Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Charlottesville Riot, My Last Word; Rare White Moose Filmed; Elvis Presley; Madonna

Something positive to get things started.  "Sunny Skyz  News", ran a short piece with a one-minute 21-second video by Hans Nilsson of Sweden, of a white bull moose.  This animal is magnificent and rare, only 100 of them in the wild so reported.  They aren't albino but are white due to a genetic mutation.  Nilsson spent three years trying to get one of these on video and it's well worth the time to find it, view it.  (He filmed it on August 11 of this year.)
In 1977, Elvis Presley died of heart failure in his Memphis home.  Most praise Presley for his singing, his generosity, for simply being Elvis.  But as with many people, especially those in the entertainment business, there is a dark side, some hidden truth.  An FYI, I was an Elvis fan when I was younger, still enjoy some of his songs.

Elvis had a dark side.  He pulled a gun on more than one person, he shot up a television in a Vegas hotel room, it was said he thought about having martial artist Mike Stone murdered for dating his ex-wife.  He could be classy and an asshole but seconds apart, his "Memphis Mafia" wasn't a group to be messed with, and he was a drug abuser and a womanizer to the point of being a bit of a pervert.  As to his acting, some say he wanted to be taken serious as an actor but his roles, meant to make money for Colonel Parker, who used Elvis in every way, were poor, the movies even worse.  Fact is, Elvis would never have been a good actor as he had no talent for acting.  Decent voice, average guitar player and piano player, but no (song) writing ability of which I know.

Elvis had a limited education and his parents were in the same boat.  He was thrust into the limelight by a guy who saw dollar signs and used/abused Elvis.  As I've noted, I still like some of Presley's stuff but I have to be honest about what I've read, he wasn't an admiral chap all the time; two different personalities and one never knew which one was going to show when the lights and cameras weren't one.
Madonna (Louise Veronica Ciccone) was born on this day, August 16, 1958.  She's beginning to get up there in years, too bad she has yet to grow-up emotionally as well.  She's called an entertainer and singer, this is a matter of opinion.  I see her as a no talent slut, an example as to what you'd want your children not to become, especially a daughter--maybe in today's world, your son may well be applicable in some cases.  Her ego is much greater than her limited abilities and I to be frank, I can say nothing good about her.  BUT, as noted, it's a matter of opinion and Madonna has made millions of dollars, indicating many would disagree with me OR many have no taste in music and entertainment, as the accept crap as such.  I'd question their values, morals, ethics and sense of integrity, personal honor. ---To each their own.
The fallout, the verbal nonsense following the Charlottesville riots would be getting on my nerves but I consider the source, the reason behind the verbal nonsense.   To begin, Pres. Trump is 100% correct, there is plenty of blame to go around, including those who, without proper permits, attacked the groups who've been vilified (and I've no use for such people but they had the permit to hold their rally).  I'd bet George Soros had money involved, the governor of Virginia, a liberal fool, knew what was potentially going to happen, the mayor had a role in it and the cops did a piss poor job, possibly by the orders of the mayor.

While I expected the left to attack Trump, it's the comments made by republicans which I find nonsensical.  Let me give you but a sample from some of the clowns who make the laws for the U.S.A, and then ask yourself, "Do I really want to see this asshole get another term?"

The following in response to Trump blaming both sides and not attacking just the white clowns involved.  There are many more, all very similar in stupidity, in an attempt to be politically correct.

HoR Cory Gardner (R-Colo.)  --"We must all call evil by it's name...."  Trump did, Congressman!  He called out the white groups, denouncing them as hateful, violent, and, though veiled, simple-minded.  Gardner doesn't seem to understand this OR his brain is "diseased" by political correctness and he can't grasp the truth, BOTH SIDES WERE AT FAULT, the left a bit more so as they did not follow the law and get a permit to be marching there.

Ohio HoR Steve Stivers said, "I don't know what's so hared to understand about this..." in his attack on Trump calling out both sides.   I don't either Congressman Stivers.  Again, both sides were at fault and how Stivers and many of his republican colleagues can't grasp this fact, raises a great many questions about other matters they are unable to grasp, facts they can't seem to understand, truth in matters.  Are these congressmen really as stupid as they appear?  Perhaps they are simply engaged in selective stupidity, following the lead of the democrats?   Has political correctness actually infected the brain tissue of all who live and work in Washington, D.C. for a lengthy period of time.

Then there was House Majority Leader, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, head asshole in the House and one of the leading assholes and biggest liars, biggest fakes in D.C. history.   He got after Trump as well, leading me to question his loyalty to his party but more importantly, to question his ability to recognize the facts, the truth and have the integrity and courage to stand up for what's right.  I have may answers, he has no loyalty and he hasn't the integrity or courage of an ISIS member.

Piss on all of these people and the left and the shit stream media.  I would say shame on you but these people have no shame---kind of goes along with having no integrity, honor, sense of ethics, values, morals..........

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Charlottesville Riot, a Set-up??; Sierra Leone Slide Kills 200+; Elephants to the Rescue; Backflip; Burkina Faso Terrorists Hit

"WA Today" and others:  Burkina Faso.  Sitting in a restaurant, enjoying a meal and conversation, 18 people were killed when terrorists sprayed the business with bullets.  Like all terrorist strikes, a cowardly act, a senseless act and now, an all too common act.  At some point the people of the world are going to have to demand the human thrash that carries out these attacks are hunted down and destroyed; no quarter given because they give none.
"BBC" and "WA Today":  Sierra Leone.  A mudslide hit near Freetown and over 200 are known dead and others are missing, typical of such disasters.  This small nation has suffered through a lot and it continues.
"Bangkok Post":  A health department supervisor, apparently one close to the boss man, has been charged with fondling a temporary female employee as he held her in a headlock.  After the assault, the told her if she wanted a full-time job, she should keep her mouth shut and tolerate such acts.  Apparently, she didn't want the job and wasn't about to tolerate such.  She turned him in, he naturally denied it but the evidence was not in his favor.  One thing about today's world, be it on the street or on the job, cameras are everywhere.  The "Post" put a very good photo of this creep holding the woman in the headlock.   Forty-five years ago, he would have gotten away with it, thanks to an improving attitude about such and cameras, he's about to be the one seeking employment.  As to the woman, WAY-TO-BE!  Stand up to those who do this, thinking their position gives them the right.  You don't have to put up with that crap on the street or at the work place.
"Iceland Monitor":  The body of a man was found in the Hvita River and is believed to be that of a 22-year-old asylum seeker.  This is going to sound, ah, hell, I don't care how it sounds, his death likely saved some young girl or boy from being raped, or some woman from being groped, possibly someone from being robbed or murdered and it certainly saved the people of Iceland some money.

These people enter a nation illegally with a free-ride in mind and they get it by playing the role of victim, calling themselves asylum seekers.  Goodhearted people fall for this and don't realize the consequences until it's too late, look at France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, the U.S., Australia, etc., as perfect examples.
"Russia Today":
        1.  Umlazi, South Africa.  A local bodybuilder, age 23, attempted a backflip to entertain the crowd and draw a bit of attention to himself.  This doesn't hurt when one is competing in an event where subjectivity plays a greater role than objectivity in determining the winner.  Sometimes, its best to leave the "look-at-me" stuff alone.  The backflip was unsuccessful, he landed on the back of his head and was D.O.A. at the hospital; leave the gymnastics out of football, auto racing, track and field......and bodybuilding.
        2.  Elephants have been put to work in Nepal to rescue tourists trapped by flood waters.  To this point, 70 have been killed due to the high, fast water in this nation. --Others ran this story as well.
(Note to photo-journalists.  Staging an elephant recue photo is a bad idea.  In the piece, there was a photo of an elephant and handler "recuing" a man, held by the elephant in it's trunk.  The problem, there wasn't enough water on the street to cover the elephants toes, to hide the pavement.)
Charlottesville, VA.  I'm going to be quick about this largely because I find the stupidity aggravating.  Immediately after the white racists groups, which do not represent white Americans at all, were confronted by other racist groups and individuals, the politicians and shit stream media who feed off this stuff, ran off at the mouth.  The liberals cried that Trump did not make it clear he hated the white racists, actually calling on him to say he hates whites in general as they do.  They wanted him to speak out BEFORE he had any information as to what actually happened, this is typical of reactionaries, liberals.   When he didn't, he was condemned.

Shameful?  One would think so, but one has to have a logical mind to find it shameful, demanding action and/or words before the facts are known.  This is "journalism" today, as we see by stories in the shit stream, facts are not necessary, not even desired, in reporting the news in America.  It's sensationalism that sells, not facts, not details, not reality.

After listening to those in the know, former cops, FBI people, etc., it seems clear that the police of Charlottesville were told not just to stand down, but to move the two opposing forces toward one another.  As a result, the liberals in Richmond, in D.C. and at "CNN", "MSNBC", "ABC", "CBS", "NBC" and others have what they want, proof that whites are racist bastards, filled with hate and they are the republican party.  All bullshit, but this is the image they want.  And who told them to stand down, to manipulate a riot, the ultra-governor probably had a hand in it as did the liberal mayor.

The crap at UC-Berkeley, Ferguson, Missouri, Baltimore, etc., were just as bad, but it was blacks and liberals acting like fascist assholes--largely because the are fascists asshole, destroying private and public property, attacking cops, etc.  This made these riots justified in the eyes of the liberals doing their best to divide and destroy the America they hate.  The difference, someone was killed this time.  Get used to it people, America will see blood run in the streets, businesses destroyed if this bullshit continues AND THE LIBERALS WANT IT TO CONTINUE!
    (If this nonsense continues, and it appears as if it will because certain groups desire it, America will decay from within, just as did Rome, the Soviet Union, even Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy to an extent.  Terrorists don't have to hit the U.S.A., just continue to divide the people of the nation into as many "victim" groups as possible; Hillary, on someone like her, may yet be the Iron Queen--hell, goddess of America.)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Virginia Incident--Racist Nonsense; Nazi Eagle to be Auctioned; HPV Vaccination, 4 Girls Hospitalized; French Pres. Macron's Approval Sagging

"Bangkok Post":  Phitsanulok, Thailand.  Sixteen school girls, looking to be between 12 and 14, were given an HPV vaccination and 15 of them had a bad reaction, four being taken to the hospital and one was said to be in serious condition.  It was reported that girls from other schools had been given this shot and none had adverse reactions.  All had to have parental approval before the shots were given; bad batch I guess, but the message here, when giving people vaccinations, allergic reactions and contaminated vaccines must be anticipated by those giving the shots.  Nothing may happen for years, but when it does.....
"France 24":  Apparently, the French love affair with new President Macron is over, his approval rating is down to 36% after his first 100 days in office.  It was said that when he first took office, a magazine cover had his likeness walking on water, it would seem this a bit premature.  When people put their faith in another person, they are often disappointed.
"Russia Today":  In 2006, a salvage company sought out and found the German pocket battleship Graf Spee, scuttled off the coast of Uruguay in 1939 by the ship's commanding officer--interesting story.  One of the artifacts taken off the ship was a several hundred pound, 9 foot bronze Nazi eagle and immediately, bickering over ownership began.  The owner of the salvage company argued it to be his, and I agree 100% with this, the government of Uruguay, seeing dollar signs, argued it was theirs and the German government, which had a legitimate claim, apparently didn't want anything to do with it, so they were out of the conversation by choice.

The Supreme Court of Uruguay has decided that this statue does indeed belong to the government, surprise, surprise, surprise, but that the salvage company has a right to half of whatever the statue may bring at auction.  It is said that it could bring as much as $50,000,000 and that the owner of the company is going to try to outbid others so to have possession of that which should have been his in the first place.
          (The Graf Spee had engaged in a running battle with a couple of British cruisers and made it into a Uruguayan port.  Uruguay, a neutral nation granted sanctuary but only for a short time.  The ship's commander wasn't willing to sacrifice his crew in a battle so far from home, ordered much of his crew to stay, took a skeleton crew out, scuttled the ship, he going down with it.  Points: (1)  Uruguay wanted nothing to do with the ship at the time.  (2) From 1939 to 2006, the gov't made no effort to salvage the ship, thus, they at no time did they show interest.  (3)  All the effort and money spent on retrieving the statue and whatever, was by one company and it should have been theirs.  (4) German, the original owner, had a legitimate claim of ownership but, as noted, they did not make a claim to anything.)
In Virginia, a bunch of "white racist groups" (words in "Japan Times" and likely elsewhere) gathered and with them, counter groups also showed up, all good to this point in that they had the right so long as it stayed peaceful.  It should have been a peaceful rally but it wasn't.  As often the case when two highly emotionally charged groups meet, someone is going to do something really stupid and often illegal and someone did. As a result, it turned into a crime scene, a scene that has stirred a bunch of emotions---Americans really are an emotional lot, thought often doesn't enter into decision-making.

Let me preface this with something I've said many times.  I don't support any group that is filled with hate of others based solely on race, ethnicity, political views, gender, age, religion, etc.  There is no room for it and as the world becomes more crowded, there is even less room for such nonsense.  However, just as people have said whites don't understand blacks/Hispanics, might it also be true that black/Hispanics don't understand the attitudes of some whites.  And I'd suggest they often don't try to understand.

Let me suggest to you but a few things that have pissed whites off for a while, see if you can understand their anger and frustration.  I'm not suggesting you agree with all, but can you understand?

     1.  From 1994 to 2001, I visited over 80 different colleges and universities.  In every state school and many private schools, many scholarships were available to blacks, hispanics, Asians and women, but not one said it was for white males only.  Not one.  How does that make you feel?  Left out, maybe?
     2.  The federal government at that time and many state governments had written statements in their hiring policies to give preferential treatment to minorities and women.  I saw this myself, I encouraged white males impacted by these illegal practices by the gov't to complain to their representatives in Congress.  Why?  Again, it's illegal IF ONE READS and wants to understand the U.S. Constitution.  Unfortunately, most haven't read it and, although it's clear in meaning, those in power chose not to understand it when it doesn't suit them, ignore it when it's to their benefit.
     3.  We've a Congressional Black Caucus, completely illegal, yet they do it openly and without fear of condemnation.  
     4.  How is it that the Black Panthers, the NAACP, Black Lives Matter and LULAC aren't called out for being racist groups, at least two of them openly calling for violence against white, cops and white cops especially so??    They ARE racist groups but none in the press dare call them so.
     5. Affirmative Action was and still is overt, legalized discrimination.  After almost 50 years, some are now asking, isn't it time to do away with government enacted racism, something that those in government purport to oppose?
     6.  Do blacks not understand that many in the white community are tired of them playing the race card and the pity card?   Not one black person living in America today was ever a slave in the historical sense, i.e., pre-Civil War period.  Not one person living in America today had a parent who was born into slavery in the U.S.  It's unlikely that anyone living in America today had a grandparent born into slavery.  In short, these cows is dry for many white people.
     7. At universities and colleges about the nation, professors, be they white or black or hispanic or female, bash whites, especially white males.  If they don't, it's their ass; no promotion/tenure, ostracized by peers.............Educated assholes.
     8.  Blacks, Hispanics, women often get promoted when their test scores are lower than that of white males, awards are handed out to these people before a white male is considered.

I understand why blacks and Hispanics might be pissed off about things.  How is it that they don't seem to understand why some whites might be a bit pissed off as well?  When the government and the media mettle in things that they shouldn't, fix social morality or try to undo or rewrite history, it only caused problems.  When liberal assholes which plague the nation's colleges and universities demean whites and praise all others, some animosity should be expected.   For the democrats, the liberals, the progressives, all being fascists, they love this division among the American people.  The more divided, the more power they can get once they are in power again and they will be in power again as the republicans are a bunch of do-nothing parasites.


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Guam, the Risk; Hillary, Dept of State, Benghazi; Other Stuff--Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Double Standard, China Two-Faced About, Trump vs. McConnell, Flt. 370

With all the hoopla surrounding North Korea's threats and Donald Trump's direct responses, Guam, a U.S. territory (as now most know) seems to be in the crosshairs.  Now that China has said they'd remain neutral IF North Korea launches the first strike, I still don't think North Korea is going to do anything, too much on the line for China and, to a degree, Russia.  While the Koreans have 1.2 million in their military and 3.5 million students and retirees signing up just in case, they've no chance of success should, and I serious doubt it, a war break out.  Their near 650 military aircraft are obsolete, their tanks aren't up to par, the 20,000 artillery pieces would be taken out by airstrikes and their fleet would probably not break into open waters, save their 20 subs IF all are sea worthy.

Should Guam or South Korea take a nuclear hit by North Korea, and, again, I think it unlikely, the response by the U.S., Japan, South Korea, China and Russia will be of most interest.  Do they take out this nation and it's tyrant leader, putting an end to the boil on the ass of the world OR do they all jump into the fray, taking the world to destruction?   Is Kim Dung-un and North Korea worth destroying the world?  If not, let the boil be removed, quickly, permanently.

Perhaps the greatest threat to Guam is the possibility of it capsizing due to the increased number of troops and weapons.   ---For those of you who don't get this, if you remember, HoR Hank Johnson
(D-Georgia, 4th district), once asked a military officer before the House Armed Services Committee about this.  He note how small the island is but didn't really know (207sq mi.) and felt if too many military personnel were on it, he worried that it might roll over and capsize.  You can still find this on YouTube, the officer's ability to withhold laughter was amazing.
(In July of 2016, HoR Johnson, who has been serving 10 years or so, compared the Jewish settlers to termites, the whole Palestinian thing had Johnson's panties in a wad.  Personally, I'd rather be compared to a termite than to HoR Johnson, at least termites have a purpose in life, for their existence.  Ten years in Congress for this imbecile?  What does it say about his constituents?)
In Utah,  female teacher, late 20's, had a fling with a 17-year-old male student and she got a slap on the wrist for it.  However, due to some legal wrangling, the slap became but a tap, she's now out of jail and served under 200 days.   A double standard?   You be the judge.
A federal judge has ordered the State Dept. to turn over ALL the emails linking Hillary Clinton to the Benghazi hit on Ambassador Stevens.  Seems this judge didn't think much of the way they handled it before.  Why did this judge not speak up until now?  He wanted to keep his job and Obama would have had his ass. On a side note, linked to all this and more, the murder of Seth Rich, which the liberals STILL want to ignore.  Wonder why?   I don't.
According to a "Russia Today" op-ed, HoR Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Florida) resides in the Twilight Zone.  No one has put it better, at least in a way that can be printed in the average paper or said on the shit stream media outlets.  Read an online piece by "CNN" about her latest scandal and they said it was but a smoke screen to take the pressure off Trump and the fabricated Russian hacking story.  "FOX", same story, saw it as a possible criminal act on the part of the vile, lying, scheming, repulsive, repugnant Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.  
"Japan Times":  China has been flying near and over Japanese territorial waters and Japan has complained.  The Chinese made it clear that the Sea of Japan is not Japan's sea and they'll do as they please.  Isn't this take interesting when compared to when U.S. warships or aircraft fly near the islands held by China, some man-made.  They call this a breach of international law, provocation, an insult................  
Trump has made some statements about Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) and the media, especially the liberal trash outlets have made a big deal of it.  I side with Trump 100% on this, McConnell has been useless as a senator and even more useless in his leadership role.
A Texas company has offered to go look for Malaysian flight 370, missing for what, three years or so?   Unlike Benghazi, it really doesn't matter at this point AND they aren't going to find much of anything IF they find anything at all; waste of time and money.  

Friday, August 11, 2017

2,000-Year-Old Workshop; Tim Tebow Homers Twice; Cobra Anyone?; Maersk Oil Dumps Chemicals; China Opens Military Base; Plano, Carrolton, Bedford; Eric Clapton

I'm going to start and end with good and/or interesting stories.  Why?  Because people tend to remember those items on a list at the beginning and at the end more so than in the middle.  Kids need to keep this in mind when, if, they study for a test; move stuff about.  

"Iceland Monitor":  Guitarist Eric Clapton caught a salmon that went 25 pounds and was 105 centimeters in length while fishing in Iceland, something he's done regularly since 2009.  Last year, Clapton one that was 109 cm in length.  If you aren't sure who Eric Clapton is, ask your grandparents or someone in their mid-60's to 70-ish, they should know; great guitarist.
"Japan Times":
         1.  A team of Israeli archaeologists found what is believed to be a 2,000-year-old workshop that made stone vessels for holding water, wine, etc.  Found two months ago, the site is but 3 kilometers from Cana, the town where Jesus is said to have turned water into wine for a wedding party, his first recorded miracle.  The piece is worth looking up.

         2.  The Libyan navy has told foreign ships to stay clear of search and rescue zones for migrants in trouble at sea.  This lends itself to a good many discussions, how to they value human life, how do they view the migrants, is it a good way to dissuade others from making the attempt, what kind of navy can Libya have at this point that makes them confident enough to threaten European nations......????
"Copenhagen Post":  Maersk Oil has been reported to police over environmental law infractions.  Seems the oil giant has been dumping dangerous red chemicals used in drilling operations into the sea.  Never ceases to amaze and anger me that those with so much are willing to pollute the world, harm people and ecosystems so they can get so much more.  Pathetic people they must be.  ---What will happen, a fine if found guilty, nothing more.  Start putting CEO's in prison, confiscating all their assets to be used to fund environmental clean-up and establish "safe zones" and this crap would stop in a hurry.  Won't happen but it should!
"Rio Times":  Over 59 million Brazilians (39.3% of the population) are in debt.  High unemployment is the major factor for this troubling financial news.  Wonder how many in the U.S. are in debt?
"Perth Now":  Margaret Court, former tennis great, has pissed off many in the tennis world.  She said that tennis was "full of lesbians" and opposes same-sex marriage.  You can see why this generated so much ire, she dared to ignore political correctness and speak her mind.  If one doesn't agree with her, fine, but she has the right to voice her opinion and this isn't easy for folks in a politically correct world.  WAY-TO-BE, Ms. Court for having the courage to say what's on your mind.
"Cape Times":  On Women's Day, there were 11 emergency calls for domestic violence against women and children.  I think those of Cape Town aren't understanding what Women's Day is about.
Your spouse, be you male or female, and your children aren't your personal punching bag, no matter how pissed off or drunk you may be; knock it off!
"Russia Today":  China opened it's first military on the African continent, in the small nation of Djibouti.  This base is near a U.S. military facility and may serve to deter Eritrea from aggression over a mountain and small island that are disputed.

China is building it's military rather than spending/wasting defense money on foolish wars that it has no business being involved in, unlike the U.S.  The U.S. wastes it's military resources in actions all over the place with no hope to win, no desire to win, no possibility of winning.  The U.S. hasn't really won a war since WWII because they either don't know how to win a war, don't want to win a war, or are afraid to do what is necessary to win a war.  If you aren't winning, you're losing.  Right now, China is winning and the U.S. is losing (long term).  With the world getting hotter, it would be advisable for the U.S. to withdraw from the foolish engagements and prepare for something a bit more important, more challenging, greater in scale.
"Bangkok Post":  Police raided a Bangkok restaurant which served exotic dishes prepared from protected animals, seven people being arrested in the sting.  Rat snake, a protected animal, Cobra, not protected but illegal to keep caged for any purpose, Yellow Headed Temple turtles and soft-shelled turtles, both protected, and such were on the menu.  This may not just be a fine and shutting down of the restaurant, but jail time as well.  Good for Thailand if they put some in prison for such.
Three curious stories, all from Texas, about cops acting in a rather odd way, taking public criticism and then rationalizing their actions with pathetically weak explanations; damned near useless!
     1. Carrolton:  A Navy vet was riding his bike, went though an intersection on a green light.  A vehicle ran a red light, smashing into this guy and the vehicle kept going, hit and run.  The police know who the guy is who (1) ran the red light, (2) hit and run, a big no-no, and (3) was likely speeding or on a distraction device.  The victim was damned near killed, has undergone a few operations and the perpetrator has yet to be charged--AGAIN, they know who he is.  Why? you may ask.  The Carrolton police had the audacity to tell the public that the detective on the case is on vacation, that's it.   ARE YOU F_ _KING KIDDING ME!  ----I would not be surprised at all if the perpetrator wasn't a man of means, money, position.   This is shameful.
     2.  Bedford.  A 14-year-old girl went missing.  Police did not issue an Amber Alert as they weren't sure of the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.  Isn't this why the Amber Alert law was passed?   Anyway, her body was found a couple of days later by a landfill employee and they had to wait for the coroner to reach the conclusion that she was murdered.  How many 14-year-old girls spend their time playing in a landfill?
     3.  Plano.  A punk, 20-21 years of age, 5'7" tall or so, 150 pounds, give or take, wears black shoes with a white NIKE logo on them has been breaking into homes and cars in one neighborhood.  This punk has been arrested before for applying his trade and there are excellent photos of him taken by those impacted by his illegal activities, his name, by the way is Cameron.   With all this information, he's not been taken in by the police because, so one was told who had a bike stolen, that they didn't catch him. -- Just a suggestion to the Plano PD, if you were to haul him in, have a bit of a chat, you may scare him off a bit or even get him to tell you about his partner, too smart to be caught on camera.  You see, this Cameron punk was special ed when a student.  (All the info above, provide by citizens and the police still have not gone after him, as of yesterday anyway.)
"Sunny Skyz News":  Former NFL QB, Tim Tebow, a Christian and all-around good guy, is now playing single "A" baseball.  His team, the St. Lucie Mets were visiting the Charlotte Stone Crabs and as Tebow was in the on-deck circle, a 9-year-old boy with autism, big fan of Tebow, was waving and calling to him.  Tebow left the on-deck circle, went up to the fence, shook the boy's hand, and went back to the business of baseball.  At that at-bat, Tebow hit a three run homer, not his first homer of the day.

After the game, the boy and his mom were met by Tebow and there was a photo session, it appeared other kids with disabilities were about as well.  Both boy and mom cried a bit at this big man's kindness ---- his second homer of the day.  WAY-TO-BE, Mr. Tebow, class act all the way.

     (Team management hit a homer when they signed Tim Tebow to play.  I was one who did not think Tebow would make it in the NFL as a QB, tight end or linebacker perhaps, with some work, but not a QB.  I've never questioned his character, his kind heart, his leadership....don't know how anyone can at this point.)

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Democrats, Part II; Another WWII Bomb; Trump the Treat??; Human Smugglers Toss Cargo Overboard

"BBC" and "RT":  A WWII bomb was found at Japan's Fukushima nuclear site.  Not sure how well the Japanese scrutinized the area before building the nuclear facility, but apparently not well enough. If the unlikely had happened, the bomb detonating before the other problems hit the site, just think of possibilities.  
"France 24":  From Aug. 10, human smugglers tossed 180 Africans into the sea as they were headed for Yemen.  Five were known dead, 50 more are missing and just the day before, so reported, a similar event took place where 120 were tossed overboard, with 50 known dead and 22 still missing.

Yemen, according to the U.N. is the "...largest humanitarian crisis in the world..." and yet, people from Africa, mostly young males, want to go there.  The why behind it is simple, from Yemen they can get to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Iran, where cheap laborers are wanted.  What these young Africans don't know is that those who take jobs with muslim companies in muslim countries are mistreated, work long hours, have few breaks, living conditions are often horrible, only poor in some cases,  wages aren't always paid and if injured, which happens in labor type work, one is pretty much on his/her own.  In short, many are viewed as subhuman, slaves, etc.  Keep in mind, muslims from the middle-east nations are not fond of black Africans.  
Yesterday, I pointed out some---I'll be polite and call them flaws ---in those of the democrat party.  Today, let me finish with it, not that there isn't much more to say, but what I say will not change a mind, probably won't even give one pause to contemplate.

First, what exactly are the democrats saying when they demonize Trump's immigration policy of
(1) requiring those coming in to have a working knowledge of the English language, (2) to have job skills and (3) to follow U.S. immigration laws?  (Keep in mind, democrats like Ms. Jordan, Pres. Clinton and Pres. Obama said the same thing, look it up.)   They call it racism, but who is really acting as racist and is most offensive in doing so?
       A.  Democrats are saying, in reality, blacks, hispanics and Asians aren't smart enough to learn enough English to function in the U.S.  Not only is this moronic, it's racist and offensive but this is the view of the democrats given their argument, their opposition to Trump's proposal which mimics that of past democrat party leaders, something they conveniently overlook.
       B.  They are saying that Americans must learn to adapt and adopt the cultures (plural) of those coming in because they've not the ability to adapt and adopt (it's really they've not the will or desire to do so) to the dominant American culture.  This is not only unreasonable, it's idiotic but the democrats/liberals/progressives in America demand this be done.  They aren't asking, they are pushing it.

Looking at the above, why would anyone vote a person into high political office who holds these views?  

The democrats are those who perpetuate that which they purport to abhor, racism.  Divide people by race, ethnicity, gender, income, age, create as much animosity as possible, break down the nation's laws, morals, values, and tear the nation apart by playing on fears and nonsensical issues.  They are the most dangerous threat to America today, those like Schumer, Pelosi, Clinton, Sanders, Warren, Feinstein, Wasserman-Schultz, Waters, Cummings, Brown, De Blasio, Emmanuel, Bloomberg, those at MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and the indoctrination centers like Harvard, Duke, Middlebury, Cal-Berkeley, UCLA, Colorado, New Mexico, Yale, Colombia, Michigan, Texas...............  
          (I find it shameful and hilarious that the shit stream media outlets are blaming Trump for the tension with North Korea.  The little spoiled brat that runs that nothing nation has threatened the U.S., South Korea and Japan, has launched missiles on a regular basis and when Trump voices his displeasure at this bullshit from the North Korean fat-ass president, the American and European liberals blame Trump.  Also a joke, the number of warheads announced recently, the media acting as if they were all developed since Trump took office is nonsense.  U.S. intelligence knew of this in 2014, all under the watchful eye of OBAMA, useless turd of a man---or is that transgender?)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Democrats Argues Against Democrats--Twits the Lot of Them; Get Over North Korea; Quake Hits China; Laura Ingram

A black congress woman, Barbara Jordan, democrat, argued that people coming to the U.S. should do so following the law, they should have a basic working knowledge of English and they should have employable skills.   Pres. Bill Clinton, democrat, said people coming to the U.S. should be able to speak English and have skills that would garner them a job and follow the U.S. immigration process.  Pres. Obama, democrat, argued that people moving to the U.S. from other nations should be able to speak some English, have needed skills and follow immigration laws.  ---See a trend?  And not one elected democrat cried foul about these people making these statements about immigration.

Pres. Trump, republican, has said people wishing to come into the U.S. should speak English, have job skills and should follow U.S. immigration laws/process.  Many elected democrats are now making all kinds of stupid, ludicrous, silly, moronic, idiotic statements as to how bad this is, as to the intent behind Trumps "requirements".   (Keep in mind, the U.S. is one of the easiest nations in which to migrate; try Mexico, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Ukraine......):

Some are calling it racists, always play the race card and get stupid, emotional people on this nonsense accusation.  Nothing racist about it, black people, Asian people, people from the Middle-east are all capable of learning to speak English.  No one has said, only white people who speak English can come into the U.S.

Some are saying this is an effort to make the U.S. white again.  It never has been white an what has white got to do with speaking English?  Some Swedes, Finish, Poles, Ukrainians, Czechs, etc., don't speak English and they'd not be able to come in under Trump's proposal; moronic to idiotic this claim.

The other twist, Trump wants to keep blacks and muslims out.  Has anyone ever heard him say he wanted to keep them out?   Don't go with his travel ban on those from some countries, that was about terrorism, an action by some coming from a particular region of the world, having a particular religion, NOT ALL, but SOME.   Trump's proposal does not specify keeping people from a specific geographic location or religion or color or ethnicity out, all it does is require people to follow the law, have a certain language level and have job skills.  This makes perfect sense, nothing racist about it, now a desire to make America white again, talk about idiotic, nothing at all that discriminates.

This entire bit is about democrats crying like a bunch of really spoiled, and somewhat stupid children, who haven't a clue as to what they want but know only what they think may be bad for them OR what they think may hurt the popular kid on the block.  I'm not a fan of the republicans, but the democrats are a detestable, pathetic group of adults who've no clue as to how to behave as responsible, reasonable, thoughtful people; beyond sad!  What's worse, those who generally vote democrat, the young and over 50% of adult women, are too fucking stupid to see what they are doing.

(At one time, John F. Kennedy was a god to the democrats of America.  He was a womanizer but he was a decent president.  Today's democrats would see him as an enemy, you'll note they never mention him as republicans do Reagan.  Kennedy's ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country, would run afoul of today's democrats, well liberals, progressives, socialists.  Keep in mind, it was the liberals, the young, in Russia, early 1900's that brought about the revolution and turned Russia into a communist state that eventually failed.  Keep in mind it was American liberals and progressives who supported Adolph Hitler in the mid to late 1930's, right up to his attack on Poland.  --FACTS!  Look it up.)  
North Korea isn't likely to do anything that China doesn't want them to do AND if the leadership in the U.S. would simply ignore the spoiled brat running that nothing nation, the tension would likely die down.  Should he do something stupid, don't do something even more stupid but make it clear to all North Korea AND ONLY North Korea would pay the price UNLESS some other nation did something equally stupid.  At that point, many on the planet should probably just kiss their ass goodbye.  In short, get over the North Korea, media hyped, sensationalized issue.
A quake hit the southern part of China, heard a dozen or so have been killed and there was a bit of damage.  Flooding, as noted within the past couple of days, has hit Russia and Vietnam and in the U.S., Houston is taking on a bunch of water.
Laura Ingram was discussing the perpetual war going on in the Middle-east, the U.S. foolishly involved, naturally so.  Her thing was, rightly so, that as China builds it's military, the U.S. (foolishly) wastes it's military on the Middle-east and Africa in wars not being won, can't be won but they are draining America dry.   I've said for a long time, the U.S. should not be involved in Middle-east battles or those in North Africa, let those people and the nations of the region deal with THEIR PROBLEMS -- and no more nation building, the U.S. only screws this up royally.   The U.S. can't win, nor do I think they've any intention of trying to win.  It's about a show, it's about spending money they don't have, it's about companies that supply the U.S. military, making money, some of it going to re-election campaigns for their lackeys in congress.  If smart, and they don't appear to be, U.S. leaders would get out asap, stay out until absolutely necessary to get in, say if Israel was attacked, and get in ONLY TO WIN asap; no rules of engagement, the only rule, win asap.