Monday, December 11, 2017

Call for Islamic State Summit; Cop Shootings--the Difference; NYC Attempted Attack; Virus Kicking Butt

Apparently, Turkey's dictator/president Erdogan is calling for an Islamic State summit.  The topic, to discuss the highly offensive act of the announcement that the U.S. will be moving it's Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing this city as Israel's capital.   I know Erdogan sees himself as a Sultan and he wants a new Ottoman empire to stretch all the way to the Atlantic, Baltic Sea...., but he, nor the muslims get to tell the U.S. where we put our embassy in Israel.  This is between Israel and the U.S. alone, no other players are involved.
    (To shed a bit of light on Erdogan's mind-set, he called Israel a terrorist state.)

Right now, the Palestinian problem is starting to take a back seat to the growing division between an expanding Iran and Saudi Arabia.  I watched a bit of a show where a Palestinian woman (Ph.D., activist, writer) noted that the Arab world has never really cared about her people but used them to keep tension high against the Israelis.  Now,  the Islamic world appears to be approaching a state of real conflict, the players already named.  Should it get dicey, the U.S. will foolishly back Saudi Arabia and Russia will side with Iran (and Turkey).
     (Several thousand years ago, this entire mess was written about, check out the Bible.)
I noted that I picked up a virus, well, likely a virus, and it started hitting me around 2:30 or so on Friday afternoon.  Muscles ached, my skin hurt, the hair on my legs and arms caused my skin to hurt, weakness set it and no energy at all could be mustered.  ---Don't remember a heck-of-a-lot about Saturday, Sunday pretty much the same and today, my skin still hurts, I'm weak, not with it at all, eyes hurt and the dogs want to go for their morning walk; maybe by noon.  -----None of this means crap, but I will offer you some adviceIF you're over 60 and you start to feel like this, get to your doctor ASAP!  I can not recall getting my butt kicked like this by some bug in my 66+ years.  I'm not one to go to the doctor, largely because I've little faith in their abilities and I think most are arrogant jerks, but if I get to feeling like this again, on their door knocking; taking an ass whoopin this time.
By now, you've likely heard of the "terrorist" in NYC that injured himself and three others.  Mayor De Balasio (whatever) was there, always is when a camera is about, and I blame him and people like him.   Open the doors to America, everyone is welcome and diversity will make us stronger, better.  That is bullshit.  Diversity may indeed add to a nation, IF those coming in are determined to adopt to the dominant culture, accept it's mores, norms, values, laws, language, etc.   Doesn't mean the shed their culture, but they MUST adopt and accept the dominant culture.  This hasn't been the case in the U.S. and western European nations.

In the U.S., the muslims want it their way, Sharia law has for years been called for, and with the Latin American crowd, few of them see any reason why they should learn to speak English.  (I find if sad but funny that television shows are listed in English, "AMERICA'S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS" for example, but is over dubbed in Spanish.)  

In short, it is in America as it is in Europe, the liberal politicians are responsible for releasing international terrorism on their on people, their own nation.  They must be so very proud.  (Actually, they are as they are too stupid to see what they've done --- OR, perhaps, are just too cowardly to admit they've screwed up.)
Two recent verdicts in cop related killings, see if you can catch the difference.

Case One:  South Carolina.  A white cop stops a black motorist for having a taillight out.  The black guy, apparently with some minor issues with the police, breaks and runs for it.  The white cop pumps four or five rounds into this fleeing chap, a guy who'd not made any threatening acts toward the cop.  The cop if found guilty and is going to serve about a decade before getting parole.

Case Two:  Dallas/Ft. Worth area:  A white cop, who I must say looked like a 20-year-old street punk, stopped a drunk white guy and his lady friend in the hallway of a hotel.  Both are on the flood, the cop is shouting orders at the guy and the guy complies with each order.  The more the cop yells different orders, the more anger is in his voice, his words are VERY threatening.   The cop, based on my seeing the video twice, is losing control of himself, the guy continues to obey.  The cop tell the guy to raise up to his knees, he does so.  For whatever reason, the guy moves a hand downward and is immediately killed---MURDERED!.   The guy had no gun, the guy made no threatening move in my estimation and he's dead.  This punk-ass cop was acquitted.  

See the difference?   Do you really think that if the guy if "case two" had been black that the cop would have walked?   I don't.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Immigrants in U.S. Making Demands; Art Show Dedicated to "Martyrs"; California Fires; Iceland Volcano; Useless Bowl Games

Saw a news cast that showed immigrants in the U.S. "demanding" their rights and for the U.S. to open it's borders to all people.  Many carried signs with silly slogans, the most ridiculous was one that read, "No Human is Illegal".   I hate to keep pounding on this topic as it's ludicrous but:

1.  If you're in the U.S. from another nation, you don't get to demand a damned thing.  YOU must follow U.S. law, even when it appears the liberal assholes in California, Colorado, New York and many cities do not follow said laws.

2.  You have no rights in the U.S.  This is liberal bullshit and should mean nothing, but liberal federal judges don't follow U.S. law, they make up their own law and cases progress.

3.  As to the slogan, "No Human is Illegal", try pulling this shit in Venequ3elsa, Japan, Honduras, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, North Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Pakistan, Poland, Hungary, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, et. al. and see where it gets you; assholes.

4.  You can pull this crap in the U.S. because the Republicans are gutless, the democrats are liberal imbeciles and about 40% of the America people have been indoctrinated to liberalism and have their heads firmly up their ass.
"Iceland Monitor":  The ice cauldron is said to be continuously deepening in the Oraefajokull caldera.  Some seem to think this means an eruption is coming, but when, no one seems to really know.
"The Local" (Berlin, Germany):  Berlin is putting on an art show and part of the show comes out of a Danish collection, dedicated to "martyrs".  They have Martin Luther King, Jr., Socrates, a pilot that flew a hijacked airliner into the World Trade Center in September of 2001 and one of the attackers in France in 2015 where 90 people were killed.

Apparently, the French aren't too pleased with the decision-making that went into this exhibit, can't say as I blame them.  But this shows the true colors of both the Danes and the Germans; wonder when Islam will become the official state religion in these two EU nations?
Every media outlet has something about the California fires.  "Japan Times" had one today about the Getty Art Museum, his billion dollar house, his $145 million--give or take-- Manet.  Forgive me, or not, I really don't give a rat's ass, but I don't give a damn about all these rich folks who've ripped people off for their entire lives.  And I don't give a damn about California or what may befall it.  Why?  Because California has made it clear they want nothing to do with the U.S. as a whole, only to use it for what they can get out of it, just as most cesspool nations do on a regular basis.
I listened to show about the up coming college bowl season, which is a joke, 40 games!  Really???  Anyway, the guy noted as I have that none of these games, short of the three playoff games, semifinals and final, mean anything to anyone.  In many cases,  schools lose money in sending their football team to the Toilet Bowl or Cellar-Dweller Bowl or the Who Cares Bowl or the Road Kill Bowl..........

The NCAA, as usual, screwed things up from the beginning, but it can be fixed to where there are 15 meaningful bowl games.  Rather than a 12 team playoff, establish a 16 team playoff.  Rotate the major bowls for the semifinals and championship and all the other games, Citrus Bowl, Peach Bowl, Holliday Bowl, etc., all regain meaning to the players, schools, fans........

Take the top 12 teams as they are ranked and the next four teams get in based on record and then ranking; a team like Michigan State may get in, UCF is in, perhaps even Memphis gets in.  This allows for the teams of the "lesser" conferences to get their shot at the big boys by EARNING IT, and if you're outside the top 12, you've no argument because your team DIDN'T EARN IT!
I picked up a bug (likely a virus) yesterday and it hit fast and hard.  I felt it coming on about 2:30 and by 5pm, I felt like a hundred NFL players ran over me trying to get in line for free b_ _ _-_ _ _ s offered by Bill Maher and Chris Mathews.  ---What do NFL players have in common with a virus?  Both can be damaging to your health and both have about the same I.Q.    ----Yes.  That was mean and uncalled for but I don't really care.  I feel like crap and a good many of these folks are pretty much crap so........   (The NFL should be happy for the likes of a Jason Witten or Eli Manning as they give credibility to the league in regard to social responsibility and acceptable social behavior.)

Friday, December 8, 2017

Attacked as a Witch; Euthanasia Revisited in Aussie Court; Pope's Call to alter Lord's Prayer; Uber Driver Attacks Woman, Splits; House vs. FBI

"Russia Today":
        1.  In Papua New Guinea, a 6-year-old girl was attacked by a group of men as accusations (there is that word again, accused but without evidence or proof--sound familiar?) that she was "sanguma" one who performs a type of witchcraft.  Four years earlier, her mother was burned to death because of such accusations.  Political and area leaders have condemned such practices--well good for them.  As to the girl, she survived the torture and knife attack and is someplace unknown.
    (Good thing such practice isn't exercised in the U.S.; Hillary Clinton, Donna Brazil, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the women on "The View", Sen. Elizabeth Warren, many feminists and female college professors, Maxine Waters, even know a few at church that wouldn't fare very well....just to note a few who would have been roasted long ago.)

       2.  The title of the story is something like "Sea Creatures are plagued by Human Plastic Pollution" and it's followed by a warning that the video is graphic.  I've already seen such, so I didn't care to see it again.  Point is this, plastics are polluting the earth, land and sea and rivers and landfills, and they aren't going away anytime soon.  Humans had damned well better take this pollution seriously as it's killing things off that humans need for their own survival.
"WA Today":  John Nixon, 88, was in poor health, multiple problems.  He, a one time health freak, had made it known for some time that he wanted to die.  A concoction was made and sat in the fridge for a while, a lethal mixture (the article gave it, three simple things, but I will not).  One day, rather than going to yet another doctor's appointment, Nixon, with his son with him, decided to drink the mixture that would free him from a life he did not see as worth living.  The son was charged with aiding in a suicide and could get him years in jail if convicted.

His team argued that it was nothing more than voluntary euthanasia, with the son being present, again most who knew Nixon knew he wanted to die.  In the end, the son was acquitted and now, a new call to re-evaluate euthanasia polices are being called for by some politicians.  I agree with those seeking to alter euthanasia laws and it should be done in all western nations, some which already have reasonable euthanasia laws.
"BBC":  It seems Pope Francis is pushing for something that I can agree with, a change in the Lord's Prayer.  The Pope wants to change the passage "..lead us not into temptation.." to something a bit more accurate, " not let us fall into temptation..".   I suggest the Pope go with "..let us not fall into temptation..", as this has a little better flow to it without changing the meaning.  

The Pope's argument for this change is simple and accurate, so I believe.  God does not "lead" humans to that which temps us to sin, we do this just fine on our own.  ---If you wait long enough, you'll find you can agree with darned near anyone on some things.
"Japan Times":  Japanese swords and survival knives were used in a murder-suicide at the famous Tomioka Hachmangu shrine.  Three were found dead, chief priestess, Nagako Tomioka, 58, her slightly younger brother and a woman in 30s, with four others being injured in the attack.

It seems the brother was irked about being passed over for chief priest in favor of his sister taking the top job.  His desire to be the top priest grew to the point to build up enough anger to murder; envy at work.
The Czech Republic announced they would be recognizing Western Jerusalem as Israel's capital city.  This flies in the face of the comment in the "BBC" yesterday that the "World condemns Pres. Donald Trump's"  move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.  If you read yesterday's blog, you'd find a good many media outlets didn't run any such story as did the "BBC" (not when I checked yesterday morning at 6 am or so.)
From local news, Dallas/Ft. Worth area:  An Uber driver, in the U.S. from Iran, was arrested for sexually assaulting a female passenger.  She is suing Uber for not doing enough to protect people from drivers who really shouldn't have such jobs.   Seems this jerk was already under charges of beating his 16-year-old daughter and was ordered to seek anger management (rather than jail-time).  Anyway, this guy was foolishly given bail by a judge and promptly fled the country so he'll not be prosecuted for this sexual assault -- nice call judge.  Want to take a stab at where they think he is now??  Yep!
Senator Al Franken has announced he will resign, in a while, which is pretty vague.  No great loss, an ultra-liberal who had no business being in the U.S. Senate in the first place.
"OAN" aired the House Judiciary Committee's hearing with the new FBI director and it was a complete joke.  The new director smirked at some questions and/or when he was answering some questions, in short lying his ass off, viewing the House members as a bunch of clowns that he shouldn't take seriously; --right on both counts.

After the show was over, some House members talked all tough, talked about what the American people deserved, as if they give a rat's ass about the American people, and they'll do absolutely nothing about this director or his agency or any of the other federal clowns who go before them and lie their asses off.  ---But the people will get the tough talk each time and get told what they deserve but never get.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

N. Korea threatens, Trump gets Blame; World Condemns U.S.----Not So Fast; Texas HoR Al Green (D--go figure); Same Sex Marriage Approved; Save The Children

"Japan Times":  There is now a push for same-sex marriages to be legalized in Japan after the LGBTQIAAMDSSZ --or whatever-the-hell they're going with now -- folks were successful in getting this passed in Australia. And, as I've said before, I disagree with this because it opens up a whole new can of worms, but, if the people want this, I'm good with it but they may get more than they bargained for.

When I noted my concerns, a few years back, I told people that this opens the door for group marriage.  An Australian lawmaker had the same concern before the Aussie voters and legislators had their say.   I also suggested that sickos like Warren Jeffers may legally be able to take child brides IF approved by parents and the child.  How so?  Remember, years ago, the Supreme Court decided that children do not shed their Constitutional rights at the school house doors.  Now, extend this to other social issues.  Can you see a lawyer fighting for some 14-year-old's right to run off with their 35-year-old teacher to wed?   I can, as I put nothing past those with law degrees, a yearning to become known, a great desire to become financially independent off the backs of others; parasites, if you will.                                                           -----------------------------------------
According to the "BBC", "RT", "France 24", "Copenhagen Post", the world is condemning U.S. Pres. Donald Trump's decision to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to it's capital city, Jerusalem; both just and right on Trump's part.  Photos of muslims showing their true nature, violent, angry, hate-filled, during clashes and protests (flag burning and the like), just to provide evidence that their headline is correct, "World Condemns...."

Let me point out that there was no such story in the "Iceland Monitor", "Cape Times", "Japan Times", "Bangkok Post", "Perth Now", "WA Today" or "Rio Times" ("Rio Times" did run a story about cutting funds to the program that monitors the Amazon, deforestation, etc., a hell-of-a-lot more serious than pig-shit muslims acting like they have for the past 70 years in regard to anything involving Israel.)  ----Let me also point out that the media outlets who called it world condemnation are nations that have either let a crap load of muslims and are intimidated by them OR nations that hate the U.S. and the courage of Trump to dare stand up to the muslim hoard.

Yes, the U.N. Secretary General condemned the move but does this come as a surprise to anyone?  The U.N., as a body, hates the U.S. but needs and uses the U.S., thus my contention that the U.S. kick the U.N. out immediately.
North Korea has issued yet another statement that the U.S. and it's actions are pushing toward an inevitable nuclear war.  Typically, the "world", i.e., U.S. European "friends and allies" and the U.N., are blaming Trump.  What the leaders of these nations are seeing is baffling.  It's been Kim Dung-Un who has pushed the envelope, fired missile after missile as his people starve, freeze, are murdered at his whim.  Trump has finally showed some backbone when dealing with North Korea.  He's not willing to pay them so the U.S. can kiss their ass.  He's doing what a real leader does, stand up for his nation, something Barack Obama, King George I and II did not do, what Bill Clinton did not do.
    (And I still don't think Trump is much of a president at this point, but compared to those mentioned OR what the U.S. could have had, Hillary or Bernie or Jill or Gary....he, Trump, is a peach!)
Texas HoR Al Green (D) has been calling for Trump's impeachment since day one pretty much.  This guy is a sleazy bastard, a liar, a racist, has a record of highly questionable ethical issues, has the nerve to say Trump isn't fit for office.  Look this guy up, tell me if he doesn't look like a wannabe pimp and, what's worse, he tends to act like one, he certainly talks like one; uneducated boob.  And yet, his constituents keep him in office, talk about a bunch of boobs.
"BBC" and "RT" ran stories on the California fire near and in the Los Angeles area.  It seems that a few mansions in the Bel-Air area have been burned or being threatened by the fire.  One photo showed two fire fighters carrying a large painting out of harms way.  Is this their job, to protect the art work of rich folks while other places burn to the ground?    Just asking.    It was also reported that UCLA cancelled a football practice because of the poor air quality caused by the fires.  We're talking Los Angeles, a city that has a LONG HISTORY of air pollution, so how much worse could it be?
(And UCLA certainly can't afford to miss a day of practice, they aren't very good.)
Like all charities this time of year, "Save the Children" is running ads asking you to support kids about the globe, kids who should have never been conceived in the first place as their parents can't afford them.  They show pathetic, skinny, dirty kids while worried moms look on seemingly helpless.
        1.  Again, don't have kids you can't afford; just say "NO".
        2.  By providing them with food, medicines, etc., are you not enabling the parents to continue to
             have kids they can't afford?  That would be a "YES", so you aren't helping, you're hurting
             them in the long-run.
        3.  Let's say 500,000 children are saved in some third world nation that's only falling more
            and more behind the rest of the world.  What happens to the children of these children 15
            to 20 years down the road?  What happens to them if a major war breaks out, a major
            famine hits due to an extensive drought?
        4.  The administrators of most charities want to keep them going so they can live a really good
             life off the backs of good-hearted people, travel about the globe on the money of others, all in
             the name of charity.

Want to do something charitable that may actually help one in need more than it helps some administrator to buy their next Lexus?  Do some work at a homeless shelter or at your local animal shelter.  Donate to these places, be it cash or food or blankets or with shoes, soap, tooth paste or a warm coat or new shirt, some socks.................

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Palestinians Pissed; California Being Sued; New Supersonic Passenger Plane?; Brazil and Abortion; UK P.M. Threatened; Russia Still Crying.....

        1.  "An expected announcement by President Donald Trump that the U.S. will become the first country to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital has been dubbed a 'kiss of death' for the Middle-East peace process by the Palestinians."  ---And the Palestinians are pissed.   Other nations are being urged by some in the Israeli government to follow suit, so.......

The piece went on to say that one Palestinian official, name not given, stated that it doesn't necessarily mean a conventional war but a diplomatic war.  I think this chap, whoever he may be, hasn't been paying attention. The Palestinians have been waging a coward's war (albeit not a conventional war, so kudos to this clown) against Israel for decades and the U.S., in part, is financing this war against Israel.

As this "war" has been going on, as noted, for decades, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital shouldn't make any difference in reality.  However, the simple-minded, hate-filled Palestinians, and with other muslim nations egging them on, will see it as an affront and will increase their violence.
As to the role of the U.S. and U.N., why do they keep providing for these useless people?  Why does some Islamic nation not invite them in, most have the space?  (Same question for the Rohingya muslims.) -----In a closing note, I think Jerusalem SHOULD BE Israel's capital city.

        2.  Naa'imur Zakariyah Rahman, age 20, claiming to be Bangladeshi-British, and Mohammad Aqib Imran, age 21, claiming to be Pakistani-British (tell you anything about where their loyalties rest?), have been held in suspicion of plotting to blow up the security gates on Downing Street and seeking to murder PM Theresa May.  ---I'm not saying more about this, I've already made my position clear on muslims flooding into the west and that there will never be peace between them and Westerners as muslims will not assimilate, adapt, adopt.
"Cape Times":  Even with a water shortage that is past the serious level, the Cape Town region of South Africa is expecting a bumper crop of tourists this year.  In preparation, the government is taking steps to inform tourists and to help reduce their usage of water.  (The article was more about the economic impact than it was about the water shortage.)
"Rio Times":  The Lower House wants to establish that life begins at conception, thus making all abortions in Brazil illegal (to be biologically correct, something liberals refuse to accept, life DOES begin at conception).  Even so, a recent study showed that most Brazilians accept abortions in some situations, specific cases.   In short, there may be some problems with protests and getting this passed.
"Japan Times":  Japan Airlines, so reported, ahs agreed to invest 1.1 billion yen ($10 million U.S.) in a Denver, Colorado firm, Boom Technology, Inc., which is set to design a supersonic passenger jet.  This gives Japan Airlines a 1% share and rights to the first aircraft produced.

The plane is said to seat 45-55 people, travel at Mach 2.2 or 1,451mph and would make the trip from Tokyo to San Francisco in 5.5 hours (not sure how the jet stream figures in this or on the return trip to Japan).  The last supersonic aircraft, the Concorde, ended service in 2003.
"OAN":  So reported, California is being sued over the very poor literacy levels achieved by students.  Over 50% of California kids read below grade level (and their knowledge of history, U.S. government and civics is woefully lacking as well, personal experience with California educated kids) and people aren't happy.  The excuses, the teachers are leaving Caliphony for greener pastures, for better pay, cheaper housing, living expenses.  Nothing about moronic rules, regulations, laws passed by the State nor the fact that a good many parents of California kids can't speak English, have only a high school education if that.  In short, they can't help their kids at home and, like many other parents, don't give a damn.
"Sunny Skyz News":  A homeless man jumped a fence, ran into a burning apartment to rescue two trapped children, this in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Though haled a 'hero', he still, likely so, sleeps on the streets or in shelters; so proud the nation.
"Russia Today":
        1.  The Russians are still crying that bans on their 2018 Olympic athletes continue.  Perhaps their athletes shouldn't be cheating by using drugs deemed illegal by the Olympic committee.

        2.  A panel flew off a U.S. F-35 fighter over Okinawa.  If U.S. military personnel aren't raping their kids and women, U.S. aircraft and/or parts are falling on the citizens of Okinawa.  I don't blame them for wanting all U.S. military to GO AWAY!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Tax Cut Nonsense; College Football Ranking; Other Stuff: Ex-Yemen Pres. Killed; P.D. to be Shaken; Too Tired To Date; Rohingya Situation Worsens

Quickly, other stuff:

The ex-president of Yemen has been killed in the on-going violence in that third-world nation. (RT)

In western Australia, a police department has been found to have more than a few problems and it's due for a shake-up.  How many in the U.S. are in such need?  (Perth Now)

Women in Japan are in the same boat as the men, their job is their life.  Long work hours, the stress on output, have made women too tired to date, to seek a lasting relationship.  It was found that one in four went to sleep while on a date and most say it's much more relaxing for them to go home and watch television.  (Japan Times)

The Rohingya muslim situation in Bangladesh continues to worsen according to a story in "The Oslo Times".  Food, clean water, sanitation issues, violence plague the refuge camps.  And the fault rests with the world?   NO!  This group has caused trouble, to the point of murder, in Myanmar, Malaysia and Thailand.  They've murdered Rohingya Hindus, raped and used some as domestic slaves.  In short, they've brought this on themselves and it's past the time for the world to recognize this fact.

"OAN" ran a story that Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and her committee is investigating some nonsense issue involving Trump.  This is a joke---the U.S. Congress, both Senate and House, are a joke at this time in U.S. history.  
Anyone as irritated at the bullshit surrounding the "tax cuts" that the clowns who run the U.S. are babbling about as am I?   They talked of a simplified tax code.  Not happening.  They talked of tax cuts.  If in reality it happens, they won't last.  They complain that this one will increase the national deficit.  HOW DO THEY NOW HAVE THE AUDCITY, THE GALL, to bring this issue up?  For
16 years, King George II and Obama, the U.S. national deficit soared and none in Congress gave a rat's ass.  NOW IT'S AN ISSUE!!?????   They've got to be kidding; shit for brains!

Want to cut taxes and not increase the deficit, you've got to 1) have a balanced budget and 2) you've got to cut spending.   Let me present, again, a few ideas.

1.  All perks to Congress, federal judges, executive branch folks, high ranking military officers and bonuses paid to federal employees stop.

2.  Put a halt to (or at least a 75% reduction) foreign aide, but for Israel, for at least five years.  Re-evaluate where it goes and to whom it goes.

3.  Get out of the U.N.; costly, ineffective, usually and adversary to U.S. policies.

4.  Cut completely or reduce the budgets for a number of departments/agencies.  A short list:  Cut the Dept. of Education, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, USAID, Job Corps.  Reduce budgets for Dept. of Agriculture, EPA, National Science Foundation (no one cares about treadmills for shrimp or the mating habits of bison--the bison know and that's all that matters), NASA, Dept of Commerce, Dept of Transportation,  Defense Dept. ($186 million per unit for aircraft that don't function as claimed is a waste, a $260 million Boeing 737 is too much, private jets with large screen televisions for O-8-10 is too much, close half the over-seas bases, get out of winless wars)

5.  Go after the wasteful spending of Congress, the corruption:  bridges that go nowhere, hush money for sexual assaults, phony information gathering trips...  Line item veto on all bills is a must, spending bills even more important.

6.  A FLAT TAX.  No exemptions, no loop holes, just a flat tax.  This would reduce the need for so many in the IRS, a legalized criminal organization in a sense--think Lois Lerner.
My last college football ranking.  This is because the bowl games are often a joke and many teams will not show up to play, no reason they should.

1.  Clemson.  Like the others, they had a glitch, but still the best team overall and their O is starting to      play well.
2.  Georgia.  The bad loss to Auburn a few weeks ago, but other than that, they've been solid.
3.  Alabama.  Lost to Auburn.
4.  Oklahoma.  No defense is going to keep the Sooners from a national championship.
5. Wisconsin.  A six point loss to a decent Ohio State team.

6.  Southern Cal. Two losses to good teams, Notre Dame and Washington State, blown out by N.D.
7.  Ohio State, which is crying a bit but they did not deserve to be in the playoffs.  A bad loss to
     Oklahoma in Columbus and they were destroyed on the road at Iowa, a team that isn't as good
     as N.D. or Washington State.
8.  Central Florida, the only undefeated.  Sadly, their coach crapped all over them and they'll lose
     their bowl game, most do when coaches pull this crap.
9.  Penn State with two losses, both very close.
10.  Auburn.

11.  Washington.  Should be a good game with Penn State if the players are ready to play.
12.  Miami.  Can help the program with a win over Wisconsin.
13.  Memphis--They get Iowa State in a bowl.  ISU took down Oklahoma and TCU, so.......
14. LSU--Faces Notre Dame in the Citrus Bowl--if anyone cares.
15. TCU with two blow-out losses to OU and a loss to Iowa State.

16.  Notre Dame, tailed off near the end of the season.
17.  Northwestern, good but not recognized by most for being so.
18.  Michigan State--takes on Washington State in the Holiday Bowl.
19.  Virginia Tech
20.  Oklahoma State.  Their lack of defense will cost them against Virginia Tech. if the teams show
       up to play the bowl game, I'm speaking mentally, emotionally, ready to play.
21.  Washington State
22.  Boise State--BSU may not show up to play Oregon.  This match-up is a slap-in-the-face to BSU.
23.  South Florida
24.  San Diego State--Army will be ready to play their bowl game, not sure about SDSU
25.  TIE:  Stanford and Florida Atlantic.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Duty to Rape; Fools; Respect; College Football

"BBC":  In some nations, freedom of speech is viewed as meaning one can say anything they wish.  This is not true in any nation and what one can and can't say varies, and the responses to what one says varies, especially when one engages one's mouth before activating the brain.

In Egypt, so reported, a lawyer in Egypt was on a panel discussion that was being televised.  This reasonable well educated man said, "Are you happy when you see a girl walking down the street with half of her behind showing?  I say that when a girl walks about like that, it is a patriotic duty to sexually harass her and a national duty to rape her."

In a nation where women are sexually harassed on a regular basis on city streets, this statement was viewed as incitement to a criminal act.  He got three years in prison and is to pay a fine of 20,000 Egyptian pounds ($1,130 U.S. dollars).  This may seem harsh to some, not enough punishment to others, but the point is, one can't say or do any stupid/foolish thing they wish, any place they wish, without some consequences. 
      (I wonder what Kathy Griffin would have been sentenced to in Egypt if she'd held up a bloodied head of their national leader?).
"OAN":  The story was about two white guys, didn't catch their nationality and it doesn't matter, who went to Thailand for a visit.  Interesting nation, good place to vacation if you understand the culture and, more importantly, respect the culture as one should as all times when vacationing.  Anyway, these two clowns decided it would be funny to go to a Thai temple and drop their pants for a photo session; FOOLS!

The Thai people and Thai law are a bit touchy when it comes to desecrating their temples in any way, (don't take kindly to bad-mouthing the king either, an FYI) and these two morons were arrested.  The penalties for such used to be pretty harsh, so.......

Why do some people feel they can do as they damned well please when they go to another nation, or in cases, another city, say New Orleans during Mardi Gras?  Then, when arrested, for acting stupidly/foolishly, they seem surprised, plead ignorance, cry for help.

I've no problem with nudity, beaches, resorts, about the house, but there are places where it's inappropriate and frowned upon, say like at a Thai temple or taking a wiz on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.
RESPECT!  Saw a black guy, maybe late 20's, walking with a boy, maybe 8-10.  The boy was on the sidewalk, dressed as boys do, jeans, shirt, shoes.  The older guy, who I'd assume to be the boy's dad or much older brother, was walking down the street, texting device in hand, trying to dribble a basketball, while his pants were down below his ass.  He had to walk with his legs apart to keep his pants from falling to his ankles, looked as if he'd crapped himself.  -----What message was he sending to the boy?  What was he telling the neighborhood about himself?  ---- Just another fool putting his foolishness on display for all to see.
   (This older guy, the punk in this story, likely cries about not being respected by whitey.  Yet, he chooses not to show whitey or anyone else "respect" by the way he dresses, by his choosing the street rather than the sidewalk, by setting a poor example for a boy.  Hell, this clown doesn't have any respect for himself.)
College Football:  I think you'll see the SEC getting two teams into the playoffs and I see the seeding as this,  Clemson gets the top spot and they'll face #4 Alabama in the opening round.  Oklahoma will take on Georgia in the other game, their seeding unimportant, but OU will likely be #2.  

Ohio State took down Wisconsin 27-21.  The Badgers dug themselves a hole that they couldn't dig out of;  too bad.

OU trashed TCU

North Texas lost to Florida Atlantic in a championship game.

Boise State edged Fresno State, 17-14 in their championship game

Clemson crushed Miami

Georgia won handily over Auburn

Central Florida edged Memphis in double OT and will get a major bowl bid.  They'll likely lose because when a team's coach bails on the players and this classless, thoughtless act is made public, the team doesn't do well in the bowl game.  But, congrats to UCF, the only undefeated team in the FBS this year.  (Had they beaten Memphis as they did earlier and had the coach not pulled a chicken-shit move,  I would have argued they get the #4 playoff seed.)

USC beat Stanford

Florida State won #6, so they'll get a bowl game.  They certainly don't deserve one, haven't earned one, but they'll get one--I suggest the Bull-Shit Bowl.

(Where do networks get the guys who call the games?  UCF vs Memphis, score is 48-48, just about four minutes left in the game.  One guy says, "This will not be the final score", as if this were some great revelation that few people, if anyone knew.  How does a "no shit" comment seem so intelligent to the clowns calling these games?  ---Suggestion.  If you haven't anything important to add to the commentary of the game, something intelligent to say about the game, the situation, don't say anything.)