Friday, May 26, 2017

Coptic Christians Attacked, Many Killed; Getting NATO Members to Pay; Zuckerberg; What To Do....?

Most media sites that I check, have run the story of the senseless attack carried out in Egypt on two buses carrying Coptic Christians.  It was reported that between 8 and 10 gunmen in uniforms opened fire on the buses, killing 28 and wounding 24, many of the victims were children.  In response, Egypt launched what appeared (video) to be a half-assed air strike on a city in Libya they claim houses a large ISIS group.  My question is this, if they knew of this ISIS base, why did they not hit it before they struck inside Egypt?
Saw a segment by a U.S. media outlet (FOX, OAN?, doesn't really matter) about Pres. Trump asking NATO members to fork over the minimum of 2% DGP that has been long agreed upon but only a couple of NATO members actually pay it.  There is a simple solution for Trump, DON'T ASK them to pay the agreed upon 2%. ---TELL THEM that the U.S. is no longer willing to carry almost the entire burden of funding NATO, and will cease funding it completely unless the other members live up to the agreement beginning immediately.  I promise you, with all the uncertainty of a Putin controlled Russia, i.e., what will he pull next, the other members will want the U.S. on board.  They NEED the U.S. on board.  --Quick, effective and no b.s.
A "BBC" program was aired on "PBS" this evening, the topic, to no surprise, what to do about young muslims becoming radicalized and how to deal with them.  To be honest, I wanted to slap the crap out the woman hosting the show for a variety of reasons, arrogance, rudeness, stupidity being the top three.

To address this, let's begin with reality, at this point, there isn't a hell-of-a-lot that can be done given the attitude of Western governments.  Leave the barn door open, the horses are gone and then you try to figure out what went wrong, it's ludicrous.  But, let me put out a few things to think about:

1.  It was a mistake to allow muslims to flock into Western nations for the get-go, I've said this a few dozen times.  They will not EVER assimilate and I'll not repeat the why for that again here.  If people don't know, they are likely part of the reason for the problem the Western nations are facing with this onslaught of Islamic terrorism.
2.  If a young muslim should leave the UK (or Germany or Sweden or France or the U.S. or....) for an Islamic nation known for training terrorists, say Saudi Arabia, or is in the midst of battling a terrorist group, like the J.V. team of ISIS or al-Qaeda, do not allow that individual to return.  Pull their passport, pull their green card or whatever is used, pull their citizenship if they happen to be a citizen.  Not that hard.
3.  When one is encountered, kill them.  When those assisting in an attack, like the one in Manchester, are captured, execute them quickly; this is what they understand.  Don't play patty-cake with them as is the norm for Western nations, pull a Duterte on them.  Right now, Pres. Duterte of the P.I. has military forces going after ISIS insurgents on Mindanao.  I don't think he'll be open to taking too many prisoners nor should he be.
(Sounds a bit harsh, doesn't it?  It is, but they think they're in a war and it's time for Western nations to come to the realization that they are correct. It is a war and the West, the Christian nations are losing because of their own foolishness, in part brought on by liberal ideology/political correctness.)
4.  Begin deporting muslims that are being investigated/watched by police and/or security agencies, be proactive, don't wait for an attack.
5.  As to the young people being targeted by ISIS and other unpleasant groups, who else are they going to target for recruitment?  They know, and history proves this out, that young people let their emotions do their thinking for them.  Stalin, Lenin and crew knew this, Mussolini and Hitler targeted the young for recruitment, Mao Sedong knew it, used them, Pol Pot used youth in his ruthless reign and Bernie Sanders knew that if he could stir the emotions in the young, he had a shot at beating Hillary and he was right.  Had the DNC not stabbed him in the back, he may have pulled it off.  The young, or many of them, have no ability to control their emotions and few have the ability to apply logic, critical thought to any issue.  Get those emotional juices flowing and young people will do damned near anything; Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot......
It's been reported that Montana Republican Greg Gianforte won a seat in Congress even after his take-down of some smart-ass liberal journalist.  The unfortunate event took place just before voting so it had no impact.  Personally, I think we should have more of this.  Someone gets out-of-line, kick the crap out of them.  Heck, Burr killed Hamilton in a duel over a political squabble and the new nation survived.
According to a "FOX" news story, a morning show, it was said billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is suggesting that everyone get a living income, whether they work or not; typical liberal stupidity put on display by a pretty bright dude.  This idea is so flawed, so incredibly stupid, I've no idea how one with his I.Q. came up with it, but then again, I.Q. and a large knowledge base does not necessarily equate to a high level of intelligence.    ---HOWEVER, if Zuckerberg will put his money where his mouth is, let's say by sending me a measly $50,000,000 in my hand after the IRS comes a calling, I'll support his idea; he has my word.      

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Black Lab Steals Show; "Artwork"; Roger Moore Died; CNN's Don Lemon Looking Foolish

Yesterday, some interesting things to write about but not very pleasant.  Today, the good news outlets rule.

"Sunny Skyz":
       1.  In Russia,  a woman was delivering the day's news stories when a black lab got into the studio.  First, it popped it's head just above the desk, startling the anchor.  After a few other moves, the dog put it's front paws on the desk, sniffed some papers and stole the show.  Credit to the anchor, she kept her cool, even tried to hug (perhaps grab) the dog; took it all in stride.

       2.  Two moms have a video out on "FaceBook" and it is a bit funny but most importantly, they make some good points.  They were discussing swimwear, the norm for men, all very practical and concealing.  For women, not so much.  The suits are revealing, uncomfortable, not very practical, often unflattering...
These two had bodies that were about what I'd expect of those of their age, after having kids and knowing how poor Americans are about keeping up with exercise.  Folks, going to the beach is about you, your comfort, your peace of mind.  If you're there to put on a show for others, to have others "rate" you, you're there for the wrong reason.  Ladies, be comfortable with who you are, be practical in what you wear, who cares what others think.  

       3.  CNN's Don Lemon has often proven himself to be a racist, a promoter of racism and a race-baiter.  He seems to think himself to be very clever but it's so obvious only an idiot--or a liberal--can't pick up on it.  Anyway, Lemon tried to do a little race-baiting with actor Morgan Freeman and it blew up in his face.  Lemon looked foolish at best, while once again proving himself to be the racist that he is, the promoter of racism that he is; WAY-TO-BE, Mr. Freeman.
"Good News Network":  Recently, a piece of "artwork" fetched $110.5 million at an auction.  The buyer was one Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire.  The artist, I think (poorly written piece) is some guy by the name of Jean-Michel Basquiat.  ---To be candid, I wouldn't have paid five cents for the thing and wouldn't hang it in a public restroom.  This piece looks as if some angry 15-year-old with a fixation on the morbid painted it.  ---This work was crap!

I like going to art museums and in one, I saw an old sink hanging on a wall (as a display, a piece of art) with a brass plate calling it "Sink on a Wall"; not making this up.  There was a mirror up on display with a sign reading "Mirror on a Wall".  There was a huge art showing someplace, may have been in some European city, where there was a wire-mesh trash can sitting on a table filled with shredded paper, it was "a work of art", sculpture I guess.  Folks, art, as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, in most cases anyway.   Sometimes, things called art are done so in the eye of the incredibly stupid and/or foolish.
Speaking of art, I, once again, wish to repeat what I've said about the Islamic/Arab/Muslim world a few times.  They have some incredible art, fantastic architecture and they've contributed to math and astronomy in the past.  They've done some good things but they will never, and again, I repeat myself, assimilate into any culture, isn't what the Koran orders them to do.  To take them in is a HUGE MISTAKE on the part of any nation.  It would serve the world well for them to stay in their own nations, follow their own customs and let business take care of itself, always does.  Muslims simply will never mesh well with Western cultures, Christians, Jews, atheists, agnostics, Hindus, homosexuals....toss in what ever you like that is Western.

Roger Moore, the third "James Bond" died the other day.

"Star Wars" was released 40 years ago--and a couple of days at this point.  How would you have liked to have invested say, $10,000 in this saga?  Wonder what your return would be at this point?    

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Homosexuals and Islam; Sheriff Takes Heat; Martial Law in P.I.; Blue Whale; "Fight All The Time"

"Japan Times":
       1. Out of New York City, Broadway, a rather depressing story.  A group of high school punks, ages noted from 15 to 18, got into a fight on this famous street.  The result, four of these fools suffered knife wounds, a 15-year-old getting the worst of it.  That wasn't the depressing part, the following fills that role.  A witness, Sherri Hodes, was walking her dog when this brawl broke out.  She said, so quoted in the article, "They fight all the time.  I mean, that's what kids do.  That's what teenagers do."

Her world, i.e., New York City, is very different from the world I live in, from the world I've experienced.  I don't see such "all the time" and certainly not with knifes coming into play.  I've not lead a sheltered life, but the reality Hodes' experiences isn't the norm, at least not yet.

       2.  It was reported that a U.S. warship passed within 14 miles (12 nautical miles) of one of the Chinese man-made islands in the disputed South China Sea.  This little poke will be noted by the Chinese but it's all a part of the game.  I have to ask, what happens when some commander loses sight of the game, makes a ship pay for the perceived intrusion?  
After the state sponsored caning of the two gay men in Indonesia, on the grounds of a mosque, the public invited for the entertainment value, why has the LGBTQI community been so silent?  Yes, some nations expressed dismay, but the homosexual community, nothing.  The LGBTQI folks are quick to condemn Christians for some of their rhetoric regarding their choice, sin, etc., and they toss about the silly term homophobia/homophobic.  My question is, why does this community, so determined to be accepted by all, remain silent when it comes to Islamic states that do such to gays?  Why do they not go after the muslims for not just condoning such practices as caning gays, but calling it a virus (note my last blog, direct quote from a college female who witnessed the beatings in Aceh), something that destroys the morals of a community, a disease?  Why do they not oppose the influx of muslims into Western nations that tend to be accepting of their sexual orientation, in part thanks to political correctness?  

I think the answer rests with political correctness.  Political correctness is an attempt, a very successful one, by the liberals/progressives/democrats, to control language and the LGBTQI community has bought into liberalism 100%.   As they are 100% in, it may be that they can't formulate a rationale for attacking that which is so much a part of the liberal ideology, rhetoric.
    (On a side note, and I've pointed this out before, muslim men, be they refugees in Europe or police and military officers in Afghanistan, seem to like to have boys for sex partners from time to time.  And, again, I must ask, how do they rationalize this apparent flaw in their behavior, their conviction, their religion, on the matter of homosexual behavior and/or pedophilia?)
"BBC":  To no surprise, the guy who carried out the bombing at the arena in Manchester, killing 22 and wounding over 60, was a muslim.  Police are now investigating his dad and brother and others, again, no surprise in this.  That being said, Sheriff Tracy Murphree of Denton County, Texas, is taking heat for using this tragic event in Manchester to promote truth, to ask a good question, why do we (he was referring to the U.S. and perhaps the West in general) allow political correctness to distribute dangerous behavior, such as opening the door to those who wish to cause harm?

The Sheriff has a good point.  Over the past 15 plus years and current events globally, provide some solid evidence that muslims are not going to assimilate, it isn't their desire, their goal.  They are taught to covert or dominate or kill if necessary all those who do not accept Islam as their religion.  The liberals, with no way to counter the truth, the facts, the evidence that's slapping them in the face (like people getting blown-up, run over, heads removed, raped, stabbed, tossed from roof tops, etc., and these things on a regular basis), so they stick with political correctness; it's not nice to turn them away, love them and they'll love us back.
"Russia Today":
       1.  So reported, a game is out on social media called "Blue Whale" and it's not just dangerous, it's been deadly for some kids (most appear to be between 14 and 16 year of age) who've played this game.  Apparently, the game lasts about 50 days and the players are told to engage in various tasks.  One 16-year-old girl had to be rescued by three teenage boys after she threw herself into a cold, fast-moving river.  When asked if she knew she could have been killed, she replied "yes" but talked of the adrenaline rush.  Another kid was prevent from jumping off a building and, to cut this short, about 150 kids have had issues with the game.  Also reported, it's been found in Spain and the UK, so it's spreading.  Parents, teachers, pay attention, question your teenager if he/she begins to act weird, well, more so than usual, or if they mention playing "Blue Whale."

       2.  Marawi, Philippines.  ISIS insurgents may control 80 to 90% of the city according to some witnesses and President Duterte cut his visit to Russia short to return and deal with the issue.  He has invoked martial law on the entire island of Mindanao, so reported, and he isn't a happy camper at this time.  I can't say for certain what he'll do, but given his past, I'd say he'll go after this muslim group and he'll not fool about like the U.S. and EU and Australia does. As he should, he'll take the fight to them, gun them down, and not lose too much sleep about collateral damage.   ---In his case, he'll not lose any sleep at all.
"Rio Times" and "RT":  Government buildings in Brazilia, Brazil, have fences about them and windows are boarded up.  Troops are in the city and they are expecting about 100,000 protesters to make an appearance to voice their displeasure with President Michel Temer, the government in general and specifically social security and labor reforms.  Violence has plagued this nation for a while, kicked off in November and it's getting worse. The removal on one president didn't get the job done and even if Temer goes, it'll not solve their issues.
"WA Today":
       1.  A suicide bomber killed five people in Jakarta, Indonesia; wanna take bets?

       2. Australia's Labor MP, Anne Aly, has warned the people of Australia that a Manchester-like attack could be experienced in their nation due to the home-grown terrorists.  I'll take this a step up, I'll bet a new dime that it's not a "could be" situation but it's a 100% deal, the time and place to be determined by the cowards who murder for no reason.  

       ( A guy in Florida was living with two guys he said to be neo-Nazis. This guy converted to Islam, said his roommates disrespected Islam and he killed them, think it was in "Japan Times", could have been "WA Today" this evening.  This story relates to much of what is in the news, the home-grown terrorist.)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Bomb Blast, Manchester, UK; Gay Men Caned; Bright Future; World Population

Global outlets:  Manchester, UK.   People, a good many girls and young women, flocked to an arena for a night of fun and to enjoy the music and show of Ariana Grande. (I've no idea who she is other than an entertainer.)  From what I could garner, a bomb was detonated near an exit as the crowd was filing out, 22 are known dead, including an 8-year-old girl ("BBC") and 59 have been injured.  It was reported that a guy has been arrested.   It has been reported that ISIS has been posting congratulatory messages on social media sites and calling for more such cowardly acts.  The world should be outraged.

As most were younger, I have to wonder how they'll deal with this.  Is this the world they'll be inheriting?  As to the entertainer, I can't imagine how distraught, how angry, how stunned she and her troupe must be; not their fault but I'm sure there will be some feeling of guilt.
     (Wonder if those in Germany, the Social Democrats, who want to fine companies for not taking down "hate speech" are calling for the ISIS rhetoric to be deleted?  Or do they think this would offend the muslims they've allowed into their nation and wouldn't want to cause them discomfort?)
"Bangkok Post" and "BBC":  Banda Aceh, Indonesia.  The two gay men sentenced to be caned for being caught  engaging in sexual activity had their sentence carried out.  Each "criminal" was wearing pants with a long, white shirt and was facing the crowd of, so reported, a thousand or so, many with cameras so to capture the entertainment for future use and/or publication.  Five men, hooded, dressed in mostly black, took turns administering the lashes, the cane maybe an inch in diameter.  This spectacle took place outside a mosque, a place of religious worship---ah.

A comment made by a female university student kind of sums up the attitude of the muslim mind when it comes to homosexuals.  She said, "What they have done is like a virus that can harm people's morale.  this kind of public punishment is an attempt to stop the spread of the virus to other communities in Aceh."  --I've nothing to say but this, with this attitude, do all you co-exist folks, you crybaby liberals who want to take these people in, REALLY KNOW what you are setting yourself up for, your country up for?
"Bangkok Post":  About 2.2 million kids are living in remote areas of Myanmar that are experiencing conflict.  UNICEF, the U.N.'s children's agency, is calling for more aid and humanitarian access to these children so to "ensure that the youngsters in the country have a bright future."  ---Define "bright future".  If using my definition, few of them have any shot at all, regardless of how much aid or humanitarian access there may be.
Yesterday, I wrote about a rather controversial issue based on a paper by a professor from Bond Univ. in Australia.  Should people of limited means and poor hope of a "bright future" be limited as to the number of children they have?  I called those of limited means and of little hope, irresponsible and incapable.  One yesterday, told me they weren't irresponsible and are capable but just haven't had the opportunity to succeed.  Perhaps they drive the speed limit, pay their bills on time (reduced perhaps and with money from some social service agency), vote, are kind, polite, put common courtesy on display at all times and this does show a responsibility.  HOWEVER, if one has more kids than one can afford to care for, this is irresponsible. What's worse, the child/children pay the price as does society at large.  As to capable, it's like potential.  If it isn't reached, isn't maximized, it doesn't matter.

In 1950, the world's population was an estimated/guestimated 2,556,000,000.
In 1970, this figure was 3,039,451,000
In 1990, the world's population grew to an estimated 5,278, 639,000
By 2010, it jumped to 6,845,933,000
And today, the estimated number of people on planet Earth is 7,455,000,000
If we don't destroy ourselves or have a meteor hit or a super volcano erupt, the world's population is expected to reach somewhere around 8,246,619,000 by the year 2030, just under 13 years away.
    (Heard a college lecturer, mid 1970's, state that this planet could effectively handle a human population of four to four and a half billion people.  After that, the "experts" felt things would begin to deteriorate. --What are you seeing?  Experiencing?  Anticipating?----Just asking the question.)

Today, a large number of people do not have access to potable water.  Today, famine is a reality for many in Africa and food shortages are causing major problems in Venezuela a few other nations as well.  It seems that with more people, there is more violence and at some point, some nation that has nothing to lose, may do something incredibly stupid and start a world war.  What's that going to look like with 7.5 to 8.25 billion people, many of them youngsters?    ------In both the short-term and long-term, having kids that the parents, the nuclear and/or extended family can't adequately care for, is societal problem.  This problem extends beyond the city or rural area, beyond the county or province, beyond the state and, yes, beyond national borders.  We've been seeing it for decades, we're seeing it now.  When will people recognize it for what it is, a problem that can be devastating if not corrected.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Limit Family Size of Disadvantaged?; STDs up in Iceland; Raids on Gay Clubs; Cher Honored

"Copenhagen Post":  Those in the government have been trying for a while to increase the retirement age in Denmark.  With an increase in life expectancy and the government not wanting to payout for longer periods of time, this makes sense.  (What would make more sense if governments about the globe would stop wasting the money they take in, work within a budget.)  The latest attempt, to move it up to 67.5 years of age, an increase of but six months, has failed and the issue will likely be dropped for a while.  Many nations face this issue and it's not a dead issue anywhere.
"Iceland Monitor":
       1.  A gang of kids, 14-15 years old and some younger, have become a problem in the usually clam city of Reykjavik.  They've been roaming the streets, vandalizing businesses, the zoo, parks and even attacked a lone 14-year-old boy for no reason what-so-ever.

I don't know what's wrong with the species, humans that is, as they simply don't get it.  Common courtesy is a must if humans are to live together in peace.  Give people this, and if they give it to you, there is no reason for conflict, no reason for anger, no reason for someone to tell another to "pull-your-head-out-of-your-ass!" ----Which can lead to altercations even when the advice is not only needed but justified.

       2.  Iceland saw an increase in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the past year.  In 2016, gonorrhea was up double that of the previous year, with 86 reported cases.  Same was true of HIV, the 27 cases reported in '16 doubled that of the previous year, and with this four new cases of AIDS.  Syphilis and gonorrhea increases were greatest among homosexual men, no real surprise here.
"Russia Today":  Indonesia.  Two raids on gay clubs in the past month have netted 155 arrests/detainees on charges of pornography and prostitution.  Indonesia, a predominately muslim nation, does not have a ban on homosexuals as some Islamic nations but it's frowned upon.  There is one state in Indonesia which is under Sharia law, Aceh, and a court in this state has sentenced two men to 85 cane lashes for their homosexual behavior.
"WA Today":
       1.  American entertainer, Cher, turned 71 on May 20th, and she received a Billboard Music Icon award.  She deserves it.  Cher, in my opinion, is one of the finest all-round entertainers, she could sing, do drama, comedy, even fair at stand-up comedy.  Her political views are a bit skewed---no, her political views are twisted, sick, just wrong.  I must also note that Cher, rather than aging gracefully, is still trying to remain young and relevant in the entertainment industry.  She was wearing a slutty-looking black outfit (she'd worn one like it before), with an ugly black wig, black leather jacket and little else but netting.  It's amazing how one can appear IF one has enough money for a lot of plastic surgery and a few pounds of make-up.  Personal opinion, Cher has long been embarrassing herself.

       2. Dr. Peter Jones, Dean of Medicine at Bond University in Australia, has "accepted the suggestion of creating public policies to limit the size of families among disadvantaged communities, controversial but essential  given the balloning number of children on care which has risen form 14,000 to 43,399 in the past two decades."   (His article to appear in "Medical Journal of Australia")

This is an interesting discussion, not a new one but interesting.  And it's not just about the disadvantaged in this nation or that, but in all nations.  It's an old saying but, seemingly so, true, a poor man's recreation is procreation.  After a quick giggle, the reality of this saying must grab our attention.  At what point does society tell the irresponsible, those incapable of having, caring for and providing for children, that they must not have more kids?  The "why" to this is obvious, at what point does it become unreasonable to ask the responsible people, the capable people to continue to support the children of others?   At what point is it impossible for the responsible and capable to continue to support those kids?  Greater question, what becomes of those kids when society at large can no longer provide the care, support, they need?

We've all seen the commercials of the poor, starving children in Latin America, South East Asia, South Sudan, Yemen, etc.   Relief agencies and organizations, not wanting to lose their jobs, apply the emotional ploy, "the poor children", and wealthier nations continue to give but to what end?  Has it ended their plight?  Has it decreased the number of children being born to people who have no ability to provide for those children?  NO!.  And as the answer is "NO", exactly what has been accomplished to deal with the problem?
The answer is NOTHING.  At some point, the response to requests to provide for the incapable, the irresponsible has to be "NO", because at some point the answer must be "NO!  Because we don't have anything to give."

Should each nation begin at home?  I think so.  Should nations refuse to take in refugees?  I think so.  Why, because these people should not be a burden, a problem for other nations.  They need to stay home, fix the problems their nation faces, rather than running, becoming parasites to feed off others. ---Is this a popular stance?  NO.  Is it something that needs to be considered when making public policy, handing out entitlements, taking in refugees?  Absolutely.   (All applies to domestic disadvantaged as well.  How long can and should society at large spend public funds for the irresponsible, the incapable people who  make babies?  Am I suggesting we take it out on the children, that is, the poor decision by the poor to have children?  NO!  I'm suggesting that society must be willing to consider the long-term impact of those incapable of supporting the children they have to produce more children they are incapable of supporting.  I'm suggesting society consider enacting policies to reduce the number of kids born into such family units.)