Thursday, July 27, 2017

Revenge Rape--REALLY SICK!; Perth Murder by Crazed Mother; Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in Hot Water; Trump Still in Campaign Mode

"BBC" and "Russia Today":  Pakistan, the eastern province of Punjab.  Some young guy allegedly  raped a 12-year-old girl who happened to be his cousin.  When this was brought to light to the members of the village council, 14 of them instructed the girl's older brother to exact a "revenge rape" (called an "honor revenge" rape by one source -- How can anyone see honor in rape  -- or murder??) on the rapist's 16-year-old sister, i.e., the revenge rapist's cousin.  He carried out the orders of the council and by some means this REALLY SICK set of events made it's way to law enforcement outside the village.  Now, 14 members of the village council have been arrested for issuing the order for a 'revenge rape" to balance out the initial rape.

This, the mind-set of these people, these muslims, is too twisted for me to grasp.  How can anyone think that ordering a rape of a 16-year-old girl who had done nothing, is a just decision/law/act?  The fact that these people were related only makes it more sick.  How is the rape of the 16-year-old going to do anything to help the 12-year-old?  Why was the pedophile who raped his 12-year-old cousin not arrested?  Why did authorities not also arrest the idiot to carried out the revenge rape along with the city council and the pedophile?   What the hell is wrong with these people?
    (The initial rape may have been due to a "sexual emergency", the defense a muslim man used when he raped a young boy at a public swimming pool in Austria a while back.  He got off after a short time in jail as Austrian officials felt that the didn't understand his act was wrong---BULLSHIT!)
"FOX" and "OAN":  I haven't all the details, but it seems Florida HoR  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (democrat, former DNC Chairperson) is in a bit more hot water.  Seems one of her IT hires, a muslim dude, was involved in some mischief with sensitive government information.  Even though she knew he was under investigation, she kept him on staff.  At one point, this bitch threatened Capital police if they pushed the investigation.  Also of note, she had many of his family hired, all paid above the going rate.

I think Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Hillary Clinton have the same daddy, Lucifer Muhammad al-Satan.  Schultz is every bit as vile as Clinton, every bit the liar, every bit the one-bit bitch.  And both have a thing for muslims (and their family members) who have anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-West attitudes/views.  Both belong behind bars for the rest of their lives.
"WA Today":  In December of 2015, a Perth woman (now 38) stabbed her 33-year-old husband 16 times about the head and neck, yep, he died.   She is claiming self-defense in an attempt to beat the murder rap and this may work.

She is also being charged with the attempted murder of her 4-year-old son and her 11-year-old son.  Both had cuts (notice, the article went with the plural, cuts), apparently inflicted with the same knife. Mom's defense, she went into the kitchen where the two lads were to comfort them.  ---See the picture the boys saw? ---Two young boys just experienced their crazed mother stab their dad to death and she comes at them, covered in blood, the knife with blood on it and she called this an attempt to comfort.  Anyway, she said the 11-year-old grabbed the knife and she didn't want him to get hurt, so she pulled it away, accidentally cutting him; how many times wasn't noted but the article, again, used "cuts" not "cut.  When asked how the 4-year-old ended up with injuries, this woman who as a clear picture of all that happened said she didn't know how he was injured, received "cuts".

(If you'd just witnessed a person murder someone with a knife, stabbing the victim multiple times, and they came at you with knife in hand, how "comforting" would you find this?   Right.  And I'd bet the kids felt the same way if not more so, they are kids.)
Pres. Trump seems to still be in campaign mode, still attacking those who disagree with him, still acting a bit like a spoiled rich brat, which he is, so this is explainable but not acceptable in one of his advanced years.   Rather than going about the nation telling people (Ohio  for example) that he's going to make America great again, perhaps he should be spending time working with those in Congress to get things done.  Perhaps he should be spending time with advisors as to how to bring jobs back to America without alienating allies--if the U.S. has any left.  And by staying in D.C., he doesn't spend all that money flying about in a 747, a very expensive plane to fly AND, because it's the President's plane, it's even MORE expensive to fly.

Getting things done, for a start:

Get Rand Paul and a hand full of other doctors, nurses and a couple of administrators to come up with a sensible national health care plan, give them a year.  THEN, repeal the disastrous ObamaCare plan with this new one that makes sense, provides good coverage at an affordable cost to people.

Get rid of the current U.S. tax code, which is so bulky, I doubt if anyone in Congress could actually carry it by themselves if presented in book form.  Go to a flat tax, no loopholes, no deductions, same for everyone.  It could be a stratified system,  say those making over "X" dollars pay 25%, those making "Y" dollars pay at 20%, those at "Z" dollars pay say 17% and so on, but all pay.

Get a law in place to have those on the public take, federal employees, including those in Congress, the Supreme Court, the White House, those getting any form of social assistance, SNAP cards, child care, subsidized housing, etc., get random drug tests.  Fail, and you get a warning.  Fail a second time and you lose your benefits and job if such applies.

Cut unnecessary military bases in the U.S.

Get out of overseas military involvement asap.

Cut funding for or cut entirely so, some federal agencies, departments:  Dept. of Education, Peace Corps, Job Corps, Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Commerce, National Science Foundation  (good idea but some really stupid and needless studies have been done and they've cost way too much to do), U.N. funding and foreign aid.

Following due process, investigate, arrest and prosecute the Clinton's, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, HoR Rangel, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel..............  If guilty, send them to prison.  

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Libya Forgotten; Poor Behavior; 90 Meter Tusnami??; Cape Town Down To 27.4%; Saudis to Behead 14 Protesters

"Cape Town News 24":  "City storage dam levels are at 27.4%....  The last 10% of water is unusable."  Pretty much tells the story.  The Cape Town area of South Africa has been in a drought and a good many people, so the article states, still don't seem to understand the problem.  They continue to use more water than city officials are telling them to use and if they don't get enough precipitation this winter, next summer may drive the problem home for one and all.

Water is everything and potable water is vital.  No water, no agriculture, no industry and there would be a great reduction in power (nuke, hydroelectric).  Using it wisely would appear to be a common-sense issue, the same with polluting waterways with chemicals, oils, plastics.......  Sadly, there are some who don't think about such,  perhaps the obvious, that which requires but a little common-sense (and common courtesy) escapes them; incapable of such thought.  I'd suggest all people find the ability to apply common-sense to water usage and waterway care.  Those in Cape Town may find out the hard way come November, December, January, February, March.
"Copenhagen Post":  I wrote about a small earthquake that hit off the coast of Greenland a little over a month ago, June 17th.  A small hamlet, about 30k from the village of Nuugaatsiaq, was wiped out by the following tsunami, four people are still missing and presumed dead.  The "Post" ran a short piece that I found interesting but somewhat hard to believe.  The title of the piece, "Tsunami waves that struck Greenland some of the highest ever recorded"  Beneath this it read, "Mid-June waves topped 90 meters"  Folks, that's in the neighborhood of 300 feet.  This would dwarf the waves we saw that devastated Japan's coast a few years back or the one that hit Thailand before that.  ---Could such waves happen?  Absolutely.  But I wonder why this gigantic tsunami, if it happened, didn't make the news before now.  Could it be that because it's only news worth if a bunch of people are killed?
"France 24":  Libya's P.M. al-Sarraj, backed by the U.N., and Gen. Haftar, who runs the eastern part of the country, met in Paris to hammer out a peace agreement.  The nation has been in turmoil for years, thanks to Team Obama with Hillary, and their nation building foolishness and their Arab Spring nonsense.   The two leaders have agreed to a ceasefire and to have elections and, from my perspective and with history supporting it, it will fail.  The ceasefire will not last, the election will be a joke and will be contested.

Gaddhafi, as much as a sleaze as he was, gave stability to Libya and was beginning to lean a little more to the West.  Taking him out brought on "tribal" war throughout Libya, this faction vs. that faction, local thugs taking control over their little piece of hell.  Same thing happened in Iraq and to an extent in Egypt.  Egypt not being as bad as Libya and Iraq as their society, their government, their culture was/is a bit more advanced, a bit more tied to the West.  And now there are people in the U.S. Congress and some in the EU calling for the removal of Pres. Assad of Syria.  Can these power players not learn from past mistakes?   I'm not talking about mistakes made in the 1930's, I'm talking about mistakes from this century.  How stupid can they be?   And no, I'm not asking for them to compete to see how stupid they can be, strictly rhetorical.
"Bangkok Post":  Pattaya.  Two Russian tourists, a man and woman, were arrested for public indecency and inappropriate behavior causing trouble to others.  They decided it would be fine if they got naked on a public beach and do whatever naked people may do.   If convicted, and they will be as they  were caught in the act, it's a maximum fine of 500 baht and a rather stern warning I'd guess.
   (If you want to go to a nude beach, go, enjoy the sun, fun, freedom of such.  These places are not hard to find in some areas of the world, in others, they may have a few of such and some nations don't have any such beaches at all.  THINK!  Show some common-sense, put some common-courtesy on display, don't embarrass yourself, your family, your fellow countrymen/women.)

On one hand, it's nice to know that Americans, Western Europeans and Australians aren't the only people to make asses out of themselves while visiting another country.  On the other hand, it's sad that some people have no clue as to how to conduct themselves as guests while in those other nations.  They don't or can't apply common-sense, common-courtesy to the situation in which they find themselves---THINK!  ---Damn, people.
"Russia Today":
         1.  Pro-Kurdish Party folks are protesting the Turkish crackdown on Kurds.  As things progress, the Turks will begin an ethnic cleansing, much like they did with the Albanians in 1915.  Erdogan wants to be Sultan/dictator and he's rapidly getting there.  And once he does, you'll not want to be on his bad side and the Kurds are as a group.  Over 1.5 million Albanians were murdered, women were stripped and hung from crosses, children left to starve, men gunned down in Turkey's cleansing in 1915, let's see what happens in the next 5 to 8 years.

         2.  Saudi Arabia has convicted 14 men to be executed by beheading for anti-government protest participation.  Amnesty International has condemned the court's decision.  ----Isn't it cute when desk jocks "condemn" some heinous action by the government of another nation or that of some terrorist group  (is there much difference between some governments and terrorist groups?), but take no actual steps to challenge it, to stop it?

A side note, it was noted in the article that one of the condemned was to begin his university studies in the U.S. as if this made a difference, as if his life were more important than the lives of the other 13 to be murdered for a peaceful protest.  Poor choice on the part of the writer for this "RT" story.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Polygamists Found Guilty--Canada; London "Honor" Killing; Perth--13-year-old Girl Attacked, Filmed by Bystanders, Posted for Entertainment

"Japan Times":  Recent flooding in Japan has done much damage, the obvious stuff that we can see, empathize with the people impacted.  In the city of Asakura, a place that housed 250,000 honeybees was wiped out, all the bees dead.  Seems a bit insignificant on the surface, but the bee population of the world is shrinking quickly, and with out these little creatures, the world's food production may well take a hit.  Same with the decline in the bat population, they eat many harmful insects, but their loss goes unnoticed for the most part---for now anyway.  
"WA Today":  Perth, Australia.  A 13-year-old girl was walking home from school when a group of girls, classmates, jumped her, knocked her to the ground, kicked her about the head and trunk of the body.  While this is deplorable, bystanders did nothing but film the attack, posted it on social media for the entertainment value and perhaps some financial gain, not sure how "Facebook" does things.  It was taken down after it was discovered by the company.

Kids have always engaged fights, but it used to be one-on-one over some silly disagreement.  Now, it's gangs jumping one for no apparent reason.  This is not just cowardly, senseless but it could lead authorities to change the perpetrators with gang activity along with physical assault, public disturbance......    While a pathetic commentary on kids/people, it pales in comparison to those "bystanders" who do nothing to help the one being attacked, who think it fun, cool, entertaining enough to videotape it and post it for others to enjoy.  What the hell is wrong with people today?  Should the human animal not be progressing socially, morally, in values, ethics, integrity?  --Guess not, or it certainly doesn't seem so.  (And it's not just in Australia, it's everywhere, this appalling behavior.)
"BBC News":  Two Canadian religious leaders have been found guilty of polygamy.  One had 24 wives, the other had but five.  They both face up to five years in prison. (Warren Jeffers, U.S., was sentenced to life, but he had other charges involving younger girls.)  Just a couple of points:

1.  This a direct quote from the article, "The landmark ruling is considered a test of the boundaries of religious freedom in Canada."  ---Does it not also challenge:
     A.  The right for consenting adults to marry whom they please?  This is the basis for homosexual,
     same-sex marriage.  Why should it be limited to but one partner, husband or wife, if consenting
     adults are the only folks involved?
     B.  What about liberalism/progressivism in itself?  Canada and much of Europe have moved in
     this direction, it would seem within the boundary of liberalism/progressivism to allow for group
      (NOTE:  I do not support either, but if society is good with it, I can well ignore it and not judge
        in the process.)

2.  Canada is looking to send two men to prison for polygamy, not the wives, at least it wasn't reported, but the men.  They weren't extortionists, not rapists, guilty of fraud----and they didn't murder anyone, not even a U.S. soldier in the name of Allah.   Canada did give a murderer of a U.S. soldier, a terrorists $8 million, because he spent about 8 years in jail.   See a problem with this?????
"Russia Today":  London, UK.  A 19-year-old Indian muslim began seeing/dating an Arab muslim.  She, Celine Dookhran, was tased, kidnapped, beaten, raped, murdered and cut-up, her body parts found in a freezer in a home valued at $1.9 million (US dollars).  Another young woman with her, 20, escaped to notify police.  

A 33-year-old was arrested for this heinous crime as has a 22-year-old accomplice.  This is said to be an "honor killing", an Indian muslim can't be dating an Arab muslim.  In fact, if you're a muslim woman, you don't have a hell-of-a-lot of say in who you will date or marry, so it seems anyway.  As to using the word "honor" in such cases, there is so much to be said but it can be summed up with BULLSHIT!  This is a sick act, committed by twisted human trash, who are out to satisfy their warped desires and they've the audacity, the gall, to use the family "honor" to justify it.  

    (NOTE:  This story was not run in the "BBC" that I could see.  Perhaps they ran it, or ran it earlier, or, as it often happens, some media sources don't run certain stories that may cause problems in their home nation, be it the "BBC" or "Rio Times" or "Russia Today" or ..........)

Monday, July 24, 2017

Fear Turkey & Erdogan; Peaceful Protest Gets Job Done; France's Macron Drops In Popularity; White Phosphorous Used In Mosul and Raqqa; Blame Israel...

Yesterday, I heard a rather quick story on "OAN" about Turkey arresting/detaining some folks, letting them go and are now out to re-arrest them.  The story also mentioned that Turkey's Amnesty International director, Idil Eser, had been detained for "aiding" a terror group.  No evidence for such a charge was provided, just suspected he was engaged in such activity.  Oddly, no other news outlet that I normally visit had this story, so I went elsewhere, directly to Amnesty International's site and to an outlet called "The National", UAE version.  Both ran the story to support the "OAN" report.

"The National" had addition coverage of Turkey's Pres. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, remember this name, you'll be hearing more from this piece of living human excrement, and his view of things.  Germany warned companies doing business in Turkey of an alarming number of arrests/detainments by Turkey's government, Erdogan said they have nothing to worry about.  Keep in mind, this is the guy who has arrested and/or taken jobs from thousands for their suspected support of the attempted coup a year or so ago.  (Some feel it was staged so the allow Erdogan to take steps toward becoming a dictator and he has taken those steps.)

I've said this before, Erdogan is a hell-of-a-lot more dangerous to the world than is North Korea's spoiled brat dictator Kim Jong-un.  China doesn't want trouble, so, if Kim gets too far out-of-line, they'll reel him in a bit, as they don't want a war at this point.  With this, North Korea could not sustain a conventional war very long unless they got aid from China and Russia.   Erdogan's nation is sitting in a hot spot and what he decides to do could have, would have major implications.  Turkey is a lot stronger than North Korea and not as isolated; geographically, Turkey could create a mess by aggressive military acts.  Keeping this in mind, Erdogan is a back-stabbing liar, a wannabe Sultan, and he'll not let anyone or anything get in his way.  When he's talking, you know he's lying.  When he shakes your hand and has a smile on his face, you'd better have someone watch your back.
The 16-year-old German girl who worked her way into Syria to join ISIS as a fighter and the wife of a fighter, is one of 20 female ISIS fighters captured by Iraqi forces, this information is a few days old. Now that her adventure has ended with her in jail, she now wants to go home as if she'd done nothing wrong.  One report said she could face the death penalty if found guilty of her crimes in Iraq.  One said she could get up to 15 years in an Iraqi prison.  One report suggested that she could be sent to Germany and let them figure things out.   My suggestion stands, she and the others should immediately be taken out and publicly executed.  Send a message to others who think fighting for these savages, ISIS, would be a cool adventure.   ("WA Today" report)
"Oslo Times":  New Zealand Brig. Gen. Hugh McAslan has confirmed the use of white phosphorous munitions in both Mosul and Raqqa, killing a reported 20 civilians.  The use of this really nasty stuff is a no-no on the international scene.  As the USA is one nation that still has this in it's arsenal, it's likely they provided this weapon.  (Stuff burns so long it's present and has oxygen, even if embedded in a person.  A small burn can lead to a very ugly death and if the initial injuries don't kill, it can cause internal organ damage over the long haul, causing death.)
We've all seen how the liberals in America, Germany, France, UK and elsewhere turn protests into riots, causing animosity and division along with destruction of private and public property and injury to cops who are just doing their job--well, in most cases.   Poland had a couple of new laws that drew the ire of the EU, which doesn't have a say in my opinion, and the Polish people, the only folks who should have a say.  Thousands went to Warsaw to protest peacefully and did just that.   Pres. Duda listened to the peaceful protest of the people and has said --- keep in mind, he is a politician --- has said he was going to exercise his power of veto. ("Russia Today")
"France 24":  Now that the honeymoon is over for new Pres. Macron and he's now getting down to business, he finds making decisions that must be made to have an impact on the people.   In June he had an approval rating of 64%.  Just a month later, he's down to 54%, which is still fair but it is a big drop in a short period of time.  Why?   He announced that he felt France needs to cut it's budget by 60 billion euros in his first term.  I noted this earlier when the top military commander in France resigned after having some choice words for Macron.  Now, feminists are pissed as the money allocated for women's rights may be cut by 25% (should be cut by 100%, women have the same rights as men, same in the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Sweden.......) and those getting housing subsidies are set to see a change as well.
"OAN":   The Palestinians had some of their people go into Israel and kill, knife to death, a couple of cops.  Israel, responsible for the security of the area, put up metal detectors.  Palestinians started to riot, claiming that it was because of these metal detectors and new security measures that they were forced to protest.  (Jordan unhappy about the new security as well.)   So, what is being said is that it's not the violent acts of the muslims/Palestinians which made it necessary for new security measures, but the new security measures are at fault for the violent acts of the muslims/Palestinians.  "OAN", either carelessly or intentionally, did not point out this tiny little flaw in the thought process of the muslims/Palestinians.
I saw a piece on South Korea and I had to shake my head in wonderment.  Some citizens are not in favor of having U.S. troops in their nation, this has been a truth since 1953.   The U.S. has deployed an expensive anti-missile defense system to protect South Korea and it's people from the unstable North.  Those that don't want the U.S. have a rather unusual view of things.  One leader of a bus load of protestors actually said that North Korea is readying offensive weapons to counteract the defensive weapons the U.S. has deployed in response to North Korea's offensive weapons.  He even said if South Korea were to have the U.S. leave and grant concessions, North Korea wouldn't be a threat.  ---I've nothing here except to say that stupidity is rampant across the world.
     (And FYI, I'd have pulled the U.S. from South Korea in the 1980's when the people wanted the US. out; why protect a bunch of assholes.  I was in South Korea for about a month, didn't like the people or the country, still don't; they made a horrible first impression.)

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Minneapolis Mess; Teens Charged; California HB54; Other Stuff: 3 Israelis Murdered, Poland vs. EU, Apology for 8 Steps, Iraqi Critical of U.S.

"BBC":  Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau has, so reported, resigned after Mayor Betsy Hodges said she'd lost confidence in the Chief.  There have been a few high profile cases involving Minneapolis police, the latest one, the second degree murder--sorry, the police shooting death of an Australian woman, breaking the camel's back.

I think this story points out, other than the obvious, which I'll quickly address, should tell people than it doesn't matter the gender or race or ethnicity of those in positions of authority, it's the ability of the person.  Many women have been crying for more women in this field or that, same with blacks, but this, gender, race, is a silly argument.  Minneapolis isn't having these troubles because of a female mayor and female top cop, they are having them because these two people who happen to be female, haven't done their jobs very well.

A Minneapolis cop, reported in the "BBC" today, responded to a false alarm, two dogs were in the backyard, the cop shot them both.  From what I saw, he didn't need to do this, but, he stated they growled at him.  Dogs will do this when their territory is invaded, but they didn't, in my opinion, pose a real threat to the cop.  Bad move when things aren't going well for the Minneapolis P.D.
And the obvious, it is clear that the Minneapolis P.D. has a problem with training and/or in selection of people with personalities and mindset not conducive to such work.  Combine this with the media propagating fear stories, cops being ambushed, etc., and you've a problem.
Some teenagers in Florida (Cocoa) saw a disabled man in a lake screaming for help.  Rather than calling 911, I'm sure at least one had a phone, they saw it as a form of entertainment, videoed it and even taunted this drowning person.  ("RT" report)

At first, the Cocoa PD didn't see how they could act against the teens, BUT, and this is a sad commentary on society, there is a Florida law that requires people to report a death to proper authorities.  These punks are now going to face charges, but their punishment, if found guilty, will be little to nothing; it'll not make an impact.

What kind of a person would not think a death should be reported?  What is even more pathetic is that some, especially young people today, see an event or events that lead up to the death of someone as a form of entertainment.  Sometimes they even take an active role.  ---- Doesn't speak well for a society where this callousness, these mindless acts, this vile behavior, seems to be manifesting itself more and more.
"OAN":  Seems California HB 54 is headed for Gov. Jerry Brown's desk and he will most likely sign it into law.  The law, illegals, even those with criminal backgrounds, can't be turned over to federal authorities by cops, local government officials.....   If signed by Brown, California cops, mayors, etc, who report illegals to federal authorities would be in violation of state law.  Damned if you do and damned if you don't, right?  NO!  If signed, this law is in direct conflict with federal law, thus making the California law an illegal law.  This would give federal authorities the right to arrest Brown and his little band of ultra-liberal assholes sitting in Sacramento.  A side note, many mayors are opposing the bill, stating the obvious, it'll may keeping their citizens safe much more difficult.  Another side note, it was said 75% of Californians don't want the bill passed but they've no say in it, much like when the Communist took over Russia, the people had no say in much of anything.  A stretch?  Not really.

My approach, if I were in Trump's shoes, would be to arrest Brown and his little band of ultra-liberal, socialist fools, freeze all their assets, and use whatever portion to compensate the victims and their families of criminal acts committed by illegals.  AND the arrest part of my suggestion is well within the law.  A bit controversial to be sure but still legal.  The freezing of assets and distribution of to victims, I'm not sure about but I'd do it if in Trump's shoes.

The EU is still trying to push Poland around.  Take in muslims or get sanctions placed on you.  Poland has said the sanctions are less a problem than the muslims, and cited the events in western Europe as solid, very solid evidence to this truth.  The EU isn't happy with some new Polish laws, Poland is saying it's none of the EU's damned business----and it's not.  Personally, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic should withdraw immediately from the EU, piss on any agreements, and if the EU wanted to take it to international court, do so.   While I don't agree with some of the new laws, I stand with the sovereign nation of Poland.  Their nation, their people, their decisions.  ("OAN")

Three Israelis were stabbed to death in a West Bank attack and the U.N. and others always want to blame Israel for the problems in that area.  The fools of the U.N. and others, want a two-state solution, but how can Israel agree to such when the Palestinians don't recognize the right of Israel to exist nor the right of Israeli citizens to live in peace?   (BBC and RT)

An Iraqi official is blaming the U.S. for the existence of ISIS in his nation, and he has a point.  In the nation building effort by the U.S., a fool's move at best, a void was created that allowed for such groups to move in, even J.V. groups like ISIS, right Obama?    BUT, the weakness, the lack of cohesiveness, the corruption on the part of the Iraqis contributed to the formation of such groups as well.   If not for the U.S. military, Baghdad would be under ISIS control now.  So why is this official shooting off at the mouth now?   Simple, the U.S. has led to the near defeat of ISIS in Iraq and the newest Iraqi leaders don't want the U.S. or any Western power there, don't want to give them credit for anything.  Oh, they'll take money, but nothing else.  Iraq will have closer ties to Iran, and perhaps Syria and Turkey when this is over.  (RT)

I must apologize for my critical piece of the Toronto, Canada area that wanted to charge the people somewhere between $65,000 and $150,000 for a stairway of but 8 steps, so that citizens could access a community garden without busting their butts.  A retired mechanic and a homeless man built a nice looking and sturdy looking set of stairs, 8 steps and a landing for $550.  My apology stems from that which I left out, the additional costs to the city any city must face:

1.  The need for a committee to see if a committee was needed to see if there was a need.  No one in
      any government even thinks of farting without this.
2.  An environmental impact study would be needed; eight steps down a hill!
3.  A team of archeologists would have to be hired to come in to make sure no ancient site would be
4.  A team would have to be paid to do a study on the flora and fauna in the area; wouldn't want to
     endanger the earthworm or common beetle population or any endangered weed.
5.  A team of surveyors would have to be sent out to ensure the property was really that of the city.
6.  A design team, architects, would have to be hired to come up with something to please the citizens      and city officials, perhaps a plaque to honor the mayor and council for approving the building of
7.  Then you have the bids, the hiring of the construction firm, which would sub-contract for cement
     work and other stuff.  With this, always "unexpected" cost overruns (some may suggest 
      kick-backs to officials are a part of this, but I wouldn't).
8.  Can't leave out the inspector or two that have to go out and look at the project.
9.  There is the cost of labor (at least three supervisors to stand around while two people do the actual work),
       insurance for a variety of things, vehicle maintenance, fuel, and the factoring in of profit, obscene
      profit in some cases, not this one, but just saying.......
10.  May have to payoff an union official or two.


Friday, July 21, 2017

Eight Steps at $65,000 OR $550; Other Stuff: $40 per Pack, WWII Bomb Found, Dog Saves Deer; 15 Minutes Under Water

Wars, corruption, fake news, manufactured news, sensationalized stories, celebrity bullshit, riots, shootings, rape, murder, pollution, famine, starvation, stupidity, foolishness, you've todays news.  Specifics are missing, but this is what the s-stream media will give you as such sells.  But here today, some up-lifting stuff:

Other Stuff:

In February 2016, a little girl in Arkansas (USA) fell into some water and spent an estimated 15 minutes under.  For two hours, she was "dead" but they finally revived her.  High pressure oxygen treatment and a year later, the little girl, thought to be a vegetable if she survived, is doing fine.
(Sunny Skyz).   -----This story reminded me of a little girl who was underwater for an estimated 18 minutes in the Grand Junction, Colorado area many years back.  With all the negative views given by medical professionals, the girl lived and was doing fine in school. ---- Perhaps there are powers that be which most don't wish to discuss or even consider; take a stab at it.

A WWII bomb was found on the sand dunes near a lighthouse in Denmark.  It is believed that the winds finally uncovered the artifact and a team has been sent in to take care of it.  ("Copenhagen Post")

Copenhagen has what is believed to be the most expensive beer in the world.  Not because it is any better than any other beer but because of taxes on the drink.  Copenhagen itself, has joined the list of most expensive cities in which to live, Tokyo, Paris, Melbourne, Sydney, New York, Zurich, Oslo, London, Los Angeles among the top as well.   ("Copenhagen Post")

If you want to buy a pack on cigarettes in Australia, better do so now.  It was reported that in 2020, it'll cost smokers $40 per pack due to added taxes.  When government can't live within a budget, they simply add a tax to something; pathetic.  ("Sunny Skyz")

"Sunny Skyz":  Some folks were walking their two dogs, one a black lab the other a long-haired white dog, bred escapes me,  on the shore of Long Island Sound.  The white dog saw something well out in the water and went after it.  It was a fawn, still in spots.  The dog grabbed the deer by the neck and swan to shore with it, even did what appeared (video) to be CPR on the fawn.  A wildlife rescue unit has the deer until it recovers.   Love dogs!  Adopt one from a shelter and you've a friend for life.

"WA Today":  Not a positive base story, but perhaps it will turn out to be so.  The cop shooting death of the Australian woman (Ms. Damond) in Minneapolis has people everywhere angry.  At first, I was certain the cop (Mohamed Noor) would get away with what should be second degree murder, as he was Somali-American and black while she was white and middle-class; political correctness.   Now, the Police Chief in Minneapolis is saying this shooting should not have occurred --- NO SHIT! --- and she and her department is under a great deal of public pressure to do the right thing.  Even a black lives matter activist has joined in, saying she never thought she'd be protesting the shooting of a white woman by a (black) cop.  Here's hoping that better police training will take place, better attitudes will be instilled in cops; the public is not their enemy and not there for them to abuse for personal pleasure/gratification.

"Sunny Skyz":  This is one of the best stories, personally speaking, I've read in a while.  Provides more evidence as to how inept government officials, government in general to be at all levels.

Toronto, Canada.  There was a community garden that people accessed and there was a short, but steep path to get down to it.  Several people had taken spills, some suffering minor injuries and a bit of embarrassment.  People asked the city to put in some steps.  The city came back with estimates between $65,000 and $150,000 to complete the task.  Why such a huge discrepancy, I do not know, but I've some thoughts.  Tell the people the price and they'll not want to spend the money could be one reason.

Anyway, enter Mr. Adi Astl, a retired mechanic.  He knew some who fell, he used the community garden and he took it upon himself to do something about it.  He hired a homeless man to help him and the two of them put in a solid, nice looking set of stairs (eight steps) and the total cost $550.  When asked about the city's estimates, Mr. Astl said he thought they were looking to install an escalator; I had to laugh at his shot at city officials, desk jocks the lot of them.

You must know what happened next.  City officials has taped off the very solid, nice looking stairs that would make access to the garden easier for folks, as they try to decide what to do with them.  This foolishness, ---no, stupidity, astounds me.  Fortunately, Ms. Astl was not charged with a crime--yet.

When people see a need and take action when "officials" refuse to act, why is it then that "officials" then feel the need to act, often, in a foolish, even stupid fashion.   How is it that a project that should cost $1,000 ends up costing the city/state/country $65,000 to $150,000?  (I added in wages and planning by Mr. Astl).    

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sen. John McCain -- Brain Cancer; Turkey Leaks US, French Troop Locations; Plastic Pollution; Ex-President Sentenced; Israel Has New Friends

For a while, eight months or so, I've said there was something wrong with Sen. John McCain.  On occasion, I noted that I wasn't being mean or taking a cheap shot, but that there was something wrong with him.  And now we all know, he's been diagnosed with brain cancer.  "Japan Times" said the type of caner he has is an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Based on the odd behavior from several serving in Congress and with various federal government agencies and departments, I think, being 100% serious, all these people should be randomly checked for drug use and should get scanned every 9 months to see if something is wrong with the brain.  If using drugs, they should immediately lose their position, if they need medical help, they should be on un-paid leave until the issue is corrected.  What they do is too important for this not to be a requirement to hold their job.
"France 24":
        1.  A report is out that Turkey has "leaked secret locations of US, French troops in Syria."  They also released the number of troops and this has drawn the ire of other NATO nations, but the piece did not note any response from Turkey.  Some may ask if the leak was unintentional or from a rouge media source.

The answer would be "NO", according the "F 24" piece.  The source of this leak is controlled by the government, so someone in Turkey's government made the call and likely with Pres. Erdogan's approval; he makes almost all calls in Turkey now.

I've been saying that Turkey and Erdogan is much more dangerous than North Korea and Kim Dung-un and Turkey has a long history of being sleazy, not to be trusted.............. Just a bit more evidence to support my view of Turkey and it's dictator Erdogan.

        2.  A short while ago, I wrote about a report that said there was an estimated 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating about the world's oceans, polluting it, killing wildlife.  Today, "F 24" ran a good piece on plastics.  According to the article, since 1950, the nations of the world have produced 9.1 billion tons of plastic and a full 7 billion of those tons are no longer in use.  Of this 7 billion tons, only 9% has been recycled and 12% was burned.  This leaves, according to the piece, 5.5 billion tons of plastic to pollute the land and water of the planet-----and it does.

To Gore, DiCaprio and others so concerned about the environment, THIS is where you need to focus your efforts, as THIS is something that can be done.  The argument over climate change is weak in that the climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years on this little rock.  The debate about how much of an impact man's driving a car or emitting whatever via factory smoke stacks will continue.  (YES!  We should try to reduce this but, as some note, one large volcanic eruption wipes out years of man's efforts.)  There is no debate as to the existence of plastic waste, it's impact on the environment, THIS is something humans can improve upon, fix.  
       (It would also eliminate the criticism that Gore, DiCaprio and others get for crying about fossil fuels but flying about in their jets to complain about it and then fly back to one of their homes and I assure you, Gore doesn't travel from airport to home in a fuel efficient auto.)
"Russia Today":  French President Macron wants to cut the budget for France's military.  This ticked off Gen. de Villiers and he resigned after a few choice words.  Now, Macron is busy doing damage control with the military, but I don't think it's going to work.  France is too deep into the Middle-east and North Africa to weaken the military and internally, they've problems with muslim insurgents; it's what they are, not terrorists, but insurgents.  Then there is Turkey, friend and ally stabbing the French and Americans in the back by leaking information.
"OAN":  Israel has found some new friends, potentially so, in Hungary, Poland and a couple of other eastern European nations.  (Note:  Poles will tell you Poland is central Europe, accurately so.)  They'll be better friends to Israel than the U.S. as if late, the UK and certainly better than France and Germany.
"Rio Times":  Ex-Pres. Lula has been sentenced to 9 and 1/2 years in prison and assets of R$606,000 have been frozen.  Think it's time for the U.S. to go after politicians, including former presidents for corruption, illegal activity, say Clinton, Obama?  

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Update--Minneapolis Shooting; President's Son Did It -- Not Charged; Lt. Gen. Guilty of Trafficking; American In Trouble; Rare Wombat Born

"Bangkok Post":
        1.  A Thai Lt. General has been found guilty with 39 others for human trafficking.  This was the largest of such cases Thailand has seen.

        2.  American Nathan Bartling, 24, was fined 5,000 baht for placing coins on a rail track in Thailand, pretty minor stuff.  He's also facing a fine of 40,000 baht and two-years in prison for animal cruelty.  Seems Bartling though a cat fighting a scorpion would make a cute video for his "My Mate Nate" show he has on YouTube (so reported, he has 3.3 million viewers and is making a bit of money off his prank show).   To go with the cruelty charge, he violated Thai law by not having a permit to do such for profit.  Bartling has vowed to continue his prank videos even after this.  If I were the Thai judge, he'd be doing it two years from now.

People, you've got to THINK before going to another nation.  As ridiculous as it seems to have to say, some people, Americans included, think the laws of the nation they visit don't apply to them.  I assure you they do AND the embassy of your nation, be it American, UK, German, Australian, whatever, may not be able to help you.  --The extreme, the U. of Virginia student who recently died after being returned to the U.S. by North Korea.  A simple act of foolishness can get you into some serious trouble in other nations-----THINK!  If you're a guest/tourist in another nation, act as if you're a guest in the home of someone you don't know---because you are.
"BBC":  They, "RT" and "WA Today" have updates on the woman killed by a Minneapolis cop.  Going with the "BBC", it is now reported that she approached the driver's side of the police car, not the passenger side as first reported.  It is now being claimed that a loud noise startled the cops, fireworks perhaps.  Officer Mohamed Noor, sitting on the cruiser's passenger side, shot across his partner, striking Ms. Damond in the abdomen.

        1.  They did not have their dashcam on even though they were sent to the scene via a 911 call.  This a bit odd and no explanation as to why.

        2.  Neither officer had his bodycam on, not as big a deal as the dashcam.  No explanation as to why.

        3.  Why Officer Noor's partner didn't beat the shit out of him for firing across him, if this report is accurate, is a bit puzzling.  Does any police department in America teach cops to fire across their partner's side of the car while both are sitting in that car unless it's a life or death situation?   I hope not.

If Noor isn't sent to prison for this, it's because of political correctness.  He's a Somali-American, he's black and Ms. Damond was a white, middle-class, not covered by political correctness UNLESS it had been a white male doing her in for no reason, by an action that can't be justified.  Rationalized away, maybe by sleazy people, but justified, no way!!!
"Cape Times":   This is a news story about the double standard that seems to be in place in most countries.  South Africa's President Zuma's son was found to be responsible for a traffic accident that took a woman's life.  Even though the investigation led to him being 100% culpable, he is not being charged and some want to know why, others want an investigation.  They'll not be told why and there will be no investigation.   The elite are protected by those who make the law, the elite.   (Elites pay law-makers to come up with laws that benefit them, elites may be law-makers themselves.....)  Happens all the time in virtually every nation.  Think Venus Williams as a recent U.S. example, a "new" surveillance video found after a month.  Give me a break!  ---She also had P.C. on her side.
A rare hairy-nosed wombat has been born in Queensland, Australia.  So reported, there are only 251 of these animals left in the world.  They were thought to be extinct until in the 1930's a small group of 30 was found in Queensland.  Pretty cool story.  (BBC)
"RT" story:  HoR Dana Rohrabacker (R-CA) was with a committee asking questions of NASA people, scientists.  He began to ask them if Mars, yep, the planet, was ever home to an ancient alien civilization.  According to the piece, those of NASA tried to spare the congressman from embarrassing himself by cutting him off at times.   It was reported Rohrabacker won his seat in 1989, perhaps it's time he retire.

Remember the Houston (Texas) HoR who thought American astronauts had placed an American flag on Mars and that the U.S. won the Vietnam war and the two nations, North and South, were living side-by-side in peace?  Remember the HoR who thought the island of Guam would capsize if too many people were on it.  Remember when HoR Maxine Waters (D-CA) said......Oh, hell, just pick something, foolishness, nonsense and stupidity is a constant with her and her colleague Nancy Pelosi.
How about Sen. John McCain blaming a late-night of watching baseball on his rather convoluted, strange, odd, flat out weird questioning of Comey?   And we have the Senator who doesn't seem to know that those in congress have 2nd amendment rights as to all U.S. citizens in good standing, or at least they're supposed to have these rights.

So, what's the point to the above?  If you have to ask................

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Unarmed Woman Killed by Cop in Minneapolis; Bill -- Congressional Folks Gun Rights; $700 million to Rebuild; Female ISIS Fighters Caught; Ann Coulter vs. Delta

"OAN":  The republican's healthcare bill is reportedly dead.  Sen. McConnell and Rep. Ryan, GOP leaders in Congress, didn't have their act together, the republicans overall didn't have their act together and, as I've noted before, they, after years, had nothing better to offer the American people when it comes to healthcare.  ObamaCare was an expensive disaster and the republicans couldn't come up with something better after what, 7 years???? ----How McConnell, Ryan, McCain, Graham, Cornyn, etc., stay in office is beyond me; stupid people              
"OAN":  A republican congressman wants to get a bill passed that would give congressional folks the right to carry firearms for protection as they are much like cops in that they are targets, his assessment, not mine.  They wouldn't be allowed to carry them into the capitol building, into any gathering where the President or V.P. would be.

This congressman is an ass -- not much of a surprise in this.  First, cops aren't targets, they may be targeted but most crooks want to avoid cops.  Cops become targets because their job, more so now that ever before, puts them into situations where they become targets.  Second, the average person is more of a target than are police; soft targets for robbery, rape, murder, assault.  It's the average person who should have a right to carry a weapon for self defense.  ----Oh, wait!  The U.S. Constitution gives them that right but it's the states and cities that have taken it away from them, all illegally so in my opinion.  The Constitution does not say average citizens have to jump through hoops or fork over money to exercise their 2nd amendment right.  Third, congressman, you do have the Constitutional right to carry a weapon, just as everyone else--or at least as everyone else should have.
Most of this will be from "WA Today" but "OAN" ran the story as did "RT".  An Australian woman, Justine Damond, 40, was living in Minneapolis and was about to be married.  She heard a disturbance in the alley, called 911.  When the police arrived, she went into the alley, dressed in pajamas and unarmed, and the cop from the passenger side of the vehicle got out, shot her in the gut, neither he nor his partner had their body camera on; convenient. 

The cop, on the force for about two years, is one Mohamed Noor, a "Somali-American", the first of his group to become a cop on this force, perhaps he should be the last.  He's admitted to the killing, apologized and thinks this makes all okay.  She's dead, asshole, an apology doesn't cut it.  I think his name and his Somali first label should be taken into account, was this justified in his mind, white woman in an alley by herself in the night.  ---It's a huge stretch, but I don't know where else to take this.  HOW can any cop, D.A., Chief of Police, justify this shooting, given what we have to this point and NO explanation by the cops involved nor supervisors?  
        1.  So reported, 20 female ISIS fighters have been caught in Mosul.  One was a 16-year-old, plenty old enough to know better and to kill, and five were from Germany.  I've a solution, suggestion if you will, execute all 20 in one mass public hanging.  This would be in the "tradition" of Iraqi executions.  (I wouldn't oppose beheading, burning in cages, or tossing them off building as this is what they likely did to some they captured.)

        2.  Lisa Grande, some hot shot with the U.N., has said the initial estimates to rebuild Mosul, Iraq fell short.  She is calling for $700 million from the U.N. to go to rebuilding the 54 residential neighborhoods in the western part of the city.  So reported, 15 residential districts have been flattened, 23 districts took moderate damage and 16 neighborhoods sustained light damage.

I've some suggestions.  (1)  Have all Iraqi refugees, asylum seekers, etc., return to Iraq to help with the rebuilding of their nation, a nation they didn't want to defend.  Jobs would be there and labor is going to be needed.  (2) Every U.N. nation should be required to contribute the same amount of money to the rebuilding.  Having the U.S., Australia, UK, Germany and France carry the financial load is wrong, unreasonable and foolish for those nations.  (3) They should put the money into the Clinton Foundation for management and allocation purposes, this worked so well for the people of Haiti --- just seeing if you are paying attention.
           (I still maintain the U.N. is a useless body and they play the U.S. as fools and the U.S. willingly plays the role of fool.)
A U.S. Rep, democrat from Missouri, is being investigated as 70% of his campaign funds went into a law firm owned by one of his close relatives.  This smells a bit funny to some, he's been silent, likely consulting with the law firm.  He's a black guy and democrat so nothing will be done about it.  

Ann Coulter is battling with Delta Airlines over a seat.  She paid and extra $30 for a seat with additional leg room.   Delta told her just before boarding she couldn't have it (they gave it to a woman who wasn't old, tall, disabled, pregnant....... -- I saw her photo).  Coulter got pissed and they've now an on-going twitter battle.  -------It's Delta, NEVER FLY DELTA  (Kind of like buying a DELL computer, never again.)  As to Coulter, you're an adult.  You made your case, you got the $30 back, let it go!! It's just a damned airline seat, a few hours of less comfort out of your life.  (Seems her status and money has gone to her head, she's entitled to.....)

Monday, July 17, 2017

33 Deaths with Clinton Link; German City's Festival Ruined by Migrants; Britian to go with F-35 Purchase; Federer Wins Another

"One America News" ran a story this morning of Haitian political figure who was found dead, and I only caught a part of it.  So, I went to try to confirm the report and did so easily, the "Miami Herald", "Jamaica Observer" and others ran the story, a story that was mysteriously absent from the U.S. shit stream media, at least I didn't hear about it.  A former Haitian government official, Klaus Eberwein, was to testify before the Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Committee.  He was to expose all that he knew as to the extent of the  corruption within the Clinton Foundation and it's involvement in Haiti.  Just before he was to testify, he was found dead of, according to officials, a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.     Before this unexpected suicide, Mr. Eberwein was said to be feeling good, upbeat but he did warn family and acknowledged to others that his life was in danger.

Mr. Eberwein's is the 33rd death with a Clinton link, all very mysterious, suicides without any apparent forewarning, heart attacks, accidents, robberies that were botched (Seth Rich the most recent of these).   All 33 had stuff on the Clintons, many of the 33 were about to testify and, well, we know what happens to people who have stuff on the Clintons and are willing to tell the world.  They experience unexpected deaths, well, unexpected in the sense they, or at least most of them, didn't see it coming.  After 33 such deaths, all tied to the Clintons, one would think a full and honest investigation is in order, but that isn't the way it works with the DNC, the Clintons---nor the US government, apparently.

Does anyone else find it strange that the U.S. shit stream media doesn't report on this and the other recent mysterious deaths surrounding the Clintons?  This story is now three days old and I heard about it only this morning.  And while "OAN" was briefly running it, "CNN" ran a story about Trump and Macron's handshake, "FOX" didn't air anything about it that I know.  WHY???  This, so it seems to me, is a major story, given all the other mysterious deaths tied to the Clintons.        

(Remember, Bill Clinton controlled $5 billion dollars that was allocated to help the people of Haiti after the devastating earthquake of several years ago.  Little has been done, and what has been done has cost overruns, the construction was shoddy with substandard materials, and the rest of the money is unaccounted for to this point.   How much of the $5 billion spend on the reconstruction in Haiti has not been reported to my knowledge.)
Schorndorf, Germany.  The people of this German town was to have a fun filled town fair, it didn't work out so well now that the asylum seekers and illegals are about.  It turned violent, sexual assaults were numerous, visitors and officers were attacked, cars destroyed, buildings vandalized, the fun ruined.   It was reported that about a thousand of these parasites, the vermin, plagued the people just trying to have a good time.  Gangs of teens and young men, 30 to 50, roamed the streets causing problems, destruction of private and public property.  Three Afghans thugs (human trash) were arrested for sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl and one Iraqi thug was arrested in another incident.  ---When will those of western governments, of western society wake-up to what I've been saying?  Get rid of this human trash, they are never going to be good citizens, a good investment a good idea.  "Russia Today" report.
      ("Get rid" does not mean kill, it means to send them packing.  If they refuse, harsher measures may be needed, but step by step, if they don't go, European cultures are dead.  I think it too late, they're dead now but one must try if one hopes to survive.)
In another "RT" report, it seems the Brits are going to go ahead and by the costly and highly flawed
F-35 fighter-bomber.  I've long called it an expensive piece of garbage that puts the lives of pilots at risk (thus reducing offensive and defensive capability), and this article points out some specific problems as identified by so called aviation experts:

1.  Oxygen system doesn't seem to work well, this may be a bit disconcerting to pilots.
2.  The on-board computer system is vulnerable to cyberattack, sounds like this may be a problem.
3.  It's subject to over-heating and when it does get hot, the weapon's bay doors must be opened to
     cool the missiles.  Again, sounds like a bit of an issue, but just my opinion.  I'm sure the pilots are
     good with it and, if not, they dare not complain to the media or to Congress.
4.  It has "terrific" problems flying at high speed at low altitudes.  Note "problems"--plural, not
5.  "maneuverability appalling bad"---This doesn't sound good, but, hey......

So why is this expensive piece of garbage being forced up those in the military who must fly them and maintain them?  Because clowns in the Pentagon, clowns in Congress, clowns on Downing Street made the decision, likely because of some kickbacks or "contributions", to go with them and they're pride is too fragile to back off (again, kickbacks, "contributions" may be a factor).    ---Reminds me of when the F-20 Tigershark went up against the F-16 years ago.  The F-20 was superior in every aspect and the Pentagon went with the F-16 Falcon.  Why?  So I read, the main reason was that the people who build the Tigershark did not consult the egotistical assholes who make the decisions in the Pentagon about the aircraft.  They knew what a good fighter was, went with it and the assholes couldn't stand it; sound like I'm making this up?  I'm not; truth is stranger than fiction in some cases, this being but one.  ---Side note, the Tigershark, designed so many years ago, would out perform the F-35 in the air.  On paper, no, but in reality, in the air, yes.    
Roger Federer won his 8th Wimbledon title for men, a record.  His age gave him another record.  The victory itself upped his already record of most Gran Slam titles for men (singles) to 19.  A few years back, I thought Federer would be competitive but not able to win a Grand Slam, too old.  Since my time of doubt, he's won two such events, my apologies to Mr. Federer --- as if he knows or cares.  Anyway, a huge WAY-TO-BE to him.  And, as always, Mr. Federer put class and sportsmanship on display before and after.   Job well done!

(Tennis side note.  Kim Clijsters was playing in an exhibition with some other women and a fat guy was heckling them, yelling at her how to play the game.  She dragged him out of the stands, put a way too small white shirt on this fat-ass and told him to show how it's done.  He couldn't but, apparently so, all involved took it in good humor.  I was always a Clijsters fan, she was tough, played well, strong, good and always put good sportsmanship -- sportswomanship, wouldn't want a feminist to get upset -- on display.  A way-to-be to Ms. Clijsters as well, just for taking the clown down in a light-hearted fashion; not lost her touch.)