Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Honor Killing; Guru Facing 10 to Life; Nominee Not Supported by All; Dallas Cop Shooting; Question for Brits and Socialists

Yesterday, late afternoon, two Dallas police officers went to a Home Depot store to help deal with what was said to initially be a shoplifting matter.  It was found that the perp, Juarez Armando, had a couple of outstanding warrants, one on felony charges.  Armando, took a bad situation and made it much worse for himself and everyone else, he shot the two officers and another man.  The officers are in really bad shape, one isn't expected to make it.   Armando then went on the run, driving dangerously through neighborhoods, wrong way stuff........

His grandmother said he was a good boy until he started running with a bad crowd, his choice, didn't THINK (not the first time for Armando, I would argue).  ---Three people, all just doing their jobs, have been gravely injured, their families and friends worried sick, the colleagues angry, worried, wondering as well.

Personally, I would have shot this asshole went he was caught.  Now he's going to cost society even more in a trial and jail time.  It can be maddening at times, can it not??

"Russia Today":  When Gina Haspel was nominated for CIA Director, a lot of folks thought this a good thing, well qualified, experienced.  But that was the U.S. media that I listened to for information.  This article, and I believe it, noted that over 100 retired U.S. generals and admirals do not want this woman as the CIA boss.  They charge her with being "intimately involved in torture" and it was noted that some media sources called her the "queen of torture".   Makes me wonder if she's not a psychopath.

I don't believe in torture to get information.  I, having written this before, believe that all one has to do is to take a number of detainees, terrorists, whatever, up in a slow airplane or chopper, say 50 miles out to sea, maybe 4,000 feet.  Ask your questions. If the first detainee refuses to speak, strip them, toss them off the aircraft.  At some point, one will likely talk.  If they don't, then you have fewer detainees/terrorists with which to deal, house, feed........  Simple.  No torture, no mess -- is this a bit psychopathic?  In that business, I think most have a touch of it in their being.

"Bangkok Post":  India.  Spiritual guru, Asumal Harpalani, who goes by Asaram Bapu, age 77, is facing 10 years to life for raping a 16-year-old girl.  Seems she came to him to rid herself of an evil spirit and he did his thing.   Apparently, Harpalani isn't the only one of these self-styled preachers to take advantage of those coming to them seeking help;  kind of like the issue in the Catholic Church.

It was said that rape of young girls is so bad in India and public outcry so loud, that a law has been passed that rape for girls 12 and under gets one a death penalty.  I've no problem with this so long as the police do a good job of investigation of accusations/charges.  A false report, convicted wrongly and sentence carried out is irreversible.  

"The Local--Italy":
        1.  Sana Cheema moved to Italy and became a citizen.  Her father brought her back to Gujrat, Pakistan to marry the guy of his choice.   The family of the chosen man rejected Cheema, the reason not specified, but it was suspected that she wanted to marry a man in Italy.

Locked away, Cheema went on a hunger strike, so claims the family, she became ill and died.  Italian officials aren't so sure that this wasn't one of hundreds of honor killings that take place in Pakistan each year.  You embarrass your family, "dishonor" them and they may well kill you.  Sounds reasonable ---- if you're a lunatic or a muslim in Pakistan.

        2.  An earthquake registering 4.2 hit central Italy, near the small town of Acquaviva di Collecroce.  Some minor damage to buildings and nerves.

Yesterday, I wrote about another toddler who was sentenced to death by a High Court judge.  Aflie Evans, as I recall the 23-month-old's name to be, was ill, a hospital in Rome, Italy was set to take him at no cost and a judge denied it.  The gist of the judge's argument, the lad was British, he was owned by Britain and the High Court has the final say.  Good ol' socialism.  I've a question for all Brits all socialists and the judges on the High Court.   IF the newest, or any of the "Royal" children were to become gravely ill and the family wanted to keep trying to save their life, would you deny them as you have two others in recent times?????

"Perth Now":  A medieval Chinese coin, dating back to about 900, was found in Cheshire, England, it being about 2.5cm, so pretty small and it was well worn.   HOW did it get there was the focus of the article.   Could the Chinese have really been on the island that long ago?    ----All about nothing.  If it's Chinese, as reported, and I'll give them that, may the coin have been brought to the UK by a British citizen who obtained it, perhaps illegally, when visiting Hong Kong years ago?  

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Death Warrant for Toddler; Bureaucratic Nonsense--YOU PAY; Other Stuff: Iran Threatens U.S.; Toronto Mass Killing; Rapper Missing; Waffle House "Hero"

We all know that Bernie Sanders is a socialist and, if honest, most democrats in political office right now, Gov. Jerry Brown of California, Cuomo of New York, Hickenlouper (whatever) of Colorado the mayor of NYC, Oakland, California,  Congress members like Schumer, Durbin, Waters, Pelosi,  Wyden........are all socialist to some extent.  Big government to control your every move, to take most of your hard earned dollars for unnecessary and even foolish programs that are run inefficiently, ineffectively.  

Even with the knowledge that it was the liberals, Lenin, Stalin and others who pushed Russia to Communism, and what happened to and is still happening to Cuba under their one-party (meaning an oligarchy/totalitarian gov't) socialist system, the impact of socialism on Venezuela and the rigid regime of North Korea, etc., many young Americans and some power hungry older Americans, long for, beg for, push for socialism in America.  

From the "BBC", another example of the touch of socialism on a society.  Mr. Justice Hayden of the High Court, presided over a hearing that amounted to a death warrant for toddler Alfie Evans, 23 months of age.  His parents were fighting a losing battle, but it was their child they were fighting for.  Like a case not long ago in the UK where socialized medicine is in place, this child had a hospital outside the UK willing to fight for the child's life.

A hospital in Rome, Italy, with ties to the Vatican, said they'd take the lad and try to save his life, the life the UK doctors and judge affectively said wasn't worth saving (good democrats...or socialists).  But in a socialistic system, be it called so or not, the individual has no rights over such.  The judge, Hayden, said, "Alfie is a British citizen, he is undoubtedly habitually resident in the U.K.  He falls therefore under the jurisdiction of the High Court."   -----Do you understand what this judge told the world?   If you are a citizen of the U.K., it is the court, i.e., an arm of the government that holds your very life in it's hand.  

It seems every government on the planet feels this way about the people who make up their respective nation.  In the U.S., the government tells you where you can and can't travel (Cuba for instance for such a long period of time and even now restrictions are back in place).  Does this sound "FREE" to you?  Doesn't to me.  Take a look at what's happening to white citizens of South Africa today.  Germany.  Italy.  Venezuela. Cuba ................................

For those in America who long for socialism to run their lives, by all means, leave the U.S. for a nation that already employs socialism.  Leave America's freedom, or what little is left of it, alone.

I walk a 40-year-old woman with severe cerebral palsy, read to her, work her arms to music and this gives her 80-year-old adoptive mother a break a couple times a week.  I try to give her some control in decision-making by using her hands to tell me which direction she wishes to go and for "YES" and "NO" questions.  It's the best I can come up with as I've no training in working with people this severely handicapped; unimportant.  This 40-year old, can't speak, has the mental abilities of a 5-8 year old so I've been told.  I find this to be inaccurate based on her response to conversation so, up to 12-13 at times, depends on the day. 

A few months ago, it was found by the state that when this 40-year-old turned 18, no guardianship was sought by her mother.  So, for 22 years, all went smoothly but with the discovery, the bureaucratic machine kicked in to fix that which wasn't broken.   Tomorrow, with a state appointed lawyer, this 40-year-old will "decide" to stay with her mother or strike out on her own; ---you've got to be kidding me!

One would think that if this hearing, which is costing the tax payers plenty (lawyer, judge, court time, etc.) is going to produce a reasonable conclusion, the lawyer would have done an investigation to determine if all was well, taking to neighbors, the folks at the state who over see the living conditions (all very good) and to people like myself who work with her, is in the home on a regular basis.   But NO.  To satisfy the bureaucratic machine, the process is all that is necessary to satisfy them, has nothing to do with reason, logic, good or bad.  And again, YOU PAY for this nonsense.  If done right, it's not nonsense, but this is simply being done for the machine.


1.  Western Australia.  A family dog, not out, not doing anything to anyone, was used as bow and arrow practice by some punks.  No reason for this vicious, brutal, sick, cruel, mindless attack, a shame on mankind.  Perhaps the same should be done with those responsible.  ("WA Today)

2.  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 19 report.  Robberies rose to a record number even with military police taking on police duties.  ("Rio Times")

3. Toronto, Canada.  Alek Minassian was arrested in the mass killing of people who were minding their own business, people who'd done nothing to him.  His weapon of choice, like many terrorists, was a van, ran them down, killing 10 and injuring 15.  It was said that he was a muslim in any of the outlets that I checked (three had the story), it seems most likely that he was muslim.  ---Perhaps high school kids should walk out of class in protest until all trucks and vans are taken off the streets. ("BBC", "France 24", "Japan Times")

4.  James Shaw, Jr., the Waffle House "hero", gets a WAY-TO-BE from me for two reasons.  First, he went after the shooter, took a minor hit and still ran the punk out.  Second, for his honesty.  He has said he isn't a "hero" as he did it not for the sake of the other people but to save himself.  This took integrity and integrity is something woefully lacking in America today.  He could have taken the "hero" label and ran with it, but he went with honest.  Make no mistake, Mr. Shawhas courage, what's more, he has integrity.  Again, WAY-TO-BE!

5.  Iran is threatening the USA with dire consequences if it backs out of the horrible Obama deal.  What may happen wasn't made clear in any of the articles ("BBC", "France 24", "RT")

6.  A British rapper, Kenny Vulcan, has been missing since April 13, last seen in Rio de Janeiro.  Given this amount of time, he's either recovering from a high in some hotel or brothel OR he's dead.
("Rio Times") 

Monday, April 23, 2018

U.S. Customs Bullshit; Canadian Hanged; West Supports Terrorist Groups; Intense Bursts of Light; Continued Overt Racism in South Africa, World Remains Silent

French Pres. Macron is in the U.S. meeting with U.S. Pres. Trump.  The two, so reported, have become friends but disagree on some key issues.

       1.  Trump and Macron disagree on the issues surrounding climate change.  For now, not knowing when Trump will change his mind, I side with Trump.  Earth's climate has been in constant change for 4.5 billion years, give or take, based on who you wish to believe.  

       2.  Macron feels that the Iran nuke deal needs to remain, Trump thinks it was a bad idea from the beginning.  I agree with Trump on this one as well.

       3.  Macron thinks it's a bad idea to enter into a trade war with your allies, as Trump seems to think is okay.   On one hand, Macron is correct.  As the U.S. has few friends, why piss them off with a trade war.  On the other hand, what kind of a friend screws a friend in trade then complains when the friend wants a fair deal?  

       4.  When it comes to Russian boss Vladimir Putin, Macron sees him as a good leader, as do I.  I don't necessarily agree all his goals or his methods, but I can't argue with his success.  I also like that he has a plan, with is, seemingly so, missing from U.S. leadership and well as EU leadership today.  Macron also knows that one can't show fear in dealing with Putin, for the moment he detects fear, he may well pounce.  Take the move during Obama's tenure and the Winter Olympics (Crimea) a few years back. Putin knew Obama was a weak leader and afraid of him.  When Putin ordered 40,000 troops to the Olympic site under the guise of security, I wrote in my blog that something was up and only a fool couldn't see it.   I left out that a only a coward wouldn't respond.  Obama proved himself both a fool and a coward and we now live with the result.  

       1.  Crystal Tadlock was on a flight from Paris (France) to Denver (USA), with a layover in Minneapolis (USA).  On the fight, the airline gave passengers a free apple and she saved hers for the Minneapolis to Denver leg.  At U.S. Customs, agents found her apple and raised hell with her.  She said they could have it, eat it, it was just an apple.   But, typical of U.S. Customs agents, as big a bunch of assholes employed by the U.S. gov't, as much as those at the SSA and IRS.  They fined her $500 for the crime of bringing a single free apple into the U.S. via a U.S. airliner, without declaring it on their silly-ass form.   Ms. Tadlock said she was going to fight this bullshit citation and I say, WAY-TO-BE!
       (When my wife and I came back from Poland, the stewardess on the aircraft had returned a pocket knife my wife had, which they took, as it should have been.  At U.S. Customs in Cincinnati's airport, a female U.S. Customs agent went ballistic, ranting and raving at my wife as to why she had a pocket knife coming off a flight.  When it was explained to this unhinged bitch, she then went on another rant telling my wife that the stewardess should have delivered the knife in question to a U.S. Customs agent.  Why she felt she needed to tell my wife this is puzzling, as she should have addressed the issue with the stewardess who took gave it back.   ---I've no use for or respect for U.S. Customs employees ---and they'll damned sure abuse their authority, just as Ms. Tadlock.)

       2.  A Canadian man who had made a few trips to Peru was found dead, hanged by a group of locals in a remote area.   Seems this guy liked to dabble in some hallucinogenic drug they've down there and, while details are sketchy at this point, it is believe that the locals though he had murdered an 81-year-old spiritual leader.   Police claim they'll solve both murders, I wouldn't count on it.

"Russia Today":  South Africa got rid of Pres. Zuma and has elected an even bigger racist and corrupt individual than he.  The new president wants all mines to be black owned and all property owned by whites to be taken away without compensation and given to blacks.   And not one peep from the Western world's liberal shit-stream media, "BBC", "CNN", "CBS", "Sydney Morning Herald", "Copenhagen Post", The Local--Germany, Italy, "France 24", "NBC", "ABC", "The Oslo Times"......

"Perth Now":  Astronomers from an observatory in Chile, have found some 72 intense bursts of light, "short, sharp--immense--flash..."   They don't know what they are, can't be a nova, or series of, because the brightness isn't sustained as would the light of a super nova.  They claim they range is size from 300,000k to 1.5 billion kilometers across.

But hours after getting millions of U.S. dollars, the terrorist group that call themselves the Palestinians, came up with a budget that actually allocated U.S. dollars to other terrorist groups.   This has been going on for a few decades now and the fools in Washington D.C., the group known as Congress, has yet to do anything about this KNOWN practice on the part of the Palestinian terrorists.

Saw a program aired on "OAN" yesterday and the day before when a Syrian was interviewed and he made it clear that the West, specifically the U.S., UK, France and Germany were funding multiple terrorist groups, foolishly, half-knowingly, and not caring one damned bit.   Good use of tax dollars, wonder when those responsible for this abuse of public money will pull their heads out??

Friday, April 20, 2018

American Pastor in Turkey Prison; No One is Surprised, "CNN"; Trenton, Florida Cop Killing;

I've much to do today, so:

It seems that Turkey, certainly by Pres/dictator Erdogan's orders, will be keeping an American pastor in prison for a while, likely as a bargaining chip.  According to a woman close to the case ("FOX") said the indictment listed as a major charge he was trying to Christianize people, a no, no under Erdogan's iron-fisted rule.  A more fabricated charge, he was a terrorist, trying to overthrown the government.  (An American, a pastor living in Turkey trying to overthrow the government.  That's believable.)

Erdogan is playing for both teams right now, Turkey being a member state of NATO and still siding with the Islamic world which seeks world domination; Erdogan has spoken openly about dominating Europe so it's not a stretch.   At some point, he'll go with the Islamic world but for now, he'll have to play this carefully.  I think Trump will get the pastor out, at what cost, I'm not sure.

As to Westerners, be they Brits, French, Canadian, Australian, American, etc. in Islamic states today,  get out asap.   If you don't, you're a damned fool.

I tried to find a photo of the man who murdered the two Trenton, Florida police officers in cold blood.  I can get his name and his age has been given as 58 and 59--today's journalism on display, but no photo of him.  I also note that there have been no marches or protests by liberals to draw attention to this senseless double murder.  They're all wrapped up in the politically correct black lives matter bullshit.  ALL LIVES MATTER, liberals just haven't the courage or the good sense to recognize this as truth.  (You can tell as they support abortion, even late term abortion or targeted abortion, that kills 1.2 to 1.3 million unborn children per year.)

In trying to find a photo of the cop killer in the above piece, I, embarrassingly so, searched the "CNN" stuff.  On the side, and this very typical of divisive liberals and shit-stream media outlets, they had a story with a lead that was something very close to "We shouldn't be surprised that the Southwest hero pilot was a woman"

FIRST, no one is surprised, this just a liberal attempt a political correctness when it's not even needed.    Then I'd say it just shows how little regard the people at "CNN" have for the ability of women, regardless of field or they wouldn't have suggested "surprise".   With this, I'd point out how they saw this as an opportunity to create gender animosity; childish and foolish.  

Go out and enjoy the day.  Relax, make a few good memories, walk the dogs, volunteer someplace, an animal shelter, homeless shelter, soup kitchen, whatever floats your boat.  Meet a neighbor, check in on an elderly couple or individual, call an old friend.   Make this day about you and in the process, you'll make the day for others.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

NOT Easy to Fix Errors; Barbara Bush Bashed; Altered History via T.V.; Other Stuff: Vietnam Vet Murdered, U.S. Warship Problem, Draftees and Drugs, 911 Hang-ups

I heard about a Fresno State professor saying something horrible about Barbara Bush just after she died, this on "FOX", but they didn't go into it.  I heard nothing from any of the shit-stream media outlets, "CNN", "CBS", "NBC", "ABC", "HLN", etc.    ---So, curious as to what was said and by whom, I found the following, and I'll be brief:

Randa Jarrar, with the English Dept., is muslim and she hates Whites and the Bush family.  She is quoted as saying that she was "happy the witch is dead" in reference to Ms. Bush.  She also stated, "Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal."   Jarrar also expressed her happiness that Mrs. Bush's husband, former U.S. Pres. George H. Bush, was heartbroken/sad/grieving over the death of his wife.

With the stuff I could find on Professor Jarrar, White students avoided her classes because she was an overt racist.  She also stated that she was paid $100,000 a year and that she had tenure and the university was never going to fire her------I question why she is on staff at all.

While Barbara Bush was said to have a temper, she was also big on literacy, believed in proper dress and behavior.  It's been said that she was always polite but direct, and only when crossed did her temper show.   I've never heard anyone accuse her of being a racist or a witch.

As to Jarrar, apparently a living piece of pig shit, she's seen as a racist by students,  seems quite arrogant and somewhat anti-America and she dresses, if the photo of her is typical, as a tawdry muslim whore.

Isn't it interesting that when a White does something that is racist in appearance, the U.S. shit-stream media is all over it, but when a black OR muslim, especially a female of either group does something racist, it's ignored by the U.S. press.

"France 24":  It is NOT easy to fix errors of liberalism and the problems in France now provides perfect examples.  One, students are unhappy with the changes Pres. Macron is pushing in regard to their choice of school and field of study.  Under the current system, students apply on-line and state their preferred field of study and school.  If there is an opening, they get in or they may have to go to another school that has an opening in their chosen field.  The current drop-out rate is 33.3% within the first year.  

Macron, not happy with the waste of public money, wants to base admittance into university programs based on, hold on to your hats, MERIT, academic achievement.  He wants it to be selective on the university's part.   This is NOT a popular viewpoint among liberals anywhere at this point and MERIT is an ugly, restrictive, unfair, hurtful, unreasonable....term to them.  How unfair it is to demand one have to excel academically in order to get into fields of study that offer higher paying jobs.

The liberal mind can't grasp this simple concept of merit.  The liberal thinks that if they want this or that, they should get it simply because they exist.   What a pity.
         (Venezuela is having even worse problems due to the failure of socialism, another story)

I was watching a WW II "historical" documentary on some channel, "National Geographic", "History Channel", doesn't really matter as most of what is aired today is much the same.   Anyway, I was appalled at the easy with which they altered history by mixing some facts/truth with half-truths and twisted reality to pass it off as historical fact.

The program focused on the latter months of the war.  The Germans were in full retreat and disarray and the allied forces were moving in quickly.  Each wanted a piece of the spoils and the Russians were willing to do whatever it took and Churchill wanted to make a few points as well.  Let me give you three of the most egregious falsehoods passed off as historically accurate.

        1.  I've written about this before.  In the piece, it was said that by the time the Russians were able to push the Germans out of Warsaw, Poland, they found the city nearly deserted and largely destroyed.  Half-truth.  They did find it that way but it was that way BECAUSE of the position they took.

The Russians were on the east side of the Wiswa (Vistula) River and they saw what the Germans were doing, blowing up building AND KNEW they were murdering as many Poles as they could.  Why did they not aid the Poles?  Because the Germans, in the mind of the Russians, where taking care of that ugly business, saving the Russians from doing it.  Keep in mind, the Russians murdered over 13,000 Polish officers and blamed it on the Germans.  Where I was in Poland, numerous sites of mass executions were to be seen, most of the atrocities were committed by the Red Army, NOT the Germans, this from the mouths of those in-the-know.  People who had relatives live it and lucky enough to survive it, told of these.   Rape was a common thing with the Russians as was the complete burning of villages for no reason other than to leave the Poles with NOTHING.

        2.  It was said in this "documentary", that the Russians were so angered by what they found in Auschwitz, that their soldiers went on a rampage of revenge.   BULLSHIT!  As noted, Red Army soldiers raped and burned and murdered at will, long before reaching Auschwitz.  And why were they not enraged so when they found the German concentration camps in the eastern part of the country?

        3.  We all know that Dresden, Germany was bombed into oblivion at the end of the war.  It was not a military target, the war was all but over, so why?   According to the "documentary", British PM Churchill felt the need to put on a display of power for the oncoming Russians.  This simply isn't true.  Churchill, so recorded, wanted to punish the Germans as much as possible before the hostilities ended and Dresden was still standing pretty much undamaged.  Over 25,000 people were killed in the raids that lasted less than 24 hours; killed in explosions, falling buildings, burned to death and for no purpose at all other than to satisfy the desire of vengeance of one man.  

Careful about what you see on television, much of it is bullshit, the "historical" stuff, revisionist bullshit.


      1.  A 70-year-old (yes, we're are getting to be of that age) Vietnam vet was befriended by one Stacie Mendoza, this in California.  She, over a short time, gained access to his financial information.  Long story short, she and her husband, Jose Mendoza, an El Salvadorian, took this guy out, tortured him and then burned his body with their children present; family fun I suppose.  While they are facing first degree murder charges and their children are in CPS care, I have to wonder if California Gov. Brown will pardon them if convicted?  ---How dare this Vietnam vet, an American who served his country when called upon, tempt them into such a thing.

       2.  In Texas, a black woman worked for the emergency dispatch center (911) for 18 months, her employment ended in 2016.  She was just sentenced to 10 days in jail and a small fine for hanging up over several thousand times on emergency callers, average phone conversation time, 20 seconds for her on these calls.  WHAT THE HELL were the supervisors doing for 18 months?  Did they not notice this very short conversation time?   Did fellow employees not notice what was going on?  Did reports of hang-ups not make supervisors THINK something was amiss?  GEEEES.  ('RT")

       3.  Thailand has a bit of a problem with conscripts, potential draftees into their military.  It seems that in the last year, over 12,000 of those called up failed the drug test and were rejected.  Not sure what happens with these chaps but it's Thailand, may not be so good.  ("Bangkok Post")

       4.  It was reported that some U.S. warships under construction are running way over budget and that the systems checked aren't (all) working as they were designed ("RT" report).  Typical of new U.S. military equipment.  Japan still wonders when the next U.S. military aircraft will come crashing down or a piece falls off.