Special Ops forces, working as "advisors", called in an airstrike, drone, to take out a Russian T-72 tank that attacked their position.  It was called a defensive strike, much like the one that killed 100 or so pro-government forces on February 7.

First, there are no "advisors" in this situation.  Much like the "advisors" Kennedy put in Vietnam, this can only lead to escalation of hostilities and involvement.  The U.S. is wasting money, which it doesn't have, human resources and materials.  What's more, there is no chance of a full U.S. victory.
 (Am I the only person about who finds it highly offensive that people from that region, i.e., the middle-east, who are of military age, flee to Europe and the U.S. and Australia, while these westerners fight their battle for them?  And while the western powers are fighting their battles, they feed off the people of the west and plot to kill them as well.  Those of the west really are the fools who follow the fools.) 
"Sydney Morning Herald":  United flight UA1175, San Francisco to Honolulu, lost an engine covering during the flight.  Some short but interesting video is available.  All ended well in Honolulu, no injuries, maybe some soiled under garments and elevated heart rates but nothing more.
Pres. Zuma of South Africa and Israel's leader Ben Netanyahu are both in trouble for various things, this in several media outlets.
I heard some folks talk the other day about how similar Adolph Hitler and Kim Jong-Un are as to their desires.  These folks, people I know, are well educated and pretty bright people but I disagree.  To simplify, let me quickly explain my view person by person, adding a few other bad guys.  (Could go into some detail but few read this and they are smart enough to evaluate each in detail as well, so this but a kick-off to the discussion for the watercooler......)

A. Hitler was involved in WW I and he was not happy with the way Germany was treated after the war.  His goals were to 1) make Germany great again and 2) to expand Germany's power so to influence the world, securing Germany's place in the world.  Certainly, he probably wanted world control and perhaps at some point, he entertained that possibility.  Naturally, he wanted to be the top dog in this "Utopia" he had for the German people---well, the German people who agreed with him.
Hitler's motivation in the beginning, make no mistake, was that he want the best for Germany and the German people.

Kim Jong-Un (or Kim Dung-un, my preference) has no illusions of world dominance for North Korea.  He'd like to see a united Korea, but he's content with being the biggest fish in the little pond.  Oh, he splashes the water about, but I don't believe he's foolish enough to try to conquer the far east.  Unlike Hitler, Kim has NO concern or compassion for the North Korean people, they are simply there to worship him, to provide for him.  Kim's motivation is keeping himself as top dog.

Joe Stalin, much worse than Hitler when it came to brutality and psychopathic tendencies, was a combination of Hitler and Dung-un.  He wanted a world power for Russia but he wanted absolute power for himself, and this perhaps superseded his desires for Russia.  Stalin would have someone kill any one he perceived as a threat to him, even allies.  Hitler, did so, but not as readily nor as frequently as did Stalin, not even close.  Dung-un, doesn't give ordering someone killed any more thought than swatting a fly.

Mao Tse-tung of China was one sick individual, sadistic, violent, watched executions with glee; and he had a lot of very sick fun.  I think he was content ruling China with a blood covered iron fist.  By restricting his perverted ideology and methodology to China, he felt the rest of the world would leave him alone and he could do as he pleased; and he did.

Pol Pot, Cambodia was much like Mao, ruthless, blood-thirsty, sadistic, psychopath......  Methodology matched Mao's, ideology was similar, motivation much the same, be the top dog in an isolated nation.  Didn't work for him and was devastating to Cambodia, still is with all kinds of unexploded mines.  (U.S. left a lot of unexploded munitions about Cambodia as well.)

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

College Basketball

As the last two days had some interesting articles from about the globe, no one seemed interested, I'll go with the mindless today, college hoops and a quick look at some characters the earth has endured.

College Hoops --- MEN.  ---There are eight teams that have put together really good seasons to this point.  The national champions will likely be one of these teams save Rhode Island, which has the same chance of winning the national championship as does Creighton or Arizona State, good teams but with no real shot.  So who are the seven?

1.  Virginia is currently at 23-2, but they, like all the others, not as untouchable as a top team wants
      to be.  Then again, no team this year is certain to make the quarter finals, but this team looks like
      a good bet to make it that far.
2.  Michigan State, 24-3, should be banned from competing given the conduct of some of their
     players, but money talks and they will play.  Should they be #2 as of now?  Certainly.  Are they
     a good pick to make it to the quarterfinals?  Yes.  Semifinals?  A fair bet.  Championship?
3.  Villanova, 23-2.  Very good, but can be had.
4.  Xavier at 23-3.  They don't get the ink that the top three get but these guys can play but they, like
     all the others, not a sure bet.
5.  Cincinnati, 23-2.  Like Xavier, quietly sitting in a good spot.
6.  Purdue, 23-4, is a blue-collar team and they'll make waves but will find it hard to reach the last
7. Texas Tech at 21-4, is very similar to Purdue, a dark horse candidate for the final four.
8.  The two major polls have Ohio State here, at 22-5.  They should not be higher than #9, which is
     where Gonzaga finds itself.  You see, Gonzaga has a better record, 23-4 AND they crushed
     Ohio State this season, 86-59, so, better record and a head-to-head victory; ass kicking really.
     Does either team have a shot at the championship game?  Yes, but not a good chance; wouldn't
     put a penny on it.
10.  Auburn, they've a long-shot at making it to the final dance.

Rhode Island, #16, as noted, has an impressive record but they'll probably not see the "Sweet 16".  Nevada is the same, currently in at #24 (21-5), dark horse to see the quarter finals.

Oklahoma is in at #23 with a 16-8 record and they are over ranked.  They've some hotdog, Trae Young may be his name, who is a ball hog, a glamor boy, and he thinks he's a one-man team.  As a result, his numbers are up there, but the team in losing and the other guys on the team don't seem to give a damn about being this guy's props.


1.  Univ. of Connecticut; UConn.  Undefeated, 24-0, again at this time of the season, this machine
     just keeps working.  I watched them play Texas and they had a tough time with the Longhorns.  I
     Watched them play #4 Louisville last night and they dismantled a very good Cardinal team.  That
      being said, are the UConn Huskies the odds on favorite for another title?  No. Favored perhaps,
      but not a sure bet if there is such a thing other than death.
2.  Mississippi State, 26-0.  As some will recall, it was Mississippi State that beat UConn in the
     semifinals last year and this team is better than they were last year.  I've watched them a couple of
     times and they are good.
3.  Baylor, 23-1.  They'll be able to give anyone a game and have a shot at the title game.
4.  Louisville, now 25-1 after losing to UConn last night.  They are as fast as UConn but not as
     quick, as big and no team is more team oriented, men's, women's, pro, college, high school, than
     the Huskies.  Basketball is a team game at both ends of the court and UConn does it better, year
     after year, than anyone.  Can this Cardinal team reach the championship game?  You bet.  Will
     they?  We'll all find out in a month or so.
5.  Notre Dame, 23-2.  They were hammered by Louisville earlier, but they did not fold as a team,
     this a good sign.  Shake off a bad game, do what you know you're capable of doing and you'll
     be the threat that you know you are; they too have a shot at the title game.
6.  Texas, 20-4, is big, good on defense, shoot reasonable well, and they rebound well.  They are a
      threat but I don't think they can run with any of the five teams above them.
7.  UCLA at 21-4.  Good team but good enough to hang with the top five, I don't think so.  Physical
     enough to battle Texas?  I don't think so.  This Bruin team seems to be the first in line for the
     tournament's dark horse; semifinalist perhaps.
8.  South Carolina, defending national champs at 20-5.  Still very good and they'll make a solid run
     to defend their title.  They've two problems, they aren't as good as last year and they'll have every
     opponent looking to knock-out the defending champions. Certainly a shot at the final four.
9.  Oregon, 23-4.  Look at UCLA, same outlook.
10.  Maryland, 22-3, a quarterfinalist at best.  Don't see them good enough to make it to the semis.
11.  Tennessee, 21-4, much like Maryland.
12. Florida State, 21-4, same boat as #10 and  #11.

Green Bay, 22-2, and Belmont, 24-3, have much to be proud of, good seasons, ranked, #19 and #24 respectively, but neither team will likely see the quarter finals, "Sweet 16" their best hope, and this is something of which to be proud.

Keep an eye on injuries, animosity on the team, like Oklahoma albeit they'll not admit to it, arrests (Michigan State men's comes to mind), etc.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Brazil's Refugee Problem; Can't be a Virgin if White; Man vs. Snake; Russian Crash, No Surviors; WW II Bomb Shuts Down London City Airport; Sewage Shuts Down Beaches

"Rio Times":  Venezuelans are flooding into Brazil's northern regions, Roraina and Boa Vista are getting a good many, a full 10% of Boa Vista's population is now comprised of refugees, so reported.  The Brazilian government has promised the local governments more support to take care of these uninvited people.  

Not too long ago, a U.S. media outlet aired a story about Venezuelans flooding into Colombia.  It wasn't but a few years ago when Colombians were trying to get into Venezuela, only to be stopped and turned back; shoe is on the other foot.  --Socialism, a complete and total failure for Venezuela.
"BBC":  London City Airport was closed after a WWII bomb was found in the Thames River near the roads about the facility.  The thing about the weapons of war, they never seem to go away, always finding bombs, grenades, landmines......   It was maybe 10-12 years ago that some worried about the munitions on board sunken WWII ships.  Once they rust through, they'll give off toxic substances.

Perhaps there is a better way to fight wars, I've suggested this before.  Take the top 50 national leaders of those nations who wish to engage in a war, put them on a deserted island, give them a day's supply of water and food and a knife.  Let them kill each other and the last one standing, his/her nation wins the war; bragging rights.  This way, it's those who start the wars who pay the price of war, no one else at the time of the war, no one else 65 years or more later.
"Russia Today":  
        1.  A regional airliner went down about 80 kilometers (50 miles) southeast of Moscow, near the town of Argunovo.  Hundreds of rescue workers are combing the area, as to this report, all 71 people on board were killed, 65 passengers and 6 crew members.

At least one said there was a ball of fire, an explosion, early speculation and engine blew on the
AN-148, a high-wing, twin engine jet.  After the investigation, perhaps the cause will be more clear.
("WA Today", "BBC" and "Japan Times" also ran this story.)

        2.  Ahmed Abdoule, 33, a Somali national, raped a British teenage girl, knew her as a neighbor.
She told him she was a virgin in hope he'd stop the assault which involved him using a sharped stick held to her throat.  His response to her virgin statement, this a direct quote from the article,  "you cannot be, your are white."  And there you have the muslim opinion of white girls, infidels, lesser beings.  He also told her he was going to "punish" more girls.  ---The judge, upon conviction, handed down an 11 year sentence, which he'll not have to serve all.  I'd have him assisted from a chopper at 3,500 feet while 50 miles off the coast.
"Bangkok Post":  Philippine's President Duterte always speaks his mind.  He has said he was going to shut down a popular tourist destination, Boracay Island, known for beautiful beaches and blue water, because when you go into the water, you come out and you "...smell like shit..."--Duterte's words.  This is an accurate assessment as human waste, raw sewage, has been pumped into the waters, admittedly so by local officials.

Folks, it's not the only place.  Go to the Greek islands and you'll see sewage lines headed out to deeper waters.  I read about one British surfer who surfed British waters.  He stated that he and all the surfers knew they were surfing in shit.
"WA Today":  Central Queensland.  A 34-year-old man, his name withheld, was working cows from his motorbike.  He, not sure if intentional or not, ran over a very large (7 ft.) and venomous brown snake.  The snake, apparently a bit perturbed by being run-over as it was minding it's own business, reared up and sunk it's fangs into the man's lower leg.  The guy crashed the motorbike, had to pull the still attached snake from his leg and was able to summon help.   After his flight-for-life chopper ride, he was said to be in poor condition.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Cape Town Not Alone With Water Issues; Student Corrects Professor; Like a Broken Record--Another Osprey Part Falls Off; Ohio Officers Killed--911 Call.

"BBC News":  Cape Town, South Africa residents rejoiced when they got a rain of 0.3 inches, so reported.  Not much but when you're taps are about to go dry come April 12, every drop counts.  BUT Cape Town is not alone when it comes to water issues, that is not enough water.  The article listed 10 cities that have, are and could shortly face severe water shortages for the citizens.

1.  Sao Paulo, Brazil.  With 21.7 million people, the city was down to 20 days of water in 2015.  Water trucks had to have armed escorts so to get water to the city's residents and this could happen again.

2.  Bangalore, India.  A recent study indicated that 85% of the water about the city was only fit for irrigation and industrial cooling.  Any other use put people at risk, no mention of domestic animals and wildlife in this article.

3.  Beijing, China.  A 2015 study indicated that 40% of Beijing's surface water was not even suitable for agricultural or industrial use.  Columbia University did a study that showed a 13% decline in China's water reserves between the years 2000 and 2009.  China has only 7% of the world's fresh water but has 20% of the world's population.  Just these three statements shows that China as a whole is in a bad way when it comes to water and Beijing may be leading the pack.

4.  Cairo, Egypt.  The Nile River is highly polluted with untreated industrial and residential waste, freely being dumped into the river that supplies Egypt with 97% of it's water.  Bit of a problem.

5.  Jakarta, Indonesia.  With a city of 10 million people, there is a demand for water, which means water systems.  Not the case in Jakarta, so reported, where only half the people get water that is piped in via city water lines.   The rest dig wells and as a result, the aquifers are being drained.  Yes, it rains a good deal but there is much run-off due to all the buildings and cement surfaces in such a large city.
6.  Moscow, Russia.  The city gets, according to the article, 705 of it's water from surface sources.  Much of the surface water in and near cities is polluted primarily due to Soviet era industrial practices and some iffy agriculture and industrial practices even after the collapse for a good many years.  It was said that 35% to 60% of the water in Russia is not up to sanitary standards.  (Russia has 25% of the world's fresh water)

7.  Istanbul, Turkey.  Water scarcity is a real concern, so reported "local experts."  This could happen by the year 2030, give or take.

8.  Mexico City, Mexico.  Right now, so stated in the article, many Mexico City residents are already seeing a problem with water availability.  About 20% get water from the tap in their home only a few hours each week and another 20% have running water for only a part of the day.

9.  London, U.K.  London gets 80% of it's water from the Thames and Lee Rivers.  You ever see the Thames River?

10.  Tokyo, Japan  Ran out of paper when writing down my notes, so................
"Japan Times":  Like a broken record, another part which fell off a U.S. Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey was found drifting in the water near Okinawa.  The 13 kilogram (27.6 pounds) was from one of the engine's air inlet and it was confirmed by U.S. military personnel that the piece had recently fallen off the aircraft.

Japanese officials on Okinawa are irate.  They've about had enough of U.S. military aircraft losing parts over their schools, parks, businesses, etc., putting people, their citizens, on the ground at risk.

I take a bit of a different stance.  I don't want to see any more U.S. military personnel die or get injured due to this piece of shit aircraft, plagued with problems from day one until now.  And why are aircrews, troops and Japanese citizens placed in harms way?  Because high ranking U.S. military officers and some in Congress are too cowardly, too stupid, too foolish, too arrogant to admit they made a HUGE mistake, MAJOR blunder, in ordering this death trap to be made for the U.S. Marines and likely others. --And the U.S. taxpayers continue to pay for the aircraft and parts.
(I've asked this before and I ask it again, who is performing the maintenance on the Marine aircraft on Okinawa?  Who is the maintenance officer?  Where are the aircraft engineers?  Who the hell is the base commander?)
"Russia Today":  Two Ohio police officers were sent out on a domestic violence 911 call.  The report said they were "met with gunfire immediately upon arrival."  Could it be that this was a planned attack, using the 911 call as the lure?   It wouldn't be a first.  God help their families get through this.
"Perth Now":  A 27-year-old student living in Idaho, Ashley Arnold, was taking classes from Southern New Hampshire University.  She wanted to do a paper on social media use in Australia and when she turned it in, she almost failed.  Why?   Her professor, while agreeing Australia was indeed a continent, got on her for identifying Australia as country, thus, her basic premise was flawed.  Ms. Arnold assured the professor that Australia was both a continent and country.  This challenge to the professor's superior knowledge pissed the professor off and she assured Ms. Arnold that Australia was not a country.  Eventually, Ms. Arnold provided proof to the professor that Australia was both continent and country. She, the professor, then raised Ms. Arnold's grade to a B+.

Not the end of the story.  The media got wind of this idiot professor's email exchange and the university has suspended her.  The Southern New Hampshire then sent a bit of apology to Australia, wished them luck in the Olympics.

In grad school, I had a black female professor who hated men and whites and she made this clear damned near every class meeting.  My problem was that I was the only white male in the class.  Another student once asked me before class if I was ready for my weekly beating.

Anyway, I challenged this woman, she just another of many blacks with an affirmative action degree, on a stance she took.  She was pissed.  THEN I provided the proof and this pissed her off even more and I knew my receiving a degree at that point was not looking good.  So, I went to the department chair, told him what happened, what I endured every meeting and told him that I'd sue the university if I did not get the grade I deserved.  She backed down, didn't speak to me unless absolutely necessary and I left with degree in hand.   ---To the university's embarrassment, they actually promoted this racist, sexist bitch a few years later.  

Lesson.  America's colleges and universities are filled with instructors/professors who don't know their ass from a hole-in-the-ground OR they hold to a belief and ideology and, even when proven wrong, they cling to it, seeing themselves as gods.  Little wonder people do not see the value in a U.S. college education today, haven't for a while, and that U.S. students come out more screwed up than when they first entered.  ---Your want to battle a professor, you'd better be willing to take it to court, literally speaking.

(I assure U.S. college professors, students, those in the U.S. Congress, that the cities and nations/countries noted in the first piece are actual cities, actual nations/countries.)